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SnK Crack Week Theory Day 2: Armin Reiss Fritz Galliard Reeves Braun Ackerman Tybur Yeager Arlert

For today’s family prompt I’m now discussing the possibility of Armin to be related to one or several important lines shown in this manga.

There was a lot of reasons to speculate about Armin’s origins. Especially because out of the mains, he’s the only one left without any indication of his family.

Well… Almost… – Ep. 2

Even though, his grandfather was only presented in the anime, a source of material that can be ignored from the canon. After all, we never really knew how Armin’s parents were… of if his parents as we know them were the biological ones.

What if… Armin was connected? To important families?

Let’s start with the Reiss family. Or as we know them, the Fritz family. I’d like to point out the obvious resemblance with Uri Reiss, the patriarch of the Reiss family, and Armin.

The resemblance is uncanny!!!

As you can see, they clearly look like father and son. But how could that even happen? After all, Rod took account of his children, Historia included. We can therefore cross that option out. There’s no way for Uri to have Armin since he tasked Rod with the mission of carrying the progeny but what if… what if he had a secret agenda???

Could… Could he have Armin with Kenny? One way or another? Would that make Armin a Reiss/Fritz and an Ackerman?

That’d explain this scene, then…

Clinging to his life despite the circumstances after thinking about Eren and the ocean. Supernatural abilities going on? - Ch. 83

Maybe the Reiss blood slows down the Ackerman superstrength?

Ok, there’s that part of Armin’s secret heritage, but what if there was more than that in his blood? What if the Reiss part of his blood imported more features from other families of the continent?

I mean, check this out:

Look how similar the noses (red rectangles) are, but how similar the eyes are too! On four different families! Armin would have some Reeves blood in it, meaning Flegel has an unknown relative, Galliard blood, meaning Porco wouldn’t be alone, Yeager blood meaning Eren was friends with his cousin the whole time and Braun blood which makes Reiner and Armin’s relationship even more complicated.

Would Bertolt’s memories help sort it out? What if Armin was a Hoover as well? That might explain why he was so disillusioned when he saw the ocean. Bertolt was crying when he set sail to Paradis so maybe there’s some Hoover blood in his veins as well. Maybe next chapters will sort it out?

Those lineages would open a lot of possibility for Eren and Armin’s relationships. Eren will probably find out he and Armin are cousins, meaning he can form a blood bond with him and unlock the truth behind this world with the help of his cousin and his Colossal power. Maybe even find out the dirt with Reiner, thanks to his Braun blood!

What if… Armin was vital to defeat the Beast Titan, his other cousin? What if the power of the Colossal ending up in his hands wasn’t just a random result? What if it was connected somehow to the demise of his Reiss-Yeager cousin? With the blood of the enemies of the king, the Tybur clan?

Maybe we can find a connection because both have blond hair.

Oh, and one last important note.

Once, Isayama declared Armin and Nifa were similar, appearance-wise. Look at the caption of this post. Nifa is practically a brunette Armin. If my theory about Armin is confirmed, we officially get Nifa’s full name! Plot hole solved!

Cinderella Phenomenon – A review, kind of

I finished Cinderella Phenomenon and really need to get my thoughts about it out of my head. It’s gonna be a long post. But the short version of it is: I really enjoyed this game and I think it deserves all the love and recognition it can get!

I will keep the first part of this post spoiler-free. Short bits about the actual routes will be put under the cut.

1. General

The game is for PC, it’s available on Steam, and it’s free! It seems the whole development was covered by a kickstarter project. Once downloaded, the full game is yours. No internet connection is needed for playing. So … yeah, getting this game can’t possibly get any easier.

2. Gameplay and game mechanics

It’s a visual novel. Klick through the story, choose between two or sometimes more choices every now and then. There are some useful functions: Skip, forward, and go back. So no need for a log if you missed a line, which is awesome. The save/load function is also really user friendly – there are more than enough slots, and saving or loading is always possible.

The choices you pick change the story and determine the outcome. There is an indicator to show if a choice was the right one – “right” meaning the one that leads to the good ending. I strongly recommend either saving at each choice or using a guide/walkthrough, because these right choices are not always obvious.

3. Look and sound

This may not be the prettiest otome game ever, when compared to big titles. But it still has a nice interface, great backgrounds, and nice and carefully drawn characters. Sometimes there are even simple animations. Everything considered it looks honestly good, has a lot of great CG’s and shows attention to details.

The background music is thoroughly amazing, no ifs or buts. A lot of piano and strings. It’s never obtrusive, but always fitting. There are quite a lot different themes for different moods … 27 pieces all in all.

4. Plot

Premise: In a world where fairies and witches draw power from two magical crystals … and where this power has of course become unbalanced … there lives one edgy teenage princess who gets cursed for her haughty, cold-hearted ways. She is afflicted by a so called “Fairytale Curse”, and just like Cinderella went from rags to riches, she went from riches to rags overnight. With no one besides the witches, fairies and the cursed to remember her, her whole life gets turned around. Then she goes through a life changing journey full of danger, love and friendship and self discovery.

The story, plot twists and developments are not exactly unpredictable. But the plot is still multilayered, interesting, and everything comes together nicely. It provides humor, and tragedy, and heart-warming fluffiness, and this charming fairytale leitmotif. I enjoyed the story a lot.

5. Characters

The MC

As mentioned, the player character is not your regular otome game heroine. This princess is far from the sweet and pure damsel I got used to. She starts out angsty, bitter and conceited, but she has a genuine side to her that’s all the more endearing. She does fall back into some otome game tropes and did make me facepalm occasionally … but she makes up for it by also making me laugh with her blunt, snarky attitude and by her really great character development. I actually cried more than once because of her. The MC has a canon name, Lucette, which can be kept or changed.

Love interests

There are five of them. They are all actually good, kind hearted people, so they can help thaw the ice princess MC. No jerks, no extreme tsunderes, no yanderes, no sadists. The character flaws they have are usually obvious from the start and as their characters are explored they only become more likable. Each has their own special dynamic with the MC, and though I do have favourites, I think every route feels right and genuine.

I recommend the “official” route order when playing. New revelations and knowledge from prior playthroughs felt balanced this way. Also, the story becomes gradually more … dark and heavy this way: Rod, Karma, Rumpel, Fritz, Waltz. I want to add what to expect from each of their routes, but will put that under the cut. It may be a bit spoilery.


The supporting cast stays mostly the same and each character plays their own, distinct, and important role. They tend to be sweet and/or fun, and lovable, and their stories are gradually explored in the different routes. My favourite is the witch who cursed the MC, her snark is just delicious. The villains also have motivation and personality, but still clearly deserve what’s coming for them.

One fair warning, though: Supporting characters are not always safe in this game, not even on the way to good endings.

6. Now about the different routes …

I put this under the cut. I won’t give away all the spoilers, but I want to write a bit about what to expect from the guys and their routes.

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“See you later... Eren...”

(Chapter 1, page 14)

So I guess we can all agree that this has always been one of the biggest mysteries in the SnK manga, and probably still is. I already wrote a theory about this panel before. But heck, you can derive endless theories from this panel, and here I am bringing a new one.

Before chapter 89 came out I had a thought in mind after reading @daydream24-7‘s post, which we talked about after.

(Chapter 88, page 23)

(Chapter 88, page 24)

She suggested that at some point Eren dies before passing down his powers, which will then be inherited by Mikasa’s baby.

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Yes, the time has officially come. After three years, I feel it is finally time to say goodbye to the Five Nights at Freddy’s fandom. In spite of everything, I actually have had a lot of fun in this fandom. I loved building my own versions of the characters, writing Poor Little Souls (and the later fanfics in the same verse), and RPing with so many cool people. Especially RPing-I honestly feel like I’ve made a lot of friends through Five Nights at Freddy’s roleplays, so I just want to take a moment to shout out to all the amazing people who have made my time as a member of this fandom worthwhile. I’m not sure how many people will still be on by the time I post this, so I’m going to tag as many of you as I can.

Whether we RP a lot, and have had up to two threads at a time( @akiller-astutterer-ryandjeremy , @universal-multimuse, @miraculouslykawaii,), have had one ongoing thread( @foniela, @funtimefoxyask, @kawiikirbywarrior, @asksecurityofficermitchellandco, @nightowl-nina), have only had a few threads( @jack-the-purpleguy-rp, @five-or-so-missing-children, @fazbear-security, @asknoahstuff-reactivated, @ask-funfred-and-bon), you just started following me( @wind-the-music-box, @four-kids-and-dead-brother, @miadoragamer , @lolbitzz, @brentwingard), or I haven’t even seen you in forever, but we used to RP a lot in the past (@grey-drop, @lostshadowkids-deactivated20170, @the-oc-squad, wehaveaplaceforhim, @ask-the-fiesta-time-crew, patchedupmess), you guys made me proud to be a Five Nights at Freddy’s fan, and even when the games started to grow stale, and the headache that is Sister Location came along, I was willing to stay anyway for the wonderful friends I made. Coming onto Tumblr every day and seeing all of you on my dashboard always made my days a little brighter. No matter where I was or what I was doing-whether it was at school, cramped up in a tiny apartment in New Jersey, or back at home, the one constant in my life was my online friends. I would say that I wish I could meet you guys in real life, but honestly, you’d probably just be disappointed if you met me, heh…

Even though I no longer find the Five Nights at Freddy’s games fun, I can safely say that they have had a BIG influence on me as a writer and artist. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think I’ll ever actually stop loving the games-I really loved the story (well, mostly the first three games), wrote a fanfic that I’m still super proud of and to this day has still gotten the most attention out of any of the fanfics I’ve ever posted, and allowed me to craft characters I enjoyed building and fell in love with in the form of Mike, Ian, Melody, Tricia, Travis, Hope, Fritz, Jeremy, Sal, and everyone on my side blog. These guys are simply too great to get rid of…so I’m not going to. After all, I have two webcomics I’m planning to work on in the future-just change some names, tweak their designs a little bit, and they can fit right into Myth City and Phylum! I might not be into Five Nights at Freddy’s anymore, but I can’t just let these great characters go to waste. That’s the reason I picked the song I did for this comic-this isn’t goodbye to them forever-just for now. (BTW, brownie points to anyone else who watched Out of the Box as a kid!) And I thought it would be fitting to mark my departure from this fandom by having Mike setting the kids’ souls free like in the FNAF 3 minigames, finally allowing them to rest in peace. This is only the second color comic I’ve done-hopefully when I actually get to working on my webcomics they’ll be much better…my biggest regret in all the time I’ve been in this fandom is that I didn’t do more digital art, so my AU could get at least a little more attention-and fanart. And even though I honestly believe the games should’ve stopped after Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, Scott Cawthon is one of my biggest inspirations, and I’m grateful that he brought Five Nights at Freddy’s to the world. I’ve had a lot of fun with it, it’s obvious he’s been having a lot of fun making the games, and I just hope that one day I can create something this groundbreaking.

Also, I’m sorry guys, but I’m afraid that there’s actually more to this comic and post than just me leaving the fandom. I’ve been doing some thinking, and I think it would be best for me to take a (probably long) hiatus from Tumblr and yes, this does mean that all the RPs I’m doing will be dropped. I have to be real with myself-it’s been a year now since I graduated from Mitchell, and I haven’t really done a lot with myself.

A whole YEAR.

Okay yes, back in New Jersey I got called in for some job interviews, and I did volunteer work at the Jaguar Project and the Bird Rescue…but that’s simply not enough. I’ve done almost nothing except RP here on Tumblr, and I know that if I want to get anywhere in life, I can’t keep going on this way.

I think it’s finally time for me to grow up–or at least pretend that I’m a grown-up :P

I’m going to continue, and then eventually finish, my driving lessons with my uncle, go in for my practical test, and get my driving license; and I’m also going to do work for Lisa, and look and see if I can find a paying job in the environmental field, even if it’s temporary. Once I’ve gotten some work experience under my belt, and started earning my own money, I’m going to finish and send in my application for Chatham University and hope that they accept me, so I can start work towards my Masters’ in Environmental Arts and Humanities. I don’t know if at this point they’re still accepting applications for Fall 2017, but there’s always spring. But I really DO want to go to that school-it looks amazing.

I honestly don’t know how long this hiatus will last-a few weeks, a month, two months, but just a heads-up: when I do come back, this blog is going to change. For starters, I’m going to change my icon and URL (maybe go back to rhys-ravenfeather and change my art blog back to rhy-art, maybe pick out another URL), and I’m likely going to start RPing a lot less. I’m still going to keep Rhys, Seth, Iris, and Gabby around in case anyone really wants to interact with them, but I’m going to focus more on art, ESPECIALLY stuff for Myth City, to promote the story and characters and get more people excited for when I start the comic. Though that likely won’t be for a while-I still have a long way to go artistically. One of the things I plan to do during my downtime in this hiatus is to search for more art programs, practice different effects such as shading and glowing-as well as little things like just learning to fit an entire person into one page. I’m also going to do some stuff for Under Gravity—I’m still planning on working on, and eventually finishing, the story, though I am planning on making this the last fanfic I work on. I still like this idea and all, but honestly, borrowing other people’s characters just isn’t as fun as using my own.

I get that this huge information dump might be a bit much for you guys, so if some of you don’t want to follow me anymore, I won’t force you to stay. To some of my more recent Five Nights at Freddy’s rpers/followers, I’m sorry that we couldn’t have done more together. For what it’s worth, it was fun, and I am going to miss you. To everyone else, i.e. my non-FNAF RP followers, or mutual followers I’ve never had a single RP with but still love anyway( @ultimate-liam, @puellamagialexmagica1993, @cookievampiress, @matthewchastain-etc, @gasriel-chara-and-aster-dreemurr, @ksbwcosplay), don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine…somehow. One thing you’ve gotta know about me-I’m a durable gal. I can’t say how soon I’ll be back, but I do promise that you haven’t seen the last of me. The day may come that I leave Tumblr altogether, but that won’t be one day soon-not before I become a popular artist! Gotta get my name out there, after all ;)

But before I do anything else, I should really try and get my life-my REAL life, together first. So yeah…goodbye, for now.

Until we meet again :’)