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The real reason why both companies shouldn’t be in the same timeline

Adventure with Traffic Cone and Hedgehog

This May I was privileged to visit England, Wales, and Scotland.  As a David Tennant and Broadchurch fan, I made sure to visit West Bay as well.  I took along some pocket friends to recreate some iconic scenes from Broadchurch. This is my first (and probably only) adventure in perspective photography so please be kind.  

Let me introduce Traffic Cone (aka Ellie Miller) & Hedgehog (aka Alec Hardy).

Here they are reminiscing at Hardy’s little blue hut.

Checking out the view from Hardy’s big white house on the hill.

Checking out the scene of the crime at the Briar Cliff Hut

Angsting on the beach together on this stormy day.

Last but not least, Traffic Cone and Hedgehog doing their iconic scene on the pier benches with the background cliffs.

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This is so cool! Just drag the screen around to see the inside of the blue lion!

Another addition to my Power Puff series! again the left is Blossom’s design from Fusion Fall/Fusion Fall Legacy and the right is my interpretation of a modern Blossom.

oh shit, it’s on redbubble!


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Hey. (I just changed my url and then back again because it caused problems). I saw the previous couple anons about my drawing and looked back to realize that it did very much resemble your art style. It was an older piece of art, maybe about 4 months ago and I don't think I really knew the unspoken rules of the art community then and I apologize. I have taken the post down just out of courtesy to your art.

no its fine! you didnt have to, i really don’t have any problem, whatever old drawing it was isn’t important anymore cause that was months ago.

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Headcanons of Bakugou crushin' on a the reader who happens to be Midoriya's cousin?

Oh boy, that would be a disaster and a half, and I’m here for it. I imagine his face would look something like the gif below when he first finds out and takes a good look at them and compares them to Izuku lmao

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Katsuki Bakugou

+ doesn’t even realize it at first, that you and Midoriya are related. It takes him an ungodly amount of time before he realizes it, someone has to actually tell him, and it’s either Kirishima or Deku himself who says it.

+ you’ve got a cool quirk, that’s part of why he likes you, and Deku was quirkless, so that’s not how that works right? Right? he has completely forgotten that both of Midoriya’s parents have quirks, and that it is indeed possible for people with quirks to be related to quirkless people

+ has no idea how he didn’t see it sooner, it’s so damn obvious you’re related now that he knows

+ he’s pissed; not with you, but it’s gonna seem that way

+ why the fuck didn’t you tell me you were related to that shit nerd Deku?!

+ he still likes you a lot, but boy is he conflicted; you’re Deku’s cousin

+ then he starts to wonder if Deku would even let him ask you out, given their history

+ wait, do they know about the shit I did and said back in middle school? Fuuuuck.

+ the first person outside of the Baku Squad to know that he likes you is your cousin, because he’s going to begrudgingly apologize for his past actions before even more begrudgingly asking Deku for permission to ask you out; not that he needs it, and he makes sure that Deku knows that, but he’s just trying to do things the right way.

His mother didn’t raise him to be improper about dealing with the family of a significant other, he knows he’s gotta make up with Deku before he can ask you out. It’s also in part so Deku doesn’t tell you all the awful shit he’s said to him in the past.


David Tennant characters shouting costars’ names