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What's a person with Mars Trine Neptune like? And how do they react when angered?

Psychic, spiritual, energetic, a healer, self-less. Likely to sense danger. Extremely creative, pursues their dreams. A good aspect for anyone artistic. Gifted in poetry, and symbolism. Depending on their actual Mars, and the rest of the chart, this aspect would let the native be more calm in extreme situations.

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i'm the anon with scorpio mars that asked about possessiveness in a lover and yes!! i do have pisces venus and that makes so much sense bc i love love love to be completely protected in every sense

I could see that! I think Pisces Venuses either really want to save someone, or THEY want to be the ones that are saved by someone else. Scorpio Mars mixed with Pisces Venus could definitely cause you to want a lover who will fight for you. And I am assuming you have Venus trine Mars, in which case the theme of having a lover who sticks up for you and protects you is even more prominent.

 Horoscope and Tarot Overview for May 23, 2017

The Moon is in sensual Taurus all day asking us to pay close attention to the little things we miss on a daily basis. Find beauty, love and peace in the details and on a grander scale. Patience is our strong suit today, which helps us hold back on projects until after tomorrow’s New Moon in Gemini.   

This morning the Moon sextiles Neptune and trines Rx Pluto stirring up old dreams and visions from a profoundly powerful place in our beings. This is a perfect day for writing impressions, plotting a course and taking control of situations that may have felt daunting before.   

The Sun’s sesquiquadrate with Rx Pluto late tonight may set us back a bit, as it stirs up old worries that may prevent us from enjoying what we currently have. Be grateful, call on good friends to help talk it through. Come up with solutions not obstacles and remember how strong and resilient we are collectively.   

Tarot Cards of the Day- Knight of Wands, 6 of Cups and the Queen of Cups- we may want to branch out into unchartered territory today but having a little restraint will benefit us more. Think back to childhood or long forgotten coping strategies when feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Remember to use intuitive powers, find emotional balance and compassion with yourself and those closest to you.   

Chakras: crown, third eye and solar plexus 

Crystals- clear quartz, amethyst and yellow jasper 

Aromatherapy: rose geranium, lavender and lemongrass 

Yoga-yin yoga poses  

Mercury sextile or trine Neptune

You are creative, perceptive, and imaginative. You draw heavily on your imagination and intuition to come to conclusions and make decisions. You easily sense the thoughts and feelings of others, and you are adaptable in your communications as you pay attention to how your words are received. You express yourself with subtle flair, sensitivity, and perhaps some charming quirkiness. You have an appreciation, and perhaps talent, for photography, the arts, poetry, fiction, spirituality, advertising, and promotion. You are naturally open to metaphysical or spiritual concepts. You might believe in things that others discard, and some with this position at least seem a little naive or childlike. Many of you have psychic ability, or at least very good hunches.

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Apparently pluto in Capricorn (this is right now currently) is trine my taurus venus what does that mean??

You’re sexier than usual.
Lots of drama also happens here, especially for females (as sex shaming exists).
This also brings greater attention to you, as Pluto is a generational planet!

Venus aspects
  • Venus-Sun: Sonar love radiates through every auric field
  • Venus-Moon: Seeks motherly love in lovers
  • Venus-Mercury: Tantalised by the mind
  • Venus-Mars: Sensual and physical in displays of affection
  • Venus-Jupiter: Big heart, loves everybody
  • Venus-Saturn: Seeks father figures in lovers
  • Venus-Uranus: Enjoys long distance or frequent isolations
  • Venus-Neptune: Lovers are saviours or destroyers
  • Venus-Pluto: Mirrors the demons of lovers, can be on the receiving side of projective aggression

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How differently would Mercury trine Pluto (my placement) and Mercury square Pluto (my bf) manifest? I noticed that tho we both like all things hidden and unknown, he's more prone to actually dwell into conspiracy theories, while I personally prefer to debunk them

I think Mercury trine Pluto is really a great aspect to have. This means that you pretty much always get to the bottom of things; you like investigating and digging for answers, and usually without fail, you find the answers that you were motivated to find. There is a deep understanding here of psychology and the inner workings of the mind, and you will enjoy delving deep into unknown territory. Your words are powerful and you are only interested in the truth. If it’s not the honest truth, more often than not, you won’t be fascinated by the conversation. But there is a talent here with this placement - you could probably be a detective since you enjoy putting two and two together to solve problems. With Mercury square Pluto, there is a harsh expression to their words and their thoughts. Their words could sting very very much, and they might be on the meaner side, though in a way they are speaking their honest mind. However, their honesty is a little too blunt and it could potentially be hurtful. These people are persuasive with their words and may also be controlling, manipulating others into believing their views… It makes sense to me why you (the Mercury trine Pluto native) debunk conspiracy theories, because there is no actual evidence to confirm them (hence why they’re called theories); you prefer to know the real details.

Venus Aspects

Venus is my best friend so here we go…

Sun - Venus Aspects
(I’ve done these ones before, but I want to include it again in this Venus aspect master post)

In a person’s chart, the Sun and Venus are never further than 48 degrees apart; the only possible aspects it can have are a conjunction, semi-sextile, or a semi-square.

Sun conjunct Venus
This creates a strong connection to Venus’ energy and carries over Venusian traits. These people are in tune with the beauty of life. They are charming and easy-going. They are very romantic, but they too often get tied up into the thought that a prince or princess will come for them rather than they find a lover themselves. With that being said though, they do possess a magnetic attraction and a lot of people will fall for their charms. This aspect softens the masculinity parts of you into feminine and gentle pursuit.  

Sun semi-sextile Venus
When the Sun and Venus are 30 degrees apart (2 degree orb) it creates a semi-sextile. A weaker aspect, but still have some influence on the individual. These people are cheerful, good humoured, and optimistic. Semi-sextile is a 12th harmonic aspect, so with that vibe you can imagine that the influence this aspect creates will almost go unnoticed. 

Sun semi-square Venus
When the Sun and Venus are 45 degrees apart (4 degree orb, but the closer, the stronger) it creates the semi-square. This is another weaker aspect, but it does create a strong pursuit for talent in music and dance. These people also seem to be strongly inclined to female offspring. These people are sensitive and somewhat shy (still keeping in mind that this is a minor aspect so major aspects elsewhere in the chart can say something else). Since this is technically a discordant aspect, the shyness is rooted from insecurity. Semi-squares being an 8th harmonic will give off some Scorpio/8th House vibes to this person’s romantic character. 

Mercury - Venus Aspects
When I think of Mercury-Venus aspects, I picture a poet writing, dancing his pencil across the paper.
Again, Mercury and Venus can only be so far apart, that is, never more than 76 degrees apart. So with that being said, the possible aspects that can be made are the conjunction, semi-sextile, semi-square, sextile, quintile, decile, and semi-decile. I will exclude quintiles, deciles, and semi-deciles, but you can sort of get an idea on how to interpret a Mercury-Venus decile/semi-decile by acknowledging a decile/semidecile’s Capricorn/Saturn/10th House energy. And for hints on how to interpret a quintile/biquintile, I talk about this aspect here

Mercury conjunct Venus
The mind is very refined and artistic. Soft and charming. Ideas and voice can be almost hypnotizing. Very friendly when unafflicted. Speaks beauty so effortlessly. According to C.E.O. Carter, people with this aspect are typically fond of youth and may even act juvenile… This could create a wide range of motives to why someone might act this way; to attract young people or to just stay “hip.” This is very true when Saturn isn’t very pronounced in the chart. You can imagine people with this aspect being quite proficient in writing, music, or speaking, especially when this aspect is in the 3rd or 5th house. 

Mercury sextile Venus
Great placement for musicians; it combines the mind with artistic abilities. Very artistic. Friendly, charming, and social, may come off a little fake though (unless of course, the rest of the chart says otherwise). Like all harmonious Venus-Mercury aspects, you have a way with words; a great conversationalist. 

Mercury semi-sextile Venus
Very minor aspect so again, it may go unnoticed, but because it is harmonious, it still has its intellect and charm to it. Like the sextile, the individual can be a good speaker. I would consider this another good placement for musicians just because semi-sextiles are 12th harmonics so therefore there could be some Neptune vibes drawing in there. Artistic ability is definitely there, but will need to seek it out even harder than the sextile. 

Mercury semi-square Venus
The 8th harmonic sprouting from a semi-square could potentially make the individual possessive, perceptive, seductive, and manipulative. An alluring charm to the way they communicate to others. Can sometimes be negative for relationships if the controlling aspects to this placement are indeed prominent. 

Moon - Venus Aspects

Moon conjunct Venus
If prominent in the native chart, they have a calm and gentle presence. There is a strong appreciation for love, beauty, and art. Generally all around affectionate, charming, and trusting. This sensitivity might make the person prone to people using them because they are sort of a “Yes-man” type person. Strong motherly character to them. A very good placement for people who wish to have children as it symbolizes harmonious family life. 

Moon sextile or trine Venus
Quite similar to the conjunction in the sense that they are very artistic. Blessed with charm and attractiveness. Financially a good placement as well, money is hardly an issue unless badly afflicted somewhere else in the chart. The trine comes more naturally than the sextile.

Moon square Venus
Difficult and afflicted position for Venus. The individual feels a sense of melancholy around the idea of love and beauty, there may be some insecurities around that as well. Unless Venus shares a stronger, more positive aspect some where else in the person’s chart, this is not a very good aspect for money. There are strong insecurities to bring the effeminate side of the person out, they hide it through aggressiveness and toughness. To overcome this hard aspect, the person needs to accept genuine love where it is given, do not shut it out. Financially, the individual should look to earthy aspects in their chart to handle money better and for stability. Work on being more loving unconditionally.

Moon opposite Venus
This aspect is not as difficult to handle as the square, but there is work involved. There are fears of being unloved and difficulties with handling finances. Again, accept genuine love where it is given and give love where it is deserved. I feel this aspect can also be overcome by a strong relationship between them and their lover or them and the mother. Disconnection of the mother through this aspect tends to have very negative affects on the individual. 

Venus - Mars Aspects

Venus conjunct Mars
While conjunctions are commonly seen as harmonious, they are actually in fact neutral and in this case, the powerful combination of Venus and Mars can actually be quite difficult. Depending on where Venus and Mars are positioned will depict just how this aspect will act (the Venus side of this aspect may smother Mars if Venus is in an empowering sign and vice versa). An overpowering Venus will weaken Mars’ abilities therefore the individual could lack qualities Mars typically provides (such as, drive towards passions…). The overpowering Venus will favour fairness, love, and harmony, but will also be lazy, superficial, etc. On the other spectrum, we have an overpowering Mars which could make the individual lack Venus’ gentle and loving traits. Lust and power could be a big thing for Mars placed here. Can make the individual moody and reckless, but brave. Both extremes can be balanced by focusing on the one that is being weakened. 

Venus sextile or trine Mars
Harmony between the spirit and animal self. Makes a strong, enthusiastic, courageous character. Very good placement for health, makes for a generally robust and healthy body. Great love of life and they tend to just effortlessly tread through life like a warrior. Affectionate and kind. Makes the individual magnetically attractive to the opposite sex. Mars will put any sort of Venus related talents to work and may prefer Venus related activities, but can also do well in athletic fields as well. 

Venus square Mars
Quite a difficult aspect that needs taming and it can manifest in different ways. From what some astrologers have observed, this aspect can create conflict with family life; this could range anywhere from quarrels or unfortunate family events. It does not doom romantic relationships, but it does stir up drama. Romantic life has quite a bit of flare; passion, heartbreak, tears, kiss-and-makeup sort of situations… It’s very extra. Creates a jealous and possessive character and should try to work on eliminating this trait. In masculine individuals, it can make them harsh, unloving, or unruly; this must be tamed in order to find a healthy, happy, permanent mate. Careful who you marry or dedicate your life to; avoid marrying young or marry wisely. Sex drive is either too much or very little with this aspect. Usually impatient and many unfulfilled desires. Look to what houses are involved with this aspect because what this aspect comes down to is conflict between passion and harmony to whichever houses are involved. Harmonious aspects to Saturn can calm this position down. Aside from the negativity this aspect gives off, it can create an extremely passionate and driven character.

Venus opposite Mars
Oppositions represent outer forces creating conflict. This aspect has many of the same difficulties and tendencies as the square, but it is much easier to escape its framework with conscious movements away from its negative energy. People who are more feminine ruled will develop overly sensitive traits and attract men who are aggressive and licentious. People who are masculine ruled likely have aggressive and touchy traits and attract overly sensitive and submissive women into their lives. Either way, both characters come on too strong. This aspect also represents conflict with the opposite sex; that can be manifested in many ways like oppression, difficult parents, etc. Just like the square, it can create a very passionate and driven character.

Venus - Jupiter Aspects

Venus conjunct Jupiter
Considered the “lucky” aspect as Venus and Jupiter endlessly compliment each other, but there can be too much cheese and wine if you know what I mean (indulgence… Laziness… Self-centredness… Impulsive…). But yes, this is considered one of the best aspects a natal chart can have as it represents a very artistically developed character with great appreciation for beauty and absolute gracefulness. Popularity and prosperity also come from this aspect. Jupiter expands all that Venus has to offer, Jupiter gives Venus a huge heart to just love all of life’s virtues. 

Venus sextile or trine Jupiter
Many of the same benefits as the conjunctions, less of the negative traits as they are more controlled with these aspects. The sextile needs to actually be put to work to achieve the benefits whereas the trine makes them come naturally to the individual. There is also a strong interest in religion and attunement to the Higher Self. 

Venus square Jupiter
What’s great about Jupiter aspects is that the negative aspects often get same benefits as the positive aspects (trine, conjunction, sextile, etc.); it is the case for Venus squaring Jupiter, but on top of that, there are some negatives that need to be controlled and overcome. Typically problems routed from this aspect are over-indulgence, bad judgement, vanity, laziness, and doing things without purpose; the individual usually overdoes it or doesn’t do enough. May be foolish with money; if this is controlled, the individual can be quite prosperous though. Individuals with this placement should be wary of the consumption of alcohol and fatty, rich foods as the liver is sensitive with this aspect.

Venus opposite Jupiter
Again, like I mentioned in the square, negative Jupiter aspects can still possess the same benefits as the trine or sextile. It does also possess the same troubles as the square, but often times the problems come from outer forces and aren’t caused by the individual themselves. Often times the issues, whether they be financial, or romantic, or etc. issues, can come from foreigners, travelling, or just justice. It’s best to also see what houses are involved with this aspect to get a better idea where the excess and trouble comes from. 

Venus - Saturn Aspects

Venus conjunct Saturn
In this case, the intense energy coming from the conjunction can be a bit discordant; here we have love being smothered by Saturn’s restriction. So yes, there is a lack of lovingness from this aspect, but it is because Saturn is making Venus cautious in love and considerate of their own feelings. Saturn will restrict the use of money as well; an individual with this aspect can be quite stingy, even possibly to the point of being a Ebenezer Scrooge. It is, however, perfectly okay to be careful with finances, but it is the selfishness that could create a problem; it will attract equally selfish people. Insecurity is another issue with this aspect as it restricts Venus’ ability to appreciate one’s own beauty. An individual with this aspect may not even see what is described above as an issue to them; they may think that ultimately, their duty to serve on in this life is more important than beauty, love, etc. If however, what is described sounds troubling to a Venus conjunct Saturn individual, the best way to overcome these issues is sacrifice. There is no love without sacrifice, especially in the case of Venus conjunct Saturn, but the sacrifice itself could very well be a very small price to pay.

Venus sextile or trine Saturn
Creates a character of absolute loyalty and dependability. Takes love very seriously and will not waste time with careless people; they value commitment. Is patient with love; one of the most important factors in love is to know that love is patient, therefore you must be patient with love. It is quite possible that insecurity is also routed from this aspect, but it really depends on the houses and signs that are involved (A detrimental Venus in aspect to the first house definitely screams insecurity). Like the conjunction, the individual can be quite careful with finances, but not to the point of being stingy. A great amount of spiritual strength and survival skills is developed with this aspect from either past-life hardships or early-life hardships. 

Venus square Saturn
This aspect is what many astrologers consider karmic debt. Saturn freezes Venus when the aspect is tight on this one. It reaps disappointment through love. Loneliness is inflicted on themselves. An individual with this placement may cut themselves off from opportunities in love to avoid disappointment (or may feel they don’t deserve love) or may make foolish decisions in love which can cause obvious disappointment. The first case would be especially true if this aspect is connected to the fourth house or even the first house. The second case would be true if this aspect is connected to one of the houses involving relationships (like the seventh house). Venus - Saturn aspects also hint to greed which may be true with the square. Ultimately this aspect if trying to teach the individual to have some balance; knowing what you truly deserve and don’t deserve; to give love to receive love; to share to be shared. Like the conjunction, a person with this aspect may feel like they don’t need love because they devote that energy towards their ambition or duty… They sacrifice comfort… 

Venus opposite Saturn
Some of the same negative encounters with this aspect as the square, but the problems arise mostly through outer forces like the people they meet; the outer forces are reflecting past-life behaviours. The houses involved with this aspect can tell a lot about where the problems will arise (seventh house could symbolize a difficult relationship or the tenth/fourth house could symbolize a parent, usually the father, that is a burden, distant, unloving or cold; quite possibly also the need to assimilate for the parent, the need, but often resulting in inability, to impress them. Saturn in the second house opposite to Venus may symbolize financial conflict… Saturn in the eighth house opposite Venus may symbolize conflict with inheritance..). The possible conflict with this aspect is vast and needs to be inspected carefully to really know exactly what it may represent in an individual’s chart, but to put it simply, Saturn is inflicting dread and misfortune on Venus and it is often due to the individual’s choice in environment. The effects of this aspect are easily avoidable by consciousness and choice; you can choose to be happy, you can choose what people or things effect you. 

Venus - Uranus Aspects

Venus conjunct Uranus
Eccentricity draws people to this individual; it is creative, dynamic, unique, and ultimately attractive to others. Unless earth or Saturn gives some commitment and stability in the individual’s chart, this placement can make a person hard to tie down and dislikes responsibility. They never really know what they like or admire because it’s always changing! There can definitely be “a sudden change in heart” with this placement for the individual. Funny enough, if they aren’t the one to break things off, they’re often extremely upset by separation. Great independence; the individual’s freedom comes before love, especially true if there is a lack of water or earth in the chart. The trick to tying one down with this aspect is to be a valuable friend before a lover as one of their morals is usually something like “Lovers come and go, but friends remain forever.” Being able to speak on a friend level gives a person with this aspect room to breathe. Artistic talent is strong with this placement as Venus combines her eye for beauty with Uranus’ unique ideas to create an artistic genius. 

Venus trine or sextile Uranus
These individuals could easily be described as fascinating. Has the same magnetism and artistic genius as the conjunction. In every thing that Venus entails, Uranus is going to put some surprise twists in there; brings love, prosperity, and events from unexpected places. The sudden events and changes will always be in favour of the individual. The trine aspect brings all of these traits more easily than the sextile

Venus square or opposite Uranus
An individual with this aspect may need to seek stability in himself before seeking a successful and stable romantic relationship for emotional instability is common with this aspect. Fickle behaviour is common. Magnetism is just as strong as the trine aspect, but it may attract the wrong type of person for this individual. Has unconventional ideas around love and sex, but this aspect won’t cause promiscuousness. Strong will to be independent to the point where the individual may forget just how much he/she relies on certain people. Demands freedom, but also needs to realize that they must give freedom to others to be, well, ultimately free. 

Venus - Neptune Aspects

Venus conjunct Neptune
This has got to be the most favourable aspect among artists and musicians as it blesses a chart with immense inspiration, imagination, and romantic traits. Attractive and angelic. May be psychically sensitive. Interest in mystical or metaphysical fields can also be strong; anything of divinity. This interest in the unknown can also result in a negative direction such as escapism, but a more developed individual with this aspect will know that the path to enlightenment includes a raw and sober mind. Romantically compassionate, usually has a great understanding of the laws of love and has a lot of love to give. Nerves are sensitive in love. An individual with this placement may romanticize toxic behaviours, people, ideology, etc. 

Venus trine or sextile Neptune
Like the conjunction, this is an extremely favourable aspect for artistic and musicians as it denotes great imagination, inspiration, and talent. An individual with this aspect will have a great eye for beauty and some level of refinement. Great understanding of love and values love on a spiritual level. Compassionate and is the type of person to “always be there for you.” Not super attached to the material world and just like the conjunction, there is interest in the metaphysical fields; may be psychically sensitive, if not, intuition is definitely still strong. Sensitive type. 

Venus square Neptune
Neptune is creating self-deception in Venusian realms and whichever houses that are involved is where it will often take place. The most common self-deception created from this aspect is in the area of love; individuals with this aspect often create an image of how a person is when they’re clearly not like that at all; they try to fit their partner into a framework that isn’t them; a square block into a circular hole. This ultimately will bring the individual some disappointment in love when they finally realize they cannot change a person no matter how much they wish upon it. So while commonly it is that the expectations are too high in love, they can also be too low; the individual needs to find a balance in order to be happy. There is also a strong desire to seek true enlightenment and the divine, but is often unable to fully achieve this desire. The square does not affect artist ability in a negative way like some may associate with a negative Venus/Neptune aspect, in fact, it could create a positive influence on the individual’s artistic ability as squares often provide motivation and drive.

Venus opposite Neptune
I mentioned in the square description that there is self-deception, but in the case of the opposition, there is deception coming from outer forces, most often people and even more specific, romantic affairs. A person with this aspect is likely to encounter someone like described in the square, but with selfish and controlling motives also. The easiest way to opt out of this experience is to simply just avoid these people; you don’t need to sacrifice your interests to fit someone else’s needs. Be wise with who you allow into your life romantically. This aspect can also manifest in other ways, not just romantic ones, but also be aware of possible deception and schemes through other Venusian realms such as money and beauty. Again, just like the square, artistic ability is not negatively affected by this aspect.

Venus - Pluto Aspects

Venus conjunct Pluto
There is a great deal of lust, magnetism, and sensuality with this aspect. This aspect has the potential of making a person a master at seduction. What’s also great about this aspect is that Pluto, a planet that sees right through all there is in its rawest form, will break some of Venus’ superficialness and social barriers that Venus often entails. Romantic endeavours are far from lacking steaminess thanks to Pluto. Your artistic projects will usually have an intimate connection to you. 

Venus trine or sextile Pluto
There isn’t the same amount of magnetism as the conjunction, but the people who do get caught by your allure REALLY get pulled in by you. Romantic feelings are intense and leave great emotional impact. Great value for intimacy. Eye for beauty is intense and raw. Has the same amount of empathy as a personal planet aspected to Neptune, but holds their ground and doesn’t sacrifice who they are. Looks for the good in every person. 

Venus square Pluto
An individual with this aspect may have held deep grudges and indulged too much in lust and selfishness to the point where they must redeem themselves and change their behaviour in order to seek peace and happiness in this life. One way an individual can fix this behaviour is by teaching others to love and to give because teaching someone something is actually a very strategic way of teaching yourself as well. 

Venus opposite Pluto
In this aspect, the individual is likely to encounter people like described in the square who are likely going to use them for pleasure and their own motives. This sort of emotional abuse can obviously take a toll on someone and carve this sort of individual into a secretive and closed-off character. The individual may have bad experiences in love that will lead them to believe that love does not exist or that they should freeze their heart from any sort of feeling of love. They may also be blind to the love that is already in their life and won’t realize it until they’ve lost it. Avoid people who are manipulative and are secretive of your affair with them, be aware of abusive people. Don’t let others destroy the concept of love to you. Give love where it is genuinely deserved, but at the same time, don’t expect anything back… Be patient with love. Appreciate and value when love is given to you.

All These Words I’ll Never Say

Mercury in Scorpio: Secretive, keeps the mind under guarded lock and key, feels that revealing thoughts reveals the self, quiet so observation can take place, only willing to participate in thrilling, stimulating, deep subject matter, most of the work occurs on the unconscious 

Saturn in the 3rd house: Mental paralysis can occur, like complete thought build up that hits a concrete wall and presses on the mind. The individual can be mentally environmentally overstimulated to the point of silence. Also deeply considers words before speaking 

Mercury in the 12th house: The crowd turns thoughts so wet and watery that they leak and vanish, often the individual can be stunned into silence socially because the thoughts of other people (often not recognised) become consuming. The individual thinks better alone, the mind is private  

Pluto in the 3rd house: The individual understands the reverence and power of words so deeply considers the conscious and unconscious wave of their words. Motivated to only speak the truth, only willing to participate in thrilling, stimulating, deep subject matter 

Mercury-Saturn aspects: Cerebral paralysis can occur, the mind seeming stunned or cramped, thoughts of inadequacy, ‘you’re too stupid to participate in this conversation’ can impair the mental expression, seeks to contribute only meaningful information and thoughts 

Neptune in the 3rd house: The active dreamlike can inhibit the individual from conversation often generating vague distractibility and inability to focus on conversation or lead conversation in a manner which can be followed 

Mercury in the 8th house: The compulsion to only speak the truth rears meaningful silence, guarded and strictly observant - the individual watches other people before participating in discussion, secretive with thoughts 


Moon-Saturn Aspects 🌙

- old souls
- talks themselves out of shit often
- realistic, practical people
- strict mother/mother was always stern with you
- the one who stays calm in emergencies
- everyone looks to these people when they’re feeling unsteady/unstable
- the friend who worries
- sad deep down
- good self control & reliable
- wise as hell

Major Aspects

Trines are an easy flow, like water in a river. It flows freely and we barely notice it. They are talents we are born with.

Sextiles are like a magic trick, they are called for, and require more effort than a trine. We know they are there, they are the secret card under our sleeve, not always in sight.

Squares are like trying to advance with sand up to your waist; you feel slow, there’s resistance. You feel stuck. But once you start overcoming them, you become stronger. They are qualities created through growth.

Oppositions are like a rope being pulled from both ends, there’s a tendency to go to extremes. They create indecision. 

Once you succeed, there’s a balance between the energies involved. You become wiser.

Conjunctions are like fire, that takes two metals and makes them one. Both energies unify and even if we can difference them, they are expressed together.

We most learn to keep them separated and let them join once again when we need it.

Moon conjunct Neptune, Moon square Neptune, Moon trine Neptune, Moon opposite Neptune, Moon sextile Neptune 

When Neptune and the Moon make music the emotional spectrum can be oceanic. The individual is tapped into the whole sensory orchestra of the collective, mood shifts by the Moon become fantasised by the waves of Neptune, enveloping the individual entrancingly, transporting them to lagoons to pure feeling, euphoria, and ecstasy, and sadness, and deep melancholy. Moon-Neptune individuals have permeable boundaries, they can become cocooned by the mood of the room, leaky and vulnerable. The individual is an impressive empath, capable of reading body language and hidden emotion well. It can be impossible to deceive these people with lies that, ‘you are fine’, because they can feel sadness in your eyes and in your spirit. These individuals can be psychic children, often developing profound empathy as young children, receiving invisible signals and hidden details. The imagination can be wicked with Moon-Neptune. Triggered by emotion, the fantasy world can sketch a murky ocean of darkness, prophetizing chaos and torture. So this vivid imagination can turn self destructive, depending on the mood or environment. The artistic expression can be rich here, any form of creative essence flows from two cosmic waterfalls, music, painting, writing, cinema, glamour, dance, any experience that mimics the creative activity of God. This is the illusion of all illusion, a lunar dreamboat riding into Neptune bay.


Moon-Jupiter contacts 

Moon conjunct Jupiter, Moon trine Jupiter, Moon sextile Jupiter, Moon square Jupiter, Moon opposite Jupiter 

A watery world collides with a spiritual wonderland when Moon and Jupiter make contact in the birth chart. Jupiter is like a magnifying glass, and upon the silver moon the glass is shined, bringing emotion, empathy, and the inner child’s fantasy land into vivid light. Emotions are animated, exaggerated, and generous, like eating a giant marshmallow birthday cake for breakfast, because the responsibilities of adulthood are rarely integrated. The individual is charitable at heart, and the conditioned needs of the inner child remain ultra demanding. It’s almost like the individual is a charity of their own, offering the benefic ministerial guidance of Jupiter with the tender touch of lunar love. The imagination is rich with Moon-Jupiter contacts. The spiritual reverie is rich with emotional nurturing and guidance. The Mother Goddess offers her solace to the inner child in an overt way, so the psychic nature of the individual may be quite outstanding. Liquid intuition infuses with prophecy, so the individual’s emotions act as a tremendous psychic compass. It can be difficult for the individual to switch feelings off, they tend to be over generous and dramatic. It can generate a tremendous creative artistry in the individual, like they can turn emotion and sympathy into imagery, poetry, service, and spiritual pillows. The moon is hidden by nature, but she finds it next to impossible to hide under the guise of Jupiter. The individual can wear their heart on their sleeve and convey their rich emotional life through their immediate expression. This tends to be warm, and because Jupiter’s auric field enlivens anything it touches, their warmth can be striking, like a mother of gentle wisdom. The individual can be quite demanding in relationships, demanding constant attention and validation. The inner child’s fears are overt, so the abandonment fear can be largely exaggerated. It may be difficult for the individual to escape the conditioning of childhood, so therefore fears and experiences can remain active until adulthood. 

  • Emotionally reactive
  • Pot of emotional joy
  • Golden heart 
  • Natural jubilance 
  • Overt emotional responsiveness 
  • Over sensitivity 
  • Hyper vigilance 
  • Childishness
  • Instinctual 
  • Spiritually hungry
  • Emotionally challenging


Indicators of Great Relationships

- They have a planet in your 4th/5th/8th/9th/11th house
- Their Jupiter falls in the house your Saturn is in
- Their Venus falls in the house your Mars is in
- Their planets fall in the house your North Node is in
- Their planets form multiple tight aspects to your nodal axis
- Their malefic in aspect to one of your malefics (can be difficult though)
- They have a benefic that activates an important midpoint by conjunction
- They have a planet / chart angle in a sign that’s intercepted in your chart
- Their planets make multiple tight aspects to an intercepted planet of yours
- Their personal planet or chart angle falls into one of your vacant houses
- Their planets fall in the opposite end of the axis as your stellium
- They have planets in a quadrant or hemisphere of yours that’s empty
- Their planets conjunct or trine a planet that’s retrograde in your chart
- Their chart angle aspects a planet posited in one of your cadent houses
- Their planet / chart angle aspects a planet posited in your twelfth house
- Their planet falls in the “missing leg” sign/house of your t-square
- Their planet falls right in the middle of the sextile planets in your yod
- Their planet makes a tight major aspect to the apex planet of your yod
- Their dominant planet makes a tight major aspect to your weakest planet
- They have personal planets or a chart angle in your weakest sign
- Any of their planets are in mutual reception with yours

(And vice versa [your planet in their house, etc] for all of these, as well.
*Based on my opinion. Also mostly focused on synastry.
Feel free to add anything I missed or may have forgotten!