by therabbitnextdoor


aaahh so this is my first ever follow forever for this blog, and i’ve had this one for six months now i figured it is a good time for an appreciation of the fabulous blogs who make up my dashboard everyday. thank you to every single one of you who follow me, it’s means the world to me that people actually /want/ to see me spiral into madness as i fall deeper into this wonderful world of kpop. and to the senpai’s who don’t follow me, hello and ily~~. thank you to all you who reblog and like the gifs and such that i make and post, and just know that i read everyone’s tags and i squeal and kick my feet around like a little kid when y'all say nice things about my works. i know i haven’t spoken with every one of you yet, but if we’re mutuals then we’re automatically bffs okay sorry i don’t make the rules. i don’t know what else to say other than thank you, and stay fabulous (✿◠‿◠)

i hope i’ve remembered everyone, omg ;;_;;

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