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Canandaigua New York ~ Elegant Queen Anne Victorian ~ Historical by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
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Canandaigua New York ~ Historic Mansion ~ Italianate Victorian Architecture by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
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Grand Historic Italianate Victorian.


Timelapse of a single day at Mt. St. Helens Volcano, Washington.

okay but after I watched TFA and came out of it like “wait what was this bit about? And that bit, it made no sense? Why did Luke run off?” and so on, and everyone else was like “it’s a trilogy, it’ll be explained in the next movie, they can’t give all the answers away immediately, it’s called suspense, duh”

nonsense, wasn’t it? Because they don’t know. Rian Johnson, the guy who is making the next installment, doesn’t know the answers. Which means that JJ Abrams and everyone involved in TFA don’t know the answers. Because the only other option is that they know, and just decided not to tell the guy who’s making the next movie. Which would make them beyond idiotic, frankly, and I don’t for a moment think that’s what happened here.

So all that stuff in TFA that made no sense? That we didn’t know the reason for? It simply made no sense. The reason doesn’t exist. I didn’t miss it because I’m not a good enough fan. There aren’t any layers of meaning to it. They sent Luke to live on an island so he’d be out of the way and Leia would have a mission and the audience would have a mystery to ponder.

Rian Johnson might be able to salvage it all and invent reasons and explanations for it all, but those reasons and explanations will NOT be what JJ Abrams & Co had in mind when they made it happen.

So the reason why Luke does this out-of-character thing and runs away from his responsibilities? Eh, we don’t know. We just thought it’d be cool, or something.

And that just steals whatever little faith I had that maybe, maybe, they had something in mind when they did all the other stuff. Maybe there’s a good reason why Han and Leia broke up, and their kid went to the Dark Side, and Snoke showed up, and the Republic fell apart again, and so on and so forth. Except, y’know, as it stands… it looks to me like the reason was “because that’s what needs to happen so we can have a cool plot that resembles ANH so we can get maximum nostalgia money from the fans”. All that stuff that happened off-screen? Handwaved. Literally. These aren’t the thought-out reasons and motives you’re looking for. Move along.

“It’ll all make sense once you’ve seen the other movies! It’s not out of character! It’s not just an excuse to re-do ANH! It’s all happening for a reason, they’ve just not told us yet!”

Yeah, right.