by sungyo


it’s been a while since I last made a special post for both my followers as well as friends and the people I admire. The reason why I have decided to talk to everyone is because I am going on a long-term hiatus. Despite the fact I have put a lot of work and feelings into this blog, I feel it is the best thing since I will begin my university experience in October (yay, I’m gonna be a vet ♡ ) and I want to entirely focus on my studies.

However, I will probably go online about once a week to message my friends and put some posts on queues for all of the following blogs

  • seoulene = my personal blog that means a lot to me
  • tuaned = my got7 blog which can still be considered a toddler
  • functiongirls- = f(x) blog I co-run and highly recommend to follow

Also, it was like a week ago when I reached over 3,400 followers. How ??? When ??? Those are the questions I keep asking myself. I am really thankful for enjoying my blog (and maybe sometimes its owner haha) and I am sorry to everyone who has been with me from the beginning.


Thank you so much for making my days brighter. As a part of the k-pop fandom I have met so many amazing people I would have never had the chance to meet if it wasn’t for this blog.

Here’s to everyone I follow and talked to:


*aka the best people I have ever met; just want you to know all of you are really precious to me ♡

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aka the blogs I really admire and which are a great source of inspiration ♡

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I just wanted to say thank you for those (almost) 2 years and I hope only good things happen to you ♡


Maria ♡

I mean I want all those who followed are very perfect blogs and I consider them unique, not all will leave here but look in my blogroll blogged :) hehe as it is my first follow forever I am somewhat nervous editing is not very good but is the most anything can I do eh I wanted to also thank those who follow me are very friendly and will continue in the future to do more and will always by the special thing are good bye me dismissal :)♥

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and this is is to much jajaja if you not here look in my blogroll and tell me and i put in my second FF :) - ♥