by trine

Can we all have like a massive discussion w me about degrees/jobs bc I’ve gotta start deciding what i wanna do in uni soon and i have too many ideas/not enough ideas of my actual passions

So, I love helping people. That’s my main love. Helping injustice/wrong-doings, specifically. Not very good/interested in sciences/maths/STEM in general, I’m more artsy and human-based. Not into strict routines and doing things over and over and over. Love philosophy and religion. 

Current subjects: 

English Literature and LanguageEnvironmental Studies Philosophy, Ethics And Religious Studies

Placements I feel relevant:

  • Libra Moon in 9th
  • Aquarius Uranus in 1st
  • Moon trine Uranus
  • Scorpio Midheaven
  • Sagittarius Mars in the 11th house

Obviously like i know you guys cant decide for me but i’m sure you guys know how hard it is to know/research anything when for the last 17 years all you’ve done is core-type subjects and now they’re 30,000+ degrees i could take so lmao just ideas for me to look into would be greatly appreciated

Mercury & Your Handwriting

Mercury would tie into how your handwriting looks as well as aspects made to Mercury and what planets/signs are in the 3rd house

Aries/Mars:hurried, squished handwriting. It could be all over the place as though the person is impatient to get their thoughts out on the paper. Could be childish

Taurus/Venus: beautiful, big letters. Prone to cursive writing

Gemini/Mercury:Tidy and neat. Medium sized letters. Could be squished together because the amount of thoughts is too much for the hand to keep up with.

Cancer/Moon: Pretty handwriting. Cursive and decorative in nature. Depends on mood whether it is small or big.

Leo/Sun: tends to be large and takes up space. Most likely to make circles as their dots above i’s or add individualistic characteristics

Virgo/Mercury:Most likely to have “perfect” penmanship. The handwriting is legible and neat.

Libra/Venus:looped, joined handwriting. Beautiful. Could be cursive in nature.

Scorpio/Mars:Opposite of Aries in that Scorpio has smaller handwriting, but still has the same hurried squished nature due to Mars.

Sagittarius/Jupiter: large and expansive. Takes up space on the paper

Capricorn/Saturn:most grown up handwriting. Very concise and tends to have no slants

Aquarius/Uranus:tends towards messy small handwriting, but you know what they say. Messy handwriting is a sign of genius! So is small handwriting supposedly.

Pisces/Neptune: another influence that would indicate the handwriting changes often. You replicate the handwriting of those you are impressed with. Could be small with lots of spaces though when no influences are present.

Moon-Pluto aspects

Moon-Pluto Contacts ~ Moon sextile Pluto, Moon trine Pluto, Moon square Pluto, Moon opposite Pluto, Moon conjunct Pluto

People with Moon-Pluto aspects wield powerful emotional waves. The emotional experience is intense and the individual is highly receptive to the physic music that circulates the invisible realm. The individual is responsive to unconscious messages and easily intuits the divine profile of her company. There is a brilliant ability to comprehend the emotions of others and sooth the broken and abused. Pluto’s healing tonic infuses with lunar light beams to soak into the wounds of others and regenerate, renew, cleanse the pain away. The individual may spend plenty of time dwelling in unconscious trances and retreat into solitude when the madness of the world becomes overbearing. There is a tremendous devotion and a high responsibility associated with parenting and guarding the collective. During times of heavy distress the individual could become frantic, compulsive, and pedantic. Unconscious barbs erupt through the emotional expression, and the individual may be steered by unseen complexes more than she realises. There tends to be a high level of emotional intelligence, although the individual is likely private about her own feelings. Habits can be difficult to break and imprinted from childhood conditioning. Maybe she finds it difficult to trust people because she was an early victim of betrayal. What provides her with a tremendous emotional sensitivity also reveals the darkness of the world. She may fear vulnerability and swing between emotional extremes. Moon-Pluto aspects can also generate a tremendous intuition for the unconscious. Carl Jung was born with a third house Moon conjunct Pluto. His writings provide a treasure map of our shadow, unconscious realms, and archetypal stamps of our deepest fibres. This aspect is a force of healing and the will of God expressed through emotional desire, maternal instinct, and healing elixir.


The Difference Between Trines and Sextiles

You can find the difference between aspects in how the signs work with each other. It can be really hard to solidly tell a difference between a sextile and a trine, since they can bring similar, harmonious effects. However, this does not mean their effects are exactly the same.

While both trines and sextiles are harmonious, the two aspects are very different in what they’re composed of. A trine consists of two signs that are of the same element and polarity while a sextile is composed of two signs that are of different elements, but share the same polarity.

This is important to note because signs that are trine to each other work so naturally and easily to where the native can often not notice the workings of this aspect. This is why people tend to say that trines can either be used for natural talent, or be wasted due to ignorance. The reason why the trine works so naturally is because the two signs involved have the same element, in other words, medium to work with. For example, water signs use emotions as a medium to express themselves, and when two water signs are brought together, they can easily work together because there isn’t an need to change the current medium in hand. When there is no change, there is less room for a misunderstanding between the two signs. However, with no change, there can be a lack of movement and stimulation.

Sextiles however, work harmoniously on different, but compatible mediums due to the same polarity. For example, fire and air signs work well together because both of their mediums (energy and communication) are seen in external environments due to their masculine polarity. Due to the mediums both being external, there is less room for misunderstanding, which makes the aspect harmonious. However, since the mediums involved are different, sextiles do not feel as natural as trines since the native must use two different mediums to express the aspect. Natives with sextiles are often aware of this aspect because it doesn’t feel as natural as a trine and will often consciously express this aspect.

*The only exceptions that can be made to this post are the existence of out-of-sign aspects. Out-of-sign aspects need to be looked at more carefully, since the energy with out-of-sign aspects are not only weaker, but can also be different. You can check the differences in the specific signs, planets, and houses involved.

Moon-Saturn Aspects 🌙

- old souls
- talks themselves out of shit often
- realistic, practical people
- strict mother/mother was always stern with you
- the one who stays calm in emergencies
- everyone looks to these people when they’re feeling unsteady/unstable
- the friend who worries
- sad deep down
- good self control & reliable
- wise as hell

Sun-Pluto contacts

Sun conjunct Pluto, Sun sextile Pluto, Sun trine Pluto, Sun square Pluto, Sun opposite Pluto

The Sun contacting Pluto in the natal chart can create a day and night personality. The individual seems to step from the light into the darkness, radiating and then withdrawing, constantly touched by something resonant and commanding. It can be difficult to ascertain the deep wells that open like coded labyrinths in these individuals. Often they remain intensely private people, protective of their internal world and vulnerabilities, watchful of revealing too much. Something reverent glows with Sun-Pluto contacts. Underworld musk infuses with sunlight to create a hypnotic incense, their intuitive receptivity penetrating into psychic waves like a lamp over the unconscious sea. These people are regenerated through Plutonian union, that is, soaking in unconscious underlays, indulging in occult arts or mystical studies, wandering through depressions and traumas, and exploring the invisible, what provokes and exhumes the spirit. The individual may have an intense expression and read people with a natural sonar for depth psychology. Hidden complexes in others can reveal themselves, and prophetic vision can be manifested into reality by sheer thought projection. By nature, the individual can intimidate weaker spirits or bring those who have sinned to their knees. The individual relates well with people who have bought to consciousness their own darkness. As a result, they may seem reckless with their own lives, or as if they attract people who seem unusual or philosophical. These individuals seem to make soul contacts with people, seeking to evaporate form and connect with people on intimate, spiritual levels. For most people, this can be too confrontational or daunting. This can be why Sun-Pluto individuals can wander alone for much of life, waiting for somebody who can throw roses to the monsters with them.

-Impressive skills of concentration
-Compulsive and obsessive
-Thrives on transformative experiences
-Indulges in that which typically frightens others
-Sexually expressive, although covertly
-Intense childhood
-Reveals truth
-Reveres justice and morality
-Glows with a sacred destiny
-The Princess of Passing
-Wields the sun in a crystal ball


Moon-Mars aspects 🌙

there’s a good chance that if u got a moon-mars aspect you:
- were an aggressive child
- tomboy
- hung around with boys or did boy-things as a kid (basically describing tomboy lol)
- either have some kind of disrespect/discomfort towards or greatly respect/love men/sexuality
- argue with your mother often
- always defending people
- when you’re pushed, you push back and always have

Moon-Uranus contacts

Moon conjunct Uranus, Moon square Uranus, Moon sextile Uranus, Moon opposite Uranus, Moon trine Uranus

People with Moon-Uranus aspects experience emotions that erupt abruptly and vanish just as mysteriously. The individual is subject to rapid emotional cycles that interlude with nerves and hyper mental arousal. There maybe a momentary aggression with feelings, chaos in the storm, followed by numbness and dissociation. Because emotions are typically uncontrollable, and arise suddenly, the individual can become mistrustful of feelings and hostile to emotional responses. There tends to be a tremendous humanitarian generosity in these people. The innate needs of people, and the way human beings are cared for in a global sense is important. The individual may become an advocate for what emotionally inflames them, especially if this relates to women’s issues and justice. There may be a sense of disengagement from the mother. She may have appeared aloof or declared her independence away from mothering. Something significant may have happened at this stage of life that forces the individual to fear attachment, closeness, and reliance. The inner child may have been abandoned, literally or figuratively. Ritualistic behaviors may be difficult to negotiate, considering the individual’s swinging need for a life of freedom and then safety and comforts. The home life may be somewhat chaotic, partly due to the individual’s need to stay on the move, and therefore neglect the child inside who needs security.

- Emotionally labile
- Empathetic on a mass scale
- Conflicted
- Unconventional, eccentric
- Bizarre ritualistic habits
- Odd domestic patterns
- Independent of attachment
- Nomadic
- Emotionally excitable
- Socially intuitive
- Romantically detached
- Elusive
- Difficult to understand
- Confusing to family members
- Rarely feels secure


Venus-Mars Trine △
  • usually very well liked due to their enthusiastic and charming demeanour
  • perform well in martian and venusian activities, such as sports and the arts, however can take these talents for granted and thus not cultivate them
  • rarely judgmental in love
  • gets along well with people of the opposite sex, even if the relationship is platonic
  • usually have a well balanced between being passive and aggressive, knows when to express one or the other
  • very sensual, natural lovers
  • these people usually find expressing their feelings to their significant other to be very easy
  • high expectations of their significant other