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Prompt List

These are a bunch of prompts from different lists and books.

Leave the number(s) and the person/character

1.“You can’t solve your problems by hiding in bed all day”

2.“Okay, but first, kiss me.”

3.“This is gonna sound cheesy but… I love when you’re half asleep and talking nonsense.”

4. “Can I hold your hand?”

5. “Is that my hoodie?”

6. “Bite me.”

7. “I forgot to mention that i’m… i’m completely in love with you.”

8. “What are you doing here?”

9. “I’m sorry. I can’t help but stare.”

10. “I can’t sleep when you’re not beside me.”

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I cleared out my ask box,

there were 103 stale requests. I’m really sorry for those who requested and I never got around to them…..I tried, I really did. I had 34 drafts that I cleared out as well. 

SO, we’re going to start fresh in a way that I feel like I can seriously write all the requests out. I might cap it a certain number, so I know for sure that I can get to all of them. 

Choose one of the following: 

Jughead Jones or Cole Sprouse
Archie Andrews or KJ Apa
Peter Parker or Tom Holland
Steve Rogers
or Chris Evans
Bucky Barnes or Sebastian Stan

Pair them with one of my favorite quotes for a theme: 

1. She wanted to scream but remained silent for you no longer deserved her words.
2. My biggest fear is that eventually you will see me the way I see myself.
3. In your hesitation, I found my answer.
4. Sometimes following your heart means losing your mind.
5. You may paint over me but I will still be here. 
6. I am made of all the things this world couldn’t take from me.
7. I was your cure, you were my disease. I was saving you but you were killing me. 
8. And then I think that maybe I was designed to be alone.  
9. We had the right love at a wrong time.
10. It seems to me that love could be labeled poison and we’d drink it anyways.
11. Maybe that’s it. We eventually go numb because you can’t break a heart that’s already broken. 
12. I think we were meant to be but we did it wrong.
13. Somebody asked me if I knew you, a million memories flashed through my mind but I just smiled and said I used to.

14. I turned out liking you a lot more than I originally planned.
15. I looked at him as a friend until I realized I loved him.
16. Since you’ve been around I smile a lot more than I use to.
17. I’m okay with your history, it made you who you are. And I happen to be in love with who you are.
18. Her cold heart just tells me it needs to be set on fire again.
19.What’s meant to be will always find a way.
20.Push me against the wall and kiss the hell out of me
21.To the moon and back, remember?
22. I couldn’t unlove him and I didn’t want to.
23. I don’t believe in magic, the young boy said. The old man smiled, you will when you see her.
24. What’s a Queen without her King? Well, historically speaking, more powerful. 
25. I love you, idiot. 

Request Away 

erin’s AU writing challenge

Okay so, I’m on Spring Break (+ I hit 1.3k!!) and I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, so I’m hosting an AU writing challenge! Don’t be afraid to participate! The list of rules and prompts are under the cut


- don’t have to be following me but this is meant to be a celebration for my followers so that sort of defeats the purpose??

- reblog this post to signal boost!

- send an ask with your chosen prompt and your character prompt (any marvel (even the guardians/defenders, but probably more the avengers because they’re more well known) or seb stan character, must be character x reader or ship x reader) (you can also choose a back up prompt in case)

- once a prompt has been claimed, it’s gone (first come first served) and if I don’t reply right away, then don’t panic because I’ll probably be sleeping or going out somewhere 

- you have to include the prompt in your fic, but how you incorporate it is up to you!

- please use the ‘keep reading’ feature!!

- it has to be an AU for marvel characters, so it can’t be set in the MCU (though it can have MCU characters). it doesn’t have to be an AU for seb stan characters. it can be a drabble, one-shot or multi-part, you choose

- no smut/explicit content, but implied/referenced smut is okay

- minimum of 500 words and maximum is unlimited!

- if there aren’t any prompts left and you want to join, then just pm me!

- use the tag #erinswritingchallenge and tag me in your fic (or all parts of your fic) so I can like and reblog them!

- deadline will be november 5th, but if you need an extension, contact me at least 24 hours before the deadline. 

- after this is all over, I’ll have a challenge masterlist so everyone can read everyone’s fics!

- thanks for reading the rules, now onto the prompts!


Some of these are courtesy of some anons, @buckysinthesinbin (my wife), @kjs-s , @redstarstan and @fancybasementpersona , thank you lovelies!

1. “Can you kiss me, please, my ex is across the bar.” - @this-kitty-has-claws - Bucky x Reader

2. “You’ve done your damage, why have you come back?” - @blossombarnes - Bucky x Reader

3. “I don’t know you, so why the fuck are you hungover on my couch?” - @buckys-fossil - Bucky x Reader

4. “If you try to hit on me one more fucking time, I will punch you.” - @e-g-b-o-k - Steve x Reader

5. “You fall asleep on my shoulder whenever we’re on the train and I think you do it on purpose.” - @rotisserierogers - Bucky x Reader?

6. “We were childhood friends, and you don’t recognize me and that really fucking hurts.” - @sniktlogan - Bucky x Reader

7. “Why are you so dramatic and keep coming in through the window?” - @chrevastan - Bucky x Reader

8. “You’re sad. Don’t lie to me. I see the pouty thing you do.” - @whyisbuckyso - Bucky x Reader

9. "You’re not a burden to me, I swear.“ “Then why do you keep making me feel like one?” - @sgtbxckybxrnes - Bucky x Reader

10. “Don’t be scared. I just need you to come with me for a minute.” - @bucky-is-my-precious - Bucky x Reader

11. “We’ve been put together in a [subject] group project, and you hate me but I’ve had the biggest crush on you for the longest time.”

12. “I’m sorry I wasn’t enough to make you love me.” - @buckysinthesinbin - Bucky x Reader

13. “You don’t understand me! Nobody does!“ “That’s because you’re so short, you lil shit.” - @dammitparker - Bucky x Reader

14. “My friend likes you but she doesn’t realise that we like each other.” - @thewinterswimmer

15. “Can you put on some goddamn clothes? You’re distracting me.” - @flowergirlbarneswriting - Steve x Reader

16. “I regret everything I did to you, you deserved none of it.” - @tasting-writers-block - Bucky x Reader

17. “You look like my girlfriend… wait, you are my girlfriend.” - @fangirlextraordinaire - Sam x Reader

18. “Can you kiss me, please, my ex is right over there.” - @stevnsbucks - Chris Beck x Reader

19. “Your notes are really cute, but I swear that somebody will see them and then I’ll be super embarrassed.” - @lame-lozer - Peter Parker x Reader 

20.  “You don’t care about me anymore, do you? Did you ever?” - @a-splash-of-stucky - Bucky x Reader

21. "I broke up with you a few months ago but I bumped into you at a mutual friend’s party.“ 

22. "You were an asshole back in high school but now you’re my boss.” - @thejamesoldier - Bucky x Reader

23.  “Do not try and twist this around to be my fault when it’s clearly yours.” - @girl-next-door-writes - Tony x Reader

24. “I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is just somebody to cuddle with.” - @sanjariti - Bucky x Reader

25. “I realised that I called you about 20 times and texted you twice as much when I was drunk last night.” - @carriefish-er - Bucky x Reader

26. “You moved away without telling me but now you’ve come back and I want to both slap you for not telling me and kiss you because you’re back.” - @aelin-blackstairs - Bucky x Reader

27. “Why do you keep having to take the shortcut through my backyard when you go to late night parties?!” - @untimelyideasforstories - Bucky x Reader

28. “I got into a car crash and you’re still my emergency contact even though you’re my ex.” - @just-some-drabbles - Bucky x Reader

29. "Screw you.” “I know you want to, but I don’t want your STDs." 

30. "Please don’t leave me alone again, I can’t do this without you.” - @bbybucky-fics - Steve x Reader

31. “You’re always sitting alone and you’re cute, so I came to sit next to you.” - @brighterlights - Bucky x Reader

32. “Stop buying me expensive stuff! Okay, fine, I like it a little… a lot, but honestly!”

33. "I’ve loved you my whole life and you’re about to marry somebody that’s not me. I can’t watch you do that.“ - @justanotherbuckydevotee - Steve x Reader

34. “I accidentally hugged you, thinking you were my friend, but you’re not so… this is awkward.” 

35. “If you steal the blankets, I’m going to put my cold feet on you.” - @fantastic-fantasy-fanfics - Jefferson x Reader

36. “I’m such an idiot. I made the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”


37. Fairytale (e.g. mermaids, fairies etc.)
38. Roommate
39. College
40. High School
41. Fake Dating/Married
42. Soulmate
43. Royalty
44. Bartender/Waitress
45. Road Trip
46. Coffee Shop - @kjs-s - Steve x Reader
47. Neighbour - @kalliria - Steve x Reader
48. Movie Star/Celebrity
49. Model/Photographer
50. Biker Gang/Punk Gang - @lovelynemesis - Bucky x Reader

some writers who I think would be interested in this! (pls don’t let this flop)

@asirenscalling   @barnescrazy  @brighterlights  @buckybarnesismypreciousplum  @buckys-fossil  @buckysinthesinbin  @buckyywiththegoodhair  @cumonbucky  @denialanderror @fantastic-fantasy-fanfics  @imhereforbvcky  @james-bionic-barnes  @riskybarnes @rotisserierogers  @minervaem  @nataliarxmanxva  @sanjariti  @sebastianstanaddictsanonymous  @sgtbxckybxrnes  @soldatbarnes  @teamspider-man  @thecrownedrose  @thejamesoldier  @this-kitty-has-claws  @untimelyideasforstories  @whothehellisbella  @whyisbuckyso @writemarvelousthings

15 Prompts Part 6

Prompt 6 “Of course I’m right, I’m always right.” with Steve McGarrett 

Requested by: @kjs-s voted 

 Word Count: 192 (sorry it’s short)

Originally posted by hawaii50s

“This is ridiculous! What is even the point in this conversation when you just ignore everything I say.”

Steve rolls his eyes. “Of course I listen to you, y/n. Just because I don’t agree with you, doesn’t mean I’m not listening.”

“And just because you don’t agree with me, doesn’t mean I’m not right. Hate to break it to ya, but you’re not always right, Steve.”

Steve scoff, clearly not agreeing with you… again. “Of course I’m right, I’m always right.” 

“Argh! Why am I even talking to you, let alone, dating you?” You throw your arms in the air, turning away from him so you don’t hit him.

Steve was taken back by your outburst. Maybe he is being ridiculous. He always feels like he has to win any argument you two have. Maybe you can win this one. If he admits to himself, you do have a point. He takes the couple of steps to reach you, wrapping his arms around your waist. “I’m sorry. You are right. I’m wrong. If we’re going to have a baby, we should have a safer car. So we can get the mini van.”

JSD’s Rom-Com Challenge

Hi! This week I hit 4k followers (thank you, thank you!) so here goes nothing! I wanted to celebrate cheesy love stories, so I’m hosting a writing challenge! A list of rules and prompts can be found under the cut. Don’t be afraid to put your writing out there, this is just for fun!

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