by the time this little baby grows up

My friends and I were planting crops in my backyard. We each had our own little square of land to work on. My crops were growing beautifully, and my friends were jealous. They all got together and pulled up each of my plants. When I realized they did this, I was very upset. At that same time, very small (smaller than average) baby animals came into my backyard. There was a particular small baby alpaca that I was trying to take pictures of. My friends made fun of me for taking the pictures smh. The small alpaca baby curled up on a daisy to sleep, and I got so emotional over it.

I have this au that I love deeply where Mikleo is a litteral seraphin (aka a little baby angel because come on, look at this face ! ) He lives in a forest near a village (called Camlann B3 ) and has to hide from the human because humans are bad and bring calamity with them, then taint or hurt angels.

Then one day he meets this little human kid called Sorey. They’re quick to become friends and Sorey come see him secretly almost every day. They grow up together and become closer and closer as the time pass by.

Adding the rest under a read more because I basically wrote the whole plot of a story XD

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a star wars a new hope AU bunny

See, I probably need to get this out here before it’s potentially jossed by the next new episodes.

In the meantime, consider:

Luke Skywalker being a young Daddy to baby Rey by the time A New Hope begins.

Rey’s Mama has not been fridged, btw.  By mutual agreement, Luke is raising the kid himself and Mama just visits.  Luke still wants to get off Tatooine, but he wants to bring his kid with him because he doesn’t want the little one growing up always and forever wondering about her biological parents, just like he did. 

So Luke has Plans, okay?  He wants to travel the stars but he wants to embark on this adventure with his little girl.

So imagine Luke’s terror when he comes back home to the homestead and finds Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen dead.

Imagine his relief at finding Rey, quiet and terrified in some secret cubbyhole that the Larses once devised for baby Luke.  She was quiet, because Aunt Beru told her to be.  And so she was never found by the stormtroopers. 

Obi-Wan Kenobi, knowing the possible Disaster Scenarios in leaving Rey Skywalker behind (even if she was to be hidden with her biological mama), encourages Luke to bring his toddler with him. 

Han made the obligatory grumbles about having kids on his ship but they’re really just for show and basically Chewie has declared that he’s adopting the Skywalkers, even as he’s happily cuddling the baby girl. 

Han cannot protest. 

When Rey meets her unknown “Aunt” Leia, she takes to the Princess immediately.  

Also, Ben Kenobi does not get killed on the Death Star.  He’s got Skywalkers to look after.  Again. 

Also, Rey would be Very Unhappy with him if she doesn’t have her Grandpa Ben. 

Luke Skywalker has an even bigger reason to make that Death Star shot. 

When a certain wheezy Dark Lord of the Sith finds out the name of the Rebel pilot who destroyed the Death Star, he’s understandably Pissed Off.

When he finds out that said Death Star Destroyer is a happy Cinnabon Roll Sunbaby with his own precious happy Cinnabon Roll baby girl, welp - this just in:  Darth Vader Defects to the Rebel Alliance. 

SMH Favorite Christmas Songs

@prettygeeks and i have the best conversations

Holster: This boy is half Jewish but he is SO into Christmas and is that person who listens to music November 1. Like the true rom-com nerd he is “All I Want For Christmas” by Mariah Carey is his #1 (though he also attempts to sing every harmony to “Carol of the Bells. It’s only a semi-disaster)

Ransom: “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by Mariah Carey. Actually, he and Holster are constantly blasting her Christmas album and sometimes they both end up in tears marveling at her talent. These boys. 

Bitty: “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree”. He rocks around the kitchen to this, in a festive holiday apron whipping up enough cookies and pie for every person he has every met in his life. Jack Zimmermann’s heart grows three sizes each time he gets to witness it. 

Jack: “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” by Frank Sinatra like the big ol’ sap he is. “From now on, our troubles will be miles away” Damnit Jack.

Shitty: Listen, this boy will rant for hours on how problematic Christmas is, but when “Dominck the Donkey” comes on he LOSES HIS MIND. 

Lardo: “Christmas Wrapping” by the Waitresses. No explanation needed. 

Dex: He tells everyone it’s Bruce Springsteen’s cover of “Merry Christmas Baby” but it’s actually “Merry Christmas Darling” by The Carpenters (#SecretSoftie). 

Nursey: “Someday at Christmas” by Stevie Wonder but he also has a love for “Sleigh Ride” and a secret desire to ride in a horse-drawn sleigh through a snowy forest. He tells everyone this when he is drunk. Chirps fly. (On their first Christmas as a married couple, Dex makes this dream come true.) 

Chowder: The entirety of the A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack. And when “Linus and Lucy” comes on, everyone must dance like a Peanuts character. And they all do.

+ bonus Parse: “My Only Wish” by Britney Spears. Good god, Kent. 

RFA + V and Saeran reacting to an MC whose ready to start a family

ヽ( >∀<☆ )ノ

Zen was surprised to say the least, he worked a lot of hours and wasn’t sure his house was baby proof yet. He’d like a family, just hopes he’d be a good dad. He would like to plan it out a little bit though, definitely wants to move before you guys settle down because his apartment and neighborhood is not a very good place for a kid to grow up in. After all that is settled and he gets shorter hours, he’d love to have a baby ( or two ) with his angel. When you’re pregnant he’s the absolute sweetest with everything. Mood swings? Takes them like a champ. Cravings? Drives to the store at midnight. Lots of affection and foot rubs. Keeps an ultrasound picture in his wallet of all times.

Jumin isn’t too for it at first, were you not happy with just him? He really doesn’t want kids right now, he’s content with you and Elizabeth the 3rd. He has no idea how to be a father either, he’s terrified of the idea itself since his father wasn’t exactly the best. Definitely needs a lot of time to wonder on it, but he’ll come around after a lot of thinking. If you want a baby with him, he wont refuse. Lots of preparation beforehand, everything a baby would need or want he’ll buy before you two are even trying. He’s constantly nervous when you’re pregnant, will panic whenever braxton hicks happen. Even though he’s jumpy he’ll settle down eventually, even enjoys watching how you grow. Tons of research, reads a billion baby books.

Yoosung is so excited, he’s always wanted a big family. He’s hinted at it before, but he was never sure if you were ready or not. Practically can’t wait to start trying, he’s constantly asking if you feel any different or if something’s off until finally you become pregnant, he’s over the moon and calls everyone he knows as soon as you tell him the news. He wants to move to a bigger place right away, and with Jumins help he does. His tiny place wasn’t even big enough for the both of you, let alone a baby. In pregnancy he’s so sweet but the mood swings scare him a lot, he’ll take them but will just stay quiet through the whole ordeal. Lots of belly kisses, always says goodmorning to you then goodmorning to the baby right after.

Seven is a mix of Yoosung and Jumin, he’s dreamed of having a family but he’s always thought it would never happen so he crushed those pipe dreams a long time ago. Once you say you’re ready he needs a few minutes to think about it but he’s definitely down to create a couple of spawns. Tells Saeran to get a hotel for a few days while you guys are trying to make him an uncle ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ
He won’t start to baby proof the house until after you’re pregnant since he’s sort of lazy and wants to wait until you’re sure. He’ll deep clean the whole place making sure there’s nothing a baby could get into, puts those little socket protectors on everything too so little fingers can’t work their way in there.
He likes to draw on the baby bump a lot, sometimes faces or words. But once you find out you’re having twins is when he’s even more excited and nervous. He’s getting two for the price of one, what a steal!

V is ecstatic since he absolutely loves children and babies. He’s always wanted a child that he could teach his ideals to and help them learn and grow. He’ll literally jump when you tell him you’re ready, he’s been ready for so long for this. But you guys have trouble getting pregnant, it takes a super long time before you finally do. A little over a year and a half, right when he was starting to give up the hope of him becoming a dad. He’s so excited when it finally happens, shows you off to everyone once you start to show a little baby bump.
Hey, did you know my wife’s pregnant?
To literally everyone, even people in the grocery store. It’s sort of embarrassing but he’s just so overjoyed he can’t help it.
He’s the sweetest out of all of them during pregnancy, he genuinely thinks that the changes in your body are natural and so beautiful. Traces every stretch mark with soft kisses and touches. Lots of hugs in front of mirrors so you can see how gorgeous you look through his eyes.

Saeran flat out says no. It’s harsh but he doesn’t want a child, not now not ever. He can’t deal with it, he has too many issues in his mind to raise a kid. He’s so happy with just you, he doesn’t want it to be ruined. It’ll take years before he finally says yes to it, even then he’s still not sure. He still doesn’t know everything about babies and how that all works so he reads a lot of books first. He’s not too romantic during pregnancy, maybe some massages and kisses but nothing more deeper past that. Will argue with you over moodswings sometimes, but he’s never really mean about it. He’s nervous but Saeyoung also helps him out a lot, reassuring him that he and you were there to guide Saeran with whatever he needs. It’s nice when he does get excited over tiny things, like watching the baby kick or buying clothes. Gets a lot of black leather for them even when you say babies can’t wear that. His babies gonna be the coolest around, no exceptions.

My Sweet Boy

October 24 2014

My baby boy Matty is growing up! I went to kiss his little pink cheeks today and they seemed less chubby. His adorable dimples don’t go as deep as they used to.

October 26 2014

I cried all day today. Matty refused to take my milk for the first time. I feel like he’s already growing apart from me.

October 31 2014

Happy Halloween! Matty started eating a little grownup food the other day and he loved it! I’m still a little sad our Mommy-Son bond is going away but he still seems to want my milk sometimes. I bet he can tell how happy I am to give it to him. There’s nothing like that feeling of closeness, don’t you think?

November 2 2014

I am so mad at Matty I could scream. Five times he pushed me away when I tried to feed him! FIVE! I guess I’m a useless old cow whose milk isn’t good anymore.

November 3 2014

I let Matty try some crushed up candies the other day. He LOVED them! He took handful after handful of the powdery stuff and kept whining for more. At least he was happy when I gave it to him. He smiled every time. Still, those dimples just didn’t look as cute as they used to.

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Opera inspired names for your BABY GIRL:

Looking for a classic, unique, musical name for your female newborn? Then you might consider these meaningful, classy girl’s names for your daughter:

- Turandot . A beautiful, empowering name for your little one, who will no doubt grow up to be a fiercely independent and strong woman. (Downsides: her name being constantly mispronounced might turn her into a ruthless beheader of men after the millionth time she has to repeat “it’s Tooh-Rahn-DOT not Tooh-rahn-DOH. It’n not French, it’s Tatar.”)

- Lucia . If you love italian opera so much you’re unsure if you want to pay tribute to the memory of Donizetti’s, Puccini’s or Mascagni’s heroines, just go with Lucia, and no one will never know if it’s the Lammermoor, the Boheme or the Mamma one. In all three cases this name and the epic narratives attached to it will make sure your daughter knows that tenors are bad for your emotional, psychological and physical health, and should be avoided at all costs.

- Leonora . A.k.a, every spanish opera heroine ever, who usually dies at the end of the opera either because she decided to kill herself not to suffer being raped by an evil baritone, or she got stabbed by her obsessively vengeful brother after years of relentless stalking. A great name if you want to honor your catholic faith, as most Leonoras end up having something to do with monks sooner or later in their (rather short) lives.

- Violetta . The ideal flower name for your sweet baby girl! The fact that it’s technically a 19th century terminally ill woman’s stripper name might not be ideal, though.

A Baby Adult’s Guide for Adults-To-Be

So I’m twenty, which doesn’t really make me a fully-fledged Adult, but it does make me like a level one adult so I’m gonna make a little post of advice for those younger than me who are approaching Baby Adulthood for the first time. Not that there’s a second time. Anyway.

Notes: I am based in the UK so this is true for England; some things might be different in other countries. Also, this is all my personal advice from me and my friends’ experiences so disclaimer: I am not an expert don’t take this advice as gospel.

  • When you leave school: 
    • take last-day pictures. obviously. 
    • it’s true that you will now have your pick of anything you want to do, your everyday life is not dictated to you by law anymore. this is not necessarily a good thing and it will take SOME TIME to learn how to make your own choices and build your own life. 
    • it’s true that as soon as school is over (assuming you get the grades you needed for uni if you’re going to uni), your grades, your social standing, etc. will not mean anything. you know what will? your extra-curricular stuff and your close friends. 
    • (seriously, if it isn’t too late, don’t give up your hobbies. if there’s something you wanna do or try or get into, try it while you’re young; by the time you get to uni, it’s way harder to try things without already knowing how to do them, because a lot of people in the extra-curricular clubs will be ahead of where you are. not getting a head start at skills I wanna build is my obstacle as an adult rn.)
    • try to keep chatting on the group chat. ours hasn’t been dead for a single day in the two years since we left school, and it’s what keeps us all friends. school is such a great friend-making environment, you might not get such a great chance to socialise that regularly again. 
    • (that being said, it’s okay if you’re not close to anyone at school; you can meet new friends as an adult, of course)
  • If you can resist it, try not to watch youtubers’ vlogs, especially those who are your age: their life seems painfully attainable, but you’ll be giving yourself overly high expectations. These are not ‘normal lives’ and you can be happy with far less than they have.
  • Find a hot beverage that you like and start every day by making yourself one. it creates the illusion of routine, which is something you lose when you leave school tbh.
  • On living away from your parents’ house:
    • have a first aid kit containing bite and sting cream, anti-bacterial fluid, painkillers, plasters/band aids, cold medicine, and bandages. yes, bandages. you honestly never know. case in point; I broke my toe yesterday and I am glad af I had bandages. 
    • if your parents are good, get them to keep their phone on or near them at all times, even at night, in case of emergency. never be afraid to text them adulthood-related questions.
    • it’ll feel weird at first, but soon you’ll be amazed at how well you can cope on your own. 
    • don’t forget to pack empty containers/bags etc. it’s the easiest thing to forget to pack.
    • remember your room is truly private now; express yourself however you like in there.
  • You will probably be alone a lot more. be prepared for this; it can be surprisingly hard. But, you’ll realise how invaluable your own inner voice can be to yourself. You might start referring to yourself in third person. that’s fine.
  • If you get to bed at a reasonable hour, set an alarm for the morning even if you don’t have to be up. don’t do this all the time, you need lie-ins sometimes, but waking up at noon by default will screw your body and your day up. 
  • Food:
    • if you don’t buy the unhealthy option, you can’t pick it when it comes to eating time. so buy margarine instead of butter, brown instead of white bread, quorn instead of meat, etc. 
    • but make sure there is always some kind of sweet treat available.
    • always keep an easy/ready meal in the freezer for days when you can’t/don’t want to cook. 
    • make a side-salad while your dinner is cooking to make your meal insta-healthy. 
    • brinner (breakfast food for dinner) is occasionally a good idea. 
  • Walk places if you can. It saves bus fare and counts as exercise.
  • Try not to have lunch/dinner out on your own, if you have a choice; this saves money for when someone asks you to have lunch/dinner with them. 
  • Practical things:
    • forty degrees (Celsius) and short wash/eco cycle is fine for 99% of your clothes. most clothes are less fussy and delicate than our parents would have us believe. just make sure they dry somewhere warm, or outside, or they’ll smell damp. 
    • if you can afford all-in-one laundry pods they make life so much easier.
    • in winter, have the heat on for about two/three hours in the morning and the same in the evening. adjust as appropriate. 
    • multi-surface anti-bac wipes can clean everything. 
    • to clean a toilet, gently pour bleach around the bottom of the rim where the flush water comes out, in a circle around the whole bowl, brush with a loo brush, then flush. clean the rest with wipes. 
    • a no-wipe/no-scrub daily shower spray you can use after every shower saves deep cleaning it. 
    • keep every manual. all of them. 
  • Taking a ton of personality/aptitude tests seems like a gimmick but it’s a great way to start getting to know yourself; you’ll need to get to know yourself now you’re making your own choices. 
  • There is no ‘right way’ to do grocery shopping. there is no ‘right way’ to do most things like that. you just have to let yourself find your own method.
  • Car stuff:
    • if in doubt, pull over and call your parent(s)/a friend.
    • you can drive while you’re having dizzy spells but you probably shouldn’t.
    • the same goes for worn out break pads. 
    • the longer you leave a problem unchecked, the worse it can get.
    • Park and Ride services are great.
    • learning to change a tire is probably a good idea. 
    • if you can afford to fill your car all the way up, you’ll be thankful for it later. 
    • keep an emergency/overnight bag in the boot/trunk. 
  • Choosing your life routes/goals/career/uni course:
    • most other people don’t know what they’re doing, either. 
    • pick a course you enjoy, not just one you want to work in; you probably won’t end up with the job you’re planning on anyway. 
    • having no goals and no idea is not an evil; life is so unpredictable that what you work towards is rarely exactly what you get anyway.
    • don’t make snap decisions not to do things. do make snap decision to do things. 
    • if you can find someone willing to share what they think you should do, it’s fine to ask. they might give you a great idea you didn’t think of. just don’t let them decide for you. 
    • keep a simple diary of everything you do and record how much you enjoyed it, how invested your were in it and how energised/exhausted it left you. then look back and you’ll be able to see what you like doing and what you don’t, and therefore how to choose what makes you happy.
    • ‘follow your dreams’ is nice idea that can leave you super disappointed with a perfectly happy life. choose passion if you can, but always stick to realism. shoot for the stars but don’t expect to reach them; imagine you’re shooting an arrow or throwing a discus, aiming beyond the target in order to hit it. 

This got way too long. I’m thinking I should stop.


Happy birthday Lohan ♡

Yesterday, my wonderful little boy turned two ! Two years ago we became parents for the first time and I am so emotional to see how he’s growing so fast… He amazes us everyday and we’re so blessed to have an amazing little man like him in our lifes.

Of course, yesterday it was party all day, from the time we woke up until bedtime ! He has been really excited lately about his birthday and you should have seen his smile as soon as he woke up to blow his two candles on the chocolate cake that I had baked early in the morning. It was priceless

We celebrated his birthday party with close family and friends on the afternoon. Once again, my mother and Jackson’s mother had to come earlier to help with the food and the decoration. I am so grateful because it’s not really easy to do some things being 8 months pregnant. I’m really proud of them because everything was just beautiful and delicious, exactly the way I wanted.

Lohan received a huge amount of presents, which is totally crazy knowing that Christmas is like… next month… The party went very well and we were so happy to have Kelly (from the blog @little—adventures​) and her son Grey with us in this special day. Lohan really enjoyed playing with his little friend.

Kelly, thank you so much for coming and for the adorable present you got to Lohan, it’s the most adorable thing  and Jackson has already hung it in Lohan’s room. I hope you both enjoyed and I hope we will see each other very soon

The party was a success and ended up very well a few hours after Lohan blew out the candles around our family and friends singing happy birthday to him. He was really happy and I just want to say thank you to everyone that wished him « Happy Birthday ».

The rest of the evening went well, we had to clean everything. Of course, as expected bedtime after consuming so much sugar was a real disaster… Thankfully it’s only once in a year ! Haha !

Ordinary Valentine’s day

Got7 Jaebum


gif not mine


Valentine’s day, usually me Jaebum and our little boy Michael just watched movies all day and ordered food. Valentine’s day was our lazy day, because other days Jaebum or me was so busy we didn’t have time to relax. 

I woke up on Michael jumping on our bed screaming something about little sister. “Honey, you don’t have a sister.” I said as I tried to wake up. “But I want one.” Michael whined. Jaebum jolted up from his bed. “Really? You want a little sister?” Jaebum asked, turned to look at me and smirked. “Do you know how babies are made?” Jaebum asked. I kicked him under our blanket. “Grandma told me that babies come from heaven and she said that some babies are nice and some babies grow up to never meet their parents again like you dad. And then she said that get out of the kitchen, don’t touch the stove and go see what grandpa was doing.” Michael mumbled.

I wanted to laugh but I controlled myself. “Michael, do you want to spend the day with your grandma?” Jaebum asked and Michael nodded. “I’ll call her and tell that you are spending the day with her.” Jaebum said and got up from the bed.


After Jaebum’s mother picked Michael up I started getting dressed. “What are you doing?” Jaebum asked. 

“Going out…” I said. Jaebum shook his head and walked closer to me. “No,no,no. Michael wan’t a little sister.” Jaebum said and wrapped his arms around me. “But I…” Jaebum stopped me with a kiss. He unzipped my dress and pushed it down. His lips left mine and moved on my neck.

Jaebum started leading me to the bed and pushed me down on it. He took off his pants and shirt and crawled over me. He started leaving sloppy kisses down my body and he rubbed my clit with his finger. Jaebum was holding himself up with his other hand. Jaebum soon inserted his dick in me and started thrusting slowly. He kept leaving sloppy kisses everywhere. 

He soon started thrusting faster. Soft moans started leaving my lips, driving Jaebum crazy, he thrusted deeper and faster. I was getting close, I started to move my hips, trying to get Jaebum close too. Soon Jaebum’s thrusts got unsteady and sloppy. He came before me but he still thrusted few times before I came.

We were both lying on the bed, looking at each other.But the sound of Jaebum’s phone interupted us. It was Jaebum’s mother, she told that Michael wanted to spend the night over there. When Jaebum ended the call he looked at me and smirked. “We have time for few more rounds.” He said and crawled over me again.

~four weeks later~

I stared at the pee covered stick in front of me, Jaebum was making dinner for us in the kitchen. I saw the two lines, I screamed out of happiness and ran to the kitchen. Jaebum turned to look at me “What is it?” he asked. I showed the stick to him. He lifted me up and spun me around few times before putting me back down. 

“Mom, dad, what is it? Is mom ok?” Michael asked when he got out of his room. I looked at Jaebum and he looked at Michael. “You might get a little sister or brother soon.” Jaebum said. He was smiling from ear to ear as he explained what was going on to Michael

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Drabbles - 94

Did they hurt you?”  Yoongi

“No thanks,” you reply curtly, picking up the pace as you walk through central campus, headed back to your dorm. 

“Come on, it’s just around the corner. We’ve got beer, tequila, vodka,” the frat offers again, walking backwards on the grass as the two follow you. 

“Yeah, we’d have a good time,” the other says, grinning suggestively. “Dance a little… do some body shots…” He leers at you. “You got a body made for shots, baby.”

Call me baby one more fucking time and see what happens to you. You fume, trying to remain calm even when your irritation and fear are growing. “Look, guys, that’s–nice of you, I guess, but I just finished a research paper, and I just want to go ho–”

“All the more reason to check out the party!” The first guy interrupts, shouting. “You need to blow off some steam! Let loose a little. Come on, we’re doing this for you,” he says, and he grabs your arm.

“Hey!” You try to jerk your arm back, your backpack heavy with textbooks and your laptop making it harder to get away. “Let go!”

“God, will you listen to this girl? You’d think we were trying kidnap her, instead of just taking her to a great party,” the second guy jeers, moving behind your back to push you toward the frat house across the street.

“Stop! I don’t want to go to your fucking party!” You shout, wrestling against their arms. The guy at your back grunts when your bag slams into his thigh, his hands grabbing the tops of your arms too tightly. “Let. Me. Go!


You look up with stark relief. Someone had heard–

A slight figure is walking toward you, his black hood pulled up over his head. He’s wearing ripped skinny jeans and black converse, flashes of pale skin showing through the tears. You can’t see his face, but his appearance does little  to assuage your fear. The guy doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him, let alone muscle.

“The fuck you doing?”

You blink. Well, that growl is a bit more promising…

“Hey, man, we’re just headed to the party,” the first guy says, his hand still gripping your arm. “No need to play hero. It’s just a frat party.”

“Yeah. We’re just helping her get the stick out of her ass,” The second one adds, shaking you by the forearms. “I hear the quiet ones are always screamers in bed,” he whispers by your ear.

You’re about to start struggling again, when the hooded guy takes a step forward. 

“Drop the bullshit and let her go before I kick your ass.” A hand comes up and tugs the hood back. Bleached bond hair catches the light from a nearby street post.

Yeah?” The second one sneers at him, “You think you got what it–”

Shut up.”

The first guy is so pale that he looks like he’s about to be sick. He lets go of your hand like it’s on fire and takes several steps back.

“Dude, what’s your–”

Don’t you recognize who that is? That’s fucking Min Yoongi.”

Your mouth drops open. Min Yoongi? The guy that supposedly has ties to the mafia? The guy that took down three baseball players by himself? The guy that skips class, rides a motorcycle, and smokes like six packs a day? That guy?

“Fuck…” The second guy lets go of your arms, and the two of them take several quick steps back before breaking into a run in the opposite direction. For a confusing, fearful second, you wonder if you should run with them.

“You hurt?”

You jump at how close his voice has become and turn around to find Min Yoongi barely two yards away. “Uh–what?”

He sighs, sounding exasperated. “Did they hurt you?”

“Oh, um. No, not really. Just some bruises, I guess….Thanks,” you tell him, shifting on your feet awkwardly. Several beats of silence pass, before you tentatively say, “I guess I’ll head back to my dorm now? Thanks again, for scaring them off.”

“Which dorm?”

“Um….” you hesitate, wondering if the question is as sinister as it sounds. “The North Park dorm.”

“I’ll walk you there.”

“Oh!” You waver uncertainly, surprised at the offer. “You don’t need to do that. I’m sure nothing else will happen tonight. It’s fine, really. I’ll be fine, no need to–”

“Just start walking,” he orders you gruffly, turning on his heel and heading in that direction.

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So today I ended up working on this Kylux Daughter AU draft and then watched the end of About Time (ugh) and then all of Hungry Hearts (D:) and since I won’t post this story for months and I’m an impatient bastard I feel like posting a little preview now, so here it is. The story alternates between their daughter’s POV in the present and Hux’s POV in the past. The whole pregnancy premise is dubcon but neither of them carries the baby, she’s a Force/science miracle who grows in an incubator.


Her earliest memories are of waking up between them, either because she’d crawled into their bed after a bad dream or because one of them had fallen asleep beside her and the other had joined them in the middle of an off-cycle. Her father’s chest had seemed like an impenetrable wall back then, the kind of fortress that could protect her from anything. And she felt no fear when the ship was rocked by enemy fire, because her dad was in command, in control, and therefore everything would of course be fine. In her imagination Hux had built their ship by hand just as he’d made her. She understood that Ren had something to do with her creation, too, and imagined that a final, magical touch from him had brought everything Hux had carefully laid in place together.

The Force, and responsible science. That was where Hux said she came from.

From us, Ren said. Blood and soul.


Snoke wasted no time; he abhorred waste of all kinds. Hux knew this, and it was the only reason he had to hope that he would not be promptly executed following the loss of Starkiller. He could surely still be of some use, in Snoke’s view.

“You shall both be replaced,” Snoke said when Hux stood beside Kylo Ren, before Snoke’s holo projection.

Ren was cowed, cut up and unmasked, his head bent as if he’d expected to hear this. Hux was left wondering if this replacement would involve their deaths. He didn’t dare ask, kept his posture perfect and his face expressionless, his arms clasped behind his back.

“As punishment for disappointing me,” Snoke continued, “You shall each play a role in creating your joint replacement.”

“Sir?” Hux said, unable to hold this in. Even Ren had looked up in apparent confusion.

“I desire a child,” Snoke said. “Strong in the Force but collected in continence. I will raise this child myself, after it is old enough to feed and clothe itself, so that no mistakes will be made in the crafting of my ideal apprentice.”

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That bit of Verkwan backstory at Star Show 360 sounds so much like your classic BL manga where the two main characters meet when they’re young and one of them is taller/older than the other so he treats him like his little brother or some ‘I will protect you from this dark world’ kind of thing but as the time goes by the Cute one actually grows taller and bigger and with a big fascination/crush on the other while the other ends up still smol and cute and doesn’t know how to handle the new settling between them. It also kinda explains why Vernon seems to have lost any chill he had pulling shit like “my boo” and spanking him in front of the world like’s trying to show Seungkwan he ain’t a baby nor puppy no more. He’s a big boy. A man. And if Seungkwan gives him a chance, he could be his man. Seventeen never ends to surprise me please kept it going.

AU: Percy’s little sister
  • Sally and Paul got a beautiful girl
  • they asked Percy to choose a name for her
  • and he chose the name “Zoe” hoping that his little sister would be as brave as Zoe Nightshade
  • Zoe grew up in a beautiful and warm house
  • she always wait till the end of the summer every year to see her big brother
  • Percy and Zoe had the best brother-sister relationship
  • she leart a lot of him
  • Zoe always loved his girlfriend Annabeth and called her “sister”
  • Zoe always said that Percy was her “hero”
  • each year they grow up their realtionship get stronger
  • when Zoe was 10 Percy died in a quest 
  • she spent days crying and without food
  • when Zoe grew up and got married she had a beautiful baby boy
  • the first name that come to her mind is “Perseus” the name of her big brother, that she lost long time ago
  • she called her baby boy “Perseus” hoping that her little boy would be like his uncle.

enjoy !! it suck i know, but it just came to my mind and it’s my first try !!


Hey!  (Recently) former LUSH employee here!

Please don't reuse your bath bombs!  If you put them under water then leave them out to dry, they grow bacteria on them.  Then the next time you take a bath, you're bathing in bacteria!

But I totally understand wanting to make that beautiful little nerd go as long as possible.  So…

1) Tisty Tosty, Ickle Baby Bot, and Granny Takes a Dip can be cut in half with a butcher knife.  You may experience some crumble on Tisty Tosty or Granny Takes a Dip, but they won’t completely disintegrate.  I don’t recommend this, but I understand this.

2) This breaks my heart to say, but Twilight, Fizzbanger, and Dragon’s Egg are easy to break up by cracking them like an egg.  Be aware, however, that this ruins the unfolding effect of the bath bomb.  These are bath bombs inside of bath bombs and were made to unfold magically before your eyes.  It makes me sad when people do this but, like I said, I understand.

2) ANY of the bubble bars or bath melts can be cut up as much as you damn well please.  Try a Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds for an earthy feel, or maybe pick up an Ultraviolet before the spring collection finishes up!

The larger bubble bars (The Comforter, Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds, The Brightside, and - just for spring - Ultraviolet) are meant to be cut up into ~4 parts.  but I’ve heard people having success with as much as 8 pieces!  You can cut them with a knife or, depending on where you are in the world, you can just break them up manually.

3) Ceridwen’s Cauldron is a reusable bath melt.  LUSH also has several seasonal items that are reusable bath melts and bubble bars.

But ALL bubble bars can happily be cut into at least 2 pieces.  Bubble bars have a much lower price-per-bath than bath bombs.  Bath bombs run about $6 per bath, but bubble bars are about $2.

Just please do not reuse bath bombs.

xxkatygirliexx  asked:

soda with his child :)

-Okay so he has a little boy named Jacob Franklin Curtis and loves him to death so much

-When his baby boy was real small he would fall asleep sitting on the couch with the baby in his arms it was real cute

-He loves to feed Jacob, he squeals at all the little noises the baby makes when he sucks on the bottle

-He has Soda’s eyes and Soda was like ‘Man my eyes sure are cute.”

-When he first held Jacob he didn’t want to ever let go

-When Jacob started kindergarten Soda cried bc ‘My baby is growing up”

-Soda is a v involved parent, like he’ll go to the PTA meetings and the school talent shows and field trips

-When Jacob started middle school, he joined band and Soda was ecstatic

-Soda attended all the concerts, the whole gang did

-One time Jacob got Student of the Month and Soda still hasn’t taken the certificate off the fridge

-When Jacob started acting like a teenager Soda was fed up with his attitude but he tried hard to remain calm and collected

-When Jacob started high school he started dating and Soda was so happy for him whenever he brought home a girl

-When Jacob graduated Soda cried so hard. He was so proud of his little baby boy. The whole gang went to the ceremony, including the Shepards, and when they called his name you best believe they were lOUD

Dating Jerome Valeska Would Include...

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  1. Being his partner in crime.
  2. Being his Harley Quinn.
  3. Telling you jokes all the time.
  4. Laughing with you over small things.
  5. Killing people and tormenting them.
  6. Kissing each other while covered in blood.
  7. Him bothering you all the time to the point where it’s annoying.
  8. Getting into fights with him and him snapping at you, he realizes he hurt you so he tells a joke and smiles.
  9. Vowing to never bring up his childhood trauma.
  10. Kissing you at random times.
  11. Dancing with him.
  12. Acting like little kids.
  13. Being worried that he would grow bored of you and replace you with another partner, or even worse, another girlfriend.
  14. “Why would I grow bored of you and replace you? I hate replacements. I always love the original.”
  15. Lots of magic tricks since he grew up in a circus.
  16. Him calling you gorgeous, darling, baby, sweetheart, puddin’, etc.
  17. Him having his own ways to say “I love you.”
  18. You’re good at killing = I love you.
  19. I told you to stay close = I love you.
  20. You better not leave me or the Maniax unless you want your skin peeled off = Don’t leave me please. I love you, I need you.
  21. Him realizing there’s someone out there who accepts him for who he is, who understands how hurt and traumatized he was when he was younger, who dances with his demons and silenced them, who makes him feel sane while insane, him realizing he loves you so much he would die for you.
Random thoughts about being little

(Slight abuse trigger warning, brief mentions)

Alot of people thing age regression is strange but I was thinking and to be honest it’s so far from being strange…

I was abused by a family member as a child for many years, and alot of my memories from growing up are tainted with that… But with age regression it’s like I can go back and make new memories. I mean obviously I’m not actually time traveling. But I get to be little, and I get to experience how I would have been had I not been scared and upset.  I get to experience it in a safe way.

I get to be little and take long baths without worrying I would be harmed if someone walked in. I get to walk around in Daddy’s shirts and color. I get to be LITTLE!

So next time someone tries to make you feel guilty about it or judges you for it, there is nothing wrong with it. You are just finally experiencing your childhood the way you should have been able to


I had my actual 12 week scan today. They’ve confirmed I’m 12 weeks and 3 days. Baby is doing great and growing exactly as he or she should.

It was so amazing to see the baby just wriggling around inside of me. It’s unbelievable what a difference two weeks make! We got to see the little arms and legs. Baby had their hand up by their face and their little legs were crossed.

My fiancé cried! I didn’t expect him to be so emotional, it was lovely.

I wish I could have a scan every week just so I could see him/her all the time.

Guys I’m so in love with this little dragon! It’s unbelievable.