by tanya p

anonymous asked:

Aunt Tanya help. I went to a party and drank too much wine and nearly died. How do you stay alive??

If you don’t actually die, then you have another night to celebrate life and drink even more wine. You just have to take it one day at a time. And I’ve had Years and years of practice.

Xoxo Aunt Tanya

P.s. Remember, you’re not an alcoholic until you get blackout drunk in an Olive Garden 5+ times. And I’m only at 4.


I finally unlocked some concept art of Tanya and also some of Rain.

I’m glad NRS went with the outfit and hairstyle Tanya has in the game, the other ones don’t really appeal to me. I don’t think the short pixie cut would fit her, it looks too much like Halle Berry. I do like Halle Berry, but I prefer the bob cut for Tanya. ^^

And Rain just looks stunning. I like that both Tanya and Rain have that Egyptian/Persian feel to their designs. :P