by theolddictionary

theolddictionary  asked:

I've been reading your posts and the asks you get about Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. I've been this passive observer for a while but I can't now. The amount of vitriol for Eva is so disgusting. It's all seeded in deep racism that must drip from theses peoples mouth in real life. It's all this "She got one of our mens" attitude, plus Latina stereotypes. Good Lord people, he found love, be happy for him or 'eff off.

It’s wild, especially since it’s coming from his fans who are primarily women. There’s also a weird sense of entitlement, that since she’s so private, she’s somehow forcing him to be super private and closed off (even though he’s been gradually going in that direction since at least 2008) and straight up calling her selfish for not sharing pics of him and their daughters on instagram?? It’s bizarre.

The coded racism is what bothers me more (calling her a ho/stupid/ugly, she doesn’t look right with Ryan, “I just don’t like her idk whyyy”), and the fact that they are so comfortable with being outright about it. She didn’t “steal” him from anybody, HE pursued HER. Eva seems like a nice, chill lady who minds her own business and who Ryan himself has called an angel. And she knows what people say about her, I never forgot that one interview where she was like “I DO read” unprompted when talking about books, it clearly hurts her feelings and she doesn’t deserve that shit. People forget or don’t care she’s a real person with feelings and he’s a real person, not a fictional character. Fandom sucks.