by ttr

what ur favorite town says about u

toontown central: likes new beginnings, fresh starts, and memes, spends a lot of time training gags and not enough time in the real world, toontown is better than all of life to a person

goofy’s speedway: gotta go fast, loves fast paced things, busy life, gets overwhelmed easily, likes small meetups, wants more to life, likes to drive, wants their toon to have a cool car

donald’s dock: likes the ocean, pirate aesthetic, would like to ride a boat into the ocean just to get away from the craze of life, enjoys riding the boat in the middle, wants to make the most of life

acorn acres: likes board games and the golf minigame, likes wide open spaces, wants to go to a national park, loves the stars and the moon, looks for good in all people

daisy’s gardens: spends a lot of time working on cog suits, hates busy gag shops, loves gardening or wishes to garden, believes birds are kind spirits, most likely thinks daisy is a lesbian

minnie’s melodyland: theatre/art/band/chorus kid in high school, loves how instruments look, not afraid to say pink is an awesome color, occasionally needs time to calm down to themselves

the brrrgh: loves winter, likes cool colors, wants to have an ice cream date, believes movies are a blessing, love/hate relationship with oldman, wishes they could put boots on pluto (he was a dog walking in snow…)

donald’s dreamland: loves nighttime, a night owl, likes being the best they can be, wants doodles back the most, dedicated to toontown, loves to nap, will sleep all day, kinda sassy

any hq: likes baddies better than good guys, fights on debate of whether hqs are technically playgrounds, likes city aesthetics but actually cares for the environment a great deal, a sweetheart

Cog Bosses Are Terrifying.

A while back, a friend of mine & I calculated that cog bosses are roughly 20 feet tall, since compared to the VP, it takes about 2 Mr. Hollywoods to stack up.

(Mr. Hollywoods are ~8.5 feet tall according to a cog height chart poster.)


You know what’s less than 20 feet tall?

Most Legendary Pokémon.
(Gen 4 legendaries shown because I could really only fit them)


(The VP compared to an average 5′3″ person)

Could you imagine?



People: Why do you still play Toontown?

Me (externally) : Idk, it’s fun

Me (internally): Similar to people who can’t let go of childhood objects because it brings them comfort, that is also me. Toontown was the good light in a traumatic childhood and relieves so much stress in the world and replaces it with a happy atmosphere and actually helps with my mood so-