by toriki


I know I say it all the time but you are truly such a gem. When I first came across your art, I was super amazed by how good you were and was SUPER STOKED that I got to start an RP with some one so amazing. I love talking with you and coming up with ideas with you, and just chatting about birds and other random stuff! (Of which we need to do more of :D) 

I’m very happy to have gotten the chance to know you. You really inspire me to be a better artist and go out of my comfort zone. 

with that, I hope you HAD (I’m so late) a wonderful birthday!

PS. Have this cool drawing I did of Toto and Orion on a stroll together, probably talking about science and magic and stuff… Most likely Orion being fascinated by her abilities.


✨ full TLC love package i did for this years valentine’s day!! 😚💋
precious MONSTERDAD LOVE and lots of affectionate Juritos mwahhhh love them all <3 ✨✨🌌🌿🌷🍍 SMOOCHIES
Risto and Toriki belong to @risto-licious !! 😍😌 

an intimate moment between jurito!! ♡
ohh tender sweetness perfectly done by lovely yorkshin! i adooore