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What the fuck are mushrooms what are they I have no clue please help

fruit but like. fungus fruit

like i wish i was making this up but like???? the reason they exist is for the same reasons fruit exists. like

fruit (meaning fruiting structures in this case, not fruits and veggies): 

-made by plonts

-basically just the expanded ovary of the plant after the plant has sexy times

-holds seeds, which are baby plants that are genetically different from the mother. when the fruit falls the babies use the food in the fruit to grow into new plants


-happen when two or more fungus living in the ground, in the wood, in whatever substrate the mushroom is growing on, have sexy times

-they dont really have typical sexy times?? like they just smash themselves together until they fuse and make a special arm thing made of cells with nuclei from all the fungi involved in the sexy fungus time

-the weird arm thing eventually grows up to above ground and develops into a mushroom with help from all the fungi parents underground

-the mushroom spits out spores. all the spores have recombined versions of the parents’ genes and are basically baby fungi cells. the mushroom pumps these out in the millions and they drift on the wind or whatever until they find a nice spot where they can live their happy fungus lives in peace. think about spores as seeds without the food for survival if it helps you???

-also a single mushroom can have up to 9 different parents

-and funguses can have literally 20k+ biological sexes so just smash that together and u prob have a baby one way or another 

-basically mushrooms exist so the fungi can reproduce spores in a way that can better get picked up and spread around. if they stayed underground, the babies wouldn’t be able to get anywhere; when the spores are pumped out above ground somehow, they can get picked up by the wind, rain, animals, whatever and can go find a better place to live. mushrooms are distribution organs. 

a good diagram (x): 

-also fun side fact scientists have learned that lightning strikes in some fungus patches greatly accelerate the rate of mushroom production in certain species, to the point where commercial mushroom farms shock some of their fungus patches to promote growth. we think this is an evolutionary thing that some species have developed in response to trees getting struck by lightning. like if a tree gets struck, the funguses around it are like guys we’re gonna get so much food omg and start reproducing because they can afford to if they’re about to get a giant dead tree to eat

fungi are weird man

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some HC's about Jared in school?

- supreme asshole
- 2K17
- to the mass public he’s a dick
- he shouts out the answers
- says he doesn’t study for tests
- spoilers: he actually DOES study. But tryings for losers
- he does all his power points in comic sans
- so many memes on the board
- working with him is the worst because he’s either at 0 or 100
- it goes from, “I don’t want to do anything you do it.”
- to “no I’ll do it, you’re wrong about everything.”
- doesn’t know how to make friends
- he doesn’t
- I promise this
- he just shouts mean things and hopes people understand that it’s a joke
- no one ever does
- you didn’t for a long time
- before actually understanding where he was coming from you probably H A T E D him
- but he just comes and sits with you at lunch
- says its because he feels sorry for you
- it’s not
- he likes you
- he has no idea how to tell you
- what a loser

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Once again, your lovely Old West never fails to move and entertain. My heart always aches for Han after reading these. It's so in character and so believable but he just LOVES HER SO MUCH. I hope he gets his Sweetheart back ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Thanks so much for reading, anon friend! Messages never fail to move me and make me look like a sad animal meme only I’m happy. 

And don’t worry about Han! I mean I’m glad you are, because it means I’m doing my job, but I promise you, anon: it’s gonna be happy in the end. Han Solo will certainly get his Sweetheart back. And Leia will get that goofball horsewrangler back too. :)

I’ve got this headcanon for these two, in this universe, that while both of them are brave and highly intelligent, unique and frustrated in their conformist town, neither of them is worldly. They are certainly not sophisticated about love. So they’re floundering, now, trying to gauge the intensity of what they felt against their shared natural skepticism and a year’s accumulated interest of heartbreak cynicism. But they’re both tenacious, intuitive types (and let’s be real, they have the inescapable hots for each other). So it’s gonna be okay, I swear. Cic’s grimdark attempt would be such a fail. 

Thanks again for writing me, anon!

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I love your account and I don't understand all the mean people sending hate. I don't quite get all your interests but I like seeing you excited and make so many memes for what ever inanimate insanity is. also: cis ppl don't need pride banners or posts telling us we're as ok as any1 else bc we've been running the whole fucking scene since literally forever. those ppl need to lay off. cis/straight representation is literally everywhere lmao who needs more

This is the best anon everyone else can go home like honestly bless whoever sent this like. You’re not even into inanimate insanity yet you still follow and enjoy my content that makes me so happy ??? I love u so much anon like the anon hate isn’t even bothering me but this !!!!! This ask!!! Makes me so happy you’re wonderful.

when I was growing up “football as war” was such an old meme that “‘football as war’ is a tired metaphor” was getting grey

but all of a second I get it, “you try to capture territory and make repeated advances to more but if repulsed enough you might have to switch to the defensive which you might even be better at”

it’s like how inane pop is so moving when you have a crush, all these things – epic poems and martyrdom cults and ane pop – mean so much more now that history came back and we’re running realtime


disney meme [7/9] characters➞ judy hopps
“ hey, officer hopps. you ready to make the world a better place? ”


#i feel like we don’t talk about this enough #that and thor’s face after the ‘REALLY knows him’ #he’s like ‘yeah lmao you could say that…’ #imagine mylene finding out this is how set me free took off #all because dizzee’s kinda crush fucked carlo pakoussa and gave him the record


Shiro: I’m Japanese.

Lance: I’m Cuban.

Hunk: I’m Samoan.

Keith: I’m half-Galra. Dunno what my Dad was, but it doesn’t matter.

Pidge: Whoa, that’s so cool! I’m not entirely sure on all the details, but I’m probably, like, 25% Italian? Maybe less than that? Definitely have some British and Irish roots somewhere, maybe a little Dutch and German? A smidge of French?

The other Paladins:

angsty relationship asks

why? bc i’ve been dying with r76 lately

(this doesn’t have to be necessarily romance-oriented)

  1. do they have a lot of arguments? if so, over what?
  2. who apologizes first? in what way? is it hard for either of them to apologize?
  3. which one has more insecurities? over what?
  4. who gets more riled up? do they show their anger? 
  5. how do they hide their pain when they’re upset? do they try to hide their pain?
  6. who tries to make up first? does it work?
  7. would they hate-fuck if they were mad at one another? if they had a falling out?
  8. do they hold grudges? is it hard for them to let go/forgive each other?
  9. is there something big that could potentially tear them apart if it was revealed? 
  10. if something already happened to tear them apart, what would make them come back together? is it even possible?
  11. what’s their favorite pass time when they’re upset?
  12. who do they confide in when shit hits the fan (besides each other)?
  13. is it hard for them to talk about their feelings openly with each other? if so, is there any way that can be resolved, even in the slightest?
  14. who grieves more when the other is away?
  15. who misses the other more, or really thinks about them more?
  16. do either of them have a special item (an article of clothing, a necklace, a book) that they use when they miss the other? if so, what is it? what do they do with it (read, wear, look at, smell)?
  17. who cries more? who gets more emotional in general?
  18. do either of them have the other’s stuff lying around their house?
  19. how about teasing? do they tease each other while in a fight (whether it be with themselves or just general teasing)?
  20. do either of them have any vices?
  21. what’s the thing they miss most about each other?
  22. what’s their go-to breakup/angst song?
  23. who’s more jealous?
  24. who is the first to forgive?
  25. what’s the one deal breaker for either of them (lack of communication, fear of commitment, etc)?
  26. who would take longer to let go? do they ever really “let go”?
  27. which is more afraid of confrontation?
  28. who’s the first to distance themselves (if either)?
  29. who’s more patient? is it hard to break that patience?
  30. who’s the first to blame themselves? 
  31. who’s more likely to do something out of spite?
  32. who would be the first to say they hate the other? would they mean it?
  33. who worries more?
  34. what scent reminds them of the other?
  35. do they have any regrets (regarding the other, or just in general)?
  36. who’s quicker to walk away if a situation gets heated?
  37. who is more prone to anger?
  38. who cries more in an argument? do either of them cry?
  39. does it take a lot for it to get to the point of yelling?
  40. who sleeps on the couch? can either of them sleep without the other?
  41. who’s more likely to protect the other?
  42. if one of them gets injured, who worries more?
  43. who would be more afraid of the other’s death/harm?
  44. who ends up yelling first? are they always yelling when arguing, or do neither of them yell at all?
  45. who would be more likely to save who? 
  46. who stays up at night brooding?
  47. who has more dreams/nightmares about the other?
  48. who comforts who after a bad dream/event?
  49. do they think about each other a lot? does it affect their performance/schoolwork?
  50. if one of them were to come back after a long time, who would come to who? would it go well? would the other person take them back?
michael in the bathroom more like

jared at the lush store

jared at the lush store

jared at the lush store eating bathbombs

damn he loves the cronch

he’s just jared at the lush store

jared at th