by taemin

Looses my shinee-trash-friend in south korea
  • Me : desperate times calls for desperate measures *screams* OMG WHAT IS SHINEE DOING HERE
  • Minho : *crashes in* wtf i had no idea about this schedule and i know their schedules by HEART
  • Hoshi : *comes out of nowhere, holding DXDXD light stick* I'M A BIG FAN! WHERE ARE THEY? MY SUNBAENIMS
  • MinHoshi : *looks around* so where are they?
  • Me : ...............................
  • Me : sh*t i wasn't ready for this situation

[ENG] 110222 OBS Unique Entertainment News - Korea Yakult ‘Santafe Special Event’
Watch: ver.1 / ver.2 | Credit: jujugal, SHINeeTimes