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Can we get some Prompto giving everyone forehead kisses while half asleep in the morning and then everyone expects them again and again?


Prompto recalled with perfect clarity how it had all started.

He’d been really, really sick the night before, and bless them, the other three had taken such good care of him.

The next morning, Ignis’ tea had worked its magic, and he’d never felt better.

He’d rolled over and spontaneously kissed Gladio’s scarred forehead in gratitude. The big behemoth had smiled sleepily, but to his surprise, Noctis reached out, fingers grabbing at Prompto’s shirt, grumbling, “Where’s mine?”

Prompto had obliged, stroking his black hair back, scrunching it affectionately. Not wanting Ignis to feel left out, he’d kissed the advisor too, nervously biting his lip as he pulled back, only to see his rigor-mortis sleeping face soften to a smile as well.

So every morning when he rose with the sun, Prompto gave each of his three best friends a thank you kiss, for continuing to look after him every day.

As a thank you for reaching 150 followers (though I’m now somehow at over 300), I’m writing 150 word drabbles. Send me a person or a pairing plus a word or a sentence, and I’ll write you a 150 word drabble (or headcanon) in return! (note, drabble requests will close around Friday/Saturday 23rd/24th June)

Jake Gyllenhaal Imagine

Morning are never fun especially if what you planned didn’t work out the way you wanted. You were at work but it wasn’t your work day. When waking up you thought you were lat for work so ran to the coffee shop you worked at but getting there you found out it was your day off. So to make this trip some what useful you stayed and talked to you friends to keep them company until it gets busy.

Soon enough the shop was filled with people.

“Okay guys. I’ll go Have a good day” waving bye to everyone someone bumped into you making you drop your coffee. “Shit” you said looking down at you drink, then laughed since to you it was funny.

“I’m so sorry” you looked up at the poor guy who was freaking out. “I didn’t mean to do that. I’m really” he stopped in the middle of his sentence. He just looked at you and smiled.

“It’s okay. It didn’t burn me so I’m fine”

“Good, I would feel even worse If I burned such a beautiful girl like you” you laughed picking up the dropped cup. “That was bad wasn’t it”

“I’ve heard worse pick up lines” you said with a cheeky smile.

“I’ll buy you a new drink” right as he said that you were given a new one

“Here you go (Y/N)”  one of your co-workers said.

“I guess I’m too late” he looked a little disappointing. 

“You can by me the next one” with that another bright smile came to his lips.

“I’d like that. I’m Jake” you leaned closer to him

“I know, but don’t worry , I won’t tell anyone.” he chuckled at your comment. Jake stood there smiling at you making you smile too, but soon enough you realized that people were looking at you two with weird looks. “If we keep smiling like this at each other they will drive us to the mad house” that made Jake laugh even louder then before

“I guess you are right. Maybe we can go sit down and talk there or just smile at each other?” he pointed a the one free table in the corner of the shop.

“Sure” and so you and Jake sat there for hours talking about all the topics in the world. He told you about his family and hoe close he and his sister were, you told him about yours. He told you about all his dreams and hopes. You found so many things common. Hours went by but you and Jake talked, One drink after another. While talking to each other you noticed the small details about him you didn’t notice before. The way he smiled when he talked about hings he loves, the way looked at you and how his eyes color changed with the light shining into them. No one of you two wanted to leave so you didn’t. But at one point you had to leave.

“Did you know we have been talking for 5hours?” he said looking at his watch.

“I had a feeling it might have been late since there isn’t a sole in this place” he looked around and laughed realizing that you were the last two people there.

“I should be going, but I would like to keep this …going” he didn’t know how to call what was happening between you two and you didn’t ether but you liked it. So you agreed to a next meet up. But it didn’t end in the coffee shop, Jake was so nice to walk you home and minutes later he texted you

 Thank you for spending the day with me. Hope to see you soon. ;)

 and you did.

30 day otp challenge | day 4: cuddling somewhere

Storm Witch Tip:

A storm is likely to come when:

  • deciduous trees flip their leaves due to wind direction
  • birds fly low in the sky, and go quiet
  • there’s a southerly wind (in the US)
  • there’s a red dawn in the east
  • layers of nimbus clouds move in opposite directions
  • the morning grass is dry of dew
  • an earthy scent rises from the soil and flowers
  • pine cones remain closed
  • a halo rings the moon at night
  • nights are warm in winter (cloud cover insulation)
  • smoke swirls and descends, instead of a steady rise

Remember, low pressure brings wet weather.


Them boys and their girl~ *:・゚✧

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In the recent “Welcome to the Madness” manga, Yuri references the fact that he bought his WttM outfit while he and Otabek were shopping in Barcelona together. this is a short, fluffy, comic about that time.

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Important PSA from Yana

Quick translation:

“Like I tweeted recently, Japanese culture and the culture of other countries are different, the way they reply [to my tweets] or their stance on fan activities are different, too, and I don’t think any of this is wrong. However, regardless of country [of origin], revealing any new information of Kuroshitsuji before the 18th is not official, but illegal. I’d be glad if people understand that such action is wrong. - Toboso.”



I think this is really important so I’d appreciate it if people who are fluent in other languages like Spanish/Portuguese/Arabic/French/Chinese/Vietnamese/etc could translate this post and share it on their local fan forum, twitter, FB and so on :)


Thanks @vvlin91 for helping me out with the wording!<3


(warning: text spoiler of ch129 under the cut)

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“don’t look down, just keep your eyes ahead of you”

victuri howl’s moving castle au gives me life….man…..


One year anniversary of FitzSimmons becoming canon (April 19th, 2016) → It’s been 10 years, we can’t waste anymore time // Who needs space? ‘Cause I’ve got something magnificent right here.