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Could we appreciate how bitter Peter Parker would be when he saw how Team Cap treats Tony? He'd be furious! At first he would just observe, but when he saw how it really hurts Tony and how Tony seems to make himself smaller everytime they say something mean, how Tony, Mr. Stark, Iron Man, Pete's biggest hero, looks like he's about to break, Peter just can't. He says something that shuts team Cap up and then makes sure to tell Tony how much he appreciates and cares about him, every single day.

There are two things most people don’t know about Peter: 1) He’s Spiderman (though the circle of those in the know seems to grow at an alarming rate lately). 2) When you hurt someone he cares for, he is vicious. (The circle of those who realise this through personal experience is currently also growing at an alarming rate.)

It doesn’t start slow either. There’s no building up to it, because there’s nothing like offending everyone who’s worked their asses off to get you back home for the last six months in under an hour after your arrival. Seriously?

So, Peter who, as childish as it is, already isn’t very happy with those no-longer-exiled dickheads–because he’s seen just a bit of the injuries Mr. Stark had after those fights and it was already too much, and also because he’s been here, he’s seen how hard Mr. Stark worked, how much time and energy it cost him, how exhausted he always is–and he’s just not ready to put up with this shit, damn the consequences.

So he doesn’t.

The second the first passive-aggressive comment is thrown into Mr. Stark’s direction–Peter sees the way the man’s shoulder’s slump, as though the hurtful words are physically dragging him down, sees the way his face closes off–he sees red.

“Yes, well, nobody asked for your opinion, so take that clue and keep your mouth shut!” he hisses, followed by some much less pleasant words. He hits way beneath the belt and he knows it, he just doesn’t care. It’s not even about the accords or the fight in Germany that could’ve gotten him killed, it’s the entitled attitude that really gets to him. Especially since it’s directed at/against Mr. Stark.

“Spider-” Mr. Stark starts, and Peter knows that tone, knows the man wants to calm him down–and he’s still protecting his identity even with just the team around, and Peter is just so done.

“No,” he interrupts. “I don’t- We don’t have to put up with this. They’re back, yay and yippee, justice has been served, whatever. A pardon doesn’t excuse their behaviour right now. If nothing else they should at least appreciate the effort you put into getting them into this room. But since they clearly don’t, I prefer to spend my time with people I actually value, so let’s just go!”

With that he takes Mr. Stark’s hand and pulls the unresisting man out of the conference room, slams the door shut behind him because if he’s going to act his age he’s gonna own it, and into the elevator. It’s only there that he slowly pulls off the mask and spends a very long, awkward minute staring at Mr. Stark, where it seems neither of them quite know what to say.

“You probably should get home, your aunt will be worried,” is what Mr. Stark ends up saying eventually, looking as uncomfortable in his skin as Peter feels–and that’s not right at all.

“She won’t expect me home until dinner,” Peter says without thinking, “Besides I like spending time with you–in the lab. I mean, if you don’t have anything else to do. Which, it’s cool if you do, I get it. I just-”

“You like the lab?” Mr. Stark interrupts, sounding surprised.

“Of course!” Peter grins, relieved to have his panicked babbling interrupted. “It’s great, the equipment’s great and I’m learning a lot more from you than all my teacher’s together! It’s brilliant!”

And the way Mr. Stark straightens at those words is better, is great, because like this he looks as though he could take over the whole world with just his mind and a smile, already sharing an idea on how to improve the mobility of Peter’s newest suit, and this is how it’s supposed to be.

Harry in an old Intv saying smt abt If I had it in my way “lunch pub every sunday” cheap beer and its okay 👀 as the lyrics Louis tweeted from his album (c: @ DonnySoldier28 )

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What are ingredients that you think everyone should avoid, especially if its listed as the first few ingredients?

What you should avoid:

Alcohol/ethanol/denatured alcohol (can be used in small amounts for preservation, which is ok)



Oxybenzone and octinoxate UV filters

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)

(^ these are just what immediately come to mind)

Much of the scare for certain ingredients comes from clinical trials on animals/petri dishes that use a percentage of ingredient far higher than what’s in your skin care. They’re also often injected into or fed to these test subjects, not used topically like the consumer would use them. Obviously, the results will not be the same. For the most part, you need not worry.

What’s ok, despite the myths on the internet:


Formaldehyde and other chemicals that release formaldehyde are sometimes used in low concentrations in cosmetics and other personal care products like lotions, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and some fingernail polishes. These may raise the concentration of formaldehyde in the air inside the room for a short time, but the levels reached are far below what is considered to be hazardous. (x)


Ironically, parabens are naturally occurring chemicals. It’s ironic because many natural skin-care brands claim ingredients like parabens are dangerous, when in fact parabens have exhaustive safety data AND are naturally produced by vegetables and fruits. Foods such as soy, beans, flax, cherries, blueberries, carrots, and cucumbers produce parabens and other chemicals that mimic estrogen—to a much greater degree than the miniscule amounts of parabens used in skin care, hair care, and makeup. (x)

Mineral oil

The claims that mineral oil is unsafe to use are unfounded and are perpetuated by cosmetics companies and people who use information about non-purified, industrial-grade mineral oil (which isn’t used in skin care) as a scare tactic. The truth is that the mineral oil you find in skincare products is perfectly safe, and even better – very good for your skin, especially if it’s dry or sensitive! (x)

Propylene Glycol and Butylene Glycol

Another instance of the studies being about large quantities of the chemicals being ingested or making direct contact with the skin. There is no evidence to link the small percentages of these topically applied ingredients to cancer or any other disease. (x)(x)

Chemical sunscreen filters

Yes, sunscreen is safe to use. No published studies show that sunscreen is toxic to humans or hazardous to human health. Scientific studies actually support using sunscreen. (x)

PEGs/Polyethylene Glycol

“Overall, it is concluded, that the PEGs covered in this review are safe for use in cosmetics under the present conditions of intended use… Taking into account all the information available, it can be assumed that these compounds as presently used in cosmetic preparations will not present a risk for human health.” (x)

Acids and Vitamin A derivatives (including Retinyl Palmitate)

These products do increase photosensitivity. Retinyl palmitate is especially disliked because it rapidly produces free radicals when exposed to UV rays. HOWEVER, if you regularly wear sunscreen (as you should), these ingredients should pose no risk to you.

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Anton Walbrook behind the scenes of ‘The Red Shoes’, 1948.

((he is really pale and is used to being in a bad mood, naturally this makes it incredibly easy to get him to go red :P))

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What's your favorite part of deh?

repressing all memories of the plot and thinking about connor murphy’s recovery

Show Off [m]

“Say, where do you get all your money from?” you inquire.

Hoseok stops himself for a second, reluctant to reply. “I-I have another job…”

“What kind of job?”

“Something interesting—different. Don’t worry about it.”

Synopsis: You always wondered how your roommate made a ton of money out of the blue; you never expected that it was because he’s a prominent camboy.


Pairing: Hoseok x Reader // camboy!hoseok + room mate!au

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 7005

Includes: masturbation, dirty talk, orgasm denial, sub hoseok

A/N: julia and i roamed on one of sam’s blogs and ran into a certain vid… then this spiraled out *intense sweating intensifies*

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Why do we call it Good Friday? I mean, I get it, but wouldn’t Good Sunday be more sensitive, more appropriate? Sure, from our vantage point we understand what happened that day as the redefinition of goodness, Goodness personified and bleeding out in my place.

But that day it wouldn’t have felt good, and Saturday certainly wouldn’t have been any better. Days of chilling silence. We didn’t name it for how the day itself felt. We look with the lens of later - the vantage point of Sunday - and we call it good.

Makes me wonder which if my dark days (weeks, months) I’ve labeled wrong simply because I labeled them prematurely. Times when I threw in the towel right before the stone made way for redemption. Or times when I named my day rather than letting Him. Like the Garden, God still looks at what He’s made and says, “It is good”.

He names the day. If it doesn’t look good yet, your Sunday is still on its way. Because anything He starts He finishes, standing back with a smile that overcame the world and a “It is good” that is louder than a thousand oceans and brighter than all my dark Fridays.

—  kalley heiligenthal
I don’t know. Anytime I’ve been through a bad break up, it’s not even dating, it’s just keeping busy. It’s just like… do the things that you even might roll your eyes at sometimes. Like, go take a crazy kundalini yoga class. Or like… I got into pottery after a break up and now I have a pottery wheel in my house. […] Cause I think dating- and meeting people, too- the more you give, the more you’ll get back in return. In terms of giving positivity to the world. But, I also… Just keeping your mind and your soul busy, too, is really valuable. It has helped me.

Melissa Benoist’s advice for getting over someone you were in love with

Sunshine Sundays: Weekly positive Supergirl posts

Please refrain from adding criticisms or negativity regarding the show to Sunshine Sundays posts (this does not include sad headcanons or discussions of negatively toned events in character’s lives). Feel free to make Sunshine Sunday posts of your own.


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“Could [Sauron’s] power be defied by Bombadil alone? I think not. I think that in the end, if all else is conquered, Bombadil will fall, Last as he was First; and then Night will come.” - The Fellowship of the Ring

Exaggerated a little in context, think about what a magnificent image this would be! 

Imagine the Last Battle, the Dagor Dagorath; armies lie strewn across the plains of Valinor, smoking and blackened and ruined. Melkor hurls the Sun and Moon from the sky, and into cataclysm they fall, and all that is good in Arda withers, and falls into ruin with them. And before all the ravening hordes of Mordor and Angband and Utumno combined stands only Tom Bombadil, Iarwain Ben-Adar, oldest and fatherless, with his yellow boots and blue coat and a twinkle in his eye. And with a “Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo!”, watch him slay, until surely too his end must come, and Night devours the world.

Sign me up for the apocalypse movie of the century!

elle’s Sunday Six

It’s been a while since my last one, so let me give you 6 paragraphs instead of sentences of what I have been working on for the flashbang I am doing with @spellfire01


“Eggsy, wait.” The boy freezes at the words, like he did when their eyes met in the alley a few hours ago. Unlike then however, he doesn’t look terrified, but rather more like a feral animal that’s been cornered and that’s about to lash out.

“What do you want?” The words are spat out with as much disrespect as if they were the most appalling insults, but Harry doesn’t mind. It only proves what he knew already. The boy’s got spirit. And he’s also smart enough not to ask obvious questions like how Harry knows his prefered name.

“I was hoping we could talk. I know a pub not that far that should still be open.“

For a long moment, the boy just stares at him in utter shock and Harry finds himself believing it might actually be this easy. But the second he lowers his guard, the boy shakes his head. “Yeah, no.”

And before Harry can react, the boy is off, quick as lightning, expertly scaling the side of the nearest building. It won’t be enough for him to escape Harry, but he must admire his ingenuity.

It also gives him the perfect excuse to drop his glamour and releases his wings again so that he can give him chase. Twice inside the same night is a treat really, and he vows not to be too rough with the boy once he catches him.

honestly like, if you genuinely dislike every single aspect of skam so much, and have something negative to say about every single choice made on the show, why even bother watching at all?

Wings [Part 3] || Taehyung

One Handshake

Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Angst, Smut

Summary - Accidentally bumping shoulders with a stranger has never been more flattering for you.

You were on your way back home to your best friend and his food, blowing into your cupped hands in an attempt to warm yourself.

You thought about that stranger with the Chanel coat. He did seem very, different. You just didn’t know what kind of different. Even though Jimin and Jungkook didn’t take you seriously, you couldn’t help but feel there was something quite unusual about him. He set off a completely different aura.

Then you remembered the black haired man. He too was very captivating in his own way. If he tried, he could have girls falling in line for him. For some apparent reason, you had a gut feeling they both knew each other.

You brought your head up just at the right time, dodging away from the gate before walking into the apartment complex.

‘Hey, Y/N.’ Jin greeted you as he opened the door, giving you a light hug.

'Hey,’ You hugged him back.

'Something on your mind?’ He asked you. You debated internally on what to ask about first.

'Two things, actually,’ You said as he helped take off your coat and went into the kitchen with you behind him.

'Fire away,’ He said while setting the table. You sat down on the chair and leaned your elbow on the counter.

'Okay so first, you’re gay? Or was it another one of your infamous puns?’ You asked him incredulously, referring to the phone call that had taken place earlier that day.

'Ah, you know me so well Y/N. It, of course, was a pun. You know how in the English Language there’s a words 'gay’ that means happiness-’ He began, as he took his place opposite you.

'Oh please, Oppa, cut me some slack,’ You groaned lazily. He laughed, before asking you about the other thing you wanted to talk about.

'So yeah, there was this really hot guy in the café today..’ And you narrated the whole scenario on how you felt about him - how very different he was. As you went on, you found him even more attractive, although you had seen him just once. The end of your narration made you want to meet that man again.

Jin seemed just as interested in it as you did, and actually began thinking of certain (humorous) possibilities.

'Try talking to him, and if he has a strong Italian accent, I bet he’s Mario in disguise.’ He said with a serious face almost making you spit out your water.

'You’re no less than those two idiots.’ You muttered once you gulped down your water.

'I mean, he could just be a foreigner or something. That’s probably why you felt a change.’ Jin commented, ignoring your glare.

'Yeah, I know. I shouldn’t have bothered asking you.’ You finished your food as fast as you could after that, almost choking in the process.

You were just about to walk into the kitchen to grab a snack when you heard Jin calling you from his room.

'Yeah?’ You asked as you opened his door.

'There aren’t much groceries left, so would you mind-’

'Would it matter if I said I did mind,’ You cut him off knowing the obvious answer.

'Of course not, love,’ He chuckled smugly and looked at you.

'Fine, I’ll get them.’ You said lazily and closed his door, going into your room to grab your bag.

In a few minutes, you were on your way to the store, your sling bag occasionally hitting your leg as you walked.

You muttered to yourself, thinking about completely random things or reciting some math formulas.

You entered the store and began your spree, getting all the necessities, and occasionally calling Jin to ask what else to get that at one point he made you note down the whole list onto your phone.

'Now don’t call me again, I need to study!’ He said crossly before cutting the call.

You huffed as you stuffed your phone back into your jean pocket. He could’ve been a little bit more helpful, you thought.

Once you made sure you had everything bought, you carried the packets and walked towards your apartment.

You were swinging the packets in your hands as you bobbed your head to the beats blaring through your earphones, your eyes half closed.

'Ouch!’ You had bumped into something hard, making you stumble back slightly.

The impact made you drop your packets but thankfully, the contents were still in them. You looked up to see, you had bumped shoulders with none other than the hot blond Chanel coat stranger from the Café. Your breath hitched when you noticed you hadn’t apologized to him.

'Oh, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going,’ You said, bowing to him.

'Please, don’t be, I’m just as to blame, I wasn’t looking either.’ He smiled warmly at you, involuntarily making your heat flutter.

You practically stared at him and he just smiled at you until his expression changed as though a switch had been flipped in his head.

'Ah, where are my manners; My name is Kim Taehyung. You served me the cup of Cappuccino at the café earlier today. It was just divine, as always.’ He said, extending his hand.

'My, my, very flattering, aren’t you, Mr. Kim? I’m Y/F/N.’ You said, extending your hand to meet his. You were slightly surprised at your sudden outgoing response, knowing that you were more introverted than this.

'Please, just call me Taehyung-’ He froze, making your smile falter.

'Mr. Ki- Taehyung? Are you-’

'Uh, I’m sorry, but I have somewhere to be right now. I’ll see you later, Y/L/N.’ He spoke abruptly, snatching his hand away a bit too offensively, making you think about your hygiene.

Did I not wash my hands?

'Al-Alright,’ You said but he had already left, leaving your hand hanging in mid air.

'Well, he definitely isn’t Mario,’ You mused, laughing at the encounter as you replayed it in your head. He was so much more appealing in close proximity. He definitely felt like a completely different species to you; He was too perfect.

You picked up the packets that had fallen and continued on your way back. You couldn’t shake off the disappointment you felt when he had snatched his hand away but nevertheless, you looked forward to meet him again at the café.

'Kim Taehyung.’ You whispered to yourself, as a smile crept its way onto your lips.

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