by troy jensen

Nice Guys Finish Last (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

Chapter Summary: You and Anthony begin to have more than a once sentence conversation. Then you and Jeff go to your first class together.

02. Girls Love Jeff Atkins

Y/N P.O.V.

The loud and obnoxious bell rang, signalling that 2nd period is over and nutrition has started. Before you headed out to meet your group of friends, you went straight to your locker to exchange notebooks with your 4th period class. You couldn’t wait to mess around with Jeff since you have 3rd period with him (getting his schedule because you had Office Assistant for 1st). You shut your locker closed and turned on your heels to head out of the building, but came face-to-face with Anthony. A surprised gasp escaped your lips and your face was heating up as he smiled.

You’ve had a crush on Anthony Grant in 10th grade when you saw him in the gym for the football rally. Truth be told, you only liked him because of his looks; but his personality was shit - as you heard:

He’s a pothead.

He only wants sex.

He’ll leave after 2 months in a relationship.

Those were the few of many more rumors.

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Sean… Sean no hop off the bandwagon please 😂 maybe he’s not dead have hope 😂😭😭


Kneel before the Queen! x

False Pretense

Prompt: Jensen runs into a problem after leaving a con early, which leads him to finding out the true origin behind ‘Supernatural’.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 2603

The crowd erupted into fits of laughter, watching Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki work together on stage, finally calming down only to be brought into another fit of laughter. It continued throughout the entire panel, Jensen laughing along with the crowd when Jared did something and vice versa. But, no matter how hard he was laughing, no matter how hard he was smiling, Jensen could not get rid of the empty feeling he started feeling in his heart the day Danneel packed her things and left, taking JJ with her. It was months ago, but Jensen had managed to keep it on the down low and he was grateful that Danneel hadn’t made it public either. He just didn’t feel ready letting the world know that the marriage between him and Danneel stopped working.

Once the panel was over, Jensen waved a farewell to the crowd and disappeared through a guarded door, walking past fellow cast members and making his way outside. He wasn’t quick enough, though. Before he could open the door to his car, he was grabbed by his elbow.

“Jensen, what’s up?” Jared turned him around, forcing Jensen to look at him. “Where are you going? We still have a photo op with the fans.”

Jensen nodded, rubbing the back of his head. “Yeah, yeah, I know,” he said, “but I’m… I’m just not feeling it tonight, Jared, alright? I’m pretty tired.”

Jared nodded and released Jensen’s elbow. “Alright,” Jared said with another nod. “I’m sure that the fans would understand.”

Jensen smiled a small smile. “Thanks.” He turned back to his car and opened it.

“Hey, is everything alright with you and Danneel?” Jared asked, making Jensen pause. “I mean, Gen hasn’t heard from her in a while and we just wanted to-”

“Everything’s fine,” Jensen said as he loaded into the car. He looked at Jared. “Everything’s fine. She’s just been feeling under the weather.” He sent Jared a smile. “I’ll see you later, buddy.” And then he closed the door, motioning for the driver to go.

The ride was quiet, the soft hum of the radio making it bearable. The moon was getting higher, the street getting darker. After getting onto the highway, Jensen had told the driver to take the long way to the hotel. He wanted to enjoy the night just a bit longer.

The driver kept his mouth shut just as Jensen did, both of them taking in the quiet, the driver going slow down the road surrounded by trees rather than street lights. A car would pass every minute or two, but other than that, they seemed alone on the road. Jensen didn’t mind, and neither did the driver.

But when the driver slammed on the breaks, making Jensen slam forward, hitting his head on the back of the passenger seat, they both knew they weren’t truly alone.

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Lana Parrilla: the Evil Queen on ABC’s Once Upon a Time

Heartbreak, revenge, tenderness, villainy. Lana Parrilla displays acting chops galore on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. An alum of Spin City, Swingtown, 24, and Miami Medical, Parrilla shines as Regina, the mayor of fictional Storybrooke, Maine. Here, fairy tale characters have forgotten their true identities. The culprit? Miss Mayor herself, otherwise known as the Evil Queen of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs fame. It’s a big role, one that Parrilla plays with remarkable subtlety. Her highness (a new bride in real life, who recently  married software exec Fred Di Blasio and took on the role of not-so-evil stepmom to his three sons) shares her take on success—on TV and off.

Once Upon a Time is a monumental hit. What keeps viewers tuning in?
It has all sorts of emotions and situations to relate to—trust, betrayal, murder, lust, love. Though the heart of the show is hope. That resonates with people of all ages across the world. Each character takes turns as the center of the action, and you never know what surprise is waiting for any of us.

Your character runs the gamut of emotions. Did you ever think you’d get such a role?
I didn’t realize she was going to become so multidimensional. The writers have given me lots to play with. There’s the bright-eyed, young Regina who’s so innocent, then of course there’s the Evil
Queen side, so temperamental and impulsive and delicious. She also has this calculated, vulnerable side. Few actors play so many parts in one role.

How did you land the part?
I auditioned to play a trauma surgeon on a different show. At the end of this monster monologue, the casting director said, “I want you to read for Once Upon a Time, for the Evil Queen.” It was one of the most unique scripts I’d ever read. I asked about what they were after, since this character could come across very theatrical. I was told, “Be as human as possible. They don’t want over-the-top.” I knew I had to remove the icon notion from the Evil Queen. I just had to think of her as a woman.

You managed to bring humanity to that mythic hatred of Snow White.
I had to be open-minded about who Snow White was to her, and why she would be driven to kill someone. The most fun part of the show is the emotional arc that has grown after that story line. As the writers have shown, there was still so much room to grow.

You all must have a great rapport on set, yes?
An unbelievable camaraderie has been built among the cast and crew. The greatest part is the sense of humor everyone has—about ourselves, our characters, funny lines we have to say. We’ll have moments when we go, “I can’t believe I have to say this,” which helps us keep the momentum going.

There’s a lot of physicality involved in playing Regina. What is your conditioning routine?
I’d honestly welcome more physical activity with this character. I don’t do all that much running myself—we have a number of stunt girls for that—but I do get thrown a lot. Emma [played by
Jennifer Morrison], the hero of the show, gets most of the physicality. She’s always hanging from something, or swinging somewhere. My character just builds fireballs and smokes the town.
But staying fit is everything. When you’re a professional actor, your body is your instrument. I exercise, watch my diet, take vitamins, drink lots of water, and get eight hours of sleep.

Were you always conscious of your health?
It’s a principle I grew up with. My mother taught me yoga at age 5, and I’ve always eaten organic. My mom had us eat vegetarian for six months out of the year, and she taught me that a healthy
diet keeps a healthy mind. I’ve been introducing my philosophy on food to my husband and the boys.

Speaking of the boys, you recently married off the radar, and became a step-mom. How are you enjoying these changes?
They’re 13, 15, and 18, so there’s a lot of testosterone going on. Coming home and seeing their faces is a great new joy. I have this handsome husband—my best friend. They all contribute so much to my happiness. I love that instead of just playing an “evil stepmother” on the show, I’m a real stepmom.

Were you a fairy tale fan growing up?
I loved “Red Riding Hood,” “The Three Little Pigs,” and “Hansel and Gretel.” I saw The Little Mermaid around age 11, while Dumbo is my favorite of all time. As a kid we built forts, and mythology
spoke to my imagination.

You were raised in Brooklyn, correct?
I grew up between Brooklyn and Los Angeles. Some of my fondest memories are of hopping in hydrants back in Brooklyn on summer days. I grew up in the time of the crack epidemic, and some of the nearby neighborhoods were scary, so I was on lockdown after sundown. Imagination really came in handy. My family still has two homes in Brooklyn, and I am still amazed by the change that has happened there.

It must be gratifying to experience this success, and to reflect on your life’s journey.
I grew up lower-middle class with very little, and now I’m living my dream. How often do people get to do that? I feel so fortunate. Now, I’m not a very religious woman, but I do believe in energy and I believe in being kind to people. I know there’s an exchange in life that really goes well when people are generous with time and spirit. The principle behind that is love and gratitude. And it has served me well.

You give and receive a lot of love through your social media interactions. What does that communication offer you?
The social media world—Twitter and all—has been such a rewarding element of my career. It makes every day better, knowing that I have that degree of support and love. Not only that, I see that they’re getting something out of this character I play. I’ve always wanted to find ways to give back, and it feels like it’s really happening.

By Andrew C. Stone
Photography by Troy Jensen