by tanya p


i’m trying to put together a book.
i don’t want to say this is going to be a book about regret but I guess it is, things you wish you’d said but you didn’t or you couldn’t. it’s a book of emotion, completely raw and exposed. a book of people.

the book will be made up of letters, anonymous or not. you can let me into your deepest darkest thoughts or the most innocent. how angry you are at someone who left or how much you love your family pet. just be passionate.

i want this to be something people can relate to, be touched by or simply just read when they feel like they need to step out of their own world into someone else’s for a moment.

tell us what song you want to be played as people read your letter or what you were drinking as you wrote it. keep your walls as high or as low as feels comfortable but i promise you a huge weight will be lifted as your words hit the page.

tell us what emotion washed over you as you wrote.

anything sent to me will be in complete confidence.

thanks and stay interesting
tanya x

p/s. i was listening to ‘cries of the elephant man bones’- nicole dollanganger as I wrote this


positive lady characters meme (power rangers edition)–> 3/10 rangers

what are you gonna do next? join the football team?

i just might