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Name: Sofia

Nicknames: Sofia, Sof, Sofi

Zodiac sign:Virgo 

Height: 1.59 (5′21)

Orientation: Bisexual

Ethnicity: Mexican

Favorite fruit: Whatermelon

Favorite season: Winter

Favorite book: Lolita

Favorite flower: Tulips

Favorite scent: Vanilla/Cacao

Favorite color: Black

Favorite animal: Alpacca

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Coffe 

Average sleep hours: 6-8 hours

cat person or dog person: Cat

Favorite fictional character: Harry Potter

Number of blankets you sleep with: 3, sometimes 4

Dream trip: India and Ingland

Blog created: out of bordom in class

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au where yoongi and jimin are on their first date and jimin playfully guesses yoongi’s favourite colour to be pink (because it’s the colour of his hair) and yoongi just kind of looks at him for a moment and takes in the soft pink of his hair, the natural blush of his cheeks, the tip of his nose which is a lil flushed from the cold, his full rosy lips, and blurts out that yeah, he’s totally right (though in all honesty, yoongi didn’t even have a favourite colour until that very moment).

On mp100 girls

I’m so happy of how ONE characterized Tsubomi in last chapter!! I hoped he wouldn’t leave her being just “Mob’s crush”. And now I’m just really really enthusiast! 

I like how mp100 girls don’t follow the usual anime/manga stereotypes. I like how they’re not hypersexualized. I like how there are no moe/waifu/loli characters. I feel respected as woman.

I like how ONE decided to depict different femininities. Without judging them. Tsuchiya is a muscular lady and she’s awesome. Tome-chan is a lazy, nerdy girl and she’s amazing. Emi like writing and she’s amazing. Ichi likes journalism and she’s amazing. Rei is an esper girl who always tries her best and she’s amazing. Tsubomi is beautiful and independent and strong and she’s amazing. 

Mp100 girl are not there to be a “decoration”, a pretty object to fill scenes with. They’re real and special and I’m really proud of them.

Thank you, ONE sensei!