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The Boy Who Couldn't Get Out Of Her Head | Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Author: @celestial-writing
Warnings: none,cute fluff, some gore and violence
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2k
Request: none
AN: Hey! I’m Madi and this is my first imagine like ever! I really have to give a huge thank you and early/not early happy birthday to Steff, @dumbass-stilinski who literally supported me through this imagine and helped me edit! Also a huge thanks to my bestie, Camile, @minhosmeanhoe for supporting me all the way! Hope you guys like this and send requests if you guys want!


Stiles Stillinski.

(Y/N) couldn’t get that boy out of her head. Ever since meeting him at the homecoming dance when he was looking for Lydia when Peter took her. Since then he consumed her thoughts with that mischievous smile.

She walked to her locker, opening it to grab her books for the day, to only hear the laugh of Stiles Stillinski come her way. She smiled to herself and a took a deep breath in to calm her nerves, she knew Stiles didn’t have werewolf powers but when he was around her heart still raced around the boy she was in love with.

“Hey (Y/N)!” He hollered walking down the hallway, smirking as he leaned next to her on the lockers.

“Hey Stiles, what’s up?” She said happily and looked at him but saw his gaze stuck on Lydia, and she didn’t want to know what the strawberry blonde was doing to catch his gaze this time. She let out a sigh and shut her locker which took him out of him trance.

“N-nothing much. You know…” he stumbled in his words, scratching the back of his head. “But I have been looking in my dad’s office..”

She raised her eyebrows in a motherly manner. “Define ‘looking’, Stiles.”

“Well I have been sneaking around in my dad’s office but there’s been some weird stuff going on by this old warehouse…supernatural stuff. I thought it would be good investigate the place, it could be a portal to an alternate universe for all we know?.” Which caused her to let out a chuckle from the rambling that came out of those pretty pink lips she had her eyes trained on.

“Wanna check it out with me after school?” He asked raising an eyebrow and giving her a big smile, making her heart flutter.

“What about Scott?” She said confused at first, Stiles always having his escapades with his best friend of an Alpha. They were always together at the hip, well until Allison came around.

“I didn’t ask him, (Y/N).” Stiles said with a smirk, which made her bite her lip.

“Uh huh, and you didn’t ask Lydia either?” She asked with a slight hint of jealously. Other than Scott, Stiles was also with Lydia, the girl he was hopelessly in love with and she never gave him the time. It hurt how much she liked, scratch that, loved Stiles and she knew he wouldn’t even have feelings for her back because of Lydia. But she wouldn’t let her nightmarish reality get in the way of spending anytime with Stiles.

“Nope. Do you want to go with me or no?” He asked looking a little nervous. She smiled and nodded, a smile appearing from the tired boy in front of her.

“Good! See ya later!” He gave you a peck on the cheek and ran to his next class. She stood in the middle of the hallway, stunned by what happened and slowly headed to class, still in shock that Stiles Stillinski just kissed her on the cheek. Yes, it may of been on the cheek but it was a lot for her. She thought it over in English class and then shook it off just thinking it was a friendly thing, right? It had to be, he was in love with Lydia, he had to be…

After the whole school day went through it’s course, she met Stiles at his baby blue jeep named Roscoe. Stiles ran over to her, tripping over the hood of the car and almost falling on her to open the door of Roscoe for her.

“I-I could of opened the door..” she said trying not to laugh at what the scene he just made.

“What kind of gentleman would I be?” He replied giving a wink and a blush started to creep up her neck.

He walked back over and hopped into the jeep and they started on there way to the warehouse. He turned on the radio to some sort of old rock station and let it play in the background as they passed all the forest scenery around them.

She looked over at him, staring at him a second, memorized by the scattered moles across his face. Then her eyes caught down to see his pink plump lips, just thinking of him pulling over and pressing his lips to her own.

“Hey?” He spoke loudly to her, waving his hand in front of her face, pulling her away from her trance. “(Y/N), are you okay?”

“Y-yeah? Sorry just thinking?” She mumbled causing her to blush. Embarrassed about her own thoughts and what just happened, she mentally scolded yourself. Stiles was still in love with Lydia, what even gave you the idea he would ever be even interested with her. Lydia was the perfect strawberry blonde girl of his dreams and she was just the girl he hung out with at pack meetings and worked on assignments.

“Okay…well we’re here.” He mumbled softly, giving her a worrying look which left a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach. She opened the door of the jeep and walked back to see Stiles with two bats in his hand.

“His and Hers bats of course.” He said to her, breaking the silence with a genuine smile and handing her a bat, which made her laugh. She shut the door to Roscoe and they made their way to the abandoned building. They passed the large symbol cut into the side of the warehouse and entered the building, her grip on the baseball bat tightened.

“Stiles, what did you find out about this warehouse in your dad’s office?” She asked slightly scared, as she heard scratch marks down the sides of the walls, which caused Stiles to grab (Y/N) hand.

“This use to be an old distillery, abandoned for awhile until my dad found a dead body cut in half and decapitated here a couple years ago…” he looked at her slightly nervous. Her breath hitched when he grabbed her hand but the scratches kept coming closer.

“Then ‘animal attacks’ started again…” he whispered.

“Stiles I think we should go.” She said scared.

“Yeah. We should go.” He nodded in agreement and started to pull her in the direction of the car.

“Not so fast little ones..” Kali groweled behind them, her red alpha eyes gleaming and teeth bared. She felt Stiles death grip her hand as she started to breathe heavier and she dropped the bat out of pure fear. (Y/N) never really fought with the pack, she just helped figure things out with Stiles and Lydia, so she was terrified and Stiles knew that.

“Get back.” Stiles spoke sternly, trying to hide the fear in his voice, raising the bat up in front of them. “O-or I’ll hit you with the bat!”

She laughed right in there faces, her claws extended and ready to rip them into little pieces. “You kids picked the wrong place to make out.”

(Y/N) and Stiles could barely react before Kali ran up and slashed (Y/N) in the face, knocking her down the floor and losing her grip on Stiles’ hand. He gasped and yelled out her name before gripping his bat and swinging it at Kali who dodged it and swiped her foot at Stiles. He swung his bat again towards her and hit her side, making her stumble. (Y/N) tried to get up, she lost her bat when she first saw Kali. She looked around for Stiles but blood covered her eye as it gushed out of the wound. She tried to get up but failed from the dizziness, only be grabbed by a pair of hands with claws at her throat. Kali gripped her throat and Stiles looked at them fearful, almost tearing up, thinking (Y/N) could be killed. He held his bat tighter, ready to attack her to get (Y/N) back.

“Hit me Stiles, I dare you, but if you do….sweet little (Y/N) gets her throat slashed. You trespassed alpha property and I’m not that merciful.” Kali dug her claws into (Y/N) throat starting her to gurgle slightly from the pain.

“D-don’t h-hurt her! T-take me okay, let her go!” He stuttered, looking scared out of his mind. He dropped the bat, his hands shaking just hoping Kali would let her go.

“Now what fun would that be?” She smiled and then loud growl came behind them, which (Y/N) couldn’t see how it was because she passed out in Kali’s arms from the blood she loss from the wound on her head and the punctures in her throat.

She thought she would wake up in the abandoned warehouse, not in Stiles’ arms in the back of his baby blue jeep as was softly running his hands threw her hair and adjusting the blanket he had wrapped around her.

“S-Stiles?” She whispered softly, opening her eyes to feel pain all over her head and throat, knowingly they were taken care of by feeling the soft bandages on her skin.

He shook out of his daze and looked at her relieved. “You’re awake…t-thank god.”

“Stiles what happened to Kali?” She whispered, confused about the whole ordeal.

“I texted Derek where we were before we even went there, so he took care over…she left when Derek got there. I didn’t know Kali was there or that was her territory…(Y/N) I’m so sorry. I never meant you to get hurt..” he told to her softly, looking into her eyes meaningfully.

“Stiles it’s okay..” she said softly as she went to hold Stiles hand which laced with hers.

“It’s n-not okay (Y/N), I could’ve got you killed…just because I wanted to impress you…I’m so sorry (Y/N).” he admitted to her, his gaze turning away from hers. She looked at him confused and put her hand under his chin and pulled his gaze back to hers.

“Why would you want to impress me?” She asked confused, still thinking Stiles was madly in love with Lydia.

“Because being with you these last couple of months, I have developed such deep feelings for you, j-just thinking about you with anyone else…well I really couldn’t think of it..” he admitted to me, his eyes watered down slightly from all the emotion filling the room.

“Stile-” she said but was quickly cut off by Stiles.

“(Y/N), when Kali was going to k-kill you, I knew if it happened I could never live with myself b-because I love you…” he whispered.

All the breath was taken out of her lungs and she felt her heart start to beat against her chest. The boy she loved had the same feelings she had for him. The boy who tried to protect her against the Alpha and put his life on the line for her.

“I love you too, Stiles..” she admitted and she gently put her hand on his cheek and pulled him down to press her lips against his. He didn’t do anything for a second before slowly moving against hers. They stayed like that for awhile, just kissing and pulling each other closer without trying to touch the injuries,
until Scott opened the door and they quickly pulled apart.

“O-oh sorry guys, ruined a moment, didn’t I…uh Deaton wants to see you, (Y/N)..” Scott said embarrassed for ruining the moment and scratched the back of his head. Stiles gave him a slight glare and (Y/N) chuckled. She slowly got up with the help of Stiles and walked inside of the animal clinic.

(Y/N) almost died today, was terrified out her mind, and now had a great story to tell to the pack, but even after all of that, she learned that the boy of her dreams loved her back. Now Stiles would never get out of her head, but that wasn’t too bad in her case.

What’s Your Fantasy? - Prologue - Smut

Originally posted by obviouslyobrien

Authors: @writing-obrien and @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Dylan O’Brien/Reader
Words: 1,666
AN: Here it is, y’all. The beginning! This is something we’ve been planning for awhile and we really hope you like it! Let us know what you think!

Also, we did pick a winner for the contest, and all will be revealed in the next part! 

You sighed, stirring your drink with a little plastic straw, watching the ice spin and clink around in the glass. You liked this bar because it was quiet and no one bothered you. You were kind of hoping for some company tonight, though. You were a little nervous, tomorrow was your first day on a new shoot, a movie for a bigger company than the one you’d previously worked for. Working in the industry that you were in was difficult, but you were damn good at what you did, and you knew it.

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swipe right [smut]

A;N: Things and people you meet are not always what they seem. 

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut. 18+ Explicit Content.

Word count: .9,612

Listen to me.

Originally posted by stilinskisvoid

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In Heat - Alpha!Stiles Stilinski [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien 

Character(S): Alpha!Stiles Stilinski/Reader, Scott McCall, Malia Tate, Lydia Martin, Derek Hale, Liam Dunbar and my sons Mason and Corey.

Word Count: 4661

Notes: Man this is so filthy and it was so fun to write, I hope y'all really enjoy it. We got extreme sparking, marking, bring, cutting, scratching, bruising, oral (both receiving) and over-stimulation as well as masturbation (male) and finally teasing. Thank you so, so much to my best girl Steff, I don’t know what I’d do without her proofreading, editting and help on writing. (She’s even helping me write Kiss My Ass because I’m THAT useless!) so big shout out to my girl. I love you Steffy, Rick to my Rock. ❤️ @dumbass-stilinski 

Gif by @bonniebird and I’m still shook because damnnnnn 

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