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Hehe we’ll take this all with a pinch of salt as dates can change but this insider has come through with reliable facts so * they’ll be a Japanese release either next month or December * jjong is part of the new sm unit it’s either a new improved version of sm the ballad with new members or a whole new unit named the winter he is filming the mv next month * jjong is releasing a mini album and the concerts are possible teasers * sub unit’s have been discussed and so has a key solo


I knew about Jjong’s upcoming concerts and album, but another SM the Ballad? YES! YES YES!It’s about damn time, it’s been so long since he did one, it’s way overdue. And I was only wishing for a pretty Japanese winter release. AM SO HAPPY to hear the may be a distinct possibility! And SUB UNITS?  and omg omg ommmg! A KEY SOLO??? Is this heaven?

So glad to hear that there are plans for some of the guys enlisting together. That will make it all go faster, and perhaps they can be together so,  it’s not so lonely  .:(  I’m guessing you meant Key and Minho would go together, and Taemin would continue solo activities.

And what is this. POSSIBLY… FINALLY..a solo from Jinki. Please god, let it be true!

I can see 2018 being a HUGE year for SHINee. SM would be stupid to let their 10th year go by without TONS of awesome events and celebrations, so yes, I can see all of this being true.


Thank you sweet anon…you have made my day, my month, heck, you have salvaged this crappy year. Thank you!


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* = Personal Favorite

Miraculous Ladybug

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Day 6- Blanket Fort 

Day 7- 4 A.M. (MariChat, Adrienette)

Day 8- New (MariChat, Adrienette)

Day 9- It’s You (MariChat, Adrienette) *

Day 10- Secret Sleepover (Adrienette)

Day 11- Plushies/Stuffed Animals (DjWifi)

Day 12- Mon Coeur (LadyNoir)

Day 13- Elation (ChloeNath) *

Day 14- Telling the Truth (ChloeNath) 

Day 15- Sunshower (Alya)

Day 16- Flowers (Alyanette, MariChat)

Day 17- AU (MariChat) *

Mystic Messenger

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