by the letters

i don’t think i was in love with you or anything like that.
i was just amazed by our existences’ collision despite the very little probability they had to do so. i just really enjoyed your presence, your voice and your scent. i just smiled sillily when the thought of you popped in my head and cried sincerely when you walked away. i just found it easier to breathe, to live when you were around but suddenly felt the urge to never wake up to another day when you left.
i repeat, i don’t think i was in love with you or anything. i’m a very good liar, so good i convinced myself whatever feelings i had for you were not to be called “love”. however, just like all good liars do, i knew the truth i was trying to cover up.

ヾ(≧▽≦*)o throwback to an old (not really lol) MAY spread yeshaagga. the amount of water I drink is terrible, that’s why I’m like the desert - sooo hOt hahahhahahahahah
But really I’m just a shriveled up potatomopdog.

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It’s tragic, yet beautiful

It’s painful, yet addicting

It’s lonely, yet enough

To only know how to love but not be loved.

-I don’t think you will ever understand the ocean of emotions that comes with loving you in the dark.


i am doing a terrible job
at forgetting you
because i dreamt
about you last night
and your facial features
appeared so neatly.
especially a year after i last saw you.
—  i’m pretty bad at moving on, i guess.

I don’t think that you’re difficult to love. I don’t even think that you’re hard to love. It’s pretty simple, actually. Once I fell, loving you became easy. Sure, you have your flaws. Sure, you can be annoying at times. But those are all of the things that I love about you. You’re unapologetically yourself, and that’s what’s so captivating to me. I love everything about that, and I love everything about you.

-Reminding you that you are loved.