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shinee + space-y things for the birthday girl, @leejinklies. ♡

220217 Gaon Chart Kpop Awards
SHINee wins “World Hallyu Star” Award!

Onew: Hello, this is SHINee’s Onew!! It’s a nice night~ It may look like I’m receiving this award instead of the rest of the members but I’m also a SHINee member (laughs).
Leeteuk: Yes
Onew: Firstly, Lee Soo Man teacher thank you so much.
(Camera pans to EXO and fans scream)
Onew: That’s how much they love Lee Soo Man teacher. Fans, thank you very much. I always want to be with you SHINee World. Thank you so much and love you. Thank you!

trans: omggminho


[Trans] SHINee Vyrl Update - with Onew - Always Together with Shawols - 170222 (2P)

#가온차트뮤직어워드 에서 빛나는 ’#샤이니'가
’#월드한류스타상'을 수상했습니다.🏆

리더 #ONEW 의 마음처럼 항상 함께 하고 싶은
#샤이니월드💍 여러분께 감사드립니다~! 🙏
오늘도 좋은 밤🌃 되세요~🙌

Shining #SHINee received #World_Hallyu_Star_Awards at #GaOn_Chart_Music_Awards . 🏆
Like leader #Onew ‘s heart, to always be together with #SHINee_World always 💍 Thank you everyone~! 🙏
Wishing everyone a wonderful night 🌃 too~ 🙌

Credits: SHINee Vyrl
Translation credits: Forever_SHINee[4]