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7, 18, and 19 for the ask meme?

Oh, I’m really excited to answer some of these! :)

7. Inspiration, time, or motivation. Choose two.

I’d say motivation and time right now. I have too much inspiration, and I’m blessed with writer friends who give me even more inspiration!

18. How old were you when you started writing?

Oh, I’m pretty sure I was in elementary school when I started writing! I don’t remember the exact age, just that my villain was, at one point, called the Bad King and rode around on a giant chicken, because it made me laugh.
I didn’t start writing fanfic until I was in middle school, and I never posted anything until a little under a year ago.

19. Why did you start writing?

Because I loved reading and I wanted to make my own stories, too. I would actually sit outside all day on a hammock and read all day during the summer. I also wanted to be a writer when I was younger, because I wanted to be able to work in my pajamas all day.

Becoming Queer

When I was 8 I was obsessed with Disney’s Aladdin. Not just the original movie, but both of it’s poorly made sequels too. I watched them everyday after school while I drew pictures in our basement TV room, simultaneously fixated on their adventures and creating my own on paper.

I remember being absolutely in awe of how handsome Aladdin was, but also of the beauty of Princess Jasmine. They were the most attractive people I could ever imagine existing.

When I was 10 my mom gave me an American Girl book all about puberty and the female body. I only read through the whole thing once, but I left it close to my bed because of the one page I looked at nearly everyday.

It was one of the sections of the book on bodily changes throughout puberty– body hair, periods, etc. At the bottom of was a picture of several girls in front of a mirror, completely naked, to illustrate the different sizes and shapes of breasts. I was absolutely fascinated by these girls: the soft curves of their hips, their round and full breasts, the way their thighs came together. Despite their cartoonish nature, this was the closest I’d come to seeing a grown girl’s body. It was foreign and beautiful to me.

Somehow, I knew this wasn’t normal, so I always hid the book after I was done in case mom asked why I still had it.

When I was 12 I found my self distracted in classroom discussion circles looking at girls chests and lips and thighs. Every time I caught myself I’d immediately look down at my lap and blush. I’d learned by now that it wasn’t normal for girls to look at other girls like that, what it meant to be gay. But I’d eventually find my eyes wandering again, my thoughts focused on how beautiful one of my female classmates was.

I remember walking down the hallway one day mentally reciting “you can’t be a lesbian, you like boys… every girl must look at each other like this.”

When I was 13 one of the girls that I clung to during PE (because they were just as repulsed by physical exertion as I was) told us she was bisexual. This was the first time I’d been told someone could be attracted to boys and girls at the same time. It was confusing and enlightening at the same time.

I remember she put her arms around my shoulders once, during badminton week, her face inches from mine. It made me nervous, but in a way that I’d never felt before. My stomach had dropped, and I didn’t know why. It wasn’t like the fear I’d felt from scary movies and my dad yelling at me, but it wasn’t quite like when I felt exhilarated from riding a rollercoaster or binging on sugar with my friends… it was something in between, and entirely new.

I’d told my mom about it and she immediately wanted to call the principal and make sure the girl didn’t touch me like that again. That scared me, her reacting like that. I started acting repulsed by the girl afterwards, telling my friends she had flirted with me even though I wasn’t entirely sure she had, how weird it was and how weird she was.

Looking back, I probably wish that she had been flirting with me.

When I was 14 I was acquainted with the first queer couple I’d ever met. They were in theatre with me, and I’d been wanting them to start dating for months. At this point I’d stopped acting weirded out by gay people and claiming that bisexual people were “selfish and should just pick a side already.” I openly showed my support for gay people, citing my theatre friends of examples of how “normal” they could be.

I walked in on the couple in the dressing room one rehearsal, shocked to see them making out. I stood in the doorway a moment, then walked out without either of them seeing me.

I thought about their kiss for the whole day, wondering how their relationship worked, what it was like to date someone of the same gender as you. I was dating a boy at the time, my first boyfriend and the one that would create fear and an inability to trust for my entire high school career when he started abusing me. I wondered if this couple’s relationship could be anything like ours.

When I was 15 I joined Tumblr. I’d just moved from Michigan to Alabama, had my heart broken by my abusive boyfriend furthering the pain he was inflicting by cheating on me, and was just beginning to realize that I had an eating disorder with no idea how to feel about it or whether or not I wanted it to go away.Tumblr became a place for me to escape all this into “fandoms” and “fitblrs” and personal posts from strangers I didn’t know but whose lives intrigued me. It was on Tumblr that I first encountered the word “pansexual.” I was 16.

I was intrigued and slightly obsessed with the concept of it, pansexuality. I’d only just begun to learn about transgender and heard rumors of other genders outside of men and women, and being attracted to all of them or being “genderblind” seemed impossible, but incredible. I spent months randomly researching sexual orientation and transgender people before finally adopting the term as my own.

Though, it was only in my head that I claimed pansexuality as my own. I didn’t want to tell anyone… not because I was ashamed so much, I’d forgotten that stigma several years ago, but more because I was afraid that I only wanted to be pansexual, not that I actually was.

After all, if only ever been in relationships with boys at that point. How could I know if I was actually attracted to other genders if I’d never dated them?

When I was 17 I got my first crush on a girl. I didn’t recognize that that was my motive at the time, but I was constantly staring at her in the two classes we shared, payed special attention when she spoke, and the day she announced that she had a Tumblr I made it my goal to be a part of her life.

By winter we were best friends. By summer I’d begun to realize the extent of my feelings for her. The first time I got drunk at 19 I blurted out that I thought about making out with her all the time. I told her how I felt at 20, 3 years of pining later.

She told me she didn’t feel the same.

When I was 18 and in my first year of college, I binge watched all of Laci Green’s videos on YouTube, deciding that it was time I figured out how my body and how sex worked. Through her I found not only the courage to masturbate for the first time, but my first confrontation with “third genders.”

I obsessively studied nonbinary genders, claiming to just be interested in them, giving speeches and presentations on them for class, messaging nonbinary people to ask about their experiences. I came to accept that I identified with this term the summer of my sophomore year of college.

When I was 18 I also came out to my dad. I’d already come out to my close friends, sisters, and mother at this point– all giving me generally positive responses. This was not the case with my dad.

We were fighting in the kitchen, something that had become a regular thing since I’d started expressing my feminist and liberal beliefs. He was making homophobic comments and I guess I must of have been very clearly upset by this, because he asked, “do you have a problem with that?”

To which I responded, “Yeah, because I like girls, dad!”

My outburst led to two and a half years of him telling me that my identity was fake, a scheme to get attention, that all I believed was a result of my being brainwashed at college and my own self delusion. The full force my panic, bipolar disorder, and depression came out during this time. The first time I thought of killing myself was when he threatened to kick me out and cut me off from my sisters if I didn’t stop with this “feminazi LGBT bullshit.”

When I was 19 I started dating one of my best friend from high school– a boy, but pansexual like myself, I felt like this was the first queer relationship I’d been in.

He told me he didn’t want a monogamous relationship, that he identified as polyamorous– which I knew because this was one of the reasons his last relationships hadn’t worked out. Thinking I wouldn’t fall as desperately in love with him as I did, I agreed to an open relationship.

Two months into the relationship and much research and self reflection later, I’d come to accept that I was also polyamorous and I never wanted a monogamous relationship again.

When I was 20 a girl on Tumblr reblogged a set of selfies that I’d posted, exclaiming in the tags about how handsome I was. I took one look at her blog, saw the profile picture of her staring directly at the camera with intense blue eyes and an expression impossible to read, and immediately followed and messaged her my thanks.

We started messaging frequently, talking about such expansive and random things, things I’d never talked about with anyone. Soon we were messaging everyday and I began to realize how hard I was falling. I wanted her, I wanted her so badly.

I hadn’t had a crush on a girl that’d worked out in my favor and I was constantly pining for a girlfriend. I loved my boyfriend, I was still attracted to men and non-feminine genders, but I felt not only “too straight” to be queer at that point, but also like I was missing some sort of affection in my life that only a feminine partner could fill. And I was beginning to wonder if this girl was the person who could finally end my wanting.

The only problem with this girl was that she lived an ocean away from me, in Denmark to be specific. But my feelings became so strong that I couldn’t just be silent anymore: I told her I liked her.

She said she felt the same.

Today, March 2nd, 2017, Hayley Kiyoko released the music video for her single “Sleepover.” It wrecked me.

Hayley has become someone that I not only admire, but someone who makes me feel so validated in who I am. A mixed, Japanese American, queer girl in love with art and comfy clothing. Before Hayley, I’d never felt like there was anyone in the media who was even remotely like me. With great music and a connection I’d never felt in any other celebrity before, I became an avid fan. So naturally, when the video for “Sleepover” was released it only took me minutes to find it on YouTube and watch.

The music video was so much more than I could have anticipated, actualizing all my experiences as a queer feminine person, admiring from a far, living in my head with my fantasies and no hope of ever being able to experience them in reality. With this video I was thrown back into all the years I spent confused and afraid of how I felt and who I was, all the girls I wanted to be with but knew they couldn’t work out, or didn’t work out even when I tried. And as melancholy as these thoughts were at first, it pushed me to the realization:

I love who I’ve become. I love that I’m queer.

And despite how grueling the process of it all has been, I wouldn’t trade all that heartache for a normal life if I could. I wouldn’t give it all up to be the straight girl with no struggles or worries about who she loved as I once believed I would. Even with the pain that it had brought, becoming queer has made me the person I am today.

And I love that person, even if there are still rough edges to be smoothed, I am finally unafraid of who I am.

How to learn foreign languages

Hello, guys!

I`ve said before I`m interested in foreign languages. I learn English and Italian only but I hope one day this list will get bigger. So, I wanted to share my experience in learning languages with you all.

At first. If you are not very organized (i am)  it will be good for you to find a school of foreign languages or a teacher.  As to me I prefer to study with a group. This way you can practice your speaking skills not only with your teacher but also with people whose knowledge is the same as yours. Better to study with people your age. So, my English group consists of three 16 year olds (I`m 16 too), Italian: 18 year old and 24 year old girls.  I feel myself okay with them all. 

Doesn`t matter if you have classes with teacher / group or learn language yourself you can use all of these tips to improve your skills.

To know any language well you have to be good at 4 things:

                              ○ Listening

                             ○ Speaking

                             ○ Reading

                             ○ Writing

Let`s talk about all of them.

Listening.  You need to listen and understand what you`re listening to. How to do this?

              • Watch films, tv shows, youtube videos, cartoons in the language you learn with subtitles. For example you start with subs in your native language, watch, listen, read subs and try to ‘connect’ them. When your skills will get better watch with subs in this language, to understand written text is easier than just speech. Also you will know how some words are pronounced.

              (I think everybody knows English speaking Youtubers or at least it`s not difficult to find them, what I can`t say about other languages. So I made two playlist of Italian and RussianYoutubers I like. Check it out if you learn one of them.)

              • Music. When 2 years ago I became interested in English I started with this. I was listening to the song while reading its lyrics in English, then in Russian, than in English and in Russian again. Repeat it hundreds of times. Or at least just listen to music in this language.

              • Audiobooks and podcasts.  You can just listen to them like podcasts or listen while you are reading (the same book of course). Almost the same thing like watching films with subtitles. You can find original book or adapted for your level.  

              • Exercises.  Buy a book or find on the internet listening exercises for your language and do it.

Speaking.  It`s quiet easy. Just speak.

              • With yourself, oh how many time I did it and heard that my friends had done it too. In the car, at home, etc. You can record it for the memory or to listen it later and find your own mistakes. It`s okay, if you are alone now, speak with yourself.

              • If you have a friend who learns the same language offer him/her to speak this language always or just sometimes.

              • If your lever is good start a channel on Youtube.  You will have to speak really a lot. There`s no other way, your speaking will get really better.



              • Learn lots of words. To know the language fluently you have to know many words.  So, develop your vocabulary.

              • Read and translate quotes, phrases and so on. It is not hard to open Tumblr/twitter/etc. and read some but it is helpful.  

              • Books, stories, fan fictions, blogs, etc. Just read a lot.

Writing. (spelling)

              • To improve your spelling just rewrite texts of your level. You can find more here.

              • Do lots of exercises. As I have already said you can buy a book or find them on the internet.

               so, i hope some of these tips i know will help ypu to achieve the success. 

(and i wanna thank my sister for being my ‘model’. follow her instagram!)

Day 1: My room turned into a ocean. I swear I found fishes and sharks swarming into my lungs. Or maybe that was the remains of you trying not to escape but desperately needing to
Day 2: You weren’t at school today and I should’ve been happy, I was more sad
Day 3: I thought I was ready to move on, then I saw you with her.
Day 4: We haven’t spoken in days now. My mind thinks its being shoved off a cliff.
Day 5: I wish it would just hit the bottom
Day 6: This will be the first weekend we dont hang out. I know you’ll be seeing her and I know youll be smiling without me. I’m trying hard to learn how to too
Day 7: I asked you for help on a history assignment and you replied with “Ask Amber im busy”. I texted back: “Tell Emma I said hi”
Day 8: You posted a video with her on the only social media site you have. When I saw it I erupted. I spewed lava every where, oh god its every where
Day 9: My mom made me sleep next to her on the couch. She was afraid I would try and do something like I did two years ago when another guy tore up my heart. I actually had thought about it
Day 10: I slept in your sweatshirt one last time so i can feel myself engulfed in you. I know you wanted them back so I had to feel you and smell you one last time.
Day 11: I gave you all of your stuff back and you thought I looked like a warrior but really I went home and tried getting you out of my bloodstream
Day 12: when will my eyes stop flowing?
Day 13: I snuck out with a boy and smoked weed on his couch. He talked about love and how much it hurt. I only pictured you.
Day 14: I woke up next to that same boy and I woke up screaming. The boy was worried and confused but I knew why I screamed. I imagined you laying with another girl on your couch. I ran out of his house so fast you’d think Id be better at running from you.
Day 15: Its spring break and im with my best friend and your with her and i swear i can feel you tracing her spine the way you used to trace mine
Day 16: I ignored your birthday and it felt worse than the puking i did that night
Day 17: Im treading icy water while you’re swimming away from me, I guess I just hope you’ll loop around and find your way back to the shattered, but still there, us
Day 18: I don’t remember the sound of your voice I don’t remember the color of your eyes I don’t remember your the taste of your lips
Day19: No amount of screaming gets your name out of my head
Day 20: I got on a plane today and when we took off I swear i almost walked to the door and started flying
Day 21: They say it takes 21 days fo break a habit but I think I just manage to fall more in love with a greedy monster
Day 22: I saw you today and wished you a happy late birthday and promised we’d watch the third Hobbit together. I’m beginning to hate myself more
Day 23: Its the end of the month maybe next month won’t be filled with thoughts of you and killing myself. i think im beginning to be over you
Day 24: april fools
Day 25: i think i understand now. when you first told me you loved me your mouth curled up on the edges, two days before you left when i gave my bare self to you your mouth was a straight line when saying i love you
Day 26: if you’re trying to kill me its working
Day 27: i woke up this morning to my blankets and pillows piled in a corner in my room. its something s ghost would do to make his presence known. im haunting myself. or maybe its the ghost of us tsking over my body
Day 28: its almost been a month since you told me it was never me. i almost texted you happy easter but i saw those text messages and just got angry
Day 29: I hate that you act like you didnt break my heart. i hate that you think im fine that im not writing a shit poem sbout your shit personality
Day 30: thirty days since you’ve wanted me. thirty days since i told you i love you. thirty days since you’ve slipped from my fingers. i tried catching you. you’ve been gone far too long. thirty days is too long
Day 31: i had a nightmare last night about you. you told me you loved me and kissed my forehead. i woke up breathing heavily and shaking. i want you out of my life
Day 32: running on no sleep isn’t fun
Day 33: ive been awake for over 50 hours in fear that ill see you in my dreams again. i cant risk that. it hurts so much. get out of my head
Day 34: my mother told me that love will do this. that its cruel and torturous and breaks you into such little pieces not even yourself can pick up all the pieces. you know where they all are, please come back and pick them up
Day 35: i talked to another guy last night we stayed up late and he asked me questions about you. we were sober so it wasn’t easy spitting up vowels and similies and euphemisms explaining the empty feeling in my chest after you left
Day 36: fuck if i stopped seeing you everyday i swear id be over you.
Day 37: my knee didnt touch your leg like it used it i promise i didnt do that fuck
Day 38: you told me that the wrinkles on my leg bothered you when i sat down. thats not what you said when we were trying not to get caught in the back of your car
Day 39: you told me you’d take me to prom and in two days itll just be another day you promised to spend with me. its funny how our plans turned to dust in a matter of seconds after cleaning
Day 40: the thunderstorm of us was inside of you and maybe that why it felt so close. i keep counting the seconds between the boom and light hoping you arent moving away buy i fear that you are already letting others feel your storm. the plants you grew are dying. maybe you should come back to water them
Day 41: ten days since its been a month since you left. i cried at prom because all i could look for in the crowd was you.
Day 42: i got so drunk all i could see was your face. the guy i fucked kept telling me his name wasn’t yours. i just screamed and cried because you’re all i still think about despite your efforts to continue to push me away
Day 43: i should be getting high today but if i do ill just write more and think more about a guy who will never care
Day 44: i think im trying to gain feelings for someone else because it’ll make moving on from you easier. im afraid to write that it hasnt
Day 45: you traces my leg like you used to. it was like dandelion tea. it made my insides fill with happiness. you’re my yellow paint.
Day 46: Van Gogh used to eat yellow paint because he thought it would put happiness inside him. He would consume it everyday in the hopes that it would bring his sadness to rest despite the fact that it could kill him first. i gues you were my yellow paint emphasis on the were. see im not going to write about you anymore, because when i write you down im under the impression that you’ll stay with the words but you don’t. this is the last sentence I’ll ever write about you

Somebody Else Pt 4

Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 5

Genre: Smut, Angst, college AU

Pairing: Jungkook x reader x Taehyung

Summary: You had met Jungkook on a summer day at the age of 10,  at 12 you became best friends,  at 14 you had your first kiss,  at 15 you fell in love and at 16 you made love. You’ve never really knew what heartbreak was until at the age of 18 he broke your heart.

Inspired by Somebody else by the 1975.

A/N: Sorry if i have grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.

I wasn’t gonna post this today but here it is :)

You didn’t hear his almost inaudible whisper as he stroked your hair, hugging you closer to him “What am I going to do with you? You make me crazy”. You looked up to him, his strands of blonde hair matted in sweat pushed back. “That was amazing” you whispered.

“I know right? I was made for this” he cockily grinned. “Oh my god you are such a tease” you hit his chest and he grabs your hands as he places his finger against your lips. ”But I know you love it”. He says before he sucks your bottom lip into his mouth.

A week went by and all you could think about was Taehyung, his kisses, his very touch, his beautiful laughter, his silly way of being… he was the calm after the storm. But you couldn’t stop Jungkook’s name from crossing your mind at least once a day. Since the fight he had sent you dozens of texts, he even called you. But you had ignored each one of them. You had decided with Taehyung that you would keep your “relationship” secret for a while until you were ready to tell Jungkook. You really didn’t know what to tell Jungkook; “I like one of your best friends and I want to try to have a relationship with him?” You knew that wouldn’t work, you knew that the moment you would see Jungkook, the name Taehyung would disappear from your head. You knew that the moment you tried to leave Jungkook he would follow you and absorb you again, so strong was your attachment to him, so strong the name of Jeon Jungkook was buried in your heart.

A nocked sounded at your front door and you hurried to get out of the couch to open it,

You looked through the peephole of the door to meet a young man with blond hair, you smiled to yourself before opening the door with a smile on your face. “What are you doing here?” You asked.

Taehyung stood in front of the now open door with his characteristic grin. “I just wanted to see you” he replied; entering to your house with a long step to shorten the distance of your bodies. He cupped your cheeks in both of his hands and gently pressed his pink lips against yours. A feeling of calmness running through you right away; It was always like that with Taehyung, he managed to generate that effect in people; Tranquility.

You closed the door by pushing him against it, melting in the kiss deeper. If you were thinking about Jungkook just moments ago; that name was now in the depths of your head.

Taehyung was the first to separate his lips for air. “someone is anxious?” He chuckled softly. “Yah! You appeared out of nowhere in my apartment” you said blushing. "Speaking of which, what are you doing here seriously?”

“You didn’t want to see me?” He asked frowning, pretending to be hurt. “Firstly I really wanted to see you and … secondly there’s a party at Jackson’s tomorrow, you should go …” he said as he walked towards the sofa to sit on.

“Uh oh Jungkook will surely be there Tae, I’m not ready yet” Saying the name of your ex aloud still was hard and more with the man who was in front of you at the moment.

“Listen… I know Jungkook will be there, but this is an opportunity to show him that you are more than an object with which he can play and then throw away.” He stopped and then continued. “I’m not telling you to tell Jungkook about … our relationship” The last word came out in a sigh, the way he said it made you feel bad, you knew that Tae wanted to be with you officially, wanted to show everyone how happy he could make you, but it was not yet the time when Jungkook still fluttered in your mind. “Just go, take Minah with you, have some fun,” He finished smiling, giving you security.

“You’re right, I could have some fun after all…” you agreed with Taehyung that leaving your house wouldn’t do you so bad, you could always leave the party if you felt uncomfortable. “If you want to leave just send me a text and we’ll leave together, what do you think?” He said in a seductive voice, intending to continue what had happened a few minutes ago between you two.

That ended up convincing you; you had Minah and Tae if something went wrong. Maybe you wouldn’t even see Jungkook with the number of people who used to attend the parties of Jackson.

The reality was that Taehyung was everything you wanted to have after Jungkook broke up with you, someone who was there for you, who would listen to you, who would talk to you, distract you from the horrible thoughts that inhabited your mind. Since the black-haired young man left you, the only thing you could think of was that you weren’t good enough, beautiful enough or intelligent enough and that’s why he left you. You couldn’t help thinking that there was something wrong with you, that you had done something mistakenly, you still didn’t understand very well how fate had made you cross with a person as wonderful as Kim Taehyung, and how he had accepted you with his arms open even knowing how broken you were. There was more of Kim Taehyung than you knew.

Tae’s deep voice brought you back to the real world. “What are you thinking?” He asked and you looked at him in surprise. The question shocked you a little, pushing the thought to the back of your mind, hiding them, with your best smile you answered; “I was just thinking about what to wear tomorrow,” you lied.

“Ah, I do not care what you wear as long as you take it off for me.” He grinned and winked at you as you rolled your eyes at the comment but you couldn’t help but smile.

“Are you thinking about impure things already? What a slutty woman.”

“YAH! What are you saying!? You’re the one who was talking about taking off my clothes!” You replied by throwing yourself to him and hitting him on the chest with both hands.

Suddenly he grabbed you gently but strongly enough for you to not be able to move and turned you around, locking you on the couch with his legs “Or … you can take off your clothes now, I wouldn’t mind,” he said before kissing you roughly.

Here we go again.

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Top 20 Sterek Fics 2016

Just like last year, we have decided to put together a list of fics that we read this year that we really enjoyed! So many great ones were posted but these are our personal favorites. 

Here’s last years list if you want to check it out - (x)

Have an amazing 2017 guys!


Windows by dr_girlfriend (28/28 | 83,006 | NC17)

Derek has a new neighbor who won’t stop looking.


“You’re blind,” Derek said flatly, the anger draining from him so suddenly he felt almost woozy. His vision cleared, his claws sliding back into blunt fingernails.

“Thanks for the memo, genius,” the kid said acidly. “I can still fucking defend myself, so don’t take another damn step.”

“Fuck, I…I’m sorry,” Derek stuttered.

“What?!” The kid’s brow crinkled. “I mean — what?! You’re fucking sorry!?” His lips thinned into a harsh line. “What, is this some kinda Hallmark movie where you’re discovering the error of your ways because you don’t want to rob a blind person?! That’s fucking condescending, man. I’ll have you know that —”

“Just, wait.” Derek interrupted what was apparently the start of a convincing argument as to why he should rob the kid after all, feeling his head start to spin. “This is — it’s a misunderstanding. I’m — I’m not robbing you. You’re — you’re safe, okay? I’m taking three steps back. Just — just let me explain.”

“Explain why you came busting into my apartment? Yeah, go right ahead, man, I can’t wait to hear this epic tale.”

Capes are Cool (but they don’t make a hero) by chantelle82 (3/3 | 7,068 | PG13)

The story of how Stiles and Derek fall in love and became heroes - to each other

Numbers by standinginanicedress (1/1 | 11,150 | PG13)

“I’m magic,” Stiles raises his hands in the air and puts on a serious facial expression. “I have the sixth sense.”

“The sixth sense, huh? Is that what they’re calling bullshit these days?”

Stiles’ lips purse down hard, but he still smirks. Derek wonders if there’s any single facial expression that Stiles can make that isn’t in some way at least slightly amused, whether at himself or the expense of others. “Non-believers aren’t welcome at my table, Derek.”

It’s Too Early For This by thepsychicclam (1/1 | 4,966 | PG13)

Derek loves his job at the coffee shop, especially because Stiles comes in for coffee before early Saturday morning lacrosse practices. The problem is that Derek is too shy to do anything about his crush, and the situation is not helped by the rivalry between the basketball and lacrosse teams.

Hale Construction by Mynuet (1/1 | 8,342 | G)

Derek gets a business and a home. Stiles gets his own Batman. The sheriff gets hash browns. The Stilinski household is expanded without anyone quite talking about it.


A Heart is a Heavy Burden by lielabell (13/13 | 41,242 | PG13)

In Which Stiles: is accosted by unhappy witches, becomes friends with fire demons, is rescued by darkly handsome wizards, discovers hidden inner depths, is introduced to princes, and finds true love. Though not necessarily in that order.

(Or the Howl’s Moving Castle AU fusion fic you never knew you wanted but are delighted to have.)

French Silk Pie, Baby by KuriKuri (1/1 | 2,649 | PG13)

“See, your angel of a sister - ” Derek scoffs. Cora hasn’t been an angel since she was five months old. “ - agreed to date me, because my visa is about to expire and - ”

“I’d have to marry you for that, dumbass,” Cora butts in, rolling her eyes.

“Are you saying you wouldn’t marry me to keep me in the country?” Stiles asks, sounding mildly offended.

“Hell no,” Cora snorts, earning her a wounded look from Stiles.

Twice in a Lifetime (AKA The Importance of Snuggle Buddies) by normalcatbehaviour (1/1 | 1,761 | G)

It takes him a while to actually notice it’s not just Stiles sprawled across their couch, but to be fair to him, he isn’t really thinking about anything but finally getting some sleep and maybe liberating one of the cookies that Stiles thinks are well hidden behind the microwave. He’s half way to covering the boys up with a blanket when he finally notices.

That is definitely not Scott McCall.

It is in fact definitely Derek Hale. Derek Hale the 26 year old. Who his son is currently lying on, head tucked under Derek’s chin, Derek’s hands clenched in the back of his t-shirt.

“Um,” the Sheriff says. He wasn’t prepared for this.

tongue of dog and blind-worm’s sting by Zercalo (7/7 | 51,909 | NC17)

In order to keep the identity of the teacher he’s been seeing a secret, Derek’s been withdrawing from his pack and family. Cora, frustrated with his alienation and a little lonely, clings to the first nonjudgmental person who offers companionship – which happens to be that odd Muggleborn Revenclaw who’s always hanging around the Gryffindor common room.

She hasn’t befriended Stiles for Derek’s sake, but Derek just might reap the benefits anyway - if he pulls his head out of his ass and quit the stupid self-sacrificing act.

No Homo by RemainNameless (11/11 | 84,064 | NC17)

Stiles’ sophomore year starts something like this:
3 FourLokos
+ 1 peer-pressuring cat
- 1 best bro to end all best bros
= 1 Craigslist ad headline that reads “str8 dude - m4m - strictly platonic”.
Derek is the fool who replies.


Filter Out the Starlight by skoosiepants (1/1 | 12,238 | PG13)

“Why are you not more curious about me?” Stiles says when Derek’s got the door half open, sun spilling over the dark wood, dust motes spinning about his legs. Stiles is wearing fabric that hasn’t been invented yet, he’s clutching a smart phone to his chest, and he appeared out of nowhere, like an angel.

Softly, Derek says, “We all have our secrets,” and closes the door.


A heartbroken Stiles accidentally travels back in time to find his one true love. A harlequin-ish Christmas romance.

Regression to the Mean by theroguesgambit (1/1 | 16,546 | R)

There aren’t really words for this. “Sure, dude. Let’s hang out sometime and bond over the fact that our lives suck and we’ve both basically killed a bunch of people by accident” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Prompt: In the aftermath of 3B, Stiles and Derek learn to trust, learn to fuck, and learn to love themselves, each other, and their pack.

I Breathe Disaster by TamzStripped (12/12 | 84,946 | NC17)

“No. I’m not doing it. You can’t make me, Scott.”

“Don’t be such a wuss. You don’t want to die, do you? This is the only way to keep you safe from the Alpha pack.”

“Why not Danny? He’s actually gay, kind of adorable, and doesn’t look at me like he wants to shut me up…with his teeth.” Stiles threw his arms out in front of him, Scott shook his head for the thousandth time. “Why not?”


How Stiles went from hating Derek, to wanting to cuddle him, to hating him again, to kissing his boo-boo’s, to waxing poetic, then finally laying his life on the line to save him. Funny how things turn out.

Don’t You Wanna Be My Sky? by WhoNatural (1/1 | 9,420 | G)

Stiles got ratted out by the Realm Guard for sneaking off with Scott a total of seven times before his dad buckled, promising sabbatical once Stiles reached Faehood, and enough Earth culture in the meantime to have him talking like a born-and-bred Californian teenager.

He just didn’t have the tan.

(Or, in which Stiles is a Frost Fae sent to the Earth Realm on the Fae version of Rumspringa and immediately falls head-first into a Coffee Shop AU)

Mauve by bleep0bleep (1/1 | 7,380 | NC17)

It’s been ten years since he’s seen Derek Hale, but Stiles would recognize that ass anywhere.


The Fixer and the First Son by ebjameston (10/10 | 47,625 | PG13)

“You want me to arrange a political marriage for your son?” Stiles repeats dumbly.

“It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve done this,” Talia Hale says, dark eyes twinkling over her impeccable blue pantsuit. “Senator Harvey and Elise’s match worked out perfectly, and they’re actually quite in love, from what I hear.”

“George Harvey was a little-known senatorial candidate from Kansas at the time, Madam President,” Stiles says slowly. “Your son – you, Mr. Hale,” he directs toward the man pacing tiny circles behind the president’s chair, “are the nation’s most eligible bachelor. Literally. I saw it on the cover of People.”

(Stiles is a political fixer. Derek is the president’s son. I’ve been watching too much Scandal.)

Part 1 of Stilinski & Associates

steal my breath away by stilinskisparkles (1/1 | 4,454 | PG13)

This is the worst organised robbery I’ve ever seen,” Derek comments as he begrudgingly does as he’s told.

“Nobody asked you,” Stiles huffs.

Home by TheTypewriterGirl (17/18 | 160,430 | PG13)

January seventh. Seven days since the start of 2015, and seven days since his father’s death.

The bastard, he thinks bitterly. The past year Derek Hale had made it blatantly obvious that he hated his scrawny guts, taking every given opportunity to shove him up against a wall, growl threats in his ears and roll his eyes whenever he stepped into the room, muttering some snide comment about how spastic or idiotic he was.

So why did he fucking volunteer to take him in?

Sowing Season by WeAreTheCyclones (28/? | 177,873 | R)

Just a bunch of kids doing teenage stuff: starting bands and terrorizing teachers and hurting like hell and falling for each other. The usual.

Part 3 of Play Crack the Sky

The Circus at the End of the World by mikkimouse (25/25 | 91,049 | NC17)

Three hundred years ago, the world ended not with a bang or a whimper, but with magic.

Since then, magic has been outlawed, and the world has clawed its way back to some kind of stability, with people and shifters alike divided between living within the walled safety of the Havens, or the small, less protected outposts dotting the frontier.

Derek Hale and his sisters, Laura and Cora, are the proprietors of Hale’s Circus of Magic, Monsters, and Mystical Wonders, known colloquially as the Circus at the End of the World. They and their ragtag pack ride the rails between the outposts and the Havens, performing for those who can pay (and some who can’t). Their circus is a small haven in and of itself, a place of safety for those who have nowhere else to go.

It’s a quiet life…until Stiles Stilinski joins the crew.

The circus has something Stiles needs—a ticket into the Haven of Santa Francesca. His father has been abducted, and Stiles is determined to get him back no matter what he has to do.

But Stiles has another secret, one that puts him and every member of the circus in danger. And if he’s not careful, it could get them all killed.


pairing: daveed diggs x reader

word count: 2200

warnings: swearing, thoughts of sucide, depression

a/n: i wrote this like two months ago and i havent read over it but i thot i should post something anyway okay so i know this is probably the exact same as like 10 billion fics out there and im sorry for being unoriginal but like… there’s never enough fics to make people who are sad feel better. okay? because i love you and agree with everything he says in the fic and you are wonderful and you’re gonna get through this. i love you all, stay safe, and enjoy!!! <3</p>

Text to Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 3:45 am

i cant do shows this week lin im so sorry

Text from Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 5:53 am

What? What’s going on? Is everything alright, Y/N?

Text to Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 5:55 am

i don’t know. i don’t know. ill text you when i get better. i just… cant right now

Text from Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 6:03 am

Please, just tell me what’s going on. Do you need to go to the hospital?

Text to Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 6:08 am

no i am fine i just wouldn’t be able to do the show justice this week. im so sorry lin i love you and the cast very much and i wouldn’t want to let you down

Text from Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 6:18 am

Okay. We… love you too. So so much. Feel better, Y/N, text me when you feel up to it. See you soon.

For the first time that night, you had finally fallen asleep.

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Movie Night Part 3

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 3387

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut, semi-public fingering, sexual penetration, teasing, fluff… the works.

Request: How would you feel about doing a part 3 to movie night? If not, I understand but I would like to read more! - Anon

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this! I got lost in the smutty goodness! (This can be read as a stand alone!)

Part One - Part Two

Alone time was hard to find in this compound.

You and Bucky hadn’t been able to be alone since you had snuck out of his room a week ago.

It was driving you mad.

You took a deep breath and opened the door to the conference room. You laid the files on the table and got the coffee brewing. You had just bent down to get the cups out of the cabinet when the door opened behind you.

“Unf… Buck, what are you doing?” you heard Steve say.

You straightened back up quickly and turned to see that Bucky had stopped right in the middle of the doorway, causing Steve to crash into him. You blushed because you knew that Bucky had gotten a great view of your ass. The slit in the back of your skirt had probably awarded him a peak of your thighs as well.

Steve pushed Bucky forward, walking around him to see you standing there. He laughed softly and shook his head. “Good morning darlin’.”

You sent him a shy smile with a wave and watched as Bucky sat down in the chair next to the one you always sit in. Steve laughed harder, sitting across from him.

You turned around and poured 2 cups of coffee for them. You bent over the table to hand Steve his. You almost dropped Bucky’s cup when you felt a hand wrap around the back of your knee.

Sitting his cup in front of him, you looked down at him incredulous. His fingers trailed up the back of your leg as far as your skirt would allow. “Thanks doll,” he said, his voice turning husky.

“Would you like me leave?” Steve asked abruptly.

You jumped away from Bucky and went to pick up the file folders. Bucky threw his coffee stirring straw at Steve, and mumbled something under his breath.

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anonymous asked:

Most original Dramione stories you've ever read. I'm talking the ones with a unique premise or twist you didn't see coming. Something that isn't usual in this fandom. Can be dark, fluffy, romantic. Whatever. I just want to read something that is like, WOW THAT'S DIFFERENT!

Well, here are some I can think of off the top of my head. I’m only posting the stories that are completed, not the WIPs (there are SO MANY good WIPs out there!):

A Killing Grace by Savage Midnight - Rated: M - 5 Chapters (COMPLETE) - In the midst of war, two enemies fight on common ground to bring the blood bath to an end. Hate and prejudice are flung aside, boundaries are broken, and the inevitable sacrifices are made.

A Kind and Generous Man by AnneM.Oliver - Rated: M - 30 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Regency era Dramione. Though he appeared as a highwayman, she thought he was a kind & generous man. Once the mask was removed, could she love him as he really was, or was he to hide behind his ‘mask’ forever. A story of manners, deception & love. 

Black Rose by Dawn-Of-Indescribable-Colors - Rated: M - 1 Chapter (COMPLETE) - Draco is falling in love with Hermione, his Ministry co-worker, who hates his guts. However, he is also engaged in a passionate sexual relationship with Black Rose, a beautiful dancer in a sinful wizarding nightclub, but the gorgeous witch always keeps her carnival mask on when they are together…

Cake and Other Curses by AkashaTheKitty - Rated: MA - 10 Chapters (COMPLETE) -  Hermione is far too fond of cake and all but attached to Harry at the hip. Generally, it’s working out for her, but lately Draco has been annoying her to death by mocking her weight and her relationship with Harry. One day she spots some logic in his claims that she and Harry ought to be more than friends. Uncertain how to proceed, she agrees when Draco volunteers to help. This turns out to get very confusing very fast, as Hermione finds herself becoming attracted to the wrong person…

Decomposition Of The Soul by hiddenhibernian - Rated: T - 3 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Not all prisoners serve out their sentence in Azkaban. Some are sent to the Department of Mysteries, and their fate is one of the most closely guarded secrets of the wizarding world. Unfortunately, Draco is about to find out just how far Hermione Granger is willing to go for the greater good.

Doll by Captainraychill - Rated: MA (NC-17) - 2 Chapters (COMPLETE) -  “I’d adored my doll at first sight because, though she appeared to be pure, she was really a creature of sex. Her lips were plump and painted to appear wet. Her eyes were corrupt beneath her lush lashes. Her steady, sober gaze told me that she knew her only purpose was to be used by me and that she had accepted this.”

Eyes Open by Day Met the Night - Rated: T - 1 Chapter (COMPLETE) - “He’s let the envelope fall into his palm. If she’s surprised, she doesn’t show it. ‘You know the rules, don’t you’ 'Only for when I’m at my lowest point,’ he says. 'And after I open it, I go straight to you.’” Ten years later, and he’s falling in love with her.

Forever Kind of Valentine by Avari20 - Rated: T - 1 Chapter (COMPLETE) - Draco’s plans for ignoring the most hated holiday of the year are put on hold by the God of Love himself. It’s either win or kiss dating goodbye. What’s a cynic to do?

Fortuna Major by olivieblake - Rated: M - 6 Chapters (COMPLETE) - She’s with Ron, he’s with Astoria, and nothing a cheap psychic on the Venice Boardwalk says is going to change that. Or will it?

His Beautiful, Haunting Eyes by thecellarfloor - Rated: M - 14 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Draco pushed her to the wall, kissed her roughly on the lips, then punched the glass window beside her head. It smashed into pieces and the crowd who had parted for him seconds ago gasped. Hermione couldn’t. She couldn’t even breathe. What have you done?

In Their Garden by Lady Cailan - Rated: K+ - 1 Chapter (COMPLETE) - A flowerpot sits on her windowsill and each night a new flower grows. Hermione uses her memories to cope with life after Draco is affected by a curse gone bad.

Lady of the Lake by Colubrina - Rated: M - 50 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Hermione and Draco team up after the war to overthrow the Order and take over wizarding Britain. “I don’t even especially mind belonging to you most of the time,” he closes his eyes and just breathes for a bit, savoring not being in pain. Finally he adds, “Just… try to take better care of your toys.”

Life After Grief by Mel88 - Rated: M - 5 Chapters (COMPLETE) - The Collier’s Virus is highly contagious, magically virulent, and always fatal. Junior Healers Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger are called in to help find a cure before the virus claims another life. If they can.

Only a Pretense by WickedlyAwesomeMe - Rated: T - 42 Chapters (COMPLETE) - In order to save her parents, Hermione Granger had to give up everything, even her identity… and femininity.

Presque Toujours Pur by ShayaLonnie - Rated: M - 38 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Bellatrix’s torture of Hermione uncovers a long-kept secret. The young witch learns her true origins in a story that shows the beginning and end of the Wizarding wars as Hermione learns about her biological father and the blood magic he dabbled in that will control her future.

Questions of Science by: Countess of Abe - Rated: M - 18 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Hermione is living a content life working at St. Mungo’s when an unexpected assignment from the chief of medicine sends her to the home of Draco Malfoy. What will happen to the pragmatic brunette as she explores what science cannot answer?

Randy Man’s Playbook by BittyBlueEyes - Rated: M - 25 Chapters (COMPLETE) - A very unique book finds its way to the hands of Draco Malfoy - A book that, if utilized well, could help him fulfill his fantasies. 

Redemption by anondracomalfoy - Rated: M - 23 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Hermione works at St. Mungos, and the fourth floor has recently made a discovery and inadvertently retrieved her biggest regret-her lost and seemingly Obliviated husband, Draco Malfoy. Draco is forced to return to her, and strange things begin to occur.

Static by galfoy - Rated: M - 21 Chapters (COMPLETE) - The Order rescued Draco and Lucius Malfoy after Lord Voldemort turned on them. All the safe houses are full, and Hermione Granger is the only one who can take them in. Will she agree after having suffered a drastic nervous breakdown?

The Nietzsche Classes by Beringae - Rated: M - 15 Chapters (COMPLETE) - The Ministry takes action against the remaining prejudice in the wizarding society and asks Hermione for help. “What do you want? Money? Power? Name your price, Granger. I’m not about to let pride get in my way when an Azkaban sentence is on the line.” 

The Queen’s Knight by cleotheo - Rated: M - 29 Chapters (COMPLETE) - There’s a new craze in the wizarding world: Immersion Books. When Harry and Ron buy one for Hermione’s birthday she finds herself immersed in a medieval world where a certain blond Slytherin has been cast as her lover.

Troy by Twilight to Midnight - Rated: M - 3 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Draco loved this woman. Draco worshipped this woman. Draco would do nothing short of destroying the legendary city of Troy to have her, to hold her, to possess her as his own, forever and a day. AU. Warning: Dark Draco and questionable consent.

Unspoken Rules Should Be Broken by CelticSass - Rated: M - 3 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Blaise, Hermione, and Draco shared a relationship, now Blaise is dead, and Hermione and Draco are confused as to where they stand with one another.

Utterly Despicable by camnz - Rated: M - 24 Chapters (COMPLETE) - The death of both Voldemort and Harry Potter let the pureblood elite build the world they wanted. One that leaves Hermione in a vulnerable state, which Draco Malfoy is prepared to take full advantage of.

When He Was Wicked by LadyStiff - Rated: M - 14 Chapters (COMPLETE) - When Hermione mistakenly makes a wish for Draco Malfoy to love her, she never in a million years believed it would actually come true. But when the wish doesn’t turn out as expected, will she lose Draco forever?

When The Butterflies Fly Home by AuroraAustralice - Rated: M - 45 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Commander Draconis Malfoy of Caesars Roman Army has set out to conquer the northern part of Briton. Hermione Granger has been brought up with respect and always been given an equal status as the men in her village. Unknown to her, her father stirs up the rebellion against the Roman e had never experienced harshness and cruelty before but now as a slave that is all she sees.

I’ve got so many more, but have to start getting ready for my day, so must go. Maybe others can add to the list?



Edit: If I may, I thought this was very unique, IT MAY SCAR YOU FOR LIFE but it is good:

Fragments by Jane - M, 50 Chapters - “Last night, she told me about you. I know how you met, how you hated, how you loved.”

- Lisa

I’ve never written one of those “five times… one time” fics so I literally have no idea what to call this. But warning, there is mention of a previous abusive relationship below the cut, so please don’t read this if that will harm you in any way!

This fic was based off a post by and a conversation with the lovely @whumpdump, who is amazing, and I couldn’t resist writing it. Because I am who I am, #5 is a teeny lil sickfic. I tried to stop myself. But I have no self control. Anyway I dedicate this fic to her. <3

I also am shit at writing romance so pls forgive me

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request: “18 + 22 with Draco Malfoy plz?” — by @harley-with-gegs-quinn

a/n: again, let’s pretend they’re not 14-year-olds in this imagine lol

18. “Sorry, but I don’t really care anymore.”
22. “Out of all the possible people, why you?”


Masterlist + Request here! 

    Everyone was staring at Professor McGonagall either like she was a gift from the heavens or was giving them another load of heavy school work. You admit that you were one of few students who were looking at her admirably, not even lying that you were looking forward for this Yule Ball that she was speaking of in accordance with the Triwizard Tournament.

    Supposedly, it was Professor Snape who was to explain the details since he was the head of your house, but because he had ‘something else much more important to attend to’, it was the Transfiguration teacher who volunteered to explain.

    “Y/L/N.” a familiar drawling voice said all of the sudden, and despite the fact that the boys and girls weren’t sitting with each other — the girls on the left, the boys on the right, while there was a huge space in the middle where Professor McGonagall was still explaining — Draco managed to stand beside you with a smug look on his face.

    “Malfoy.” you copied his tone, not even looking at him.

    “Bet no one has asked you yet, huh, Y/L/N?” he snickered. “Wouldn’t blame them, to be honest. Who would want to go out with you when they can bring a better date?”

     You flickered your eyes to him and glared. “Funny for you to say that, Malfoy. Since rumor has it that you’re taking Parkinson.”

    He sneered. “At least, I get to take someone. Unlike you.”

    “How are you so sure that no has asked me yet? You know, if you keep on making assumptions like that, you might as well replace Professor Trelawney.”

    You weren’t lying about your statement, of course, but it didn’t mean that you already had a date. Even though there have been various boys gaining up the courage in attempt to bring you to Yule Ball with them, you have declined all of them politely. Why? You weren’t sure yourself.

    “Oh, is that so? Who’s the miserable guy then?” asked Draco.

    You crossed your arms. “I don’t know why I should tell you.”

    He grinned abruptly. “You’re lying. It’s obvious that you are since you’re not telling me.”

    “Believe what you want to believe, but I’m still not telling you.”

    The two of you glared at each other as if having a staring contest, seeing who would break away first. No one did though, both driven by pride, that it was Professor McGonagall who successfully broke your disgusted gazes on each other when she abruptly spoke.

     "Ah, Miss Y/L/N and Mr Malfoy, as it seems that you are the only two left, you’ll be partners.“ she held your wrists, dragging you two to the dance floor where many students were already awkwardly dancing with each other.

    It took you a minute to realize that bickering with Draco a while ago prevented you from listening to the teacher’s instruction to pick a partner and practice with them in dancing. Professor McGonagall was no woman to question so the both of you just stood there with your jaws hanging in protest, the said professor moving on to another pair.

    Draco furrowed his eyebrows. ”Out of all the possible people, why you?“ he demanded, composing himself much quicker than you did.

    "This is all your fault.” you gritted your teeth. “If you weren’t such an obnoxious scumbag, this wouldn’t have happened.”

    “Typical of you, Y/L/N. You’re blaming someone else for your own stupid mistakes.”

    “Well, what can I say? I got it from you.” you scowled.

    “Y/L/N, Malfoy! What are you two doing? Oh my goodness, you’re still not even in positions.” Professor McGonagall had returned to your post.

    Suddenly, she grabbed one of Draco’s hands and placed them firmly on your waist before taking another one of yours and putting it on Draco’s shoulder.

    “There. Now —” she literally forced both of your free hands to hold each other —"follow the beat of the music and dance with each step at a time.“

    You huffed a breath just as the professor leaves once again, now approaching Goyle and Pansy whose eyes were sending daggers at your direction, clearly annoyed that you were dancing with the person she liked.

    "Watch it, Y/L/N.” you heard Draco hiss that made you look at him and realize that you had stepped on his foot.

    You gave him a sarcastic smile. “Sorry, but I don’t really care anymore.

    “I do, and it’d be great if my feet weren’t swollen on the night of the dance itself.” he retorted.

    After that, it seemed that you and Draco had ran out of insults to say, for neither one of you bothered to say a word while dancing slowly and unwillingly with each other. You were actually quite surprised as the song continued and found yourself being led by Draco, who was a fine dancer himself.

    You oddly stared at him.

    “How do you know how to dance?” you couldn’t help but ask, gaining his attention from the floor.

    It was the first time he answered you in a serious manner for the day that you made it a point to listen carefully.

    “Father gets invited to a lot of fancy parties and balls. Obviously, as his son, I needed to learn if I didn’t want to just stay in the corner and sulk.”

    He suddenly twirled you around and brought you back a little bit closer than before, making you gulp. Draco noticed this and smirked.

    “Nervous, Y/L/N?” said Draco in a low voice.

    “No.” you denied immediately, even though your heart was already leaping out of your chest.

    “Sure, sure.” he chuckled and abruptly dipped you down, catching you off guard once again.

    The hold you had on his shoulder tightened, as well as the grip that you had on his hand. Draco was amused by your lack of skills that when he lifted you back up, he stopped leading for a moment to look at you closely.

    “Do you really have a date already?”

    You were taken back by his question. “Why are you so interested in knowing?”

    Draco shrugged and continued to dance, bringing you along the beat. “Because I’m not taking Parkinson and —”

    You widened your eyes. “And you’re asking me?”

    He cleared his throat. “Well, you proved that you’re not the worst out there, and really I’ve been meaning to ask you since earlier but … if you don’t want, I can find somebody else.”

    “You have a knack of trying to ask someone to the dance.” you sarcastically said.

    “Yeah, I’ve been told.” he returned a sarcastic smile.

     You sighed. “Uh — okay, I’ll go with you. If you’d stop being a git, that is.”

     "No promises.“ Draco grinned and once more, spun you around, pulling you back with only little space to spare between your faces.

All of You - Part 2 (Dad, This is Daryl) | (Part 1) | (Part 3)

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Summary: As requested, here is part 2. Post-Negan era smut piece. The reader (Negan’s Daughter) convinces Negan to allow Daryl to be her bodyguard while he is away in Alexandria for a few days. Smut and romance ensue. When Negan returns, he finds out that they are sleeping together and loses his shit.


You awoke the morning after your close encounter with Daryl, you awoke feeling wonderfully satisfied, yet hungry for more of him. You could taste his lips on yours and your hands roamed your body, in bed, wishing they were his. You felt them wander lower and lower down your stomach and grip your hips roughly, moving over to touch yourself, thinking of how fucking good he was to you last night.

There was a sudden pounding on your door and you grunted.

“What?!” You scream out, frustrated.

“Y/N. I gotta talk to you, wake the fuck up and open the door!” Negan yelled from behind the wooden door.

You grumpily threw the blankets off you and walked to the door, unlocking it and opening it harshly.

“What?? Can’t a girl get any fucking sleep around here?” You cried out, disgruntled.

“Shit, Y/N. It the fucking apocalypse, no one gets any fucking sleep.” He said playfully and sauntered into your room, making himself completely at home.

He wandered over to a small two person table you had set up in the big space, next to a big window that overlooked the gates of The Sanctuary, and beyond it sweet heavenly freedom. Your father sat down on one of the chairs and gestured for you to do the same. You plop back down onto your bed and stare at him from across the room, awaiting whatever the hell it was that was so damn important.

“I have to go to Alexandria for a few days…. Don’t know how long I will be gone. You gonna be okay here for a little while without me?” He asked with a hint of both concern and sarcasm.

I scoffed at him and smirked. “Yeah, I’m sure I can handle it, dad.”

“If any of those fuckers give you a hard time….” Negan says with a low voice and reaches for something tucked behind his back.

You see him pull out a small automatic handgun, pointing it sideways at you, nodding, and setting it on the table beside him.

Your father had been a big believer in self-protection for his little girl, even before the world went to shit. He took her to martial arts training as a child, self-defense classes, and eventually the shooting range. There was no doubt that Y/N could handle herself in combat if she had to. But Negan was also aware that here she was highly outnumbered and he wanted her to be safe.

Suddenly, Y/N got an idea, a way to use this concern to her advantage. She changed her demeanor and put a slightly worried look on her voice, nodding solemnly to her father.

“Actually Dad, I know how worried you get, me all alone with all those pigs who could easily overpower me.” You lean forward and put your face in your hands, rubbing the sides of your face.

You look up at him with curiosity, “Do you think, there would be anyway you could get me a bodyguard? Someone to make sure no one bothers me while you are gone? … I know I talk a tough game, but sometimes I do get a little nervous.”

You pause in all the right places and use the puppy dog eyes that you knew worked so well on your father. He looked up at you surprised for a moment and then looked down, his eyes staring at nothing in particular, as he thought your question through.

He sighed and nodded, “Yeah. I’ll get Dwight-“ He started, but you immediately interrupted him, sitting up and folding your arms together tightly.

“Not that fuck head.” You command, shaking your head fiercely.

“I don’t trust anyone else to do the fucking job, Y/N.” Negan complained.

“What about one of your prisoners?” You ask, fishing for his reaction.

His head shot up in disbelief, “Yeah. I’m gonna let one of the people I am torturing near my fucking only daughter!” He said sarcastically and laughed out loud.

“I mean it dad! Think about it, you could offer them penance for working it off, and it is near to your heart, so they could prove to you that they may be worthy of life outside of those damn cells!” You say, trying to convince him, you were sure he wouldn’t go for it, but you had to try.

“Plus, I have the gun. I won’t ever take it off me, if they try something, I’ll put em down and it will be one less asshole you’ll have to deal with.” You knew how much he hated the disobedient.

Negan was silent for a few minutes and his face ungiving as to what he was thinking. Slowly, he nodded again.

“Okay.” He said shortly.

You smiled inside yourself, but made no change in demeanor outside to your father, you nodded.

“I think that one, you captured a few weeks ago… You know the one you said would make a good soldier for you one day? I think he might work. You said he was strong and smart, didn’t you?” You say, recalling the things your father had said about Daryl. He really did seem to want Daryl on his side, but he hated that Daryl wouldn’t break, which is why he had been stuck down in that hell hole for the past few weeks.

Negan’s head shot up angrily at your request, but he said nothing, knowing that he did in fact want Daryl on his side as soon as possible, this may be another way to get at him, he thought.

He nodded. “Dwight!” He yelled loudly. You hear footsteps coming from down the hallway and Dwight emerged a few seconds later, still sporting that damn vest. You grit your teeth as he smiles lazily at you, before turning his undivided attention towards Negan. Dwight does not say anything, he just awaits instructions. Just like the little bitch boy he is. You say to yourself, but try and remain uninterested in his demeanor.

“Go down and fetch Daryl. I got a job for him.” He commands and swooshes Dwight away with his hand.

You and your father sat there in silence for a few minutes before your heard shuffling down the hallway. Your heart leaped a little and started pounding in your chest, you felt your body involuntarily shoot up at the sound. Luckily, your father didn’t seem to notice, he had his head in his hand, resting on his knee, swinging it back and forth loosely. He was humming to himself and looking bored af.

You snap your head over to see the man who had made your cry out in pleasure over and over the night before, Daryl walked in in that god awful sweat suit, followed by Dwight gripping him firmly by the back of his collar, like he was a fucking animal. You glared at Dwight, disgusted by the man. Your fists harden a little, but you try and take a deep breath to calm yourself, in a few minutes the man would be free of him, at least for a while.

Daryl looks at you briefly with slight confusion, before staring straight ahead, turning the emotion in his face off. He thought for sure you sold him out for what happened last night, anger seethed inside him. He breathed heavily and fixated on a spot on the wall behind Negan, the spot he would look at while he was beaten down, again.

Negan drops his head from his hands with a dramatic sigh, “Fucking… Finally!” He says and stands up, leaning backwards in his egotistical stance. You feel yourself roll your eyes as all daughter’s do when their fathers embarrass them. Fucking show off. You smirk a little.

“Dar-yl.” Negan starts and steps dramatically over to face Daryl, who stands there staring straight ahead, not looking Negan in the eye.

Negan notices this and grabs Daryl by the chin, putting his face inches away from Daryl’s, forcing Daryl to look into his eyes.

“I’ve got a real important opportunity for you, so you best look at me in my fucking face.” He commands, letting Daryl’s chin go, Daryl looked into the man’s eyes, as commanded.

“I’ve gotta go away for a few days, important things to do for an important man like me!” He says, turning away and sauntering around through the room. He couldn’t be more obvious if he had fucking peacock feathers. You say to yourself, laughing inside your head.

He paces around a bit before striding back to Daryl, standing in front of him again. “And I need you to look after this one here… She is… well she is very important to me and I can’t very well trust some of those men out there.” He pauses. “Hell, you know what kind of savages they can be.” He laughs, looking sideways at Daryl, who still shows no emotion.

Negan waits for a reaction for a moment and the stands firm, “Well?! Speak up, boy! I ain’t got all day!” He yells, irritated, making Daryl wince a little. “Will you or won’t you?”

“I will.” Daryl says softly.

“What? I can’t hear you…” Negan taunts him, humming his words.

“I will.” Daryl says louder and more firmly.

“Now, that’s what I like to hear! People complying!” Negan smiled to himself.

“Now, should anything happen to her in your care, well then, things won’t go so well for you…” He says lowly, threatening Daryl with death, just by using a look.

“However, if I come back and she says everything went just fine and dandy? Well then! You sir earn your way out of that box!” He yells happily, enunciating each syllable as he spoke.

“Is that understood?… Daryl?” He asked, putting his eyes to Daryl’s again.

“Yes.” Daryl said loudly and firm, he was getting the hang of how to talk to him, you thought. Your dad didn’t respond to cowardice or silence well, neither did you, in fact you hated it.

“Good! Then we’re all in agreement!” Negan said, looking around at you to be sure, you nod, and he turns his head back to Daryl, pointing at him hard in the chest.

“You will never be 50 feet from her, you understand? You don’t let anyone of those men even look at her out there. You have my permission to take care of anyone who tries to disobey you. You fuck this up and you will have me to deal with.” Negan says shortly, before turning around to give you a kiss on your head and hand you the gun he had swiped from the table, so that Daryl could not grab it. He hands it to you and stares seriously at you.

“You sure about this Y/N?” He asked you.

You nod. “Yes, Dad. I’ll be fine! Go!” You push him a little, and he hugs you, before straightening up, composing himself and turning back to the two men in the room.

“Dwight, come with me, I have some other great jobs for you while I’m gone.” He laughs and puts his hand on Dwight’s shoulder, leading him out of the room.

Negan shuts the door as they leave and you jump up after a couple of minutes and slam the giant deadbolt locked. You look over at Daryl who has not moved an inch, still staring straight ahead.

“You can relax, he’s gone.” You say and run over to the window, lifting the white curtain and peering out, waiting to watch your father drive out of The Sanctuary. You look down and see him starting up his vehicle and driving away, you smile to yourself, and quickly turn back around to face Daryl, who is looking at you confused.

“What the hell’s going on, girl??” He asked in a loud, low tone.

You smile at the sound of his voice and his eyes on you, you run over to him and wrap your arms around him, giving him a big hug around his shoulders. He stands there taken aback, arms still raised in the arm. You loosen your grip and pull yourself back so you can look in his eyes.

“I just got my father to grant you a couple of days out of that fucking box, that’s what’s going on.” You smile and kiss his lips quickly. He grunts and his eyes shift away from you. You smile coyly.

“What? You can fuck me, but you can’t kiss me the next day?” You laugh a little and grab the sides of his face, forcing his mouth against yours. You harshly shove your tongue into him and around his. You suck and swirl around his tongue a few times and feel his hands come closer, until they finally reached your back.

You let go of his lips and lean back again to see his reaction. He smirked shyly, not really sure what kind of game this was, but he loved the feel of you on his lips, and everywhere else.

You laugh a little to yourself, he really seemed to like it when you took charge. You look him up and down and realize he is still that awful sweat suit. You caress his chest through the ugly fabric.

“Come on.” You say and pull him toward the door. You unlock the deadbolt and pull him down the hallway to a room on the other end, on the left-hand side. You pull a key out of your pocket, looking around to make sure none of the servants were around. With Negan gone they had little reason to be up on this level, you took care of your own shit. You slid the metal object into the lock and turn, hearing it click open. You open the door, looking around to make sure it was empty, you usher Daryl in and walk in after him, locking the door again behind you.

“What are we doin’ here?” He whispered loudly, a little nervous.

“Relax, Daryl. I am allowed to be in here.” You say and smirk.

“I just didn’t feel like dealing with any of their shit right now.” You nod toward the door.

He nods, takes a deep breath, and relaxes a little.

“But, what are we doin’?” He asked, still confused.

You start looking around the room, moving piles of clothes, books, and papers around. You walk over to the closet and pull out a black t-shirt and some black denim jeans, you nod to yourself and look at Daryl.

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t have you walkin’ around lookin’ like that.” You gesture your finger up and down him, with a smirk on your face.

He rolls his eyes and looks to the side slightly smiling.

You walk over to him and grab his hand, putting your lips just inches from his ear, making him grow hard. “Come with me…” You say in a low whisper and grab his hand in yours. You pull him to the door on the backside of the bedroom and open it. Daryl walks in to find it was a private bathroom, with a huge shower/bath tub against the back wall. Daryl looks at you with shock.

“You can’t be serious?!” He asked, surprised.

“What? It’s the only shower on this floor.” You say flatly and walk over to him putting your hands on his chest again, slowly moving your hands down to the hem of his shirt. You notice he is still so stiff.

“Relax, he’s not even here! No one is. It’s just us.” You whisper softly into his ear and start to pull the sweatshirt up over his muscular chest. He raises his arms and you lift it up and over his head. He smiles, finally being free again from the monstrous shirt. Your fingers dart into the waistband of his pants and he growls lowly, staring at you with pure desire. You slowly trace your fingers along his lower stomach, inside his pants.

“I missed you today.” You say, looking up at him with sincerity.

He growls again and pulls your lips onto his, passionately diving his tongue into your mouth, sucking a swirling around you. You moan in happiness, trying to capture his tongue in return.

He breaks away swiftly, looking at you with curiosity. He still didn’t know what you wanted with him, but it looked to him like you might actually care for him. How the hell did that happen? He wondered to himself. Looking at you in awe as you stared up at him with warmth.

“You gonna help me?” He asked with a smirk, nodding to the shower stall behind you two.

You bite your lip and nod, helplessly, “Yeah…” When he looked at you with those piercing eyes, it seemed to attack all sense of reason, this was a bolder man than last night and you loved it.

“You better get those off then.” He says, gesturing at your clothes. Your whole body is on fire as you think about his hands on you and him inside of you. You quickly rip your shirt off, unbutton your pants and tug them off, unclasp your bra, and throw it to the floor, and rip down your panties. He watches you, licking his lips and slightly growling, “Mmmm…” When you are done he rips his pants down, as his already hard cock pops free, he doesn’t take his eyes off of you.

You smile coyly and walk over, open the shower door, bend over and start the water. Suddenly, you feel him next to you, his hard, throbbing cock resting on your left hip as he leans into you, grabbing your ass and smacking it a little. You look up at him and moan, pulling the shower tab up to allow the shower head to spray the hot liquid into the big stall.

You get up, turn around and wrap him in your arms, pulling his mouth back to yours and trying to pull his body as close to you as possible. This made your legs hit to bathtub wall and make you two almost fall backwards, Daryl caught you both and held his arm to the shower door, brace your both and pulling you back up. You giggle in his ear, before crashing your mouth into the side of his neck and sucking on his harshly.

“Damn girl… Let’s get in the tub first.” He moans out when your lips hit his bare skin.

“Fuck… Alright, girl, get the fuck in there. I wanna make you feel so good.” He growls, grabbing the back of your hair and tugging on it slightly. Your lips break contact and he pulls you back so he is staring into your eyes. He was so fucking hard against your leg.

You nod and lick your lips, climbing in to the shower, backing under the shower head and letting it drizzle down your naked body, covering every inch of you. You watch as he steps in, eye fucking you, holding his erect cock in his hands. He shuts the shower door and walks over to you, stepping through the waterfall and pressing you into the wall behind you, crashing his lips down onto your neck.

He harshly sucks and swirls his tongue up and down the side of your neck, as you cry out to him. “Daryl!” You hold onto his huge, broad shoulders as he makes love to your neck. He sucks on your skin for a little bit longer, you watch as the hot water soars down the back of his head and down his broad back. He breaks his contact with your skin and leaves little kisses up your neck, to your cheek, and to your lips. He looks up at you with admiration in his eyes. He crashes his lips back into yours and devours you again.

You feel his hands run up your thighs and roughly push back onto both of your hips, pushing you harder into the tile behind you. You whimper in pleasure at the feel of his rough touch.

You look at him as you are swirling around in each others mouths, he has his eyes closed and is enjoying every second of having you in his mouth. You tease and massage his hair, which earns you another moan.

His hands slowly run up your hips and stomach, until they reach your breasts, he takes one in each of his large hands and slowly begins rubbing them, hard. You arch into him and cry out, pulling your head away from his lips. He smiles and begins to lick down the nape of your neck, all the way down your sternum, until he reached your breasts. You tug at his hair playfully, as you moan out in pleasure.

“That feels so good!” You cry out, tugging his hair into your skin, harder.

Suddenly, his mouth attacks your right nipple and sucks and swirls all around your breast over and over. “Mmmm.” He moans and vibrates into your skin, making you so fucking wet. You bite your lip and enjoy the sensation of his tongue all over you. His lips kiss and swirl over to your other breast and devour it in a circular motion, sucking and swirling, devouring and flicking your nipple over and over.

“Oh yes! Baby!” You cry out, pushing his head into you more and arching your hips into his. He detaches his lips for a moment, looking up at you hungrily, “You want me baby?” He asked lowly.

You look down at him, biting your lip and rapidly nodding your head. “Yes, Baby! I want you so bad!” You moan out to him. He smirks, his hands moving down to your ass and grabbing it harshly, before moving one hand back over in between your parted legs. His fingers trace up and down your folds and he feels how wet you are.

“Damn, girl. So fucking wet.” He says, darting his finger in and out of you a few time, before bring it up to swirl around your clit, making you buck into him and groan. He smirks and removes his hand, placing it back onto his aching cock, he needed to be inside you.

You part your legs in anticipation, staring at him as he pumped himself with his cock. He was so hard and so big. You lick your lips staring at him pleasuring himself, waiting to feel him inside you. Daryl stands up, looking directly into your eyes, and grabs his hard cock in his hand, guiding it to your pussy. You lock eyes and cannot look away, his stare was like pure fire, you loved to watch them stare you down as he fucked you. You lick your lips and he crashes back into your mouth, while moving his cock against your folds, pushing harshly into you.

You moan out in pleasure and pain, into his mouth. “Mmmm…..” You moan into him as his tongue caresses yours.

His hand moves up to the side of your clit and starts to run his index finger up and down you, putting as much pressure down onto you as he could, all the while slowly pumping into you.

You cry out again, “Fuck Yeah!” Moving your hips into him, fucking him back, as you got wetter with every thrust and movement by his finger on you. He built up a rhythm, he would stroke you and thrust into you, while pulling your hips into his with his other hand. You found his rhythm and dipped, bucked, and grinded in compliance, with every cycle.

The water dripped down on you both as you grind into him and he thrusts in to you over and over again, each time he put pressure on your clit and down your pussy. He looks at you as you lose control under his finger and his cock, his hips move slow and deep, watching you groan in pleasure. He then picks up his pace so you are bouncing against each other, he watches as you squeal and scream as he hits into you again and again. “Yes! Yes!” You scream in pleasure, your eyes closed, feeling every inch of him in you.

He groans and continues the pace you loved the most, he makes you bounce onto him over and over, as the water pours over you both. His pace picks up as he grabs your ass even harder, he growls at you.

“Oh Yeah!” His voice picks up in urgency and he grinds harder into your pussy as his dick pounds you.

You feel his cock tighten and harden even more inside of you and then he pushes hard onto your clit, over and over until you explode. You cry out at you cum all over him, as he fucks you hard, faster and faster, rubbing your pussy long and hard. You convulse a little at the pleasure. He watches as you cum because of him, and presses down harder alongside your pussy, making you cum again around him, screaming in pleasure as he fucks you.

He growls into your neck like a wolf and he licks you up the side of your neck, pulling your head back with his hand, to look at him.

“You ready for me?” He asks, fucking you harder than before, removing his hand from your pussy and grabbing your ass hard into him with it.

“Watch as I cum in you, baby.” He said and then drilled his forehead into yours, pinning both your heads into the tile as he moves his other hand to your ass, both hands now under your thighs, pull them around your waste and drill into you, hard and fast, over and over.

There is so much pressure it feels like you might break through the wall, you are crying out in pleasure as he fucks you so good.

“Yeah baby. Cum inside me baby.” You cry out, digging your heels into him, pushing him harder into you, loving him inside you.

You feel yourself building up again.

He stares at you seriously, as he thrusts strategically with every pump, seeing that you are ready to cum for him again, he tries to pump slowly without cumming before you. One thrust, you moan, he slowly shakes into you, hitting your clit with his core, while inside you. He thrusts like this in a slow rhythm, trying to control himself, he sees you start nodding in approval and slowly picks up the pace, while keeping the pressure on your pussy,

“Yeah baby! Just like that, please!!” You cry out and he continues his hard rhythm into you. You open your eyes and grab his face, pulling his mouth back into you as he thrusted into you over and over, harder and harder.

“Fuck yes, baby!! I’m cumming so hard!!” You scream out, leaning your head back and crying out in pleasure, experiencing the most intense orgasm of your life.

Daryl felt you cum, for the third time, and around him so hard. He smacked your ass as you came and thrust into you harshly over and over, as fast as you have ever felt, and you felt him cry out into your mouth.

“Fuck Baby!!” He said as his tongue swirled around yours in appreciation, as he explodes inside you, thrusting rough and deep into you as he cums, growling in pleasure.

He breaks his mouth from yours and kisses down your neck, before looking up at you. He smirked, pushing himself a little deeper into you. You moan as he pushes into you long and hard. You groan at him, still riding your high and pull his hair back to gain access to his mouth on your neck.

He pulls out of you and continues to devour your mouth, happily.

“That was so fucking good.” You say in between kisses.

As your highs die down, you both begin to feel and enjoy the warm water flowing down onto you both. You reach out, grabbing a clean washcloth from the sink, and a bar of soap you had set up. You lean back in to the shower, closing the door again, you begin to wet and suds the cloth. Looking at Daryl who smirks at you.

“I’m gonna wash you down real good.” You say in a sexy tone and snake your body under his arm, forcing him to turn around as you switch places in the shower, shoving him under the waterfall of warm water. The liquid flooded his hair, face, shoulder, chest, dick, legs, down to his feet. He closed his eyes in pleasure for moment, taking it in, before looking back at you.

You smile at him admiring his reaction, “Enjoy it, baby.” You say before continuing to suds the cloth up. You lean back on the opposite side of the shower stall and begin to suds up your own body, starting with your shoulders and neck, moving down to your sternum, to your breasts, you lean your head up and close your eyes as you feel yourself. You hear Daryl growl and your eyes snap open, he is eye fucking you, growing hard again, watching you wash yourself off. 

You bring the cloth away from yourself and walk toward him, crashing the cloth down on his chest and drudging it up and down, and then up and down his muscular arm, doing the same with his other arm. You snake your hand around his waist and begin to rub the fabric up and down his long, muscular back and shoulders, bringing it up to his neck. You twist your other hand around him, putting the soap onto the fabric again and rubbing it harshly, causing friction and more suds, you bring the cloth up to the back of his neck, then bringing your hands to rest on the front of his chest. You begin to rub the right-side of his neck, to the nape, and over to the left-side. He moved his head along with your fingertips motion, to allow you all the access you wanted from him. You bring the cloth up to his face, slowly tracing every inch of it, his forehead, his cheeks, down his nose and across his lips. You watch the cloth hit his lips and you lick yours, missing the feeling of them on you. He looks at you and smirks, pulling you into him, crashing his lips back into yours. He shoves his tongue inside of you again and begins to swirl it around yours, roughly.

You moan in delight, almost dropping the washcloth in the process, you catch it and bring it down to his ass, where you massage it into him, snaking it all around his backside and over to his hip, you rub feverishly, working your way to his cock, which is fully erect again. You use the cloth in your hand and pump his dick up and down a few times, making him moan into your mouth.

You drop the wash cloth, needing to feel him in your bare hands. You bring your hand back up to his dick and wrap it around, as he throbs under your touch. He moans again and kisses you even rougher, clanging his teeth into yours for a moment, feeling your hand grip around him.

You move your hand up and down a few times, staring at him as you enjoy his reaction. You smile, undoing your lips from him and taking a step back. You coyly push him back against the wall and begin to kiss and lick down his neck, sternum, stomach, until you are kneeling down in the shower, as the water pours down on his body. You kneel down in front of his huge cock and lick your lips. You look up at him and smile as he awaits your mouth, the look of want and need in his eyes are enough to make you want to touch yourself, but you focus on his cock in front of you.

You slowly lick up and down his shaft, slowly, tasting all of him. You swirl your tongue around his tip as you come back up him, making his hips arch into your face. You smile and slowly put his tip into your mouth, painstakingly sliding his cock down your throat, until it hits the back. You stop and slowly move him back out of your mouth, swirling at his tip again, as he exists you.

“Fuck Y/N!” He groans to himself, his eyes closed, loving the feel of your mouth around him.

You shoves his cock back into your mouth again, this time faster, you bob your head up and down him, his dick hitting the back of your throat harsher each time as he thrust into you in response. He put his hands in your hair and begins to thrust you into him, finding his own rhythm. You obey and continue to suck him off, bobbing your head in sync with his hand as it pulls your mouth over him, back and forth harshly.

You moan slightly, feeling yourself getting wet, your hand roams down between your legs and you start to rub your clit around and around harshly. You moan over him at the sensation of you getting yourself off. You look up at him as he thrusts your mouth over his cock and see he is staring down at you, eye fucking you again. He watches with low, lustful eyes as you play with your clit while sucking on his cock. He growls and shoves you deeper onto his cock, forcing you to gag a little. Your eyes roll back in your head and you regain your focus, rubbing over and over on your clit and sticking a finger inside yourself, darting it in and out, moaning onto his cock at the feeling.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum!” He cries out, shooting his head back and shoving you into him harder and harder. You suck, lick, and swirl around him, and shove him into you as hard and long as you can. You feel his hand erratically begin to thrust you over him, harder and harder until he slams you into him one more time and explodes down your throat. You swallow every sweet drop of his cum, licking and sucking your way up him, as his cock twitches in your mouth. His hand remains in your hair, softly caressing it as you lap up all of him in your mouth.

“Fuck! Take it!” He cries out in pleasure. You moan in pleasure as you lick up his cock. He tasted so fucking good. You thought as you lapped him up. While rubbing yourself harder and faster, you groan to yourself as you come all over your own hand. You remove him from your mouth when you are done, smiling up at him. He growls and looks at you with serious eyes.

“Fuck. I missed you too.” He growls, grabbing your hair pulling your head back.

You stand up and crash your lips back into his.

It went on this way for the next few days, you barely left your bedroom, finding every excuse to memorize each other in every way. When he wasn’t making you cum over and over, he was making you laugh with his idiosyncrasies, or holding you in suspense with the stories of him killing walkers and all the horrible people him and his group had faced and triumphed over.

You told him about your shitty, boring life in this hellhole your dad called home and how you wanted more than anything to be on your own. Whenever you described how miserable you were here he would reach over and put his big hand on your cheek and caress your skin, looking at you sadly, and placing a gently kiss on your forehead. You loved that.

When you did have to occasionally leave the room, for things like food and water, he always made a show of it. Puffing his chest out in his black shirt, walking in front of you, looking seriously at everyone he passed. He bumped Dwight on the shoulder every chance he got. Dwight of course just took it, looking down angrily, and walking swiftly away from the two of you. One day, Daryl stopped him, grabbing him by a familiar vest.

“Hey. Take this shit off.” He commanded.

You smirk a little to yourself, you loved his aggressive side. Dwight looked at you, questioning.

“You heard the man.” You say simply and gesture to Dwight, to take the vest off.

Dwight sighs and looks down, not wanting to know how many of the other Saviors were watching him be emasculated, by a prisoner of all people.

He rips the vest off and throws it at Daryl’s chest, Daryl catches it, and glares are the man.

“I’ll be back for my crossbow.” He says lowly, pushing his face into Dwight’s looking over him dominantly.

Daryl turns around, smirking a little at you, before nodding to you. You smile back and turn around, walking back up the stairs to your safe haven.

You began to lose track of time around the fourth day your father had been gone. It was so hard to concentrate with this man on top of you and his tongue all over you.

You cried out in pleasure as he pushes himself into you, you lost track of how many times he had made you feel this good, you just knew you were always ready for him. You nibble on the side of his ear, sucking up and down his neck harshly, as he pushes his cock into you long and hard.

“Yeah baby! Just like that!” You moan into his ear, digging your heels, that are wrapped around his back, into his skin harder as he thrusts into you, over and over. He growls wildly as he begins to fuck you harder, grabbing your ass and smacking it a little as he does.

“Yes!!” You cry out and push your hands into his back, pulling him closer into you.

He pushes you back hard into the bed and you drop your hands, falling in compliance. He stares down at you.

“I wanna watch you cum.” He says and grabs your hips with both hands, guiding your hips up into him, showing you his new rhythm. You cry out in pleasure, shooting your head back, as you find his pace and he slams up into you harder and harder, slamming pressure onto your clit with every thrust. You hear the headboard of the bed slamming against the wall, over and over, faster and faster, as he hits into you over and over. You hear him growl and groan as he fucks you so hard, you feel him slam into you again and again, and you feel yourself coming close to release.

“Fuck yeah, baby! Harder!” You cry out. He grabs the back of the headboard with both hands, removing them from your hips. He begins to fuck you so hard, the entire bed shakes. He thrusts into you harshly and fast, again and again.

You scream out in pleasure as he hits your clit with such intensity. You cum with him inside you, fucking the shit out of you.

“Fuck! Yes!! Make me cum! Just like that!” You cry out cumming around his throbbing cock as he slams into you.

He growls feeling you cum around his cock. He thrusts harder and harder, thrusting long and hard a few more times before exploding inside you.

“Fuck! Yeah! Y/N!” He cries out as you slam your hips into his as he cums into you, thrusting wildly.

You groan in pleasure, keeping your legs pinned behind him, trying to feel all of him inside of you for a few seconds longer. He pulls out and lays down on top of you, resting his head on the side of your neck, licking you up and down a little, before placing a rough kiss on your skin.

You smile down at him, wrapping your arms around him. You are both covered in sweet sweat and your hearts pound into each other. Your breathing returns to normal soon and you close your eyes, falling asleep with this amazing man pressed on top of you.

You slept through the night together and before you knew it the first rays of dawn began to dance across your window pane. You awoke early and smiled to yourself as you watched Daryl sleep soundly next to you. You wanted to do something special for him, so you got up, got dressed, and headed down to the kitchen to make you two some breakfast.

You tip toed down the stairs, one after the other, descending past the mostly still asleep servants, and down to the basement. You passed the cells that your man had once been trapped in, and to the locked double doors of the kitchen. You pull the keys your father had given you out of your pocket and slammed them quietly into the lock, twisting and turning until it popped open. You unwrapped the chains and let them fall to the side, as you pulled the double doors open. You walked into the dining hall, shut the doors behind you, and skipped happily to the kitchen.

You throw your hair in a messy ponytail and put a skillet on the stove, using a match to light the pilot light, while turning the knob on the side, a flame roared to life under the burner. You cracked a couple of eggs into the iron skillet and watched as they started to sizzle. You flipped the eggs a couple of times and threw them on a plate nearby. You shut off the flame and your eyes searched around the room, you smiled and grabbed a couple of whole peaches from a full basket that was resting on the counter. You grabbed a couple of bottles of water, tucking them under your arm, grabbing the plate of food, two forks, and headed out the door.

You sat your food down quickly to lock up again, before grabbing the plate and bottles again, and tip toeing back up the stairs, through the servants quarters and back up to your room. You slowly opened the door, looking at the bed, it was empty. You walked in into the room, closer to the bed and heard the door slam shut behind you. You spin around, almost dropping the plate in your hand, and see Daryl standing there with a smirk.

“You scared me!” You giggle a little before throwing the plate and the water bottles on the table next to you.

“Sort of the point.” He smirked, wiggling his eyebrow a little and rushed toward you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his mouth again. After a long intense kiss, you were left breathless again, as he moved his lips to your neck, sucking and swirling around your skin.

“I… I made you breakfast…” You say, trying to control your breathing, you loved the feel of his lips on your body, it made all sense of reason fade.

“Later.” He says, pushing you both back down to the bed.


You stayed in bed all day, memorizing every inch of each other, he loved to run his fingertips up and down your body, watching you moan out to him in pleasure. He loved to watch you come undone at the sound of his lips in your ear, as he whispered all the things he wanted to do to you. He loved to touch you in all the right places and watch you cry out in need. He loved to be inside you, making you cum over and over again, watching you scream out his name in satisfaction. He loved every part of you.

You felt the same, you’d never thought you’d crave one person’s touch so much, just the thought of him touching you and kissing you all over made you want to touch yourself. Just watching him stare you down across the room, made you want to run over to him and be wrapped in his arms. You always felt he was too far away if he was not touching you in some way. You loved the feel of his lips all over you, devouring every inch. You loved how he moaned out your name right before he explodes inside of you. You loved how he smiled so softly at you before he closed his eyes and drifted off to asleep. You don’t know how it happened, but this had been the best week of your life and you ached for even more of him.

It was getting closer toward dinner when you heard a familiar engine rumble, you shoot up in your bed, only a sheet is covering your naked body. You grab the sheet around you, leaving Daryl naked on the bed, staring at you in confusion. You walk to your window and see your father’s vehicle driving in, headlights on, as the sun sets in the distance.

“Fuck. He’s back.” You say and throw Daryl his new clothes. “Put those on.” You say and begin to grab your own clothes that were scattered to every corner of the room, from earlier events. Daryl stands up quickly and tugs on his clothes, pulling the black denim jeans over his hips, zipping and buttoning up, and then throwing on the black t-shirt, covering his chest, much to your dismay. He grabbed his socks and throw them over his large feet, sitting down on the bed to shove his feet into the boots that were sitting by his side of the bed.

You quickly slide into some panties, throw on and clasp your bra, shake out your jeans, slamming your legs into them, quickly shimmying them up, zipping and buttoning them closed. You throw on your white t-shirt, and quickly throw your hair into a ponytail. You look down and grab the sheet that is by your feet, throwing it to Daryl who quickly throws it over the bed, smoothing the fabric out, you throw him one side of a blanket that had spent most of the past few days on the floor, and you both lifted it up and gently placed it on the bed, tucking in the sides.

You quickly ran over and crashed your lips into his, you had to taste him one last time. He grabbed you into him passionately, and devoured your lips into his, swirling his tongue around yours over and over. He broke the kiss and looked at you with love in his eyes, he brought his hand up to your cheek, rubbing it with his thumb. He looked like he wanted to say something, he started to move his lips, when you heard a loud bang on your door.

“Y/N! Let me in!” Negan’s booming voice came from the other side of the door.

Your heart jumped at the sound of your father’s fist on your door, but you took a deep breath and composed yourself, trying hard to find the sarcastic bitch inside yourself.

“Coming, Dad…” You groan and roll your eyes.

You walk over and unlock the deadbolt, you open the door and find your father’s smiling face on the other side.

“Hey, kiddo!” He shouts and leans back, opening his arms for a hug.

“Hey Dad…” You say quietly and wrap your arms around him for a short hug. You detach from him and he tussles your hair, you groan and begin to fix the damage. He does not notice and walks around you, into your room, looking straight ahead at Daryl, who is standing still against your back wall, on his side of the bed. He stares stoically at Negan and then picks a spot on the wall to stare down.

Negan laughs and walks in, sauntering around your room. He drags his index finger, inside his black glove, over your table, to your dresser, to the back wall, dragging it across the surface until he meets Daryl. He lifts his finger from the back wall and brings it in front of Daryl’s chest, pushing it into him harshly.

“You.” He says shortly and stares at Daryl with a playful look in his eyes, waiting for Daryl to react, when he doesn’t Negan smirks and turns his head back to look at you.

“How did Dar-yl, do this week, Y/N?” He asks, excitedly. “I hope he was a good little doggy.” He says, laughing back into Daryl’s face.

You roll your eyes at your father’s words. “Jesus, Dad. Lay off. He did… he was a great help.” You say sounding oddly optimistic. Your father paused at your change in demeanor and behavior. You wiped the smile off your face and tried to remain stoic. Calm your shit. You order yourself in your head, taking a deep breath trying to calm your nerves.

Negan looks at you as you recompose yourself, he shakes off your odd behavior, and smiles, taking in your words.

“Well Holy Hell! Is this man finally ready to step up and be a team player?!” Negan asks out loud to himself, his voice booming.

“Not sure he wants to be one of your butt monkeys, dad. He likes protecting people. Not sure that will quite fit with your murderous overtones around here.” You scoff, turning a chair in their direction and plopping down on it.

“Easy, Y/N. That murderous shit pays for all this.” He says gesturing to your room and belongings.

You could get into that right now, but decide against it. You look at Daryl who is staring straight ahead, not saying a word, as Negan breathes down his neck.

“What do you think we should do with him, then?” He asks you, staring Daryl up and down.

“Well, I sure have been enjoying not having to watch my back every time I step out of here. I’ll keep him.” You smile to yourself, butterflies dance around in your stomach.

Negan nodded, “For now.” He breaks eye contact with Daryl and begins to walk over to the door, he stops and grabs your chin, staring you in the eyes, searching for the thing he couldn’t put his finger on. He knew there was something you weren’t telling him. You stared at him, putting all the innocence you had into your gaze. He seemed satisfied and dropped his hand.

“Dinner’s in an hour.” He said and you nod.

Negan glares back at Daryl, who has remained still, and then heads out the door.

You slam the door shut and lock it. You run over to Daryl, wrap your arms around him and begin to devour his lips again. He pulls you up into his arms, wraps your legs around his waist, and drives you both back onto the bed. He breaks his kiss and stares into your eyes, “What are we doing?” He asks, moving your hair to the side, to view your eyes better.

You bite your lip, your heart racing, every inch of you on fire for his touch again. “I don’t know. But I don’t want to stop.” You say and pull his lips back into yours, he groans as he slides back on top of you, tasting you wherever he could.

“Daryl!” You cry out in pleasure as he starts to undress you.


You sat down across from your father, trying to look a serious as you could. You tried to push the thoughts of what the man standing behind you had done to you just minutes earlier. You rubbed your face, hoping it wasn’t red, and smoothed down your messy hair. Daryl stood behind you staring blankly ahead on the wall, he too was trying to think of anything but how he had just made her cry out for him, over and over again. He cleared his throat, trying to push the thoughts aside.

Negan sat down across from you and stared back at Daryl, he looked Daryl up and down, suddenly realizing that Daryl’s infamous outfit was gone.

“Fuck Y/N. Did you give him my shit to wear??” He asked a little angry.

You scoffed, “Well, I couldn’t very well have him escorting me around in that dirty piece of shit he was wearing! I have standards you know dad?” You say jokingly, crossing your arms in defense.

He nodded after a moment, understanding your position.

“Fair enough.” He stated simply. You watch as Timothy walks in and pours your father some wine, he walks over to you and you nod to him, he fills your glass as well. He nods and heads out the door. He comes back minutes later, carrying two plates, on them are some steamed carrots, potatoes, and a couple of pieces of roast. The Sanctuary raised livestock that your father had confiscated from another group, so every once in a while meat was abundant. You breathe in the scent realizing how hungry you are, you had barely come up for air the past few days, too busy devouring Daryl’s body. Your mind races over more thoughts of you two and you stare absentmindedly at your plate.

“What’s the matter with it?” Negan asks, watching you with a questioning look on his face.

You snap out of your dirty thoughts and look up at him, embarrassed. “Sorry, I was just… Nothing. It looks great!” You say, trying to sound thrilled. You stab your fork into a carrot and raise it to your lips, you chew it up and swallow it.

You notice your father still has his eyes on you and suddenly his mouth drops a little.

“Well, I’ll be…” He says and smirks a little to himself.

“Is it true that my little girl has finally found a man to her liking?!” He shouts out, loudly.

You look at him in confusion, “What?… What are you talking about?” You ask.

He runs his finger down his neck, and then points to you, “Looks like someone has been doing some serious damage there.”

Shit. You must have had marks on you, you hadn’t even noticed. Undone by a hickey. Nice going Y/N. You say to yourself, angrily.

Negan laughs to himself, finding the situation thoroughly amusing, apparently. You reach up and cover your neck, as if somehow that would turn back time. Negan notices and shushes his hand out to you.

“Oh hell, Y/N. Just having a laugh. Relax.” He chuckles.

“So, who is this lucky servant of mine? Possible, son-in-law?” He says, stretching out every syllable as he spoke, with a shit grin on his face.

“I told you I wasn’t interested in any of them.” You said softly, but firm, rubbing your neck uncomfortably. You didn’t know if you should lie or not, but every part of your being wanted him beside you again, touching you.

Negan stared at you in anticipation. “Well, if not one of them, then who?” He asked, awaiting your response. You froze, unsure of what to do.

Suddenly, Daryl steps forward and puts his hand firmly on your shoulder, staring Negan directly in the eyes.

Negan’s eyes turn from playful to storm clouds in a matter of seconds as he puts the situation together. You reach up and put your hand over Daryl’s, looking a little afraid toward your father.

“I found a man that I want, dad. I didn’t expect it to happen, it just did…” You trail off, rubbing your hand over Daryl’s.

“What the fuck do you mean Y/N?!? How the fuck…” He stands up and paces angrily around the room.

“Timothy! Get Lucille now!” Negan louds out the door and storms back in pacing up and down the room.

You stand up, kick your chair to the side, and stand with your back buried in Daryl’s chest, pushing you both to the wall, until Daryl’s back slams against it, putting your body in front of his defensively.

“No, Dad! You aren’t going to hurt him!” You say, tears forming in your eyes, you try and choke them down, you try and remain tough.

“The fuck if I’m not! I ask him to watch over you and he takes that to mean, ‘Go Fuck My Daughter’??” He screams angrily and paces up and down some more.

“Dad! It was my choice, I started it. It wasn’t his fault… And it’s more than that, I think… I think, I love him.” You finish your sentence softly and look down, realizing this for the first time yourself. You feel Daryl wrap his arms around you, hugging you into him slightly, at your words.

Negan stops pacing and looks you in the eye, he had never seen you look this way, ever in your life. Hell if he didn’t know any better, he could have swore you were telling the truth. It was the same look your mother used to give him before she was infected. He missed her every day, but was comforted knowing his daughter was so much like her. He was startled when Timothy ran in, bat in hand, reaching it out to Negan.

Negan sighed, shook his head, and gestured it away. “Nevermind. Put her back.” He said. Timothy obeyed.

Negan walked back over to you two and looked you in the eye, Daryl dropped his arms and you stepped forward to meet your father.

He looked at you softly. “If this is really what you want Y/N, I’ll try to be okay with it. But if he hurts you…” He rambles off tightening his jaw.

You smile up at him and peck his cheek, “He’s not the type, dad.” You say happily. You turn back around and smile at Daryl who is looking questioningly at you both, not sure if he can relax or not. You smile and grab his hand, pulling him closer to you and your father.

You push Daryl’s hand out and grab your father’s and do the same.

“Daryl, this is my father. Dad, this is Daryl.” You say and they shake hands.

“Nice to meet you, Daryl.” Negan says, with respect for Daryl in his voice, for the very first time.

Fallout pt. 1 | Jungkook

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 |

Masterlist | Fallout Masterpost + Trailer

Genre: Mature | Angst | Post-Apocalyptic AU

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Length: ~4k

Synopsis: After the bombs fell, there was nothing on the world besides grey; grey skies, grey pastures, and grey people. The world had been devastated, and the sole motor of your every action was pure instinct because, deep inside, you only wished you had died with the majority of human kind. There was no good people left in that world, not even you, and when his dark figure hovered over you and brought you forcefully with him you confirmed it.

They were no good either.

TW: MATURE CONTENTS | Swearing, mentions of abuse/rape, blood, violence, gore, “zombies”, sexual contents/references

A/N: ED | I’m editing the series slowly because this is one of the first things I EVER wrote and I’m not 100% satisfied with it! Bear it with me while I edit this monster and pray for my soul :)

(*) If you see an ED is that the chapter has been edited and that I’m one step closer to feel proud of this story.

Originally posted by plumpark

It was unbearably hot, and it was not because the weather was acting against you or that September was still reluctant to leave summer behind. The stifling sensation you felt had a very simple explanation. You had been running through the forest for what felt like hours, until sweat had drenched your already malodorous clothes and your legs felt like they would collapse at any moment if you did not stop.

Only when the feebleness of your limbs became unbearable you allowed your body to give up and your knees to meet the damp soil. You had an excuse, though. For the third day that week you had heard the barely audible creak of brittle leaves not far from your position, a sound so faint you should not have been able to perceive it, but that somehow had completely changed the atmosphere of the woods you were crossing by. After you heard that sound, your stance was no longer relaxed and you always kept a tight grip over your bow and an arrow on the rest, ready to fly.

You were being followed, you knew it with as much certainty as you knew there was a ground under your feet and a leaden sky over your head, and whoever was chasing you was very good at it. That person was proficient enough to surpass your own ability, and that was a very dangerous possibility.

In the deafening silence that had conquered the withered forest, in which neither the rustle of the wind nor the sound of small creatures creeping around you could be heard, your stomach grumbled as loudly as it could possibly do. It was more of a roar, that made you curse your bad luck aloud in a string of expletives that seemed to know no end, and hope for your pursuers to be at a fair distance, so they could not hear the complaints your famished stomach was uttering.

Resources were now even scarcer than they were when the outbreak started. What little was left in buildings and stores had become the most valuable goods, and survivors killed and died over products that not long ago could have been considered basic and unimportant. After the day bombs fell over the main cities in the country, even tampons had become luxury products, so you were grateful for each and every item that was left in your bag, whether it was a Band-Aid or a package of stale cookies. In the woods everything was dead. There were barely no animals or edible plants, and the cities were too dangerous to set foot on them, which meant you, and what was left of mankind, were screwed.

The world you knew was dying and you were witnessing its last breath.

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It was never about a TV show.

I’ve been in several TV fandoms over the years. Star Trek, Mork and Mindy, Beauty and the Beast, Moonlighting, Doogie Howser, 90210, Dark Angel, Ally McBeal, Doctor Who, House, Lie to Me, Burn Notice, Firefly, Gilmore Girls, The Office, HIMYM, White Collar, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Outlander, etc.

I’ve always loved watching TV shows with other people and analyzing the story, the characters, the ships, the writing…I get thinky and geek out. I love it. For almost a few decades, I’ve had my husband to do that with.

So, when my husband decided to stop watching OUAT with me after season four, I came here. Why? Because people out there think I’m weird when I talk spec, talk headcanons, multiship, get excited over a fictional wedding, or watch/read spoilers and talk about them. When I’m, y’know…me.

I’ve made some great friends who were simply fellow geeks. Why? Because you let me be me. You tell me it’s not only okay, but it’s awesome. Because you get the obsession, the excitement, the unabashed joy when a show or movie or book or comic series or game or thing is great. You get the disappointment, the sadness, the rage, the upset, the sick feeling in your stomach when something goes down and it means your favorite thing is about to change or go away.

When Star Trek: TNG went to movies and wasn’t my constant…

When my OTP finally got together on Moonlighting and then the writing went to shit…

When they cancelled Dark Angel just as the cops and the transgenics were at a standoff…

I rage quit Ally McBeal when RDJ went to prison and Larry left. That Sting solo is still my fave

FIREFLY. No explanation needed.

FUCKING DOOMSDAY. Pink and yellow papercut was my LOVE on Doctor Who.

(same show): When the Ponds got taken by Manhattan.

House and Cuddy. WTF.

When Matthew died on Downton Abbey, I didn’t watch for a whole season. I was in mourning.

Hydra Cap

And then Once Upon a Time killed Killian a handful of times, and killed Robin, and here we are.

I don’t know if I’ll watch season 7 of OUAT, if it happens. I might not like it. If I don’t, I don’t. I’ll figure things out. I get why Jennifer left, and that’s cool. She and I are the same age. I just made a huge life-change as well. It happens. It doesn’t mean I’m not worried about Emma, or Henry, or Hook, or the Charmings, or Regina, or Storybrooke.

But I’ve been here before, and I’ll be here again, I’m sure. So will you. The only constant is change.

So, I’ve got your back, and you’ve got mine, no matter what show or movie or book comes next.

I’ll get sappy and personal under the cut:

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Jang Su Won 101: Jang-Hub

While all the other members had been friends with at least one of each even before they came together as jekki, Suwon was the only one who had a formal audition and was a ‘stranger’. And he often says he became a member just so that jekki can have one more member than H.O.T.

But ironically, Suwon was the ONLY one who kept in touch with all the members for 16 years, and the one who wanted a reunion the most.

1. Suwon and Jiwon

I almost forgot, my dongsaeng Jang Suwon finally gets discharged in two days and comes back as a singerㅋㅋ Jekki fans rise~~~ (Sorry) Good night^^*

-10/18/2011, Jiwon’s twitter

Jang Suwon discharged… Good job Suwon, I’m proud of you

-10/18/2011, Jiwon’s twitter

2. Suwon and Sunghoon

I’m just seeing my friend… Why do people have so much to say about it

-09/06/2013, Suwon’s twitter

Is everyone doing well?ㅎ Tomorrow, our Sunghoon-ie’s new song is coming out.! Everyone please leave everything behind and listen to it tomorrow at 12.! You’ll do it without me telling you to, anyways. This is an order!!ㅋㅋ Thank you, and I beg youㅎ

- 04/14/2014, Suwon’s twitter

3. Suwon and Jaeduck aka J-Walk (one post will not be enough to cover the history of these two)

Jaeduck: To be honest, we still don’t know why Jekki disbanded. We need to do it again someday. But even if Jekki can’t get back together, I’m never going to separate from Suwon. It was Suwon who helped me get back up after Jekki disbanded.

Suwon: When we debuted as J-Walk, people said things like “What can the two of you do? Things are different now”. So we worked even harder so that we won’t disappoint our fans. Maybe that’s why we’ve gotten comments about how our music is more mature than jekki’s. One day, Jekki will get back together. But not now. We have to work hard and improve ourselves before that day comes.

-2002, J-Walk Interview

People have been saying he should use this as a chance to become a solo artist Jang Suwon. Jang Suwon laughed and dismissed this saying ‘No because Jaeduck hyung will desert’. “I’ve never been apart from Jaeduck hyung. Even when we couldn’t do anything for 3 years because of issues with our company, he was there with me. Members of Clon and Can are around 10 years older than us but both groups are still together. Sending Jaeduck hyung to military, I thought I want us to be like them. I’ll just remain as a J-Walk member.”

-2008, Suwon’s Interview

4. Suwon and Jaejin

Ay~ Drunkard do you still live in alcohol barrel? Come down to Gangnam! Call me when you do~ Also I’m adding you on Cyworld~ Your nose is still big^^

-10/20/2004, Jaejin’s wall on Cyworld

5. Suwon and Jiyong

Suwon: Do you want me to call him right now? We’re still in touch, and I just saw him recently. And actually, not too long ago, Jiyong’s name appeared #1 on trending search. So I texted him ‘Why is your wedding such a big deal’, and he said he was surprised too. From his perspective, he wasn’t trying to tell people about it so it must’ve been a little overwhelming. But we think it’s a good thing. People still remember him, and care about him.

-12/05/2013, J-Walk Interview

6. Suwon and the fans

^Suwon meeting his fans in 2015 at a restaurant; this is honestly so precious and made me realize how close he is to his fans. For a while, Suwon kept two phones so that his fans could text him. He used to sing at old fans’ weddings too. 

Sometimes it really amazes me how smooth he is in terms of relationships. He seems to have a really solid understanding of each member, and knows how to compliment them and make them feel better. He’s so good at making fun of them, but also knows the perfect timing to stop. People call him a robot, but deep in his heart, he knows us fans think of him as a superstar and he prides in that. Humble, but confident. 

Let’s all appreciate Suwon. His self-esteem, his smoothness, his loyalty, his singing, his dancing, and of course, his face.

one and only - jeon jungkook

Originally posted by jeonify

pairing: jungkook x reader (Y/N)

request: bestfriend!Jungkook, your significant other is jealous of your                          relationship with jjk and ends up cheating on you.

word count: 1533

genre: angst

authors notes: !!!!TRIGGER WARNING!!!! mentions of bad childhood                                 episodes (abandonment + suicide) and depression as well                             as anxiety. please don’t continue reading if this bothers                                 you! Text messages are included in this scenario.
                          Alcohol mention, cheating mention.

[chapter .02]       

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anonymous asked:

Hc's for Alpha/Omegas with large age gaps? Say an Alpha 15 years older than his Omega?

Interesting, interesting. I’ll write some, but I’ll have to put some tws. I know you sent this to me forever ago, my bad boo. I think I wrote some hcs and then lost them all when my computer died. :) These headcanons are going to be written with the Omega being thought of being 18 to 21 years old, I’m not really cool with teens dating people who are their dads. 

  • - omega developing a daddy kink because of how much older their alpha is 
  • - ^ similarly an alpha developing a mommy kink with an omega that is much older than them 
  • - for the alpha/omega who are older, people their age look down at them a little because they should be dating someone their age because their mate is just a pup, in a sense
  • - i think in these relationship their would be a lot of roleplaying between the omega and alpha 
  • - people continuously asking the alpha if their mate is their kid or something related.  
  • - * in the omegaverse though this was probably common place back in the day an older alpha was usually more well-off and was likely stable.
  • - ^ like this would be in the time where omegas would be married off for different reasons. like for estate reasons or things of the like 
  • - * Omegas probably go for older alphas because they’re seen as more mature and not practically humping their legs in the club.
  • - alphas’ instincts are usually doubled when their mate is younger, not because of pup thing, but because their mate’s are often small and stuff.
  • -  * Older alphas typically look and sound tougher as well (think the difference between a young lion and an older lion), and some omegas really dig the salt n pepper look
  • - * An older alpha can keep their head on strait during rut and some omegas like that their partner still has some sense when they go into heat.
  • - * Older alphas don’t tend to be morning people but omegas almost always are no matter the age, so the omega is usually the one up with the coffee ready for their grumpy s/o
  • - the alphas are for sure way better dads than younger dads, like they would know right off the back of their hands what their pup wants 
  • - the omega feeling more safe with their older alpha
  • - older alpha/omega loving to take care of their mate in anyway they can 
  • - * some post menopausal omegas love dating younger alphas because they still love that wild, rough rut-sex
  • - * ^ but also younger alphas tend to be more affectionate than older ones who’d just dote on their mates with gifts and some older omegas prefer the affection over a nice bracelet.
  • - * ^ That being said, it’s usually the opposite for older alphas and younger omegas. Some older alphas can’t get enough of spoiling their omega and some omegas can’t get enough of being spolied
  • - * it’s sad though when the much older s/o dies and the younger one has to spend a few decades without them.
  • - ^ in that case i think the older alpha/omega would be very affectionate to their mate because they are older and closer to death. 
  • - i think the older alphas would have a bigger pregnancy kink, either because they are more or less fertile 
  • - older alpha/omega constantly being worried that their mates will leave them for a mate thats their age

* hcs made by @lazerkitty96

I didn’t know what to write for this topic. Hmm, hope you like these. 

Can’t Hurt You Anymore » Joe Sugg

Request: Idk if u r still doing it but for the Drabble challenge how about 18, 36, and 2 with joe sugg xoxo I love ur writing!!!


You were just seven years old when it all began — your parents had just gotten divorced and after struggling through custody battles for you and your older brother, you were left in the care of your dad whilst Y/B/N went to stay with your mum. It wasn’t long, though until your dad fell into the habit of drinking and through their mutual love for alcohol, he met the woman who would become your step-mum.

You lost contact with your biological mum and brother and any mention of the two was forbidden in the Y/L/N’s household; if you spoke of them, you would be harshly punished.

Things went from bad to worse when were 10 and with no protection from the malicious corrupt world, nor your guardians, you soon slipped into a life of torture and abuse.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please explain who is gunhee actually? Its been a while since ive been in the kpop fandom and i see this guy everywhere with heechul??? Is he heechul's bf?

hi anon! i think i might have seen this late oops sorry, didn’t get the little notification for some reason

so basically what we know about gunhee is that he and heechul went to middle school together at a vocational school in wonju. gunhee studied construction and heechul studied to be an electrician. they said they didn’t really know each other well and i don’t think they even have any photos together, but when they say they’re “best friends of 18/20/whatever number years” that’s what they’re referring to.

fast forward to summer 2011, right before heechul enlisted in the military he was on a show called secret. hyuna was on the show too and she was one of gunhee’s clients at the time so he was there styling her. gunhee and heechul recognized each other instantly and started hanging out afterward. this is also when gunhee started styling heechul’s hair. heechul’s twitter post from then is here, the rest of the above info comes from when they were on sstp

while heechul was in the military they seem to have spent a fair amount of time together, you can look through gunhee’s old tweets and heechul’s old weibo posts, they would go to movies and manga cafes and in the summer of 2012 they went to busan together which was when people started to notice their closeness (especially bc gunhee posted a photo of them with couple bracelets). and then when heechul got out of the military he made an instagram and started posting tons of pictures of them together, tagging them #gunheechul (which he made up, as far as i know fans had originally been using 2hee as their ship name), including the very suggestive one of them in bed together. and things have gone on from there. also of note is them kissing on we got married, and the somewhat infamous california trip after the supreme court legalized marriage equality where a bunch of people thought they were getting married (they weren’t, but they did post a photo of them in bed making little hearts with their toes, so)

officially gunhee is heechul’s hairstylist. unofficially…there are enough receipts out there to very much justify thinking that they’re dating (on which, see my gunheechul tag) and that’s my personal opinion, but they haven’t made any clear public statements about that. you might see people talking about them “breaking up” after gunhee responded to a comment badgering him about their relationship with “i have a girlfriend” about a year ago, but as his translator i stalk him pay attention to his sns pretty closely and haven’t seen any further evidence of this. hell i’m pretty sure that in the last year he hasn’t posted a photo of himself with any woman who isn’t his coworker, his client, his family, or married to someone else…though my memory could be faulty on that. in any case gunhee lives in singapore currently so he’s not spending as much time with heechul as he used to but their overall dynamic hasn’t changed.

whatever their relationship, gunhee is clearly a very important person in heechul’s life. heechul himself has said that gunhee is the reason he’s been doing so much better emotionally these days and i think we’ve all noticed the change pre vs post-military. so whether they’re dating in real life or just in my gay ass brain, gunhee is a person we should love and appreciate ^^

Nerdy Virgin Luke

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 10.000+

Summary: I wrote a song preference once and wanted to continue a part out from it. Would appreciate feedback and request if you want the other boys as well! ~ #61 End Up Here - 5 Seconds Of Summer | High School AU | His P.O.V

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