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things alex does that drives maggie crazy: 

  • the way alex plays with her own hair when she’s focused reading something (work related or not);
  • when alex hugs her and right before she breaks the hug she kisses maggie’s neck;
  • alex’s heavy breathing on maggie’s lips right after a make out session 
  •  when alex caresses maggie’s legs, that are laying on top of alex’s, during some movie they’re watching; 
  • the way alex hugs her from behind and places her head on maggie’s shoulders smiling and kissing her neck; 
  • the way alex looks when walking out of the room only wearing maggie’s shirt from the night before;
  • how she smiles when maggie calls her ‘babe’; 
  • the stupid little smirk she gives maggie after making a joke about their height difference;
  • the sparkle in her eyes after they said their first 'i love you’s’;
  • alex’s smile right after saying “i love you too”

Bull’s heartbeat is in his throat, clamoring its way up to his mouth to sit on his tongue. They’re just talking, but there’s something about the way Dorian tips his head back to look at him, all smiling eyes and teeth, focused like he’s the only man in the room.

Dorian stops swirling his water into a monsoon and lightly touches Bull’s forearm on the table while he laughs, giving credit where it’s due. Bull’s toes curl in boots hidden under the table, holding the tension he can’t show in his fist. He doesn’t want to fuck this up. Wherever they are now, it’s fragile. They’ve slept together twice, now, and tonight is looking promising. Ordinarily it would be the sex he was looking forward to, but tonight, it’s the company.

Dorian’s looking down into his glass, lashes nearly resting against his cheeks. “I hope I’m not keeping you from any other plans,” he says airily, eyes flicking up.

“My schedule usually clears out around mealtimes,” Bull returns smoothly. “You’re my only plans tonight.”

Dorian smiles too wide at first, then tames it into a smirk. “So this is less than chance? You actually had me penciled in?”

“You seem surprised.” Bull leans back in his chair and it creaks, not so much in protest as resignation. Taking advantage of his new position, he drapes an arm around the back of Dorian’s chair. It’s bold, yes, and could easily be misinterpreted, but Dorian doesn’t seem to mind. “I did say I’d see you at dinner, didn’t I?”

Gray eyes roll, but he’s still smiling. “See me, yes. We see everyone at dinner.”

“Dorian, you have a decent head on your shoulders, so I know you do this shit on purpose.”

“Was that a compliment or an accusation?”

“Yeah,” Bull laughs, lifting his fork with his free hand. Despite the twisting in his gut, he still has to eat to keep his strength up, and the menu tonight really isn’t too bad. Weeks ago, he would have labeled this stomach-wrenching feeling as sensible fear. Now, however, he realizes it isn’t self-preservation, but the same sort of nervous intimidation he used to feel as a young man addressing his superiors. He’s not sure what to make of that.

Dorian’s back is gradually sinking against his arm, the muscles relaxing like a wave. His mouth is open like he’s about to say something, but before he can say it, his hand knocks his glass over and spills its contents across the table.

He curses under his breath and Bull can see the tips of his ears reddening, but before Bull can even reach for a napkin, the situation is under control. Dorian has his hand cupped around the sprawling liquid, a barrier extended to the edges to contain it. The edges move closer together until the liquid is scooped into a bubble, picked up and dumped back into his glass.

“Useful,” Bull chirps, ignoring the sweat gathering in his palms and the fork still hovering by his mouth. “You, uh, want another?”

Dorian lifts the glass to his lips, raising his brows curiously. “Another what? My glass is still full.”

And the Iron Bull can’t help but laugh at that, the anxiety leaving him with each heave of his chest. Dorian’s resting against his arm again, seemingly unbothered by the jostling and laughter right in his ear, smiling to himself as if Bull can’t see it.

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SuperCat, Cat is the one who inadvertently rescues/demands a dog/cat/both from a science research facility only to find out later it or they have superpowers. While Supergirl or the DEO are willing to take the animal/s in they really love Cat and keep escaping to her place.

When Supergirl gently touched down on the balcony, his hackles raised, and a subtle growl resonated in his chest. Cat reached down and stroked his ears, and he immediately released the tension from his posture—although the aural signal of his displeasure remained. He only stopped when Cat whispered that any further grumbling would result in losing dessert privileges.

“I thought I’d find him here,” Kara said, hovering just inside the door way.

“Yes, well, he knows quality.”

A smile quirked onto Kara’s lips. “He can relax. I’m not here to drag him back to—to the other place.”

“Your fancy government headquarters must not have good security if he keeps getting out.” His tail wagged to punctuate her statement, and she grinned wryly. “So, if you’re not here to cart him away, what are you here for?”

“Would you like to keep him?”

Cat glanced down at her visitor and cocked an eyebrow. “Does he even have a name, yet?”

“We’ve been calling him Superdog.”

“Hm. Very original. Creative. Wonder-“

“I know.” Kara ran a hand through her hair and floated a bit closer. “But giving him a real name didn’t feel right when he didn’t have a real home.”

“I don’t have much time for an animal.”

“I’m sure your assistant would be glad to come over and walk him.”

Cat’s gaze flicked to Kara’s. “Would she now?”


This was as close to a confession as she was going to get, so Cat relented. “His name is Krypto. He can stay here, but I expect one of your people to ensure he’s in proper health. Who knows what they did to him in those labs. I’m quite sure Max didn’t have good oversight regarding the project.”

“Our specialist in alien physiology will be by later.” Kara hedged, not wanting to leave quite yet. “He really likes you, doesn’t he?”

“All you supers do,” Cat teased. “Don’t tell me I’ll be adopting you next.”

Kara shook her head, a blush climbing her neck. “Um, no, that’s not—I wouldn’t—I’d prefer… Um, dinner? Together?”

“A date.”


Theon + Smiling = Strength

Theon smiles a lot:

No doubt he was smiling. He smiled a lot, as if the world were a secret joke that only he was clever enough to understand.

He was smiling. Ever smiling.

She studied Theon Greyjoy’s sly smile, wondering what it meant. That young man had a way of looking as though he knew some secret jest that only he was privy to.

A callow youth, always smiling, skilled with a bow.

[…] he had declared, smiling that way he did

And Theon, if he lived, was just as hopeless, a boy of sulks and smiles.

Theon smiled a lot, its one of the things observant Tyrion notices about him, but then comes the question; why is he so damn happy all the time?

By all rights, Theon should be a really depressed teenager/young adult. He was stripped of his home and family at age nine and forced to live with a man who appears cold, who would chop off his head if his father stepped out of line (don’t forget the fact that his brothers died and his sister got to stay home with their family).

Personally, I think Theon smiled so much as a sort of ‘fuck you’ to the world. Like, you might have it bad but I did too and I’m still smiling. Almost like it makes him stronger than everyone else and like he is clever (“as if the world were a secret joke that only he was clever enough to understand” - AGOT, Bran I).

Of course most people just find it annoying (“That young man had a way of looking as though he knew some secret jest that only he was privy to” - ACOK, Catelyn I) which on a way is understandable, Theon was always quite “cocky” and “sly” too. But it’s almost like they find his strength annoying, because despite everything that has happened to him - including being beaten at Winterfell and Ned Stark not being that ‘perfect father’ to him that most of the fandom sees him as - he was still smiling that wide, annoying smile.

And then Ramsay knocks out his teeth (along with much worse) and said that whole, “I may have broken some of his pretty white teeth.” like the cunt bad guy he is. And so in a way, metaphorically I suppose, Ramsay also broke that strength and cleverness, because Theon’s smile represented them both.

TLDR; I think his smiling is a very important part to Theon which is mostly overlooked as cockiness and him being an ass.

Dragus:  “You know how our Sim Goddess has been ignoring us and telling everybody that she likes Sera and her children more?”

Evi grumbles:  “…….”

Dragus:  “I have just the way to get her back.”

Evi smiling:  “Payback is always so much fun.”

Sim Goddess:  “Hey, where are you two going?”

If you’d like to read the Runaways (Sophie/Caleb) Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

Runaways Legacy History - a synopsis in one post

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Talking Body by writergirl8

She turns her gaze over to the boy next to her, wearing baggy gray sweatpants and a very focused expression. Stiles looks absolutely ridiculous doing these moves— she watches him in the mirror, the way his mouth hangs open with a smile, the way his feet clomp heavily to the floor with absolutely no finesse. And it’s funny, for a while. It’s so funny that she has to keep herself from laughing.

It’s funny right up to the body rolls.


Good ways to live

Please stop doing this to yourself,
There are good ways to live I promise.
They might not include ‘A’s or a flat stomach.
I promise though, its good.
The first way to live,
Is really quite simple
You just keep smiling and are filled with energy,
Constantly laugh and jump and run, you’ll be wrecked in the night
I promise you though, its good.
The second way is to read and read and learn,
Novels and newspapers, good ol’ movies, you’ll be called a nerd.
I promise you though, its good.
The third way is more complicated
Not everyone gets it.
You must love who you love and everyone else,
Hug strangers, volunteer, and never shut anyone out
You will be popular, without even trying or wanting it
I promise you though, its good
The last way is the hardest
And don’t you fret, not many people have accomplished this,
Love who are without knowing who you are
Love that you love food
Love that extra bit of fat
Love that you have green eyes
Love that make a damn good cup of tea.

There are so many good ways to live, so what is holding you back?

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My actual son Geordi!

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
best quality:  EVERYTHING i love geordi what a babe i love his smile and the way he is w data everything
worst quality: TH every episode where geordri tries 2 get a lady becuase ohhhh my god
ship them with: data, riker, worf
brotp them with: data, wes
needs to stay away from: leah .. god just leave her be
misc. thoughts: i didnt like reading rainbow as a child also i consider him the twink of TNG

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Spock is receiving gifts from a secret admirer. Are they from who he thinks, or are they from someone else who's trying to make him think it's from a specific person who isn't actually sending them?

There was no empirical test that could prove, within an acceptable margin of error, who had been leaving the gifts for Spock.  While he could have easily accessed the security footage of the ship to find the person(s) responsible, such an action would violate Starfleet procedures.  (Never the less, Spock had scoured Starfleet regulations to see if he could make a minor complaint against the person(s) that had left him gifts and found that there was no basis for such a complaint.)  

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Its the little things that count

the thing about twenty one pilots’ music is I dont JUST like the way it sounds. I like the little things like the way tyler screams “yeah yeAH YEAH” in semiautomatic  and how awesome the drums while tyler screams “hello” in trees. in fact,  I could write an entire novel about how I love the way tyler sings “hello” at exactly 3:52 in trees and how the drums sound at the end of car radio (and how they kinda cut out a bit) I could write an essay about the beginning techo ish sound at the beginning of The Pantaloon and the way the piano and the drums are perfectly aligned(? I think is the right word) in The Run and Go, or the way Tyler says ‘pardon’ in Migraine. I love the drums in fairly local and the way Tyler pulls off the mask and the smile he makes. I love how Tyler yells “JOSH DUN” in the judge and how he says “alright. second verse” in we dont believe whats on TV or how he mutters “im sorry” after nicely threating you in Not Today, and the way Tyler kinda pauses between the line and the last word(s) in addict with a pen and the way he sings “waaaattterrr, and I absolutely love the drums in Not Today.  I just love the little details that are so noticeable yet small at the same time. its the little things that count, too

feeling this way

i’m back bitches!! updates on bob worked okay he’s still a little slow but hey! what can i do? anyway here is my comeback imagine this is probably going to be shitty but here we go

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you laughed loudly throwing a punch at ubbe’s shoulder making your way up to the training grounds, you and the four boys were in need of some practice not wanting to get rusty at your skills, ubbes joke about you snoring was making you and the others laugh “gods, iv’e never heard someone snore so loudly in my life” ubbe continued ignoring your hits, you shook your head at him and spoke catching the brothers attention “he’s lying, don’t listen to him” you said making the others smile.

you were glad they liked you the way they did, you honestly thought they’d never like you considering who your mother was,

their fathers ex wife, lagertha.

of course you were a bit of a surprise to lagertha, as the seer said that she wouldn’t have anymore children, but here you were. you were a little confused as to why your mother killed your father, kalf, but you never questioned her, you loved and respected your mother, you knew everything she did she had a reason to.

when she had business to tend to she always left you in the care of ragnar when he was there, and he had become like a father to you, never treating you like an outsider and almost loving you like you were his real daughter.

bjorn was the same, he loved you just as he had his sister, gyda, making you feel even more at home with them. along with lagertha they trained you to be a dangerous viking woman, you could take on almost any man when you were just fifteen years of age.

and when you met ragnars other sons, they accepted you as their sister, not so much their mother, but that was good enough for you.

you had really become close to the youngest son of ragnar,


but it wasn’t so much as a brother sister relationship like the others, you two almost had a flirtatious relationship, holding hands longer then you should, sharing dark glances across the table at dinner, hating it when someone else talked to each other, it was a very confusing relationship.

but you wouldn’t change it for the life of you, but you never denyed it that you wanted something deeper with ivar, but you couldn’t. you just couldn’t.

you all had finally made it to the training grounds, you sighed and dropped the axe and sack of knives that was hanging heavily from your shoulder and sat on the ground leaning up against a tree. you smiled when ubbe and sigurd started to fight each other almost immediately,

boys” you thought with a small shake of the head, hvitserk sat ivar down on a log and picked through his own weapons. you looked over at ivar and your smile widened when you saw that he was already looking at you, his dark blue eyes illuminated from the soft rays of sun peeking through the thick trees.

he was beautiful, that’s what made this all the more hard.

your attention was tore away from him when you heard the sound of pain leave sigurds mouth. ubbe had sigurd pinned to the ground, his foot pressed into sigurds chest, sword pointed to his neck

“you’ll have to do better next time sigurd” you teased making the boy scowl at you, and ubbe grin “she’s right, brother” ubbe said following you in the teasing, while helping his brother up. sigurd then pointed his sword at you wiping a bit of dirt from his lip “you think you’re better?” he asked, a bit of anger in his voice.

you knew he’d never be angry at you, but it still made you smirk and nod at him clenching your jaw together.

sigurd and the other two borthers agreed that you and ivar were basically the same person, you two always acted the same, talked the same and had the same dark humor about death and yourselves.

ivar would make fun of his legs, you’d make fun of the large burn that adorned your neck and chest, you had received the burn when you were just a toddler,

getting to close to a blacksmith at work, lagertha almost killed the man, but decided against it ,seeing that your pain was much worse then her anger for the man, ever since then it hadn’t faded,

but the red was mostly gone, it was now like a large bruise, purple and blue and black all over the side of your neck and chest.

you loved ivars legs, he loved your burn, so backwards but just the same.

“maybe just a tinge better, sigurd. but i think we both can agree that we are so much better then hvitserk” you said making hvitserk stare at the both of you in shock and surprise making you and sigurd laugh

“i have to disagree with you two on that” hvitserk said making you both laugh harder, even ubbe cracked a smile.

“and what about me, love?”.

you looked past sigurds legs and seen ivar staring at you, rubbing the end of his sword, tongue gently caressing his bottom lip

you shrugged, raising a brow at him, leaning back against the tree, smugly smiling

“maybe” you said making your voice higher then usual, he scoffed and clicked at his tongue “let’s find out” he suggested biting back a smile, you sighed and nodded to ubbe, he reached back behind his back and grabbed your sword, he always carried it for you, because of all the littler weapons you carried on your back.

he handed it to you patting your shoulder as you rose off of the ground, striding towards ivar, your brown boots crunching against the moist earth, you ignored ubbe and hvitserk who started to fight on their own and stood infront of ivar, who was now full on staring at you shamelessly

“you sure, love?” he asked as if talking to a small child, you nodded leaning in close to him, your nose almost touching his and whispered “anytime” it sounded more seductive then you wanted it too, but it had a good effect on him, his eyes darkened and they flickered to your lips for a millisecond, but you stopped him by jerking back slashing your sword through the air, of course he was too quick and blocked it with his.

the looks you  were giving  him  were enough to make any man pants tight, you looked so pure yet dangerous and lustful, another thing you two were alike on, you loved fighting especially each other, it fueled even deeper lust between you both.

the brothers had to pause and stare at you both, it looked like you two had done this about a million times, it looked like such a beautifully complicated dance that only you two could master,

he swiped at your throat and you leaned back smiling as the sword barley hit your lovely jaw, you jumped back into position and spun around ready to slam your blade down at his chest but he grabbed you and pulled you to his chest, your back to his front,

his hot breath fanning against your neck, lips pressed to your ear, one hand wrapped around your waist, the other holding the sword to your neck

“you done?” he whispered, his voice rough and deep, sounding ready to rip all of your clothes off at once, not caring about his brothers, who were staring at youboth in worry and amazement

“nope” you growled jerking your head back harshly connecting with his with a loud crack, you slipped down out of his arms swiping your sword at his abdomen, cutting through his shirt, gently kissing his skin.

he wiped away blood that had started to drip from his nose and glared at you in lustfilled anger, he then jabbed his sword foreward catching you by surprise and sliced a large cut from your forearm to the outside of your wrist.

you gasped loudly almost dropping your sword, ivars eyes softened at his action and went to say something but you raised a leg and kicked the sword out of his hand pointing the end of your blade at his neck, right at his pulse making his eyes widen and mouth fall slack

“i win” you muttered, sweat making your hair stick to your face and neck, shirt falling off of your shoulder showing more of your deliciously soft looking skin, ivar looked all the way up the blade to your eyes, he licked at some of the blood on his upper lip and raised his hands in surrender “well done”

he said breathlessly, you smiled proudly and bowed to him, picking up his sword and handing it to him your hands softly brushing against each other, making a hot tingle fly down your spine at the contact.

“i’m impressed” ubbe said smacking hvitserk on the shoulder as they ended their fight as well

ivar scoffed, wrapping an arm around your waist “what did you expect?, she’s been fighting like this since she was a child, ubbe” ivar said squeezing your waist softly, almost making you mewl at his touch

“yes, but so have you ivar. i just can’t believe it” ubbe explained grabbing a bow moving closer to you and ivar, aiming at the dead deer’s head

“i can” ivar muttered looking at you with hooded eyes, making you blush lightly under his gaze but you hid it, making a curtain of hair between you both.

he reached a hand down and brought your wounded arm closer to him, blood was still flowing gently “hvitserk!” ivar called out making the boy look at him and you “clean her arm up” you looked at ivar to see him staring at you apologetically, before you could say anything, hvitserk gently grabbed your hand leading you away from ivar.

you hissed loudly as hvitserk washed the blood away from your arm in the creek, you sitting on your knees, him crouched down still on his feet

“sorry” he whispered rubbing his hand over your wound making sure to wipe all evidence of blood away from your skin, you glanced back to see ivar and ubbe swinging at each other slowly, practicing for battle. 

the thought of ivar going to battle scared you, hell, if any of your brothers left for battle you’d worry, ever since ragnar left you haven’t been the same, he was like your father, you loved him and needed him in your life, then he just left.

“ugh, hvitserk!” you groaned when he pressed a piece of his shirt to your wound, a sharp hot burning flying through your body, he chuckled then wrapped the cloth around your arm.

“again, i apologize dear sister” he said bringing your arm to his mouth kissing it lightly, then helped you stand, walking back over to the others, laughing when hvitserk bumped his hip against yours, you honestly didn’t feel ivars eyes burning a hole into the back of hvitserks head.

you watched amused as ivar challenged hvitserk to fight.

it was like this almost everyday for all five of you, you always battled each other and it made you all closer. but no matter how much you loved being in kattegat, you missed your mother a lot, you just wanted her arms around you again.

and ragnars.

you did really wish you had a chance to meet your father before he died, and you had actually told lagertha this, but all she did was smile sadly and kiss your head whispering “i know, i know” and that was that, you never talked about your father to her again.

but you did talk about him to ivar, he was such an amazing listener, he never not once stopped you from talking, he always just layed his head in your lap allowing you to get everything off of your chest, until you’d finally fall asleep, him laying down beside you, letting you switch places, you loved nights like that, even though you shouldn’t.

you were brought back to reality when an axe shot towards ivar knocking the cup he was holding out of his hand, your eyes widened as you realized sigurd was the one who threw it. and before you could say anything ivar threw an axe aiming for sigurds head, but thankfully sigurd dodged it allowing it to hit the tree with a harsh thunk, he was staring at his brother in shock, but ivar was just looking pissed at him, no remorse.

sigurd was about to launch at his brother but you ran in between them, one hand on each other their chests “stop it, now. i think we should be done for today” you said your voice low and angry that either of them would do such a thing, of course ivar was unpredictable, but sigurd?, you hadn’t expected it.

ubbe stepped in placing a hand on ivars shoulder “i agree with our sister. let’s go” he said making you sigh with relief that your older step brother agreed.

ivar nodded angrily clenching his jaw together “good, let’s leave” he said his eyes boiling over with anger, but you were glad you had stepped in, who knows what would have happened.

you were just glad ivar wasn’t killed and that he didn’t kill.

you thanked every god that you knew of that dinner was over, it was so quiet and tense, you wanted nothing mor then ragnar to stride through the doors and make everything better, but of course that didn’t happen.

currently you were laying in your bed, staring at the ceiling wishing you were being held by someone, warmly pressed up against their chest, but alone you lay, the moonlight glowing around your body making you glow in the dark.

maybe you could- no, you couldn’t, shouldn’t.

you shook your head hopefully getting rid of the thought, but it wouldn’t go away. but you used to do it when you were younger, would it really be that bad?.

even though you knew it was wrong, you decided to do it anyway.

in nothing but your thin nightdress, you made your way out of your room and down the hall. you cursed lowly when you hit a loose floor board by sigurds door, you bit at your lip and hurridly made your way down the hall towards the room you had been to a million times.

you slowly opened his door and slipped in, closing the heavy wood behind you, and turned around, your breath catching in your throat. he looked so young and peaceful as he slept, less angry and dangerous. 

you tip toed to his bed and lifted the soft furs off of his body and slipped in hopefully being as stealthy as you thought you were being.

with his back turned to you, you backed into the bed, meeting his back with yours, you sighed softly at his warmth, you wished it could be like this every night.

you froze when he turned and pressed his front to your back, wrapping an arm over your waist “you’re so loud, girl” he whispered into your hair making you laugh quietly “i’m sorry, i can leave if you-”

“no, stay. please” he whispered cutting you off brushing his nose along your bare shoulder, his hand rubbing along your stomach and hips. 

so wrong…..but so good.

“how’s your arm?” he asked his lips hitting the skin of your neck making you shiver in his arms, you wetted your lips and spoke breathily “it’s fine, doesn’t hurt much” he hummed and kissed the skin behind your ear, making you close your eyes and clench your legs together, desperate for friction. 

“you alright, love?” but he knew what he was doing, the sly bastard. you nodded laying you hand over his, in a small attempt to make him stop, but you knew he wouldn’t and you were okay with that

“do… you want me to touch you?” he asked so quietly you thought you heard him wrong, you whimpered loudly without a thought and shook your head no “ivar, we can’t.” you whispered out, trying to ignore his wandering hand

“why?, just let me touch you, let me fuck you with my fingers. i wanna make you cum” you moaned out loud at his words, biting at your  lip when he nipped at your shoulder “i-ivar” you mewled out accidentally jerking your hips back against his, making him groan into the skin of your neck “please?” he whined out moving his hand down getting close to your hot wet sex.

to answer his question you grabbed his hand and made him cup you, making him and you moan out loud. it felt so good, better then anything you had ever felt, and this was just his hands on you.

you slightly jerked your hips foreward grinding against his hand and hips at the same time. he grabbed the bottom of your revealing night dress and pulled it up, running his fingers along your folds, you rolled your head back into the crook of his neck sighing out loudly “ivar” you moaned pressing a kiss to his clenched jaw. he then gently probed at your opening with his pointer finger, then slowly slipped into you, your wetness aiding him.

“so tight” he whispered huskily  making you whimper against his neck causing a hot shiver to travel down his spine, if anyone caught you both right now, there would be hell to pay.

but ivar had to take his time, he didn’t know when the next time he’d get to touch you would be, so he’d savor this moment as much as he could.

he retracted his finger then slid it in again, your walls clenching around it making him bite down on your untouched and flawless skin.

his finger continued to work relentlessly on you making sure you felt every movement of his finger, you nearly screamed when he added a second one

“fuck, yes. harder” you gasped gripping his wrist when he complied, moving even harder, he hissed when your nails dug into his wrist, but he loved it when you hurt him.

you reached around you both down to his trouser and was about to touch him too but he stopped you “this is about you, love. let me love you tonight, just you” he muttered jerking his hips connecting to your making you move forewards and hit his hand, allowing his finger to go deeper

“i-i wanna make you f-feel good too-”  “believe me, you are” he groaned out his hard prick brushing against your ass, making you moan louder, to assist in helping you be quiet you grabbed his other hand and wrapped it around your throat, toning the sound of your moans down.

he squeezed at your throat tighter making you gasp and grind harder into his hand. you could feel your orgasem fast approaching, ivar could feel it as well, the clenching on his finger made his prick harder at the thought of being inside you.

“say my name” he growled against your hair, licking a long wet stripe from your shoulder to your jaw “ivar” you moaned, the feeling of his tongue on your skin, his fingers rocking in and out of you, and his body heat on yours almost made it too much to bare.

“say my name” he growled again his fingers becoming even tighter on your neck, you cried out sharply feeling the knot ready to explode, the only sound enacting from the room were the sounds of your breathing, and the soft wet sounds coming from his fingers and your pussy meeting.

“ivar!” it was so much that you actually sobbed his name out this time, he leaned in close to your ear and licked the outer shell of it whispering words that made you shiver and shake 

“say me name loud, so loud my brothers know who’s making you feel this fucking good. say. it.”

ivar!!” you cried out, your orgasem ripping through your body, shaking and convulsing against him, your juices running over his fingers and onto his furs, ivar had honestly never seen of heard anything hotter in his life.

you took in a huge gulp of air finally having the strength to open your eyes again, finding ivar already staring at you, half in lust half in awe, he then retracted his fingers from you, giving you a small pump before he did so, and brought his fingers to your lips, slowly slipping them in your mouth.

you moaned at the salty taste coming from his fingers, his eyes darkened even darker then they were before as he felt your tongue swirl around his meaty fingers, silently wondering what it would feel like to have your mouth on his prick.

“so good, so good my pretty girl” he whispered, leaning down rubbing his nose against yours, you reached a tiered shaky hand up and ran it through his hair finding it slightly damp from sweat, making you smile.

“can i keep touching you every night?” he asked sounding like a small child, it made you wet and hot all over again. you knew you shoukd have said no, said that you were technically his step sister and that it would be wrong and go against everything you were raised to think, but you didn’t.

“yes, only if i can touch you too” you agreed making him smirk, he leaned in closer his breath hitting your lips “nothing would make me happier” he whispered, you couldn’t help but lean up and press a soft kiss on his upper lip, making it linger more then you should of, but of course you had agreed to meet him everynight and let him touch you and you him, so what had you to lose?.

“goodnight, love”

“goodnight, ivar”

sorry guys that this is pretty shitty, but it was already so long so…yeah i’ll hopefully do better next time! again sorry!! lots of love and thanks from me <3