by the way its sunday


Write about someone spending a Sunday in an Emergency Room.


A Scott and John story in which nothing much happens. I think this is what they call realism. Or just practice.

They’re in a side cubicle now, which is a thousand times better than being stuck in the waiting room. Scott’s hands hang loose, his arms stiff against his bent legs. He glances upwards as footsteps pass, but they don’t stop at the drawn curtain. They hurry on, off to another patient. His eyes shift back to the figure in the bed, its chest rising so slowly.

What a way to spend a Sunday.

Virgil’s at home with Alan, probably still trying to reassure him that he didn’t do anything wrong. It was just One of Those Things, an accident. Gordon should have been paying attention, not monkeying around.

An ill-timed push from the treehouse, and awkward landing—and now the kid was doped up on morphine, his leg broken in two places.

There are more footsteps, and this time they stop. Familiar scuffed sneakers turn, and a hand draws back the medical-blue curtain. Green eyes blink, and John steps in, a cardboard carrier with two coffees in his left hand.



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Things happen when you let the Universe take the wheel.

On Friday night, I was in a really bad spot. I told the Universe to take it from me. To take all of the bad stuff I was feeling and just carry it for a little, ‘cuz its way stronger than I am.

And then on Sunday, I thanked it for everything it has shown me and done for me. For everything that will come. I asked it for signs that I am going to be ok financially, as that is one of my biggest concerns.

Yesterday morning I woke up and found a dime next to my night stand (no idea where it came from. Seriously. I don’t use cash so I don’t have change.) I went to work and there was another dime in the parking lot.

At work, I got an email right before I left for the week (I’m off til next week) that I’ll be recieving a holiday bonus of a pretty decent amount. I found out that I can save $60/month if I decrease my 401k a little bit. My grandpa is giving me a check tomorrow morning to help me out and a laptop he isn’t using.

Today, I found ANOTHER dime by my bed. There was a dime in the leasing office. There was a dime in the parking lot of the place I went to dinner at. I found three dimes in a duffle bag I bouht today from Goodwill.

I think the Universe has given me signs. Things are really looking up. I’m gonna be ok.

“Could [Sauron’s] power be defied by Bombadil alone? I think not. I think that in the end, if all else is conquered, Bombadil will fall, Last as he was First; and then Night will come.” - The Fellowship of the Ring

Exaggerated a little in context, think about what a magnificent image this would be! 

Imagine the Last Battle, the Dagor Dagorath; armies lie strewn across the plains of Valinor, smoking and blackened and ruined. Melkor hurls the Sun and Moon from the sky, and into cataclysm they fall, and all that is good in Arda withers, and falls into ruin with them. And before all the ravening hordes of Mordor and Angband and Utumno combined stands only Tom Bombadil, Iarwain Ben-Adar, oldest and fatherless, with his yellow boots and blue coat and a twinkle in his eye. And with a “Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo!”, watch him slay, until surely too his end must come, and Night devours the world.

Sign me up for the apocalypse movie of the century!

Nothing spells ‘class’ like drinking wine straight from the bottle and planning the adventures of the next weeks 


Russian military plane crashes into Black Sea

A Russian military plane carrying 92 people, including dozens of Red Army Choir singers, dancers and orchestra members, crashed into the Black Sea on its way to Syria on Sunday, killing everyone on board, Russian authorities said.

The Russian Defense Ministry said one of its TU-154 Tupolev planes had disappeared from radar screens at 0525 MSK (9:25 p.m. ET), two minutes after taking off from Sochi in southern Russia, where it had stopped to refuel from Moscow, on its way to Syria.

Major-General Igor Konashenkov, a ministry spokesman, told reporters that nobody had survived.

“The area of the crash site has been established. No survivors have been spotted,” he said. An unnamed ministry source told Russian news agencies no life rafts had been found, while another source told the Interfax agency that the plane had not sent an SOS signal. (Newsweek Europe)

Photo credits: Viktor Klyushin/AP, Pavel Golovkin/AP, Yevgeny Reutov/Reuters, Maxim Shemetov/Reuters

Imagine being Jared’s side girl

The cold breeze coming from the window makes my whole body tremble as I remember how we forgot to shut it. I open my eyes for a second, noticing the weak morning sun illuminating our bodies. Jared sleeps on his side, facing me. His left hand resting under the pillow, while his right arm reaches for my body. I get closer to him, and his arm finally finds its way to rest on my waist.

The feeling of every sunday morning invades my chest, and I know Jared will wake up soon telling me he’s got to leave. I try to push the feeling away, concentrating on his face. On how peaceful he looks while asleep. His lips are partially parted, and I can’t help getting closer to rest mine on them for a second. Jared doesn’t react to my touch, and I’m glad, this way I can keep looking at him sleep.

The minutes pass and he finally starts to wake up. His grip on me tightens as he starts moving, a tired yawn escapes his mouth before resting his chin on my neck.

“Good morning” I mutter.

“Five more minutes” He whispers still sleepy.

I chuckle, with no intention of getting him out this bed any time soon.

“Sleep all you want, baby”

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t hear me. His breathing turns calm, showing me that he has fallen asleep in my arms. In the end, I fall asleep too, but not for long.

When I manage to open my eyes again, Jared is not by my side anymore. I stretch on the bed, trying to put the slumber aside. After yawning and rubbing my eyes at least a dozen times, I’m able to get up from the bed. I’m putting some clothes on when Jared appears through the bathroom door, noticing I’m already awake.

“Hey” He greets me, getting closer to hug me.

“You got dressed” I mutter.

“Oh, yes… I have to go” He pulls away from me, walking to the left side of the bed to take his things.

I don’t want him to leave. Not now, not ever. But I can’t say that. I’m the mistress. The lover. The side girl. The one he calls when he’s bored. When he fights with his girlfriend. The one who doesn’t get to keep him. The one who ends up alone.

I try to smile, walking toward him.

“Can’t you stay a while longer?” I ask him, wrapping my arms on his neck, “Just an hour”

“I can’t” He says, reaching my lips, “Kat’s waiting”

I nod, taking my arms off of him.

“Where does she think you are right now?” I ask him, sitting on my bed.

“At Shannon’s” He answers, sitting by my side.

The smile is no longer on my face, and I’m sure I look sad as hell. His hand cups my cheek, making me turn to face him.

“I’ll be back next week” He promises, just like every week.

“Why can’t you stay the week?” I ask, forgetting that I shouldn’t be asking him to stay, “At least the weekend”

“You know why”

“It doesn’t have to be like this” I mutter, “You come here every week looking sad, tired. Then, you leave happy. I make you happy. I send you happy to her arms, just so she can make you sad again”

“I don’t want to talk about this”

His hand leaves my cheek, and he’s on his feet again. I know him well enough to know that he may leave now, without finishing our conversation.

“Jared, please” I hold his hand, standing in front of him, “I never ask you this, I know my place. But please, just this time”

Jared runs his free hand on his hair, and without saying a word, the same hand cups my cheek, pulling me to his face. When his lips meet mine, I know he’s doing this to make me forget about asking him to stay. Because his lips are the one thing that can transport me to a happier place. Somewhere where is Jared and me alone. No girlfriend waiting for him.

“I love you” He whispers on my lips.

The look he gives me is unreadable. His hand manages to get off mine, and after a quick peck on my lips, he walks away from me, leaving me alone once again.

I don’t know how long I stand there, doing nothing but looking at the empty doorway. Why am I sad? It is always the same, I just have to let this go like I do every time this happens. I shrug away the feeling of pain while I walk to the bathroom, I’m in desperate need of relaxation. I lay there, letting the time pass by, my mind working on possible ways to keep Jared away from my thoughts. But nothing seems to work. I don’t want to cry, but I do it anyway. My hand goes straight to my mouth, trying to hold back all the whimpers. I knew it was going to be like this, I accepted his rules, and now I was paying the price.

I let myself cry for a couple of minutes, it is best to let all out in order to start all over again. By the time I get out of the bathtub, all the tears are gone, and I convince myself that I have to be strong. You didn’t have to fall in love, he told you that, and you did it anyways. Dumb. But he always tells me that he loves me, even though we agreed that we were going to forbid those words…

Fuck it.

I decide to get some work done, Jared needs to stay out of my mind. And that’s what I do, I sit in front of my laptop with a bag of chips and a glass of soda. My inbox is full, and I end up spending my whole afternoon answering emails.

When I’m done, I turn off my laptop, putting some music on to change my mood. I don’t even notice how I start dancing through my whole living room. Bowie is ordering me to dance, and I obey him. I know my doorbell is ringing and I could not give a damn. I keep dancing, feeling the music pull my worries aside. Benatar follows Bowie, and I keep moving at my own pace. My eyes closed, my feet following the rhythm.

The seconds pass and I feel a pair of hands grabbing my waist. My eyes open immediately, finding Jared in front of me. I can see the bags under his eyes, how injected with blood those blue pearls look.


His lips intersect mine, holding me tight. His breathing is heavy, and I can feel desperation on his lips. When he pulls away from me, resting his forehead on my shoulder, I can’t help but cross my arms around his neck.

“What happened?” I ask him, whispering in his ear.

“You were right” He answers, holding me even tighter, “You are always right”


“I told her everything” Jared says, pulling away to look me in the eyes, “She punched me, broke one of my guitars… She threaten to call everybody and tell them what a scumbag I am”

“What… What did you do?” I ask, feeling a nod on my throat.

“Nothing, I let her do whatever she wanted to do. She called my mom and Shannon, screamed at them what an awful person I am” A single tear falls from his eye, and I’m quick to stop it midway his cheek, “I told her I- I love you”

I bite my lips, not knowing what to say. Maybe that I love him too, that I spent the whole afternoon crying, thinking that I wasn’t good enough for him.

“Please tell me that you love me, make all this worth it”

“I love you” I say, leaving quick kisses all over his face, “Why do you think I was asking you to stay?”

I can see something different on his eyes as he hears the words come out of my mouth. His already shining eyes do it in a completely different way.

“I want you” I whisper, “But I can’t do this without being sure that is serious. I don’t want more games, my heart has taken enough from you, Jared”

“I promise, swear it, all that you want, baby” He mutters, reaching for my lips.

“I’m not joking, Jared. I love you too much, and I really don’t want to spend another second without you”

“I know, me neither. Just… don’t break any of my guitars” He says, letting out a smirk.

“Jesus, I’m not an asshole, you know that” I laugh, cupping his face with my hands, “You are the asshole, for keeping me waiting while you were with that monster”

“Let’s not talk about Kat now, can we just cuddle for a good couple of hours? I really need to relax”

I nod, leading him to my couch.

“All the hours that you want, just promise me that you will not come back to that…”

Jared does not let me continue as his lips make their way back to mine.

“I love you” He whispers between kisses.

Me and my rescue furbaby Flynn were just singing and boogieing around the the kitchen to ‘Jump In The Line’ by Harry Harold George Belafonte Jr on the radio as I waited for the timer for the spuds to go off- I’m cooking the sunday roast for all the family on mother’s day, as apparently my roasties are the best teehee.  Honestly its the best way to spend a sunny sunday.

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May I get some married headcanons for my boy horikawa, possibly throw some headcanons in with kid(s). Thank you

  • Horikawa believed he was asexual until he met his SO who is the literal definition of sunshine. They are the complete opposite to Horikawa and its the only way the pair can function
  • Sunday mornings is their lazy couple day with the SO basically dragging Hori away from his office to spend the day on the couch watching TV eating pancakes
  • Hori is a very sought after rugby recruitment agent with his research taking up most of his time while SO is a pediatrician
  • SO has used Hori to get rugby players to visit children and for fundraising efforts. Usually with “information” gathered by Hori
  • Their only child fortunately has SO’s personality but wasn’t interested in rugby until middle school

Sorry about the wait!

Mod Tissue

  • Fans: It's the Tower of Joy! Is that Lyanna screaming? Are we finally getting confirmation that-

On the lax tapestry, the peanuts come unhusked

like snail shells in a rain of salt. Our skins are shed,
our hollows slick inside this brilliant translucence,

a dulcet stupor. His song is a wayward wish – a thing
unfathered, a groove limned with temporary amnesia.

He knows he can’t regret what he forgets
which is almost everything except the music.

The way it hunkers in the marrow of memory,
The way it nudges its teeth into the filthiest vein.

—  Scherezade Siobhan, Sundays at the Red Room (Published in Half-Mystic)

Tokyo Rainbow Pride Parade 2016

The 2016 Tokyo Rainbow Pride Parade making its way through Harajuku this weekend. We’ve been covering LGBT Pride Parades in Tokyo for 11 years now and this year’s event was definitely the biggest yet. Thanks to everyone we met and see you next year!

Well that does make everything official.

The boys’ tweets and photos already had me grinning from ear to ear, but somehow Jeremy actually writing ‘We’re back!’ makes it even better.

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