by the sea shore


Eternal sunshine

My soul and my muse

I wake up in the morning and spring blooms.

Your mind is divine, sweet and sublime

Let’s turn back the wings of time.

Walking with you by the shores of the sea

Feeling the warm breeze

Let’s sing, dance, eat more wine and cheese

Breathe in the new day; apply the new glaze.

Breathing through the smog and the haze

Let us praise

Each day as if it were our last

Sailing together, hands holding the mast.

My drift wood
Landed on the shore
Of your dead sea.

My hope is stranded
Black and calcified.
The angels bleach my sins.

Each grain of sand
Tells a story
With knives for tongues.

If you run your tongue over me
Will your words cut me to pieces
As the waves take me away?

I imagine you being alive
As I slip under the salt.
Remember the me before I drowned.
—  Dead Sea

PotO Fanart #1

[Christine & Raoul]

I sketched this over a year ago and only ever posted it in response to another post, so here it goes as an individual piece. I still quite like it. And just ignore Christine’s indecent choice of clothing. Just imagine she has pulled Raoul out of bed and is running along the sea shore with him because she swears she saw mermaids or something (and Raoul had time to change while Christine just… didn’t).