by teminas

We're in a world with lots of ocean. The main way of travel is by boat. I'm a half Orc city guard and the other player is a regular Orc.

DM: Okay, so you and the Orc town guard have been sent to investigate the docks on suspicion of a minotaur pirate who just arrived.
Orc: “Why are you here?”
Minotaur: “I’m a traveler who does jobs for people in various cities. My ship was attacked and I lost my captain and all of the crew. Only I survived.”
Half-Orc (OOC): Can I check to see if he’s lying?
DM: Sure, roll your dice.
Me: I rolled… Decently.
DM: He seems to be being honest
Minotaur: You can search the ship if you want.
Orc: Temina, stay here with him.
Me (OOC) I’m just going to stand here silently and stare him down.
Minotaur (OOC): I’m not intimidated.
Me (OOC): You sure about that? Because that’s a natural 20 on intimidation.
Minotaur (OOC): *rolls dice* never mind, I’m terrified.