by theresa

SDCC: What We Learned About Season 3
  • Alisha Wainwright/Maia Roberts will become a series regular
  • Jordan and Lilith will be added to the show
  • Season 3A will follow the plot of City of Fallen Angels (book 4)
  • When asked about Tessa, the producers said “Patience” (so maybe not season 3, but definitely something they have planned for the future of the show)
I am so proud of young voters

so labour didn’t win majority. but we robbed the tories of it. because of the young voters turning out for corbyn, we have a hung parliament. theresa is under pressure to resign. we did somethingwe showed them that we aren’t to be underestimated. 

if you voted to keep the tories out, you changed history. you did it, and i’m so proud of you. thank you for caring.