by the sea under the pines

Self-Titled songs as things

Implicit Demand for Proof - black coffee on freezing cold nights. Stinging, hot tears and vinyl records

Fall Away -  staring at stars from rooftops. long car trips and voice cracks

The Pantaloon - crowded spaces and wilting flowers. Candle smoke after you have blown it out, the sound of a ukulele.

Addict With a Pen -  laying on wet grass and paper cuts. The smell of a rainy day and lavender

Friend, Please -  tea that is  too hot and cold feet. the taste of blood after you’ve accidentally bitten your lip, the feeling of cuddling up to somebody

March to the Sea -  sun shining through pine trees in the woods. the smell of a bookstore and soft kisses

Johnny Boy - dry coughs and small headaches. The smell of black licorice.

Oh Ms. Believer - Iced over roads and cold, sunny mornings. Soft cotton socks and honeysuckle

Air Catcher - broken glass in your hands and flickering street lamps. Ivy plants and static television

Trapdoor - bitter cough syrup, hand cramps and the sound of crickets.

A Car, A Torch, a Death - the crunch of snow under your feet, the smell of rubbing alcohol, trembling legs

Taxi Cab  -  sunrises and the feeling of silk. holding hands and the color black

Before you Start your Day  -  rosy cheeks and the feeling you get before school. soft hair and a growling stomach

Isle of Flightless Birds  -  skinned knees and chapped lips. ringing in your ears, Christmas lights

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What do you think the bachelor/ettes smell like?

Alex - Deodorant, Cinnamon, the faintest trace of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

Elliott - A lingering sea breeze, an IPA, a musky piano

Harvey - Cleaning alcohol, modeling glue, the sweetness of honey scented shampoo

Sam - Sweat under a spotlight, hair gel, antiseptic

Sebastian - Engine grease, a musky cologne, the bitter burnt smell of a soldering iron 

Shane - Fresh baked bread, the earthiness of fresh soil, a cheap lager

Abigail - Fresh cut grass, pine needles, a well worn blanket

Haley - Coconut hairspray, laundry detergent, a new spring of fresh water

Leah - Cloves, Redwood trees, the overwhelming smokeiness of toasted fennel seeds

Maru - Burnt metal, Cherry medicine, a hair straightener

Penny - Musty books, strawberry pie, the gentle scent of tea roses

Emily - Petrulli oil, Cointreau, fabric softener

10 Witchy Tips

1. Save your incense ashes, and use them to make black salt.

2. Plant Rosemary by your front door to promote, and invite love into your home.

3. Beach sand works as a substitute for sea salt.

4. Brick dust is excellent for protection spells

5. Quartz is sold at most Hardware Stores in the “Garden Section”

6. Cleanse your crystals by moon light, And charge them by sunlight.

7. You can make your own herb infused oils at home with olive oil and dried herb.

8. Pendulums can be made on the spot with thread and a needle.

9. Moping your floors (or cleaning with) pine needle infused water will cleanse a space of negative energy.

10. Placing a bowl of rain water under your bed will help to block nightmares

10 Witchy Tips

1. Save your incense ashes, and use them to make black salt.

2. Plant Rosemary by your front door to promote, and invite love into your home.

3. Beach sand works as a substitute for sea salt.

4. Brick dust is excellent for protection spells

5. Quartz is sold at most Hardware Stores in the “Garden Section”

6. Cleanse your crystals by moon light, And charge them by sunlight.

7. You can make your own herb infused oils at home with olive oil and dried herb.

8. Pendulums can be made on the spot with thread and a needle.

9. Moping your floors (or cleaning with) pine needle infused water will cleanse a space of negative energy.

10. Placing a bowl of rain water under your bed will help to block nightmares

He followed me home

Title:  He Followed Me Home

Pairing:  Chris Evans/Reader

Rating:  T for tooth rotting fluff!

Setup: in a rash moment of weakness I bet @theycallmebecca that my beloved Cleveland Indians could best her Boston Red Sox in the latest series.   Whoever won got a drabble.   It was close and an awesome game but unfortunately an L for Cleveland.   So here is her choice:  Chris and Reader adopt a puppy and have to decide on its name:  from the Patriots. Bosox or Disney.   Aannd because I can never write short it’s more of a fic.    Enjoy! 


The whole world gets involved when you and your new boyfriend, Chris Evans, adopt a friend for Dodger but then can’t settle on a name.  

Thanks so much to  @mypatronusismrpricklepants   and  @arizonapoppy for their awesome help. 

 Chapter 1:  Surprise, March 2018

“He followed me home…”

As defenses for impromptu madness go, it’s a little bit predictable.   You’re standing, sheepish and flustered, with an armload of wriggling, wagging tricolor fluff while your boyfriend Chris leans against the front hall closet door.  

His arms are folded across his chest.  His deep ocean eyes are bleary and amused at once.  It is technically his Laurel Canyon home, although your socks and books and curling iron moved in two months ago.  Long enough to feel a bit like they belong, but not long enough to be certain if you’ve erred.  

“Oh really.”  The sound of Boston twangs as one skeptical eyebrow raises.  

It was just the first thing that popped into your head.  Chris pauses to take in the mammoth paws, the blunt short snout and drawls, “So SuperPuppy jogs a cool tens k’s?”    

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shitsumon-abound  asked:

I'm sorry, but I just gotta ask... during the three years they're apart, Victor had never try to contact Yuuri. But... did he... check on Yuuri? Maybe with the tracker, or anything? maybe not physically follow Yuuri around, but... DID HE?

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS POST DID TO ME? DO YOU? I wrote this whole fucking excerpt with stupid boys being elusive and dumb and gave myself so many feels -


(Pining boys under the cut.)

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TentaclExo Fest 2017 [kadi fics]

A small fest for tentacle enthusiasts is currently posting! Don’t forget to leave comments, kudoses and / or share your thoughts on twitter!

#1: It Takes More Than Ten Tickles

Genre: Sci-fi, First kiss!AU, Alien Culture, Alien!AU, Fluff

Length: 3.6k 

Rating: PG

Summary: Kyungsoo is in training at the Galactic Fleet Aquatic Station. It’s kind of lonely when you stand out. But maybe an Arctocephan classmate can help.


#2: Rise

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Under the sea!AU

Length: 7.3k


Summary: Deep at the bottom of the ocean, in a dark crevice carved into the seafloor, a civilisation unknown to humans thrives in the dark. Their society has been kept secret from the land walkers for millennia.


#3: It’s A Date

Genre: Uni!AU, Teacher-Student!AU, Asexuality, Coffee Shop!AU, Age switch

Length: 2.4k

Rating: PG

Summary: Kyungsoo’s professor was far more distracting than he would have liked to admit.


#4: Waste Time With A Masterpiece

Genre: Fluff, Celebrity!AU, Crush/Pining, Tentacle smut, (Kinks/Warnings: on AO3)

Length: 14.8k

Rating: NC-17 

Summary: Kyungsoo wins a chance to spend the day with his idol.


#5: Evocation

Genre: Fem!Kadi, Witch!AU, Demon summoning, Smut

Length: 2.7k

Rating: NC-17

Summary: A few weeks ago, Kyungsoo had joked that she wished there was a demon that could spice up their sex life, and since both Kyungsoo and Jongin are witches, this wasn’t entirely implausible.


#6: Take A Seat

Genre: Smut, Comeplay

Length: 3k

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jongin invents a new sex toy for Kyungsoo to try. It’s kind of goofy looking, but Kyungsoo’s gotta give it a shot. Where did the inspiration for this weird device come from though?


I am sizzled ash and salted brow,
Pulling rocks from the rubble
A broken song intoning.

I am pine alight with russet glow,
Incandescent under galaxies, I
A speck amongst a sea of matter.

Whirling dervish of my misdeeds
Pavement cracking, concrete crumbles
A phantom’s lost words in the ruins.


“I am 100% sure that they are not talking about some magic rocks under their fields, nerd.”

I can’t get actual work done cause all I can think about is sea grunks and Ford getting super excited about paranormal things. Stan won’t admit it, but he missed it.

But they’re also getting old so Stan is getting tired of getting him and his brother out of danger.

[fic rec] yoi

okay, this was supposed to be a gen fic reclist for @katsukiyuuristrophyhusband, but then it morphed, and then I just decided to throw in things I think everyone ought to give a go at the very least. they’ve mostly not got thousands of kudos, because there’s very little point in reccing otherwise. enjoy!


Katsudon by @azriona 
Gen :: hiroko character study :: G
this actually made me tear up. the maturity of the author’s lived experience & years just shine through here; every word drips with pain & longing & resignation & self-sacrificing love. the fic puts into focus the cost of being such a perfectly supportive mother. it is tightly structured and paced, reinforcing the feeling of a subconscious countdown (which painfully resolves into consciousness near the end), and makes use of a couple of motifs to great effect. the depictions of hiroko’s relationships with toshiya & minako are also subtly complex. simply sublime.

La Forza dell'Amore by el staplador
Gen :: canon expansion fic :: G
this is a bloody work of genius. the author definitely knows their stuff, and ‘their stuff’ is opera. a review written in the voice of george martin (an opera critic) — fantastically inventive and funny, and you feel very much that you are in the very competent hands of a master.

if she wants me by @renaissancefic
Gen :: hiroko & minako character study :: G
wonderfully structured; deft and mature characterisation; bittersweet. I love the little hints of minako & viktor being slight kindred spirits, and the understated courtship of hiroko. and there should always be more explorations of the women of yoi & their relationships.

watched it for a little while (i like to watch things on TV) by @infiniteandsmall
Gen-ish :: viktor character study with bg relationships :: G
a tag for this says “viktor as a weird artsy baby muse”, which says it all. my AO3 bookmark comment says: “all I can think about now is velvet goldmine and bowie and I’m feeling ovehwlemed by this combination of bowie + the self-destructive-fall-of-glam-rock + inherent performativity of yoi feels. TRIPLE WHAMMY. brain cannot process, only cry to aladdin sane playing in my brain.” brain still cannot process, but this fic made me want to write a 4+1 times victuuri skate to bowie fic.

Care by @pensversusswords
Gen :: Yuri-centric, with bg!Victuuri :: Teen
a deeply felt exploration of what it is like to be so young and isolated and successful. nails the discomfort (so yes, this will make you a bit squirmy if you’re like me) of being out-of-place very well. also fantastically heart-warming look at his relationship with Mila and his skating dads. ♥

Reason in Madness by Gigi_Sinclair
Gen :: Lilia character study-ish :: Gen
Lilia’s voice here is matter-of-fact and occasionally allows itself some sentiment – lovely. The fic focuses on her reaction to Yurio’s WWTTM ex, and sketches in broad, true strokes Yurio & Yakov’s characters as well.


Helsinki 2017 by Sanj
Viktuuri :: gen-ish relationship study with outsider perspective :: G
an interview with SCOTT HAMILTON! I like referring to this for encapsulation of my thoughts re: coach/competitor situation. let’s believe in everyone’s better selves.

Duscha by @lesflammables
Viktuuri :: dealing with grief :: G
um, well, maccachin dies I’M SORRY but the prose is appropriately sparse, the empty spaces & beats work as much as the dialogue & action to tell the story. and it’s also a wonderful look at a man in grief, and the strength & familiarity that yuuri lends him.

and this is the wonder (that’s keeping the stars apart by @abrcmhatford 
Viktuuri :: a:tla fusion :: Teen
beautifully crafted and conceptualised. it’s dense with imagery and allusions, and has subtle characterisation even in cameo scenes. lots of nice little nuggets for a:tla fans, but there is no barrier to entry if you know nothing about avatar or bending, because the world-building is intricate and well-rounded. this is Perfect.

Dear Mama by @fragmentedrecords
Viktuuri :: epistolary, slow-burn fic :: Teen
all right, this one has thousands of kudos but ah! I adore it! it’s the story of viktor & yuuri getting together told through letters between viktor and his mother. the character voices are so strong here, and the affection between Viktor & his mother is heartwarming and palpable. the author very neatly and deftly weaves in viktor’s family background and history, while providing really funny outsider POV observations about viktuuri’s developing relationship.

let’s not overanalyze by @alykapediaaa
Otayuri :: the many trials of yuri p :: Teen
in honour of our conversation about adorable teenagers fumbling through crushes … um, a fic where yurio is probably no longer a teen? but is still terrible at feelings. and there is much delicious cake. and adorable background viktuuri getting married. (@aly UPDATE THIS)

A Hundred Flowers in Blooms by Chiharu
Leoji :: future!fic :: Mature
AAAAAAAAAH. This is the Leoji fic I’ve wanted since we first met those adorable boys. It’s written so well – quality of craft aside, it is the most culturally accurate fic I’ve ever read about a Chinese character before. My favourite thing about this fic is how Chinese it is, no lie. This fic has beautifully aching pining, delightfully resonant character notes, hilarious cameos by Viktor, and a very enjoyably madcap sequence. Speaking of, the pacing here is on point. I wish more fics were this masterfully paced.

Elements series by @sophia-helix
Viktuuri :: sexual exploration series :: Explicit
the writing is beautiful and evocative. this series is a literary phenomenon. it reads like a mussorgsky piece and makes you feel the way a turner painting of the light playing over the sea does. it pulls at something deep under your ribs, plaintive and poignant but hopeful. so much care has been put into each line, each one says or does something entirely new: tells you about the characters’ internal lives, their thoughts, their feelings, or sets the atmosphere, tone, pace.

Power Dynamics series by @scribeoffate 
Viktuuri; Nishigori/Yuuko; Nishigori/Mari/Yuuko :: omegaverse exploration:: Explicit (Non-con warning)
this is not easy reading at all, but it is very well constructed: intelligent, subtle, complex. my favourite is the yuuko-centric piece. there’s a faint, disturbing tremor that shivers beneath the tralala complacent surface of yuuko’s narration. a great illustration of the insidious nature of systemic oppression. gah.

ok, hope you (all) enjoy!! 

anonymous asked:

let me melt under the heat if your sun is one if the most beautiful fics I've ever read and you've recommended it a bunch of times but please never stop. thanks for showing me this. ITS SO GOOD AHH

It’s times like this that I really wish there was a finger guns emoji -Maggie

let me melt under the heat of your sun by akaeijis and esbis (1/1 | 24,660 | Teen And Up)

He begins to seek Keith out in a crowd without meaning to. Eyes occasionally following him like they were magnetized, looking for the familiar waves that barely brush the high uniform collars. He looks for dark hair and dark eyes, crossed arms and a silent frown, stark against the sea of enthusiastic, starry-eyed cadets.

He feels drawn to him.

(Or, Lance falls in love with Keith during the time they spent together at the Garrison.)

Give No Quarter (XV)

Thrain’s Fury, now a nameless trader ship, trailed after the trawling barge towards a small isle city shrouded in fog. Captain Oakenshield and his crew had stripped themselves of arms and ornaments and looked little better than a crew of hard-done merchants. The Fury gaped with the holes left from battle and the fallen mast slumped over the husk of a ship. To any, the vessel would seem little more than sailors beset by the cruelty of privateers. None would guess that it was quite the opposite.

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Finally Happy

It’s been a year since I drew my first GF fanart (on the 14th of March). With Stans of course. I drew it after I watched NWHS. It started my long line of therapeutic art with stanhugs. I don’t have to do much of those anymore, phew

Under the cut I included a small image with my first fugly and cheesy fanart where Ford’s in his portal clothes and all teary eyed, and Stan’s happy he’s home. Yeah, that was wishful thinking back then. But in the end, canon tuned out to be really great. StanxHappiness, everyone! The only ship

“her aim is gettin’ better”

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Strada Statale “Strada degli Scrittori” - SS640

Vi sono dei luoghi che pur non identificabili come arte manifesta, come arte evidente, sono segretamente, intensamente nutrici di arte. È questo il caso della strada SS 640 ribattezzato “La strada degli scrittori” in quanto, per caso (ma in Sicilia il caso ha sempre una ragione per esistere) o per motivazioni sconosciute, si sono formati e cresciuti alcuni degli scrittori Italiani più famosi. Eppure, chi si trovasse a percorrerla, a parte il caldo non vedrebbe altro che terre e campi bruciati dal sole e dallo zolfo. Forse è proprio questo il suo segreto: essere terra estrema dove la povertà e i paesaggi nudi ed ascetici, l’esistenza della sola arte essenziale della parola, obbligano gli artisti ad esprimersi nella scrittura cercando in essa il senso di quei luoghi e di quelle vite che quei luoghi subiscono e malgrado tutto, amano. Venendo da Catania o Palermo, si incontra Caltanissetta dove Rosso di San Secondo nacque e studiò e che lasciò maledicendo lo zolfo e la società che l’abitava, cercando pace nel Nord Europa da dove tornò per la grande guerra comprendendo che anche il suo sangue era di zolfo e che la sua terra maledetta prima, era invece terra di pace, madre indimenticabile. Scendendo verso il mare troviamo Regalbuto dove Leonardo Sciascia creò il suo immaginario, la sua lucida e illuministica intelligenza in cui cercava di chiarire alcuni dei periodi più contraddittori della nostra terra. Si arriva quindi a Favara dove il mite Antonio Russello nacque e periodicamente tornò, in quel pendolarismo tutto siciliano in cui gli abbandoni sono seguiti da continui ritorni, da nuove temporanee rinascite. Agrigento ci appare e ci ricorda il grande Pirandello, la folle logica dei suoi personaggi, le maschere sociali dietro a cui ci si doveva nascondere per vivere. “Bruciatemi. E il mio corpo appena arso, sia lasciato disperdere; perché niente, neppure la cenere, vorrei avanzasse di me. Ma se questo non si può fare sia l’urna cineraria portata in Sicilia e murata in qualche rozza pietra nella campagna di Girgenti, dove nacqui » così scriveva il poeta per la sua morte e così venne fatto ed ora sotto un Pino, in una grezza pietra, c’è la sua tomba. In prossimità del mare eccoci nelle terre del Principe Tomasi di Lampedusa, il Gattopardo, signore di Palma di Montechiaro in cui ambientò parte del suo magnifico libro. Scendiamo ancora verso Porto Empedocle dove incontriamo l’immaginario del commissario Montalbano e la città di Camilleri, il suo creatore. Appoggiato ad un lampione, il commissario ci aspetta quasi a chiederci conto se in questo discendere dal cuore della Sicilia al mare, anche noi abbiamo percepito quell’arte della parola che qui è sempre stata più forte che mai.

 Nelle foto, inizio della “Strada degli Scrittori, Caltanissetta,  Racalmuto,Favara, Agrigento tomba di Pirandello, Palma di Montechiaro, Porto Empedocle.

There are places that, although not identifiable as manifest art, as obvious art, are secretly, intensely nourishing of art. This is the case of highway SS 640, which has been renamed as the “writers’ highway” since, by chance (but in Sicily the case always has reason to exist) or for unknown reasons, some of the most famous Italian writers have come up and raised on the towns close to this highway. Whoever is to go along the highway, apart from the heat, you would see only the fields and fields burned by the sun and the sulfur. Perhaps this is its secret: being extreme land where poverty and bare and ascetic landscapes, the existence of the only essential art of the word, requires the artists to express themselves in writing, seeking in it the sense of those countryside and those lives that those places suffer and love. Coming from Catania or Palermo, you’ll meet Caltanissetta where Rosso di San Secondo was born and studied and left cursing the sulfur and the society that lived there, seeking peace in northern Europe from where he returned for the great war, also realizing that his blood was made by sulfur and that his earth cursed before, was instead land of peace, unforgettable mother. Descending to the sea we find Regalbuto where Leonardo Sciascia created his imaginary world, his lucid and illuminist intelligence in which he tried to clarify some of the most contradictory periods of our land. Then we come to Favara where the mild Antonio Russello was born and periodically returned, in that all Sicilian commuting where abandonments are followed by continuous returns, by new temporary rebirths. Agrigento appears and reminds us of the great Pirandello, the crazy logic of his characters, the social masks behind which we had to hide to live. “Burn me. And my body just burned, let it be dispersed; Because nothing, not even ashes, I would like to advance to me. But if this can not be done, the urn of cineraria brought to Sicily and walled in some rough stone in the countryside of Girgenti, where it was born “ so the poet wrote for his death, and so it was done and now under a Pine in a rough stone , there is his tomb. Near the sea we are here in the land of Prince Tomasi of Lampedusa, the Gattopardo, Lord of Palma di Montechiaro where he set part of his magnificent book. We go down to Porto Empedocle where we meet the land of Commissioner Montalbano and the city of Camilleri, its creator. Leaning on a lamp, the Commissioner almost expects us to wonder if in this descend from the heart of Sicily to the sea, we have also perceived the art of the word that here has always been stronger than ever

Creepypasta #1066: I Work As A Private Investigator. Here Are A Few Of My Strangest Cases (Part 3)

Length: Long

Apart from domestic and missing persons, I tend to get a lot of cases from local businesses for things like fraud, making sure their employees are legitimate with their sick days, and running background checks on potential hires.

One of my more frequent clients is this quaint little antique store that sits in one of the less populated parts of town, silently minding its own business on a crooked and forgotten street corner. The couple running the joint may have a pretty sparse employee population, but they’re nothing if not thorough with those few workers they do have.

It was mid-autumn and shivering winds had begun to drift into town. We have very few trees up here that would deign to become dyed that calming autumn orange, but the few that would are beautifully eye-catching splashes of colour amongst a sea of pine green. The Tim’s residing under one such tree is where I was been called out by the aforementioned couple. I sipped my coffee, patiently watching the door for their arrival.

I greeted them when they eventually arrived and they settled down at my table without buying anything. I’ve worked with them before at this point and I knew better than to try to break the ice with small talk, so we got right into business.

They’d recently hired somebody to start working night-shifts at their shop. As far as I know they don’t get much traffic in the daytime to begin with, so why they thought they needed someone to run the register after sundown I’d no clue. It was what it was, however, and as per usual they don’t trust the kid yet.

I had already been hired to do a background check on this guy back when they first hired him. He was a good enough kid, from what I could tell. No criminal past, always seemed to go straight home from school. He never left the house much at all and when he did, it was usually just walks or grocery runs.

So the couple wanted me to sit outside the storefront on the kid’s first night working to make sure he didn’t neglect his post. I tried to tell them that not only would investing in a security camera be cheaper, I could install it for them to boot. They weren’t interested. I made a mental note but didn’t press things. They went on to tell me that they’d like me to run a mystery shopper type deal. Go in near the end of the guy’s shift, buy something, and test out how well the kid deals with customers.

Now, I’ve been inside the antique shop a few times before. Whenever I’m approached by the couple, I try to take as many measures as I can to avoid entering the establishment again. I was initially reluctant to accept this case for that reason. I was a little bit short on funds, though, so I took the case.

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anonymous asked:

could you recommend some pining lance fics? especially ones during the garrison? thank you so much for all that you guys do!! this acc is a lifesaver xx

aw cutie, here you go <3
- Vallie

pining lance tag

garrison tag

‘Shiro and Keith’s Kickass Fighting Techniques’ by Lance McClain by skyestiel (1/1 | 11,660 | Teen and Up)

‘And, really, it’s a pretty brilliant idea. Until Shiro’s Kickass Fighting Techniques quickly becomes Shiro and Keith’s Kickass Fighting Techniques.

That’s when things start going downhill.

Because soon enough, the bulleted list consists of more than just fighting techniques.’

or: Lance starts with one role model and ends up with two, a myriad of confusing emotions, and a notebook filled with condemning evidence which Hunk must never see

somebody to you by biibii (1/1 | 3,204 | Teen and Up)

Lance decides he’s finally going to ask Keith out today.

let me melt under the heat of your sun by akaeijis, esbis (1/1 | 24,660 | Teen and Up)

He begins to seek Keith out in a crowd without meaning to. Eyes occasionally following him like they were magnetized, looking for the familiar waves that barely brush the high uniform collars. He looks for dark hair and dark eyes, crossed arms and a silent frown, stark against the sea of enthusiastic, starry-eyed cadets.

He feels drawn to him.

(Or, Lance falls in love with Keith during the time they spent together at the Garrison.)