by tea tigers

Each house's favourite: Amortentia smell
  • Gryffindor: Campfire – the smell of raw adventure
  • Hufflepuff: Cotton candy – a happy nostalgic smell
  • Ravenclaw: Tea leaves – slightly different every breath you take
  • Slytherin: Tiger lily – an intricate, refined and delicate smell

🌞🌞happy summer solstice!!🌞🌞
i picked up this raspberry wine and some berries for tonight. i also have a jar of hibiscus flowers in rose syrup to put in my tea!! my plan is to meditate, prepare my to do list for the move, cleanse everything, a magic bath, maybe a honey face mask?? honey and oatmeal??, and hopefully to start on this book!!


I had an idea so i made a thing

Major Ava’s Demon spoilers, don’t watch unless you’ve gotten to Moribund Malediction or don’t care about spoilers

Theres a bilp at the end in the audio and it bothers me a lot but i threw this together in the span of a few hours bc i was like i gotta and its already posted so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what can u do
But yeah here’s this.



sorry about using the same background color, it was such a nice color!!–This is a friend (@the invisible tiger) from drawing amino’s oc Elis, who is now my child. —– I tried different things with the Line art. Feedback is always welcome ;)

Reblogs are greatly appreciated, have a wonderful day my colorful cantaloupes💜💜