by sweetcocoa


BEST DAY EVER!!!! Jack Lowden with my drawing!!!! 
My sister (Dunkirk fan-girl fandom XD) She met Jack at London and than she show my drawing to him!! She told me Jack love it!!! OMG I can’t believe TT_TT Jack with my drawing very very happy !!! 
Thank you for @wreckthelist​ !!!  You made my day!!! 
P.S. You can read her blog for the detail >>> 

In another camera  @cora_omara ( on twiiter) She capture when Jack signing on my drawing OMGGG look and him !!! TTATT I think I can fly ….. HE SMILE AT MY DRAWING!!!! HE LOVE IT!! IT’S HAPPEN!!! Thanks Gods TT^TT 

Although I can’t meet him by myself but Im very happy . He smile at my drawing!!!! 

Hope one day I can meet you , Jack