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tell me about your favourite tumblr user(s)

Okok! I’ll talk about the ones I follow on Hyokjae and related to the fandom (if not this could be sooooo long hdfsdf)

@asoomatic and @taesunamo are pretty much the users I reblog the most. Their blogs are top-notch in quality, also the few times we have talked they have always been really nice and pleasant to converse with. Plus, whoever likes SJ and SNSD is pretty much perfect in my eyes. I’m always in awe when it comes to them. *runs away*

@llx–xll This girl here actually welcomed me with open arms when I decided to come back into the fandom and reactivate Hyokjae. The funny thing? We chatted in English for an entire month before discovering that we were both from the same Country, how dumb is that? Especially after I told her that I was in Rome once, so it’s her fault not mine~ She’s a fan of SJ and Big Bang (and AOA, plus I’m trying to teach her the way to SNSD -I made a post with all my fave songs for her last month-) and I love love love love the fact that she always tags everything with the right name of the show, person, song, etc. THANK YOU!

@snippetite She doesn’t post much about Kpop, not like she did before, but she’ll always be the Sungmin to my Eunhyuk. I’m not saying this because she stanned Sungmin, but because she actually was the Sungmin to my Hyukjae in a roleplaying. I don’t know how many nights I stayed up until dawn playing with her. She followed me out of the rp, when I decided to stop (I miss roleplaying with her so much and sometimes I think about starting again, but there was a reason behind my decision to leave, so I’m a bit diffident). Anyway, she always posts really nice and inspirational stuff, also she has this beautiful tag for me on her tumblr that makes me all mushy everytime I read it (it’s “tesoro mio.” if you’re wondering, which means “my treasure” in Italian”).

@dumplingnooona and @realllllminope Do I have to actually talk about them? The first one is not really into kpop anymore and the second one is now a really die-hard fan of Winner. These wonderful human beings are the first friends I made on tumblr and in the fandom (both were Kangin biased, but I said this so many times already). We finally met up in December for the first time in Poland and there are so so so so many things I could say about them, like so many stories, but this post is getting so long it’s scaring me. Just know that they are my best friends. <3 My precious daughter and my precious wifeu. <3 (there is No Other running in the background, I feel so cheesy right now). I just… they are really important to me. 

@airetos THE WEIRDO! MY FIRST RP PARTNER. She is the Donghae to my Hyukjae. I’m not going to say any more than this, because she knows how I feel about this particular ship, but her Donghae was so great I couldn’t resist! To make you understand, all the partners Hyukjae has had after her Donghae were jealous of her character and, maybe, rightful so. Our Hyuk and Hae had such chemistry and so do we! We troll each other all the time. <3 Thanks to her my DP on Line is a picture of Bugsy (yeah, Siwon’s dog). I love you, babe.

I could go on and on and on and on, but I’ll stop here (?). I’m sorry for being verbose? >_<

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nickname: angie, sunshine/sun, and anlu (mostly on this website)

starsign: sagittarius

height: 165 cm

time right now: 22:25 (10:25 PM)

last thing googled: “merlin arthur elyan gwen different university archiveofourown”

favorite music artists: super junior, snsd, SHINee, nell, the kooks, the doors, the beatles, queen… etc.

song stuck in your head: right now, excuse me by AOA

last TV show watched: Cherif~

what are you wearing right now: aquamarine pyjama top and black leggings

when did you create your blog: at the beginning of 2010

what kind of stuff do you post: kpop stuff, mainly SJ, SNSD, SHINee and TVXQ

do you have any other blogs: I have two sideblogs, @imashime (only music) and @epigaste (I post short stories and journals); plus @kochebi (my personal and main one, in which I post everything that I like)

do you get asks regularly: not really.

why did you choose your URL: because my main bias is Lee Hyukjae and “hyokjae” is the closest way to write how to pronounce is name in the latin alphabet

gender: female

hogwarts house: slytherin

pokemon team: I don’t have one.

average hours of sleep: 5-6 ?

lucky number: 4, 12

favorite character(s): Uhm. Brian Kinney from Queer As Folk and Lancelot from Merlin.

how many blankets do you sleep with: 4 or 5.

dream job: my goal is to teach Italian in a foreign country, we’ll see.

following: 257

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