by tanya p

it’s something about the little things

Aarav could see the little basket on the floor of Samar’s car moving gently and he winced, praying that the little surprise he had for Tanya wasn’t too frightened in there. Aarav had been comfortable with the life he and Tanya had started rebuilding but there was still something missing. And for Aarav he knew that it was the fear that she’d not yet really forgiven him; something he couldn’t fault her for. But he also knew she could worry that he’d end up running away when things got to be too much for him. The truth was harshly different though because Aarav realized from the moment he walked out of their apartment–he couldn’t live without her.

It had unfortunately taken him a bit too long to realize that though and so this time, to show her just how serious he was, and how much he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her–he’d gotten her something. No it wasn’t an engagement ring, or a promise ring, or anything like that. He’d gotten her something that tied them together in a bond that couldn’t easily be broken.

Stepping into the elevator with the basket in his hand, he peeked inside, smiling as he saw his little gift all curled up perfectly. Aarav could only imagine Tanya’s reaction, even though this may make their perfectly sized apartment seem a bit smaller than it was. However he let himself in, calling out to her, “Tanya! Kahaan ho? I’ve got a surprise for you.” And he gently set the basket down on the dining table, waiting for her to come greet him and get her present. 


positive lady characters meme (power rangers edition)–> 3/10 rangers

what are you gonna do next? join the football team?

i just might


I finally unlocked some concept art of Tanya and also some of Rain.

I’m glad NRS went with the outfit and hairstyle Tanya has in the game, the other ones don’t really appeal to me. I don’t think the short pixie cut would fit her, it looks too much like Halle Berry. I do like Halle Berry, but I prefer the bob cut for Tanya. ^^

And Rain just looks stunning. I like that both Tanya and Rain have that Egyptian/Persian feel to their designs. :P