by this you shall know him


He knew the memories would come back, and hoped he would be dead before they did.
—Jamie in Voyager, Chapter 1 

“No, my lord,” said MacDonald, the faintest of smiles on his lips. “Traitors all. Shall we be hanged, then?”
—Jamie in Voyager, Chapter 1 

Culloden,” he said, the whispered word an evocation of tragedy. Death. Futility. And the terrible parting that had taken me from him.
—Jamie in Voyager, Chapter 25 

“I wish I could have been there to take care of you,” I said softly. “It was the most horrible thing I ever did—leaving you, knowing…that you meant to be killed.” I could hardly bear to speak the word.  “Well, I tried hard enough,” he said, with a wry grimace that made me laugh, in spite of my emotion. “It wasna my fault I didna succeed.” He glanced dispassionately at the long, thick scar that ran down his thigh. “Not the fault of the Sassenach wi’ the bayonet, either.”   —Jamie & Claire in Voyager, Chapter 26 

“I went to Culloden meaning to die,” he said, his voice scarcely more than a whisper. “Not the rest of them. I should have been happy to stop a musket ball at once, and yet I cut my way across the field and halfway back, while men on either side o’ me were blown to bloody bits.” He stood up, then, looking down at me.   “Why?” he said. “Why, Claire? Why am I alive, and they are not?             —Jamie in Voyager, Chapter 54 


So like…here is something to back up that “since way back” could be about little miss “I’m in Europe for an undefined amount of time pretending its work but I really know I am with high yella nigga”

She was someone’s fiancé for a while and because of that like Drake says didn’t see him as that (cue story about him bringing her food and then slamming door in his face) but then over time he noticed that feelings were there, developing “step by step” and the “you know what’s next” could be about the dreaded timeframe of 2015-2016 that we shall not speak about and the hiding of feelings shared between them in that time and thus him ultimately saying he can’t pretend anymore.

I don’t know, this could be a reach but it makes so much sense to me, what y'all think?

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Found this on a blog and lol! 'I can't wait to have a r/s like Seb and M. For us to be on and off. Him to not even make us official. Us to walk down a street and not even look like a couple. For us to be *goals*. And of course for me to reply with 'mmm, him' every time I hear his name. Such goals :/ Can you feel the sarcasm coming off the screen yet or shall I continue on our *goals* relationship tips? 😂 Red carpets would be my favourite part of the r/s. You know, when we pose.. separately.'

Oh my god, I love that anon.

What I’m actually quite surprised about is that no one seems to be talking about this scene

I think this is the first time since the Cup of China that Yuuri really doubts himself and his ability to win gold.

What’s also fair to mention is that the camera switches to Yuuri’s point of view for a moment and we are shown what he sees and I can guarantee you that there is meaning here. Because what is he looking at? The empty bed beside him and his left hand. And shall I remind you of the last moment his left hand was relevant to the visual language of the story?

Right there.

He’s thinking of Victor, and the fact that he’s not there. We know that because he just woke up asking “where’s Victor?” and a few seconds later mentioned Victor again (I’ll get to that in a moment), but I think it’s also fair to note the good direction of the show when we can tell that even without Yuuri explicitly telling us.

Right after asking himself the above question, we see a montage of successful jumps which plays in Yuuri’s head.

There, we see Phichit, Chris, JJ and Yurio - his competition, people who Yuuri knows are stronger and more skilled than him. We also know that he immediately begins comparing himself to them through a compilation of his own falls.

We can assume that these are from the last Grand Prix Final, which is probably what really bothers Yuuri. That this isn’t the first time he’s standing on such a large stage, but that he is in fact returning to it after a terrible failure. Rather than thinking that he’s not the same person anymore here, Yuuri worries that it will all be the same in the end, that he will fail again and will find himself devastated just like that time:

None of this is explicitly stated but we can tell it from the images we are shown and from the sheer proximity we have with Yuuri - he’s narrated most of the story for us and we can tell how and what he thinks by now.

Yuuri then desperately buries his face in his pillow and says this:

This again reaffirms the importance of his relationship with Victor. Just waking up without him there makes him think of his insecurities and weaknesses again. We can easily connect this to the Rostelecom Cup, how he competed there alone and also the first thing he did when he saw Victor at the airport. To some degree, Yuuri needs Victor by his side to feel good enough for the competition and about himself. Assuming that Yuuri was getting over his jetlag and napping, he probably hasn’t seen Victor for less than six hours but just this much is enough to affect him (which, in a way, makes it easier to imagine how difficult the Rostelecom cup must have been for him).

And on one hand you could say that it shows almost concerning dependence on Victor, but on the other it’s merely an expression of Yuuri’s own insecurity because his mental weakness and his anxiety haven’t just magically disappeared. It’s only that now he’s found someone who makes him strong, someone who’ll stand by his side and believe in him. He wants Victor to be there and he finds it difficult to deal with himself and his own thoughts when he’s not. That’s realistic, to say the very least.

I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate this scene because it’s short but it’s really well made and illustrates Yuuri’s thoughts and feelings before the Grand Prix Final well, but it easily gets lost in the onslaught of exciting moments that is episode 10.

Hamilton Characters as ‘My Immortal Quotes’

Alexander: “OMG wut r u doing fuker he shooted angrily I don’t kno wut da fuk r u DOING I SHOUTED ANGRILY.”

Lafayette: “Every1 in the room stated to cry happly- I had saved them.”


Laurens: “I wuz so turned on cuz I love sensitive bi guyz. (if ur a homophone den fuk of!)”

Burr: "If thou doth not kill him, then I shall kill him anyways!”

Eliza: “He took of my top and I took of his clothes. I even took of my bra. Then he put his thingie into my you-know-what and we did it for the first time.”

Angelica:  "Im good at too many things! WHY CAN’T I JUST BE NORMAL? IT’S A FUCKING CURSE!“

Madison: “”.” he said.”

Jefferson: He had a really big you-know-what but I was too mad to care.”

Washington: “You dunderheads!1111111111” screamed Dumbledore wisely as we went.”

Peggy: (AN: if u don’t know who she is gat da hell out of here!)

Phillip: “They chased me but I threw my wound at them and dey tripped over it”

Maria: “Why couldn’t Satan have made me less beautiful?” I shouted angrily.

King George lll: “I started to cry tears of blood down my pallid face.”

Welcome to Bts

Lets start this off with our beautiful eldest hyung, Kim Seokjin.

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an actual work of art

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incredibly talented yet devastatingly underrated

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literally a mom

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certified food enthusiast

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honestly doesn’t know how to handle being a mom of 5 but gets by with the help of the husband (shall be brought up later)

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actual bias wrecker

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

Next we have the grumpy swag grandfather, Min Yoongi.

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beautiful human being

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insanely talented rapper and producer

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500% r00d

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if you haven’t heard from him in a few days, he was probably just asleep

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can be a little squish sometimes

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but mostly just plain rude

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

Now onto our actual hope, Jung Hoseok.

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literal embodiment of sunshine

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crazily talented rapper, dancer, and choreographer

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80% squish

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10% judging you

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6% hipthrusts

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and 4%… whatever this is

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

Up next is our god of destruction leader, Kim Namjoon.

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sexy ass motherfucker

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amazingly skilled rapper and producer

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dimples for dayyyyss

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struggling father of 5 along with his wife

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incredibly rude

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but mostly just a dork

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

Now on to this sinnamon bun, Park Jimin.

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precious angel

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incredibly gifted vocalist and dancer

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literally the squishiest little bean

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but yet 0.2 seconds later he is undressing the camera

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thighs that could fucking kill

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always messing with his hair

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actual tease

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

Next up is our deep voiced sunshine, Kim Taehyung.

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an actual angel from above

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deep voiced vocalist who is also incredibly underrated

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square smillleeee

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just a tad off

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actual slayer of lives

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always either touching or licking lips

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

And last, but not least, our bunny maknae, Jeon Jungkook.

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precious baby bun bun

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insanely talented golden maknae

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an actual meme

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yet can kill you in 0.5 seconds

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but also a shy awkward little bby

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still manages to be r00d

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

You are now fully informed on the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan.

-Admin Yeonie

  • Maul: Now that I know where Obi-Wan Kenobi is I shall kill him and finally have my revenge! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Darth Vader: *steps out from the shadows* Excuse yourself, if anyone is killing Obi-Wan, it's going to be me. I called dibs 17 years ago.
  • Maul: He cut off my legs 30 years ago!
  • Darth Vader: But did you call dibs?
  • Maul: No...
  • Darth Vader: Then get in line.

“Desire can be a powerful but capricious mistress. Despite your willful disobedience, I shall grant you what you seek. But know this…” Snoke’s hand waved, and Kylo felt the tendrils of Dark Magic settle uncomfortably around him like an ill-fitting cloak.
“The girl sees you as a monster. So a monster, you shall be.”

-All That’s Best of Dark and Bright (Eallach Monstrosus)

Gorgeous artwork by @panda-capuccino for a Beauty and the Beast retelling, based on the incredible prompts of @cobwebbing.  This fic and 55 others can be found on the Ring in the New Year with Reylo collection on AO3. 


“We must wait and watch. And when we find our spy, and we will find them, we shall turn them from an obstacle to an asset. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent Kallus?”

To all those suffering from sadness or depression, know that it isn’t your fault. It isn’t because you’re weak. It isn’t because you’re just not grateful enough. It isn’t because you’re just not religious enough. It isn’t because you don’t have enough faith. It isn’t because God is angry with you. To all the well-meaning people who tell you this, just smile. And know deep in your heart that the tests of God come in different forms to different people. And know that, by the help of God, every test can become a tool to get closer to Him. And that, verily, with hardship come ease–and like all things of this world–this too shall pass.
—  Yasmin Mogahed

The whole “Lucius was abusive with Draco” thing has always been so funny to me. Really, I don’t get how people are able to believe something so silly. 

Seriously, guys, wake the fuck up, if Lucius had been abusive with his son, he wouldn’t have been a part of the series. You know why? Because Narcissa “If you attack my son again I shall ensure that is the last thing you ever do” Malfoy would have killed him ten times in a row. 

Why Phichit is literally the best and you can fight me if you think otherwise

Ok so we all know how important it was for him to skate to “Shall We Skate” right? But I don’t think people understand why I make such a big deal over it.

When I saw how devoted Phichit was to wanting to skate to “Shall We Skate” it reminded me of when I saw the new Disney princess, Elena of Avalor.

The key to him getting into the GPF was representation. He saw himself in the lead actor, he saw himself skating to the music in that movie, he saw himself entertaining a crowd and relating to a character in a movie who looked like him.

He probably trained day and night to get the choreography right, land his jumps, and record what it looked like in order to perfect it and move on to the next event. He probably felt like he needed to do the film justice and honor what the actor tried to portray in the film. He is an entertainer and he delivered such a great performance all because the actor looked like him and he saw himself in that.

As someone who struggles with finding representation in the media, this really spoke to me. When Phichit started crying, it reminded me of when I first saw Elena of Avalor. Seeing someone who looks like me and inspires me to do crazy things like that is so comforting in a world that tries to tell you to be a certain way. Phichit is definetly a character I relate with too just in how fun and pure he is, but it’s also important to have someone who looks like you and is from the same country and whatnot, because their victories end up being yours too.

I love the fact that they added this in the anime and have such diversity. I know it’s because its a sport where you meet people from all around the world, but I still like the gesture of including so many different personalities and such.

I could just be over analyzing the situation, but it made me cry to see someone else so moved through representation in the media. Yuri!!! On Ice was the best thing to happen to anime and I hope we see more of Phichit and the rest of the squad next year.

Vampire BTS: Biting You

Jin: treats your whole body like a canvas for him to litter artistic bite marks on. you’ve got ones everywhere and he likes to kiss each one every morning to wake you up. “shall I give you another? what about on your beautiful neck?”

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Suga: “Where shall I bite you this time? How about your thigh?” His fingers ghost over the flesh of your thigh, scraping his nails gently. “Or maybe I won’t? You’d like that too much, wouldn’t you?”

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J-Hope: Will act cute while asking, “Can I taste you? Please? Hobi is hungry ~”

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But if that doesn’t work then serious, sexy Hoseok takes place and he’ll have you begging him to drink from you.

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Rap Monster: “I won’t be gentle, you know that, right?” He creates an intense, sensual atmosphere before accidentally flicking you in the eye while trying to move your hair aside. “S - sorry, I’m kinda clumsy.”

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Jimin: makes sure you’re fully willing before pulling you close, watching your eyes glaze over, hearing how your heart thuds violently. he licks his lips, excited to taste your blood. “are you ready for me?”

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V: stares deep into your soul, trying to gauge your response. when he sees that you still want him to bite, he’ll smile softly. “where do you want my teeth? I’ll bite wherever you please”

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Jungkook: takes his time teasing you, brushing aside your hair and tracing the vein on your neck with his finger. he’ll plant a kiss where he plans on biting, pulling away to gaze one last time into your eyes before sinking his teeth in.

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Pray for Plagues

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Requested by an anon: Can you do a imagine where draco takes care of the sick Reader? :) Love youre writing!

A/N- Thank you! I hope this makes you feel better! :)

Black dots fade in and out of existence like exploding fireworks in the expanses of enigmatic darkness. Closing your sore eyes in attempts to dispell the dizzying and oddly stertorous affects, you feel a cool hand press against your forehead. 

“Draco….” you moan in agony. “Everything hurts.” you mumble quietly.

“I know, love. I know.” he says softly before brushing the bristly strands of hair plastered to your forehead. You peer up at him through your own personal pandemonium caused by the loathed sickeness you had caught. The sinking sunlight flitting in through the rows of windows illuminates his platinum hair. 

You find yourself marvelling at the deep furrow of his eyebrows as he frets over you. “Shall I go and get Madam Pomfrey again?? I’m sure she could give you something else to~”

“Draco.” you croak. “It’s fine. I’ll be fine. It’s getting late, you should go to the Common Room.” you manage to say with the frustrating sound that your blocked nose creates.

He stops mid-way through his lost panic and turns towards you. “No chance.” he says adamantly. “I’m not going to leave you here on your own. Merlin knows what could happen!” 

You stare at him for a moment while ignoring the metaphorical “warmness” in your heart. “You want to cuddle don’t you?” you ask dryly.

A deep blush rushes into his cheeks like wildfire. His mouth opens and shuts a few times; seemingly at a loss for words. “I-I, no, I never-” he splutters. Obviously the blow to his pride left him with a speech impediment.

A grin equal to that of the Cheshire Cat’s spreads across your pasty features. “Don’t blame me when you get ill.” you say 

“But then you’ll have to look after me.” he says in a state of gleeful smugness.

You just grumble a little before strenuously moving over to allow his warm body to enter the bed. As soon as he’s lain, you wrap your arms around him like the branches of the Whompng Willow and pull him towards you. He chuckles softly at your actions. “I guess I’m not the only one who wants to cuddle.” he grins. 

“Always more confident in bed…” you grumble though smirk slightly.

“And you know it.” Draco whispers in your ear as he entangles his long legs with yours. 

You mumble something icoherent before getting comfortable in his strong arms and find yourself becoming increasingly more tired. Draco seems to be experiencing the same effect. Most likely due to the fact that you both end up falling asleep together every night and the similarity of the situation is just taking effect. 

Out of nowhere, Draco shimmies down a little and nuzzles himself into your neck. His blissfully warm arms encase you in a strong hold which brings you closer to him. You smile and trail one of your hands up from his back and through his silky hair. Draco hums in appreciation at that.

“Why is it that whenever i’m ill in some way it always ends up with me comforting you?” you laugh and immediately regret it once your throat feels like its been charred.

He just looks up at you in fake pompousness: eyebrows raised, chin perked up, the whole “exsqueeze me” expression and all that chavy palaver. 

“One: Malfoy’s do not need “comforting”” he starts sanctimoniously, “And two.” there’s a slight pause, “Don’t tell me you don’t enjoy it.” he grins evily before snuggling into your shoulder again. 

You restrain yourself from laughing for fear of an excruciating death and roll your eyes playfully. You gladly press yourself closer to him. No matter what the helpless buffoon does, you’ll always love him for it.

me whenever Yuri on Ice music plays

In Regards to Love: Agape

In Regards to Love: Eros

Minami’s Boogie

Shall We Skate?

Terra Incognita


Symphony No. 9, 2nd Movement “Advent”

L'homme arme


Theme of King JJ

Yuri on ICE

and finally Duet: Stay Close to Me

Christ on a bike, so next year’s gonna be like some straight up Voldemort shiz like

‘I hope You-Know-Who won’t be out again’

'Don’t say the A word!! It’s He Who Shan’t be named!’

'Jack’s looking a lil twitch this October…think The Dark Lord will make another appearance?’

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Dude I am begging you to make more Latino Jason headcannons!!!!

ask and ye shall receive 

-jason totally pulls the mom move of waking up early and playing loud spanish songs while cleaning the entire place. like he goes hard don’t even try to get him out of the zone 

-both the batfam and the outlaws have come to dread waking up to the beginning of ‘bidi bidi bom bom’ bc they know what’s in store (yeah jason’s a selena fan fight me) 

-jason can cook a lot of different varieties of food, but his faves are stuff like tamales or pozole bc his mom used to make it for him when he was a kid (and he took up making it for her when she was going through withdrawal and when they had the money for ingredients)

-jason has a slight accent still, it comes from growing up on the streets and speaking a hybrid of english and spanish slang so he got teased a lot for it after bruce took him in. bc the kids knew he was different 

-he still is kinda self conscious about it, but if he’s really comfortable around the people he’s with then it’ll come out. so far, only roy and kori have heard it. bruce, dick and alfred have too but that was before his death

-when jason was still living in the Manor, one day he accidentally called alfred ‘abuelito’ while they were cooking together and got really embarrassed, but alfred told him it was perfectly fine. (and he may of teared up some but shhh) 

-jason also calls him abuelita whenever alfred mother hens him and alfred cant even nag bc it’s just nice to have jason home 

-jason also calls kori ‘princesa’ as a little nickname. when roy complained about why he didn’t get a nickname too he also got princesa

-jason lowkey loves spanish soap operas he will watch them and get invested in the story but none of his fucking friends believe him when he tries to explain what’s going on bc it sounds so absurd they just think he’s pulling their leg

-jason still hasn’t called bruce any version of being his father since coming back, but he will call him ‘papas fritas’ because bruce is ‘one salty son of a bitch’ 

-one time jay left his ipod at the manor and the whole batfam kinda shuffled through jason’s music out of curiosity and it was all pretty normal classic rock, thrown in with some modern pop (a lot of niki minaj tbh which was unexpected but also expected) but then dick finds a playlist labeled ‘workout (hardcore version)’ and it’s just the song gasolina by daddy yankee listed ten times. 


The party was winding down, and the team are the only people left in the building. The drinks had slowed and everyone is getting tired. Clint starts asking Thor about Mjolnir, and how she works.

“It’s a trick, right?” Clint asks, spinning a drumstick between his fingers.

Thor laughs, the deep baritone rumbling through his chest as you recline against him. You’d felt exhausted up until a minute ago, but now you’re waking up again. You love it whenever the team talk about Mjolnir, as none of them know your secret…

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Okay you know what I want from Librarians Season 4.

What I really truly want.

Ezekiel and Eve being housemates.

I don’t care how, I don’t care why, just please consider Ezekiel and Eve being housemates:

  • They have a guest room dedicated to Ezekiel’s computer towers. He calls them his babies. Every one of them is named. Eve’s caught him crooning to them.
  • Eve is used to never having anything in her fridge and shelves whereas Ezekiel just. fills them up? They have extra shelves. They have extra fridges. Why does Ezekiel have so much food? It’s like they’re stocked for a probably apocalypse.
  • And more importantly, how does all that food still manage to get over in a week? Where does all that food even go? Who knows. Not Eve.
  • Flynn and Ezekiel still hilariously do not get along at all and Ezekiel makes sure Eve knows about it.
  • Eve has never seen this many cushions and blankets and sheets in her life. Who even needs these many. She should literally change hers every day and they’d still not run out for two months without having to wash anything.
  • On that note, despite Ezekiel’s love for blankets, Eve is the nester. She didn’t even know it but she’s a godamned nester. There’s a lot to say about that and by god, Ezekiel is going to say it. He has so many bird puns.
  • They probably don’t live in an apartment okay, nor a house. It never feels safe or right.
  • But you know what would feel right? Converting a goddamned warehouse/abandoned tiny factory into their home. It’s spacious, roomy, enough like a battlefield or a dim streets they’re actually used to and never grew out of.
  • Also amazing fucking vantage points.
  • Between the two of them their house is so incredibly secure it’s terrifying.
  • “Jones, did we end up DIYing a mini Library ourselves?”
    “You know Col Baird, I think we did.”
    “All right then. Chinese?”
    “Not from the place Stone likes. They’re terrible.”
  • Eve still hasn’t got the military lifestyle out of her completely and Ezekiel is a surprisingly obsessive neat freak. Keeping the house clean may have turned into a competitive sport, whoops.
  • They like fight for closet space all the time. Like the one thing Eve likes about her readjusting to pseudo civilian life is the clothes. She may be building a wardrobe. But Ezekiel already has one, and refuses to cut down on anything.
  • Also he has so many sweaters, why does he have so many sweaters?
  • Eve totally starts stealing them though, they are comfy sweaters.
  • “Flynn’s coming over for dinner.”
    “We don’t have food.”
    “Jones, you’re eating right now.”
  • Movie nights with bad action films and platonic cuddling on the couch where they criticize everything injury, military, and the thieving world.
  • Threats of horrible violence from Eve towards some of Ezekiel’s teasing start becoming extremely commonplace.
  • Ezekiel always replies with: I love you too Mama Baird.