by tai

anonymous asked:

Im so tired of seeing the whole "starvation mode" thing. Ive lost 20 pounds from this shit before and 10 since ive relapsed. Do you believe in starvation mode? Or believe its bs? Hope your day is going well lovely.

I’m a bio major. Starvation mode is a MYTH. it doesn’t exist. Metabolism doesn’t work that way– it doesn’t just stop. Your BMR isn’t going to change that dramatically, even if you’re starving. Because that would mean that your body isn’t doing all the things it needs to to stay alive– breathing, your heart beating, keeping your eyes moist, your kidneys working, etc. If starvation mode existed, you would die.

And to those that are like “But tay, people do die!” yeah, from malnutrition. The body is still doing what it needs to but it doesn’t have the nutrients in store to complete the process, so it shuts down and starts dying that way. The process is still happening, it’s still trying. You can turn on the car and rev it but if you have no gas you’re not gonna go anywhere, and fuck up the car in the process.
Starvation mode is a myth. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t educated enough to make that assumption.