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I see some folk getting annoyed on Tumblr about everyone talking about the American Election, or getting riled about people shitting on Trump … But I really quite like it. It’s nice seeing all the Trump hate because it lets me know I chose to follow the right people and that you’re decent folk and not a loada assholes B)


Imagine Newt Scamander awkwardly asking you to join him on his travels.

**Based off of Gimme Sympathy by Metric**

“Would you, um, would you like to come with me?”

You blinked at Newt’s question and even Niffler seemed surprised from his place curled up in your arms. “You want me to go with you?” you asked, unable to contain your shock.

Newt averted his gaze, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, “Niffler’s never bonded so well with someone other than me,” he acknowledged almost shyly. “And Pickett would never forgive me for not at least offering to have you accompany us.”

“What would I do?”

“Help me tend to the creatures. Keep them company. Maybe assist me with my book. There’d be lots of traveling. Wide open spaces. It won’t always be fun and games. It’d probably get dangerous at times.”

You nodded quickly, a slow grin curling your lips, “It sounds wonderful. Sign me up.”

“Are you sure?” Newt pressed, fixing his gaze on you.

You nodded again, “Of course I am. I’d love to go with you, Newt. I want to be able to look back someday and remember all the chances we took. You’re so close to something, Newt, I can feel it in my bones. After all of this is gone, I want to be proud of what I’ve done.”

A smile tugged at Newt’s mouth, “You won’t mind staying with me through the unknown?”

“I welcome the challenge.”

Gif Credit: Newt

Title: Corpora Permutavere
Pairing: Bokuaka
Author/Authors: @silvercistern
Day/Prompt: Day 1, Birthday
Rating: T
Chapter: 1/8

“Akaaaaashi, you gotta make a wish after you blow them out!” Bokuto was leaning across the table so far that the candle flames danced in his eyes, turning them to molten metal. And while Akaashi found himself appreciating his teammate’s birthday fervor in a way that was soft, foreign, and somewhat unexpected, Bokuto should still have known that this level of spectacle was neither Akaashi’s preference, nor something he was entirely comfortable with.

Under such pressure, he blew out the candles. Then, as requested, made a wish.

I wish Bokuto-san understood the perspective of someone other than himself.

Bokuto and Akaashi switch bodies. It goes as well as you might expect.

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All right, so I just decided to check on Wattpad this morning before I go to bed after a long night at work. When I loaded the page, I noticed that there was a story that had the same title as one that I had written. Curious, I selected the story and found out that someone has decided to post something that I have worked so hard on as their own work! My beta and I have reported it to the website, but that doesn’t really stop me from being so angry.

Now, I am so upset that I can’t even go to sleep. I am almost physically ill that someone has done this, and my beta is as well. Other than here, my story is on three other websites. I have almost got 60 chapters of this thing written with all the support and help of my beta and now I feel like all of this is just been tainted.


“We said we would tell each other everything.”

Tricks To Living Your Best Self-Care Life
  • Take warm showers: Wash your body slowly, feeling all of your curves and ridges, make sure you feel your own skin and understand.
  • Stay active: Walk, run, jump rope, anything. This will allow your pent up energy to be released instead of manifesting itself into something negative.
  • Stay creative: Paint, sing, create music or arts, anything that allows you to release your mental energy, once again so it doesn’t manifest into negative energy.
  • Spend quiet time with yourself: Disconnect from your electronics, I promise it will still be there when you’re done.
  • Practice yoga and meditation: This will allow you to find a center to your mind and body, creating a mechanism of peace and understanding between the two.
  • Detox your relationships: If a relationship needs to be a secret, if someone is making you unhappy on a regular basis or you feel that your life is dependent on someone other than yourself for your own well-being, reevaluate that relationship. Find happiness within yourself and healthy relationships.
  • Eat well, but don’t be afraid to snack: Eating good food will make you feel good, and sometimes we need a Big Mac. Eat the Big Mac. Your mental health will be better because of it.

Happy 2015, make this year a dedication to self-care. You don’t need to be suffering, you don’t need to have any reason to self-care other than knowing you’re taking good care of yourself. It’s not selfish or rude, it’s important to each and every person. Take some time for yourself and enjoy the benefits that follow.

Darris Teeter Cafe & Grocery - Monday, 1pm

Nemesis hadn’t forgotten the conversation she had with Kyth. In fact, what he’d said made more of an impact on her than she’d ever thought. With the few people that she actually opened up to, who she let even fraction into her life, she’d never had someone tell her the flat out truth.

Well, no one other than, Vega.

He was crazy to even be involved with her. Let alone put up with the way she treated him. Sometimes she wondered if he was a glutton for punishment. Or maybe he just really liked her. When you really care for someone, you tend to put up with a lot.

As she crossed the street, ready to forget her problems with something good to eat, she came to a half step. Shock? Anger? She didn’t know what it was she was feeling. All she knew was the sight of Vega and Sasim laughing as they stood in front of the cafe together put a sour taste in her mouth.

Sasim was flirtacious. Anyone who met her figured this out within 5 minutes of conversation. She also remembered what Sasim had said about him when Vega showed up at the tattoo salon.

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A certain elf finally convinced some people to do their hair. Some are more into it than others. As for Elora? Well… 

Someone got a little excited.

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A bit ago, a friend asked what to call me, instead of like ma’am or miss. I told him that captain was what some people used, and that I wouldn’t mind any masculine pronouns or titles, so he decided on sir.

And the other day, he said it casually (well, snarkily) in conversation and it was just The Best Thing Ever.

ways to cope with being dumped by your broody jerk elf boyfriend: drag him with you to darktown and make him watch you make out with his least favorite party member

Friendly reminder

That you can’t compare people’s trauma. You can’t compare Bucky and Tony’s. You can’t compare Tony and Steve’s. You can’t compare Nat and Bruce’s. You. Can’t. Compare. Trauma.
There isn’t a quota of trauma that has to be met in order for someone to feel the way they feel. So please stop trying to act like one character has more right to their emotions because their trauma is “bigger”

When it Rains

Summary: Hanji finds the strength to move on.

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Inspired by this

Hanji woke up to the sound of rain outside her room. It was still dark. Even though it was cloudy, she could tell it was still too early. She closed her eyes, searching for her sleep again. Then her mind wondered elsewhere.

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How many times do you think Bitty imagined that moment? All the late night fantasies, the half realized dreams, the romantic scenarios that he could’ve come up with- and instead he had his first kiss in a frat Haus, and he wouldn’t trade it for the world

Ok so I was just doing this for me randomly. No purpose behind it or effort put into it and it’s probably not even funny to some people (i’m easily amused so) but sophiealdred was like “plz post it when ur done” so here I am.