by stephen pastis

anonymous asked:

What is your honest opinion of the following peeps both as a person and of their art. Wiggles, ALOS, Youobviouslyloveoctavia, pembrokewkorgi, and Gearholder?

OH BOY OPINION TIME.  With sketched headshots.  Alright, here we go…

Wiggles - @ask-wiggles

I really enjoy her art style, and she’s improved a ton since AKS started.  I also enjoy all the effects she puts into her pics, mainly the smoke around Sombra.  I’m a fan.

As a person, I don’t know if what I’ll say is enough to describe what an amazing person Wiggles is.  First, she not only enjoys, but highly encourages me to keep making puns.  So blame her XP More importantly, she’s one of the kindest and friendliest people I know.  It’s always a great time when I see her in person at Bronycon, because she’s always happy-go-lucky and wanting to have a great time.  AND SHE’S BEST CON MASCOT TOO.  There’s a lot more that I could say, but that would take all day to say.  Basically, I’m very happy to be friends with Wiggles.  I’m honored to know a fantastic person like her.  And I would be a better person if I was even as half as great as she is.

ALOS - @arosu-sama

Sasha’s really grown a lot as an artist too.  Her ability to crank out visually pleasing full-color pics, and a very quick sketch to have a silly quip is really amazing.  It’s a fun style.

Sasha is also a great person too, but we’re kinda drifted apart as of late.  And admittedly, it’s my fault.  I’m really bad at keeping up with people and chatting with them.  There’s also kind of a personality clash too; her spiritual views and my newsman straight-forwardness.  But I still consider her a good friend, and want to reconnect more.

Scram - @youobviouslyloveoctavia

I WISH I COULD BE AS GREAT OF AN ARTIST AS SCRAM IS.  Oh my goodness, I think he’s one of the best in the fandom, and should get a lot more attention.  Just an all-around great style and technique.

As a person, Scram’s kinda like the little brother that I never had.  He’s one of the closest friends I’ve had since I became a pony fan.  We get along great and I love chatting pony with him.  And it’s absolutely killing me that I cannot be in San Diego this weekend to hang out with him ;~; Especially since the wind chill is -20 right now in Galesburg.

Pembroke - @pembrokewkorgi (represented by Ink Blot because I couldn’t find a mod pone)

Just like Sasha, I am amazed as how quickly Pem can crank out top-notch quality art.  And to be able to do it so often.  His pics are detailed, and there’s always great humor with them too.  I really think he could do a newspaper comic strip, a la Bill Watterson or Stephen Pastis.  He’s that good.

Pembroke is also a great follower and friend, even though we don’t get to chat that much.  He’s one of the bright spots in the Tumblrpon community, and a great example of the fine people we have here.  I also fully admit that if I won big in the lottery or something like that, he would be one of the people I would help.  He’s been through way too much bad luck, and he deserves a big break.

Gear - @gearholder


I wish I could see Gear’s art more.  It’s a simple style in a way, but it’s very visually pleasing.  And I think he’s one of the names waiting to be discovered.

I know Gear and I have the back and forths, and we also don’t chat too much, but I still consider Gear a good person and friend.  I would like to get to know him a little better though.