by the way i really really love this fansite

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Hi, I really like your bdayprojects tag and seeing what fansites gift the boys for their birthdays. Do you think you could make a tag for pictures of bts wearing the gifts? Just a suggestion! Thank you, you have a lovely blog!

I would love to but it’s really time consuming. And I have not found an effective way to keep track of which gift is which. Not to mention sometimes they get 3 of the same thing hehe~ sometimes the fansites posts an item if it’s their gift or not. Sometimes the gift isn’t from a fansite so it’s hard to keep track. And thank you for following this blog and supporting bangtan!

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It's taking me a while to really go check out sf9 and after this comeback and you loving sf9 so much I've been sucked in and I love them so much. I don't know what to do with myself omg they're so talented and so atTRACTIVE BLESS

IM SO HAPPY THAT U FEEL THIS WAY. Honestly i know im not a huge hd fansite master but i just want to update u guys who arnt able to go to korea to their recordings and tell u how it was an stuff. They are working really hard. Today there was a bit of a mishap during the prerecording but they stayed professional and kept on dancing (it wasnt their first try) and they were sweating and seemed tired but they pulled through just like how fantasies screamed our lungs out as well. They are talented but also great human beings and I’m glad that you love them so much

[REVIEW] 160310 ‘Hiya’ Movie

Hello all! So I saw Hoya’s movie ‘Hiya’ today and it was really good! I won’t talk too much about the plot cause I don’t want to spoil anything for people but it was a lot funnier and not as dramatic as I thought it was going to be. Here are some pics my ticket and poster.

Oh, a funny side story, when wandering around looking for the poster above, I saw Kang Haneul. I’m not sure what he was doing there but he looked like he was in casual clothes but he did have his manager with him. It was pretty late at night so I don’t think it was for an event. Either way, not too many people were there so the other 4 girls that were around went up to him. I was too shy and still on the search for the poster so I didn’t go up to him but I was pretty close to him when I realized who it was… it was super surprising to say the least. 

Anyway, all in all, it was a pretty good movie. Once again, a lot funnier than expected. Actually, it was pretty darn funny. I’m dying to tell you all the funny parts but it’ll be so much better to see it for yourselves when you get the chance. As expected, Hoya’s acting was superb! We get to see his Kyungsangdo accent again (which I love oh so much!) and his dancing is like amazing… once again as expected from Hoya. This role seems like it was made for him actually. I mean where else could they get a guy who spoke in a natural kyungsangdo accent, dances like a boss and is an amazing actor?? It couldn’t have been anyone else but our own triple threat Hodongie. The movie also has a few small Infinite related easter eggs. Not really easter eggs but just things that fans would definitely catch and LOVE. You can tell that the staff/producers of this movie really respected Hoya and the fans. They added a lot of things they knew fans would laugh at and they even had a special section in the credits thanking all of the fansites that donated things or helped out in any special way. There was also a special thank you to ‘INFINITE Kim Sunggyu Leader-nim’ lol. 

Anyway, I know it won’t be a while until most of you guys get to see it, but I thought you’d all like to know a little bit about it at least. If you all get the chance to buy the DVD when it comes out or support it in any way, please do. You won’t regret it!! It’s not just a movie that only fangirls will appreciate, it’s a pretty good movie on its own. Anyway, please feel free to ask us any questions and keep on fighting everyone, it’s almost the weekend!!!