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imagine the missus would have spend a whole year secretly collecting vinyl discs of harry's favourite bands/artists for his birthday. some would have been really hard to find, some would have been rather expensive... how happy would he be ?!?! 😍😱

Oh, my goodness. 

This is so adorable to think about, and it’s definitely something that the missus would SO do for Harry for a special birthday or wedding present, for sure. I feel like this is something that he’d get really teary-eyed about, as well, because it shows that she really pays attention to him and his interests and likes. And, also because she’s gone out of her way, with her hard-earned money from work, to buy something that’s associated to what he loves. 

“Okay, so,” she’d cover his eyes with a grin, guiding down the landing of the upper floor of their house, his pigeon-toed feet almost tripping over one another as his sense of sight was stripped, “keep following my voice. Keep walking straight. We’re going into the room at the end of the hall so no stairs or corners to pass.”

“Why are you covering my eyes? I know what’s in the room. I decorated it,” he’d mumble, a smile toying on his lips as his hands pushed out and stretched, bracing himself if he fell, “come on. You don’t have to cover my eyes. Just shut the door and then surprise me?”

“There’s no fun there then, is there?”

She’d stop him outside the door and slowly open it, her eyes scanning around making sure everything was in check before she’d help him inside, “okay, open your eyes.”

As he’d open his eyes, he’d come face to face with a book case, filled with vinyls and sleeves of all his favourite artists, labelled from A to Z. A brand-new record player set up in the corner of the room, ready to play the records. His jaw dropping in shock as he’d drag his finger over the sleeves.

“What’s all this?”

“Consider it as a wedding present. From me, to you,” she’d grin towards him, snaking an arm around his waist and pulling his body close to her side, snuggling under his arm, “I know you had a few vinyls in our bedroom that went untouched, but, I found a record shop a few months ago that sold a whole load of vinyl discs. From older bands to the most modern bands. I thought it would be nice to get all the vinyls of the bands you love.”

“You…” He’d hasp and look down. eyes watery and glossing over, shining under the natural light filtering into the room, “you brought all of this? For me? As a wedding gift?”

She’d nod and giggle when he’d kiss her forehead and squeeze her tightly to his body, “from Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones to Coldplay and Ed Sheeran. All your favourites in one place.” xx

Dear Evan Hansen Headcanon:

((This is taking place in the AU where Connor doesn’t kill himself and he’s friends with Evan.))

-The Murphy’s try to build their family back up after Connor’s suicide attempt.
-Zoe suggests he joins Jazz Band.
-At first, Connor is against the whole idea.
-It’s Evan who actually gets him to do it.
-While Zoe plays guitar, Connor plays saxophone.
-He’s actually really good at it?? Connor has never played an instrument ever but you’d never know it.
-The siblings bond over a love of music and Evan goes to every concert and claps a little too loudly for his friends.

(A happy ending for the Murphy’s.
I love this musical to pieces so I HAD write about it! I hope you enjoy and I will see you dudes later!)

To be fair, humans are some bullshit from a balance perspective.

“I’ll just outrun that human…any day now… any… day… jesus christ it’s the terminator.”

“Maybe I can outsmart it and hide. What’s that you say, its brain takes up 20% of it’s caloric intake? FML.”

“It doesn’t have any natural weapons. I’ll just turn around and kill it. OH GOD IT’S GOT STONE CLAWS THAT ARE UNHOLY SHARP!”

“Okay, fight number two. It’s squishy so if I’m careful and find the right time when it’s weak I can - IT HAS PROJECTILE SHARP THINGS!”

“I’ll try crossing the river. It’s too gangly to be buoya - IT CAN SWIM?!?”

“Okay nothing can swim and run and climb. I’ll just go up this tree… FML it descended from apes.”

“It doesn’t even have fur, I can run to a colder climate and escape. Welp, it’s wearing the fur of my loved ones to keep warm.”

“If the whole herd bands together and protects each other, we can trample it… it can CONTROL FIRE.”

“Fuck it. Might as well just follow them around and get domesticated.”

Prettymuch everything we did to animals comes out of a horror movie.

tony stark definitely runs a YouTube channel called starkmangizmos where he posts video tutorials teaching you how to make cool shit always using primarily the same base materials: “elastic bands, paper clips, and a whole lot of Awesome,” and he’s achieved a bit of an urban legend status as the owner of the thing because he never shows himself, half the time rhodey’s hands are the ones on the videos (and eventually, also harley’s and peter’s [if we’re talking mcu] / kidvengers’ [if we’re talking 616]), and The tony stark ™ already has his high profile official channel that’s in no explicit way associated with this one

I’m going to try and summarise this.

Guy from the X Factor and Syco team who wrote much of their first two albums, bluntly says to them in the beginning: “You’re not going to like the music you will be making, that’s just how it is” and he writes them songs they don’t really want to sing.

One of them starts to rebel against the way this works and wants to write different stuff. This, apparently, is weird.

The Syco guy blames the conflict partly on himself because he was too controlling. But he still thinks that the guy is bitter and too loud. This apparently, is weird also.

In the meantime, the member who this is probably about, is the most protective of the others, does not even once come off as jealous of the recognition other members get, and the others all call him the king. It sounds to me like he fought these fights for the whole band and got shit for it.

1D Rebranding and Eventual Reunion: GP vs. Fandom Perception

So I’m seeing a lot of tension an unrest over the way that the members of 1D, Harry in particular, are distancing themselves from the band as they embark upon their solo careers (ie, Harry, or whatever intern runs Harry’s sm scrubbing his twitter clean of 1D mentions). I know people are anxious about this, and I understand that anxiety, but I want to offer a different perspective: I think this could be a good thing, not just for their solo ventures, but for 1D as a whole. Hear me out on this one, long windily and under the cut. 

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