by the morning never is

I think when you miss someone, it never really goes away. You still wake up some mornings, a year after, ten years after, and feel like your chest is caving in on itself. You still look to the side and expect someone to be there. But there’s no one. I don’t think it stops hurting. I think I’ve just learned to live with the tunnel through my chest.
—  from an unfinished story #819

i once again realized liam will never get the same amount of love and support and appreciation from this fandom as the other boys. but you know what? it’s fine. he doesn’t need it. he has his own fanbase that admires him, a team that supports him, and friends that love him. he doesn’t need this ugly ass fandom or anyone from the 1d days. he’s doing absolutely amazing on his own.

prayers will never be enough
when Sundays still feel
like breaking, like mornings 
soaked in sin, and someone else’s
amens linger on the sheets of this bed

I never felt holy 
when falling asleep beside you,
every morning is like a rebirth
of finding myself again,

remembering who I am
when I am not the rosary 
wrapped around your greedy fingers

—  church pew poetry || O.L.
Good morning, babe

Alec was never a petname person. He never called Magnus baby, or honey, or stuff like that. Not because he didn’t want to, he did, but it wouldn’t come out naturally. By the other hand Magnus, -“besides the adored “Alexander”-often would let out a “sweetheart” or a “darling”. Alec had this in his mind for a couple weeks, blaming himself for being such a rock. He didn’t want Magnus to think he was cold.

There was a night that they just wanted to rest, they had a harsh day. Alec because of the Institute, Magnus with his clients. So the both of them were asleep by the second they touched their heads on the pillow, Alec being the big spoon, with Magnus’ arm around his waist.

In the morning, Alec woke up before his boyfriend, and he felt something never experienced before with the sight of the asleep Magnus. Alec saw him without makeup before, but never actually payed attention. He studied his Magnus’ face, with a warmth in his chest. Alec never realized how extraordinarily beautiful Magnus was, even with his slightly outstretched mouth letting slobber out and messed up hair. He never felt such a strong feeling, and that was the moment he realized Magnus changed him. He was not the same Alec with Magnus. He didn’t have duties with his boyfriend, no obligations. The only concern was being himself by Magnus’ side, nothing more than that. Magnus was his home. When Magnus opened his eyes, he found his boyfriend’s gorgeous smile, and couldn’t help to say a “good morning, Alexander” in a sleepy voice.
Alec’s smile just widened, and he softly said “good morning, babe”.

let me get drunk tonight ;
maybe i’ll find my way back to you
because the first time i told myself
that beyond the storm and broken hinges
is a sunrise and welcoming home.
it was one drunken night
when my heart yearned to unravel
every word
every smile, and even the tears,
every sigh, and silence in between,
every passing day,
every morning you never wished to welcome.

god, i can feel the buzz of my temptress.
the melody of the night beats to your name.
god, i miss you.
i miss you.
i miss you.
i miss you.
i want to be with you.
i miss you.
god, i’m so drunk.
god, i want to kiss you.
i want to hold you
and relearn the map that leads to you
and venture the secrets of your body.
god, i miss you.
i miss you.

My Most Precious Treasure

Author: DatHeetJoella

Fandom: Free!

Pairing: MakoHaru

Summary: Although he loved cuddling with his husband on lazy mornings, he never minded the interruption of their children because he loved lazy mornings with his family too.

Word count: 5,709

A/N: A silly little family fic I wrote for Father’s Day and a little for Haru’s birthday.

Alternative reading: AO3 - FFn

Please enjoy!

By the time Haruka woke up, sunlight was already shining through the curtains of their bedroom. There was no loud noise nor excited voices coming from some far corner of the house; the only sound he heard was the soft snoring and rhythmic breathing of his husband lying beside him. When Haruka turned his head to look at the alarm clock on his nightstand, he saw that it was a little past nine in the morning and he smiled. He had always been an early riser so it was no surprise that he was the first one who had woken up today, yet he still appreciated tranquil mornings like this. Lazy Sunday mornings where everything was just calm and peaceful and luckily, they were not as rare as they could have been.

He turned around in bed to face Makoto and he scooted closer to him, wrapping an arm around his bare waist and pressing his body against his, holding him tight. Their legs intertwined and Haruka slowly caressed Makoto’s foot with his, adding just enough pressure so his touch wasn’t ticklish and wouldn’t rouse his husband who was still in a deep slumber. He pressed a kiss between his shoulder blades, nuzzling his skin as affection filled his heart.

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Hitchhikers (Drabble Challenge)

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

8. “The floor is lava.” + 28. “What do you think a cupholder is for?” + 4. “I can’t see anything.” + Chanyeol

Going anywhere with Chanyeol driving could never be dull.

On this warm sunny morning, Chanyeol was driving you to the coast to spend the day at the beach together. He was doing his best to ignore the two tall hitchhikers in the backseat who had invited themselves along.

Sehun fell asleep twenty minutes into the ride, but Jongin chatted with you quietly, leaning forward and resting his head on the side of your front seat.

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Emotions: Punishment (Flash Fiction #604)

I am the King now. Other Me was the Queen, a pathetic bag of emotions and heart and broken glass. She was loving despite all of this. But she never understood. So I had to dethrone her this morning and to chain her up in the little theater at the back. She could only watch.

I strolled into the school building and past the cafeteria, past empty classrooms and filled hallways, past the sleeping library towards the thunderous cafeteria. And I stopped. I watched as the demons ignored my presence to relish in theirs. I wondered how they could have been so oblivious. For just a minuscule second, I considered my actions. And then I followed through.

I pulled out the instrument of their termination and caught the hollow eyes of my Love’s tormentors.

Clink. Clink. Clink.

Bullies. Hyrenias. Corpses.

Screaming ruptured through empty air. The three demons fell to the floor where their malice seeped from the holes in their heads. Red malice. The rest fled from the smoke, pushing and trampling weaker ones under stained shoes. They herded themselves into open space. Stupid animals. Insipid beasts. I smiled as everything burned.

Punishment was dealt.

I finished the genocide in only two hours, but by then the damage was already done. I stepped over the countless bodies and maneuvered around the pools of blood as swiftly as a fox. I hadn’t killed them all. Most were faster than the others and ran away and hid throughout the school. I walked past whispering classrooms, knocking on locked doors and peering into dark windows. I could hear crying from inside. I didn’t try to hunt those down.

I was done. Our cerebral connection had been avenged, protected.

Other Me finally spoke up when we could hear the police sirens from outside. She stared at me with those pink eyes of hers and curled in the corner of the theater with tears. I heard the terror in her voice.

“What have you done, Paranoia?”

I turned towards my sweetheart, my co-pilot, my partner and friend. And I stroked her tear-streaked cheeks.

“I’ve avenged your heart, Love.”

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         Missing girl went to find the realm of fairies and she never came back.

                        Yet every morning, she greets her loved ones.

                                     What could have happened?

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30 day otp challenge | day 4: cuddling somewhere

Storm Witch Tip:

A storm is likely to come when:

  • deciduous trees flip their leaves due to wind direction
  • birds fly low in the sky, and go quiet
  • there’s a southerly wind (in the US)
  • there’s a red dawn in the east
  • layers of nimbus clouds move in opposite directions
  • the morning grass is dry of dew
  • an earthy scent rises from the soil and flowers
  • pine cones remain closed
  • a halo rings the moon at night
  • nights are warm in winter (cloud cover insulation)
  • smoke swirls and descends, instead of a steady rise

Remember, low pressure brings wet weather.