by the poet of heart

Do you save another or break another?
Do you stay silent or speak up?
Do you stand with truth or side with the lies?
—  shit happens; the difference lies in the choices you make // @abillionlittlethoughts
Sometimes I feel,
As though I am your mother’s tea kettle,
That you have left on the stove,
For far too long.
At first I sound like,
A nice indulgence,
But you leave me on the backburner,
Till I am forced to scream,
Releasing a shrill howl,
From within my lungs,
To remind you,
Though you have moved on,
To other things,
I am still here,
—  Belle Jar

Do you remember that night? The night we made love. I was inside of you and we were perfectly still. Our eyes locked and we both knew at that moment….. the magic.

It was then I gave myself to you. We became two puzzle pieces. We made a complete picture.

So when you chuckle at me, when I tell you, I can still feel you all this time later as we both try to make our lives full. I can’t believe you don’t see. We didn’t need anything else. Just each other….. Because together we made a complete picture…..

- onecrazywhiteboy

“Do you want me to keep things from you? I never know how much of my feelings are too much for other people to handle.”


Home Is Where The Heart Is?

Spray painted words on an old abandoned building

Thrown around bricks through shattered windows

Leaves and snow sprawled out across the living room

Welcoming us in

We sat on a weathered couch

The stove laid sideways in the kitchen

I turned it up and placed a frying pan on it’s burner

You walked up, messed with the pan

Pretending you were making breakfast

I grabbed a mug from the cupboards

It had a broken rim with a crack down the middle

I sat at the wooden dinner table that only had one chair

It was held up on three legs so it wobbled back and forth

You just smiled while placing the pan in front of me

“Breakfast’s ready”, you sat on my lap

I found a fork and ate a make believe omelette

The empty pan

That empty building

Those empty words written on the side


I can’t replace that emptiness

I can’t escape that dream

I’m that broken coffee mug spilling make believe love.

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You sacrifices will never be for nothing. You fall down seven times, get up eight times. That’s how and why you win. Push and persist.

I know I have friends but I feel like I have no one to talk to about the shit that goes on in my head
—  (via @sturzpoesie-blog)
hate that feeling when you see something and your heart literally sinks, but you have to sit there and pretend you don’t care at all.
—  (via @sturzpoesie-blog)

-excerpt from a book i’ll never write #28

You are tearing me inside out and I can’t stop it because I let you in the first place
Look Inside. You carry all that you need. Just believe.
—  don’t look for yourself in external things and beings // @abillionlittlethoughts