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Hi HeyWriters! I was wondering: do you have a tip to create a weak point on main characters? I´m making a story, but I´m having trouble since my main character is TOO overpowered. Could you help me with this?

(All of this is written under the assumption your character has superpowers or “special” abilities, so forgive me if you meant a different kind of power.)

I created a character concept when I was twelve. She had all the superpowers of my favorite heroes and then some. As time wore on she gained more and more until eventually my adolescent brain invented logic and realized she was actually ridiculous. Here’s how I depowered this character, who’s name is Ace, without completely ruining her coolness.

Step One:

Don’t be greedy. Any ability that does not contribute to the story needs to go. It’s taking up space that could be filled with credibility. I decided early on that Ace didn’t need most of her abilities, and by the end of the story she only relies on a few to get the job done. Also, if a character can do more than one thing that are all basically the same thing some of those should probably go (invisibility and camouflage, superspeed and teleportation, etc.). 

Step Two:

Apply real-world science. If you try to make your depiction realistic, you’ll want to have an idea of how these abilities might work and how they might not. Of course, you should suspend disbelief for some things if they’re truly essential to your character, but others can be adapted. For Ace there are some powers that only work under the right circumstances, and others that her body rejects or that give her physical pain when she uses them. Most importantly, special strengths come with special weaknesses. Sensitive hearing means loud noises are more jarring or harmful, regeneration means metabolism speeds up and the person needs to eat as much as a body builder. Any superpower you pick out will have a drawback, I guarantee it; if not a physical one than a social one (I’ll get to that).

This scene from The Incredibles is an excellent demonstration of superpower drawbacks.

Step Three: 

Consider how the character feels about all this power and why they obtained it in the first place. Ace was not born with abilities, but over time she chose certain powers for the purpose of defending herself or others. Some of her powers fade away when she stops using them, like any skill you fail to practice, and some abilities she just plain old refuses to use for personal reasons. Some are too difficult or time-consuming for her to master, and some even trigger memories of her traumatic past thus she discards them. This way she has a choice in the matter and her choice is not to bite off more than she can chew or what she doesn’t want in the first place. 

Step Four:

How do other characters feel about all this power? Perhaps some or all of your character’s powers intimidate, frighten, or anger others in the story. One of Ace’s friends dislikes how unstoppable she is, and others are taken aback by some of the things she can do or how she looks when she does them. On the whole, she hides what she can do or picks small things to do instead of big things, downplaying her own power when necessary. How your supporting characters react to the force of nature that is your MC is the most important aspect of her power.

Here’s an example from the X-Men of how other characters might react. 

For additional opinions and advice, read this and take to heart its ending line: “There’s only one fix that avoids all the pitfalls of overpowered heroes: refrain from making them really powerful in the first place.”

Yes, Ace is a flawed concept and all the advice I just gave is only a patch kit for that flaw. However, overpowered characters continue to excite readers and viewers alike, so I would never suggest we dispense with them altogether. Just, when you’re getting a headache from how overwhelming your character is, it’s good to consider dialling it all back and focusing on the power of their personality instead.


Super apologize for taking so long to respond, and thanks for asking in the first place.

Why Neutrinos are so Weird

If you held out your thumb, every second about 65 billion neutrinos will pass through it. Besides photons, neutrinos are the most abundant particle in the universe, and by far the most unique.

The existence of the neutrino was first theorized by Wolfgang Pauli, after noticing how energy didn’t seem to be conserved in beta decay. He believed that the missing energy was being carried away by some “invisible” particle. He would later say “I have done a terrible thing, I have postulated a particle that cannot be detected.”

Although elusive, neutrinos can be detected, but it requires sensitive, and often massive detectors. After finding that neutrinos came in three types: electron, muon, and tau, a problem seemed to emerge. Electron neutrinos are created all the time in the Sun, as a by-product of nuclear fusion, but they would always find only a third of the total number of electron neutrinos they were expecting. So, where did the missing neutrinos go?

It turns out, neutrinos actually oscillate back and forth between the three different types. So, by the time the neutrinos from the Sun had reached Earth, two thirds of them have turned into muon and tau neutrinos. This discovery was especially surprising, since everyone thought neutrinos had no mass, like the photon. The fact that neutrinos could change in-flight implied that they could experience time, and due to special relativity, this means they must have mass.

While that mystery has been solved, we still have plenty to learn from these strange particles. Exactly how much do they weigh? Although we know they must have mass, they are so light, we can’t tell how much. Since they have no electric charge, is a neutrino its own anti-particle? Are there more than just three types of neutrinos? Answering these could help us uncover some of the biggest mysteries in physics today.

Capable (Chapter 1)

Chapter 2   Chapter 3    Chapter 4   Chapter 5

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Bucky Barnes x mutant!Reader

Summary: You were kidnapped by Hydra 10 years ago but now you’re free. You find yourself at the Avengers Tower while you recover and readjust to real life.

Warnings: language (mild), angst, PTSD

A/N: This is my first fic so any feedback, if you can or have time is wonderful. I’ve tagged some pages down below, they are simply other writers who I follow (this is a side blog so if you think I don’t follow you, I promise I do) and love and wanted to tag, if you don’t want to be tagged in future fics please just let me know, promise I won’t be offended. Or if you do want be tagged and you’re not you can tell me that too! OMG I’m so nervous, here goes nothing.

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Okay I have many feelings regarding autistic Drew Tanaka being apart of a demigod theatre group because like:

  • She loves being apart of them because she loves the social thrill she gets from singing + dancing, and loves the positive attention
  • But can’t stand the bright lights or loud noise (considering how amazing the Hep. Campers are though, they could probably figure out a way to make special contact lenses to help with that/ some near invisible… ear thing? Idk)
  • She gets really annoyed with herself when she doesn’t get the leading role, even if it was meant for a boy etc, and will spend hours trying to figure out where she went wrong because didn’t she get the character right??? She spend all this time researching this character so why didn’t she get it right???
  • She won’t let anyone else apply her makeup like no, she needs to stim before going on stage and she has to use her own makeup so just tell her what she needs to do in very specific detail
  • She sometimes can’t get her face to do the right expression or her voice goes monotone in rehearsals, and she’s terrified that will happen on stage
  • She’s also terrified of having a meltdown/shutdown on stage to the point where that fear will send her into a meltdown
  • It has happened before, but everyone now knows how to handle it. For instance, Piper will come to every show so if that does happen, she can use her charmpseak to convince the audience to… idk, do something else and forget what happened until Drew has calmed down
  • And Drew’s definitely used her charmpseak before in shows, whether unconsciously or not. Like she’ll use it if she messes up a line, and sometimes accidentally does it when she really gets into it, like if she’s singing a big musical number it just happens and she won’t notice until the songs finished and she sees everyone doing what she told someone else to do in the song
  • Everyone laughs it off because everyone’s accidentally used their powers once or twice during a show
  • If she doesn’t like the songs in the musical, she won’t be in it. She refuses. She knows she won’t be able to concentrate/actually act well if she can’t stand the songs. Instead, she’ll help out the make-up artists
  • And hey, no one judges her for it!
  • She will spend hours trying to work out how her character would talk and act and move by watching other performances, reading the script and reading reviews of the show, and then writes it all down in a notepad
  • She has a notepad for each character she plays, no matter how big or small the role is
  • She loves info-dumping to the other makeup artists when she’s not in a show about make-up/make-up techniques because they always seem genuinely interested and ask follow up questions afterwards, which just makes her day
  • You know she’s enjoying herself when she’s doing that monotone hum. Like, she may be wearing a frown as she reads the script or does someone/her own make-up, but if she’d humming then she’s happy
  • She hates being sweaty tho so at the end of the show she’s literally dying inside
  • *reading script* wow these neurotypicals are wild
  • Half of the time she doesn’t understand why the characters do/act the they do because she can’t wrap her head around the silent neurotypical rules that she’s just supposed to ‘know’
  • Her favourite musical is Heathers (she can listen to the soundtrack for hours on end) but her favorite musical character ever is Elphaba… I don’t think I need to explain why
  • (No Good Deed is her default ringtone)
  • But everyone one of her contacts has a very specific ringtone that she’s thought long and hard about, like she will spend ages figuring out which song from which musical best represents this person, and everyone must have a specific ringtone so she knows exactly who’s calling and so she can prepare herself/decide if she wants to speak to that person right now
  • Her siblings all try to come to every show and cheer her on, especially Lacy like Lacy will always be there no question. Not even death could stop her, she would find a way
  • Drew literally cried when she got the role of Elphaba when they got around to doing that musical, and you can bet she slayed it
  • Nearly the whole camp came to see it, and it was the best night of her life (the costume felt amazing, she really enjoyed doing her makeup, she knew absolutely everything about Elphaba so she found it really easy and ofc she adored the songs so singing it was just amazing)
  • She totally had a crush on the girl playing Glinda
  • Ooo, but like, her being driven to writing her own musicals/plays about gender, sexuality, racism, feminism, neurodiversity (dunno if that’s a word but oh well) and putting them on in the camp first to see what people think of it? Loving the fact that she has total control over the make-up and costumes etc?
  • And just imagine her being so terrified about her first ever musical, but it completely blows up and becomes hella popular? And she doesn’t believe it like ‘you’re telling me that my musical staring a queer black feminist girl is popular? you’re lying, stop lying’
  • so yeah
iKON reaction to security not letting you enter their hotel room since they and pretty much everyone else have no idea you’re dating

Hanbin: That might actually be the day he finally reveals everything. You would finally be allowed to enter his room only to instantly be pulled out again and towards manager’s room and he would be like ‘’I shouldn’t be doing this as a leader….but would you look at that? I’M DOING IT.’’

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Bobby: You would be standing there, already panicking since they weren’t showing any signs of even thinking about letting you in when Bobby appears, greeting them with a nod ‘’Gentlemen, I hope you took care of my lovely wife.’’ let’s just say he was inappropriately amused by the look on their faces

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Junhoe: He would be hiding just around the corner, teasing you, mouthing ‘’Try your best, jagi!’’ and sending you kisses and enjoying it way to much for good 5 minutes before he finally decides to save you

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Donghyuk: He would approach the security as soon as he sees you with them and would calmly, even a bit shyly, explain the situation…but when you two start heading for his room you would be surprised with a little bit too passionate for the situation kiss and an embarrassed ‘’Now they know…’’ and you would be like ‘’What the fuck just happened?’’

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Jinhwan: He would be walking towards all cool and shit, planning to clear the misunderstanding and then he would trip over some invisible thing…clearly spoiling his planned ‘’Why aren’t you letting her in?’’ performance followed by a ‘’fierce’’ expression. Let’s just say that instead of being irritated you were giggling all the way to his room but definitely not after you got in  (¬‿¬ )

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Yunhyeong: He would watching you from the side laughing his ass off which obviously results in everyone noticing him eventually…and so he would get to where you’re standing, still wobbly as a result of maniacal laughing, and would be like ‘’This girl that DESPERATELY you side-eyeing him wants to see me is someone I also desperately want to see so I think she’s more than allowed to come in.’’

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Chanwoo: He would probably be even more confused than you…he would walk over to where you’re standing immediately but then he would just stand there looking like he has no idea what he’s supposed to say and eventually blushing as he’s way introducing you way too formally and the security guys already pretty much got the idea of what’s going on so they’re like ‘’Ok, kids, have fun.’’ which certainly didn’t help with the blushing

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honestly i feel so bad for team sweet flips? like their day is already so fucked with like, thinking magnus is dead, and then some invisible things start attacking everybody, and then magnus isn’t dead and he was apparently a mannequin or whatever? and he’s like yeah let’s go to the directors and we’ll find answers but then they get to the main dome and it’s like

  • everybody in there can apparently see the invisible things and look horrified
  • merle is taking off his shirt and muttering under his breath about “having words with that sanctimonious prick”
  • davenport can talk now and seems properly pissed off about something
  • taako looks absolutely fucking distraught and is being comforted by
  • some chubby dude that, nobody even knows who the fuck he is but killian’s like, fairly reasonably certain she saw him die with her own two eyes over a year ago
  • and the director just looking guilty as fuck holding an immensely powerful glowy staff

and it’s just them and ango and magnus (for now) walking into this decade-old buried drama resurfacing right in time for the goddamned apocalypse and it’s just like

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slow dance

Korra and Asami reach critical tension and get busy after the wedding 💖 🍒 💘 (fairly explicit) / 7k / ao3

For the rest of the night there was some invisible thing that connected them - nothing so tangible as a thread, so tidy, but a flickering thrum that flared and waned as they touched and talked and toasted thin champagne flutes, and it was all the more definite for its subtlety. The definition was the most curious thing about that feeling - in its sureness of self it ate the last vestige of apprehension that Korra felt, fully embodied the understanding that had taken place when their hands had brushed over the stone of the step, before Tenzin had returned to relay the call for Varrick’s final speeches. She supposed that’s where it began.

It left her here now - back to Asami, back taut with a strange new anticipation as she stooped with her empty drink to receive Meelo’s compliments and heard nothing but the voice of Asami exchanging pleasantries behind her. She sent him off with her glass, straightened - and just like that, it was the two of them, the petals on the matting, and the air thick with silent magic again.

“So,” Korra said, leaning back against the wall (meaning come and join me - for just another moment from the party, of course), and lifting just a couple of knuckles in invitation to Asami. She didn’t know what words should follow, though, because they had already taken this moment, hadn’t they? And several times. The innocuous, customary non-dancing moment alone together between friends, except it was more like five, tucked in tiny pockets of time and space in this long, winding evening - each one emptier of words (because what was new?) but full of something else, something fresh and intimate; such that with every next laugh or drink or whisper shared Korra was brought a little nearer to somewhere she had never been.

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If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live a life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours. He will put some things behind, will pass an invisible boundary; new, universal and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within him, or old laws will be expanded and interpreted in his favor in a more liberal sense, and he will live with the license of a higher order of beings.
—  Henry David Thoreau 

A Single Man (2009) sentence starters

  •  For the past eight months, waking up has actually hurt.
  •  Only fools greet the day with a smile.
  •  Looking in the mirror, staring back at me isn’t so much a face as the expression of a predicament. 
  •  Then again, my heart has been broken.
  •  You’re the one always saying we’re invisible.
  •  For the first time in my life I can’t see my future.
  • There’s been a car accident.
  • You forgot to take the bread out of the freezer this morning.
  • You look awful, what have you been doing?
  • I find them staring at me in a kind of bovine stupor as if I were lecturing in a foreign language.
  • Remind me why we shouldn’t all just be annihilated?
  • You seem to think this is all a joke.
  • If it’s going to be a world with no time for sentiment, then it’s not a world I want to live in.
  • Minority is only thought of as one when it constitutes some kind of threat to the majority, a real threat or an imagined one.
  • Fear is taking over our world.
  • Fear of things gets to me all the time, but you can’t talk about it with anyone, or you just sound like a fool.
  • I don’t think s/he’s afraid of anything.
  • How can you live in Los Angeles and be afraid of cars?
  • Do you ever get high?
  • You walked all the way down here just to talk to me?
  • What makes you think I’m spiritual?
  • I was just hoping that perhaps we could get together for a drink or something sometime. 
  • You haven’t slept with her, have you?
  • If you sleep with wo/men then why are you with me?
  • How can you be so sure of everything at your age?
  • He says you’re light in your loafers.
  • Sorry about the broken glass.
  • Could I have another cigarette?
  • Are you sure you don’t want to go for a drive?
  • You’re better than James Dean.
  • My mother says that lovers are like buses. You just have to wait a little while, and another one comes along.
  • What are you reading, anyway?
  • And what highbrow work of fiction might you be reading?
  • The dumbest creatures are always the happiest.
  • What could be better than being tucked up here with you?
  • I mean, if I died right now, it would be okay.
  • I can’t, I’m too old to get up.
  • Whenever you do something sweet you’re too ashamed to admit it.
  • I wouldn’t mind if ‘old’ didn’t exist, but I’m not sure ‘senior’ is what I’m aiming for either.
  • The other day at the car wash a young man looked me up and down and asked me if I was a natural blond/e.
  • Oh, we could always go back to London, the two of us.  
  • Don’t you ever miss this, what we could have been to each other?  
  • I suppose I’m just jealous you and I never had that kind of love.
  • You raise a child and love it, and then when they’re old enough, they just leave.
  • Feeling sorry for myself is definitely not one of my great pleasures.
  • I’ve done everything the way that I was supposed to, and all I have to keep me company is a bottle of gin.
  • I swear you really almost had me, and a tiny tear was beginning to form in the corner of my eye.
  • You are still breathtakingly beautiful, when you can be bothered to get up out of bed and stop whimpering about everything for five minutes.
  • If you’re so smart, why don’t you do something new with your life?
  • Can’t we just feel sorry for ourselves a little bit longer?
  • You never really did take me seriously, did you, [Name]?
  • You looked like you could use a friend.
  • I just needed to get out of the house. The lure of a cold beer got me.
  • I’m supposed to meet some friends, but I can’t find them.
  • One must always appreciate life’s little gifts.
  • So if the past doesn’t matter and the present is a total drag, what about the future?
  • Actually, I feel really alone most of the time.
  • I mean, we’re born alone, we die alone, and while we’re here we are absolutely, completely sealed in our own bodies.
  • We can only experience the outside world through our own slanted perception of it.
  • You know, the only thing that’s made the whole thing worthwhile has been those few times when I’ve been able to really, truly connect with another human being.
  • I had a hunch you might be a real romantic.
  • Everyone keeps telling you that when you’re older, that you’ll have all this experience, like it’s some great thing.
  • We’re invisible, don’t you know that?
  • They ought not to let you out on your own, you’re liable to get into real trouble.
  • I think we should get you out of those wet clothes.
  • I think what you really want to ask me is if we sleep together.
  • Sometimes I think I’m crazy because I see things so differently to everyone else.
  • I feel like I can talk to you.

Did you find an elusive Unicorn Frappuccino before it disappeared into the sunset yesterday?  🌈 🦄

I don’t know, Mom, those colors are awfully bright…

Unicorn friend, you say this is unicorn-approved?

Unicorn friend gives her enthusiastic approval!

Nose bops are the surefire way to determine deliciousness!

Maybe the other side won’t have this invisible barrier preventing me from nomming the pretty colors!

Aegon the Dragon x Stark!Reader...

IMAGINE….being a daughter to King/Lord Torrhen Stark and being summoned to King’s Landing to marry Aegon the Conqueror and be his third wife.

Pt. 2 to

((This may not be THAT good…sorry.))

((Anon asked for a continuation sooo here ya go! Another anon asked for smut with aegon x reader THAT will be coming soon, I promise! I love writing for Targaryens tbh))

Word Count: 1,615

Warning: None

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Enjolras and Feuilly, Medium Enjolras AU?:D

  • Feuilly first hears about Enjolras’ abilities from Jehan who, after one drink too much, spills the beans on that one time Enjolras tracked him down and dragged him to safety when he got lost in the catacombs. Feuilly writes it off as drunken ramblings.
  • Still, the thought won’t leave him alone. From then on, he can’t help but notice how Enjolras stares off into space sometimes - not merely zones out, but focuses on some random spot of thin air - and follows invisible things with his eyes. Enjolras has some perfectly harmless habits and eccentricities, and Feuilly tries very hard to convince himself this must be one of those, but he can’t help but be a bit creeped out.
  • All of the core members of Les Amis have, at some point been the occupants of Enjolras’ guest room and Feuilly is no exception. He often goes over to Enjolras and their conversation tends to last late into the night, when it’s dangerous to wander home alone… It’s a very nice little room with a comfortable bed, and Feuilly never experienced anything strange or unsettling in it… until that one night.

That night he wakes up suddenly in the middle of the night with a deep sense of unease. There’s a thick fog outside, and yet the Moon somehow still casts eerie shadows in the still, silent room. All is quiet. Immobile. 

And then.

And then a chair slowly drags itself across the room.

Feuilly screams, shoots out of bed and bursts into Enjolras’ room, almost taking the door off of its hinges. When he finally manages to get out what happened Enjolras just sighs, grabs a pillow, crawls out of bed and pads out into the guest room.

The chair is still standing in the middle of the room. Enjolras stares at it grodgily for a few seconds… Then swats the spot right above it with the pillow, mutters some profanities, takes Feuilly by the arm and tells him to just come sleep with him.

(What Feuilly doesn’t know is the next day Enjolras finds a note with ‘thank me later’ and a winky face on it. Well, you know, the ghost figured his living roommate wanted Feuilly in his bed and that was accomplished, right? …Enjolras isn’t amused.)

  • Some time later, when he’s over the first shock and has made peace with the fact that ghosts exists, Feuilly quietly sidles up to Enjolras and asks if maybe he could talk to his parents if it isn’t too much of a trouble?

And Enjolras feels horrible, because he can’t promise anything for sure. He does promise he’ll call on them, but if they have passed on in peace he won’t be able to talk to them.

Sure, it isn’t impossible to drag back souls who have passed on, but it’s called necromancy and is generally frowned upon.

Finally they manage to summon the spirit of an old lady who isn’t related to Feuilly but who was a close friend of his parents and died a little while after they did. She tells them Feuilly’s parents only moved on recently, after they were certain their son had a livelihood and good, supportive friends. That they were proud of him, they missed him, but he shouldn’t rush to meet them.

The encounter leaves Feuilly sobbing and Enjolras feeling a little bit better about his ability.

9% and Rising

So @bloomsoftly and I were just hanging out having a little tasertorch party and I decided I needed to add to this fic-verse I should not have started. Thanks bloombloom for being my muse!

I wrote 62% first but in story chronology 5% and below takes place first and this second. Either way you’ll need to read one of the above to know what’s going on here. Enjoy!

Rating T for potty mouths

Words 604

Pairing Johnny Storm/Darcy Lewis

Darcy Lewis had him sitting at nine percent for the past week. He had brought her flowers that she had passed out to everyone, chocolates that she’d fed to jane, three damned unicorn frappes which she had promptly laughed at and given to her interns, and two tickets to see a Fleetwood Mac reunion tour show. She invited Jane to the concert, who said no. Then she invited Thor who couldn’t make it. Then she hawked the tickets over the internet to a couple of strangers at a steep discount. All while he sat in the same room with her. (“Well you were comped them, right?” she’d asked when he’d made a squawk of protest.)

This had to be some kind of test. Because he knew Darcy Lewis. Maybe not as well as he would have liked. Definitely not as well. But contrary to what she seemed to think, he’d been paying attention. And Darcy was not a rude, thoughtless person. She was also not a person who threw away concert tickets all wily-nily. That had really been showing her hand.

But fine. She wanted to know how serious he was. He would show her how serious he was.

He just hadn’t figured out how yet.

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Fanfic Follower Fiesta!!!

*kicks stuff around* *shuffles blank notecards* *adjusts non-existent tie*

Attention all ya’ relentless Raúligans & fantastic fanfic readers! *slides thumbs under invisible suspenders* We got some biiiiiiiiiiiiig things goin’ on around here…

@seekret-fanfic & I wanted to do a little somethin’ special for our favorite followers (guess what, ;) dat’s all'a you guys ) for making our time here in Tumblr land so terrific and worthwhile! So, since it’s because of you readers that we’re even here and excited to be shellin’ out stories- we wanted to let YOU join us in our collaboration celebration!

While @seekret-fanfic and I take care of the writing; we want YOU to help us decide where our story goes! Each chapter, we’ll trade off as author, and at the end of every installment- there will be a prompt requiring feedback from the most brilliant minds out there… Our readers!!

At the end of each chapter, there will be a question or open forum: Whether we need suggestions, would like a vote on which choice a character makes like a choose-your-path a or b, or have other ideas we need from you depends on where our story goes… Our story by YOU, our radical and ever-loving readers. After a set period of time to gather feedback, we’ll take these prompts and incorporate them in our fic.

We are both SO VERY EXCITED to see where this takes our writing- and we are absolutely ecstatic to include you all in our follower-fiesta. We would love for you to join us in this party; and are so very grateful for everyone’s already humbling support so far in our Tumblr writing journeys…

Which, with no further hesitation (or shameless complimenting because c'mon… We really think you guys are the bee’s knees…): WHO SHOULD OUR STORY BE ABOUT? we’ve whittled it down to 2 of our favorite fic subjects… The sassy and suave ADA RAFAEL BARBA, or the always charming and charismatic DR. FREDERICK CHILTON. Send in your votes via comments or commentary in reblogs, and we’ll gather them all up and announce the winner! Also: we’d LOVE to hear all your suggestions for favorite TROPES and STORY SCENARIOS while we work on concreting a better base for our upcoming Raúl-tastic masterpiece!

But for real… thank ya’ll for being so dang wonderful *drags toes along the ground*, ya really know how to make our days bright and our writing flourish.

- signed, with all our love!

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anonymous asked:

hello hello! I've found myself in a creative rut, and was wondering where do you most often find inspiration? movies, books, any ones in particular that you go back to?

Every once in a while, I experience a similar feeling. It usually comes and goes, and I normally try to use it to take my mind of work a little and become inspired again. Some things that currently inspire me:

Jules et Jim by Godard, Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, going to the Rosebud bar in Paris with friends, The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon, La Grande Cascade by Rene Aubry, any Thomas Mann novel, early morning coffee with my boyfriend, the Rodin museum in Paris, my favourite Getz/Gilberto vinyl, Won Kar Wai films, drinking in dark, broody pubs in Amsterdam with friends, Pale Fire by Nabokov, day-drinking on the beach in Biarritz, Places, Loved Ones by Philip Larkin, For Grace, After A Party by Frank O'Hara, reading Kafka until you feel as if you don’t exist anymore, going to bed early and sleeping late, dancing to Talking Heads, staying in my sea-side town in the south of France.

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can you please write ghost tom and ghost marco being all cute and adorable together

Okay! I had a lot of fun with this and thought combining the two aus was such a cute and adorable idea! I hope you love it and I hope it’s what you were looking for! Enjoy!


“So you were alive when they had cars and stuff? What was it like driving?” Tom asked. Marco giggled.

“I never got my license.” Marco admitted. “But cars were fine I guess. When did you die?” marco asked the other ghost. Tom shrugged.

“Like the seventeen hundreds or something?” Tom guessed. “I’m not really sure when exactly… but I have wisps of certain things. Sometimes I’ll get flashes or pictures or a name.” Tom explained. Marco nodded and moved closer to the other ghost. The two were sitting on the roof of Tom’s house, overlooking the yard.

“So you can’t leave your home?” Marco asked. Tom nodded.

“I’ve never been able to. It’s not like something is pulling me back in, I just can’t bring myself to do it. It’s like some sort of invisible thing… keeping me here…” Tom explained. Marco nodded, scooting closer to Tom. He gave him a hug and Tom smiled, blushing a little.

“Well I’m going to visit you whenever I can. And who knows?” Marco added. “Maybe one day you’ll be able to, and we can go off somewhere fun together.” Marco suggested. “We’re both already dead, so we’ll have all the time in the world to travel and see new things.” Marco told Tom. Tom smiled and hugged the other ghost.

“That sounds fun. Maybe after two hundred years I’m ready to leave.” Tom agreed. Marco got excited and smiled.

“Now?” He asked. Tom nodded and the two floated down through the roof. And to the front door.. They stood at the edge of the property and Marco took Tom’s hand. Tom eyed the front stone walkway to the door nervously. Who built that? It wasn’t always there. Tom didn’t like how things outside his home changed so much, and how the time passed but he was still alone. He felt Marco squeeze his hand and tug Tom forward, gently. Tom held Marco’s hand tight and took a deep breath.

“Just take one step forward Tom! It’ll be okay.” Marco urged, gently pulling the other ghost. Tom tried his hardest to move his feet, but couldn’t stop shaking. Marco pulled the ghost forward, and smiled then they started moving, but when Marco turned around he saw that Tom had just let go of his hand, and Marco had walked away from him. “Tom? If you don’t want to try today we don’t have to.” Marco assured. Tom shook his head.

“N-no. I’m going to try. I have to try.” Tom took a deep breath and grabbed Marco’s hands again. Marco smiled and led him forward a bit. Tom shakily put his foot forward, and it gently grazed the walkway. As soon as it did Tom felt a horrible anxiety and white-hot pain. He screamed and jumped backwards from the door, scrambling away, back into his house.

“Tom! Are you okay?” Marco asked, diving beside him. Tom was breathing heavily and he nodded, still shaking though.

“I-I’m f-fine.” Tom sputtered. He looked down at his foot, which was omitting a strange glow, that faded away softly. “I did it… Marco! I did it! I left the house! S-sort of…” Tom explained. Marco beamed and scooped the ghost up into a big hug, covering his face with dozens of little kisses. Tom giggled and Marco ruffled his hair.

“You did great! You did your best and I’m so proud of you!” Marco mused. “Maybe we can help you build up a tolerance over time, and you can get better and better at it.” Marco suggested. Tom smiled up at the other ghost and hugged him close.

“Thanks for being so patient with me.” Tom thanked Marco. Marco giggled a little and tugged on Tom’s scarf, pulling him down lower into a kiss.

“You’re everything to me. And we have forever to figure this out.” Marco promised. He gave him a few more kissed and looked over at Tom’s foot, the glowing was now totally gone. “How’s your foot?” Marco asked. “It didn’t hurt too badly did it?” Marco had anxiety in his voice.

“No I’m okay.” Tom assured. He felt his foot through his boot and smiled. “It didn’t hurt too bad, it felt weird mostly.” Tom explained. “It burned though. But not a hot type of burn, like more of a stinging.” Tom explained.

“Well I don’t want you getting hurt anymore. We’re going to do this slow, okay?” Marco insisted. Tom nodded in agreement.

“We have forever.” He smiled. Marco beamed as well and hugged his ghost. They had forever, and they had each other.

How to Win Wars and Influence Nobles (Ch. 9)

Rating: E for Explicit/NSFW Content! (Eventually)

Check it out on AO3!

You’d think a video game lawyer could just drop into a pseudo-medieval universe filled with magic and demons and be totally okay with it, right?


In the wake of her brother, Spencer’s, disappearance, Belle dropped into Thedas with luggage, but without a clue. After a brief but memorable panic attack, she resolved to be the best goddamn lawyer Thedas had ever seen. Even if she was the only goddamn lawyer Thedas had ever seen. And even if that obstinate asshole, Cullen, wouldn’t stop giving her the side-eye every time she walked into a room…Or every time he walked into a room with her in it…Or every time they walked into a room together…Or–Fuck it. You get it.

Chapter 9: Training Day (Love that Fucking Movie)

Too hot. Belle was too hot. Never in her wildest imaginings would she have thought she could have been too hot in Thedas. Granted, she had not seen much of Thedas. There were probably deserts somewhere. Was Thedas the name of the continent or the planet? How big was the planet? How many countries were there?

All of these questions were stupid. They were stupid because they did not matter just then. Just then, she was too hot. The only part of her body that wasn’t too hot was her right arm. She reasoned that it must have been the only part of her not under the massive blanket weighing her body down. She felt that familiar tight and widespread heft that could only be a too-thick comforter during a warm season, untucked only enough to slide one person beneath it.

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anonymous asked:

hello i'm a closeted trans guy and prom is tomorrow so everyone around me including my mom are making me wear dresses and heels and all that feminine stuff that i hate. my question is how do i make myself feel less dysphoric while looking stereotypically feminine?

You could perhaps wear some ‘invisible’ typically masculine things together with the things you’re forced to wear? Like boxer shorts instead of panties, maybe some deodorant from the men’s section, things like that.

Otherwise, [the spy thing] may also be something that can help reduce your dysphoria.

If any of my followers have any other advice or suggestions for anon, please do feel free to add to this post!