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have you ever considered...Shirayuki x Suzu?

Oh my God this is only the most stupidly brilliant idea in the world!

Okay.. okay, listen. Like, this about this. THINK. How beautiful would it be to put our two most adorable awkward taco science nerds together in rare-pair romance? ONLY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL.

(look at these two. i love them)

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Flash & LOT?

So Iris automatically dresses up as White Canary because Sara’s awesome and the captain and yeah, she’s amazing.

Cisco 100% builds a replica of Ray’s suit because he’s brilliant enough to do it and yes, he will make another suit because he’s good like that.

Wally and Jax are total bros (canon, I need this, I need them meeting) so yeah, Kid Flash’s dressing up like Firestorm.

Caitlin has her powers and she’s been using the cold gun so yes, she’s dressing as Captain Cold.

Barry goes as pre-Time Bureau Rip Hunter because that is a look and also he totally grew out a beard again for it. It’s basically a 10th Doctor cosplay.

Also they bring Time Vault Gideon to their Halloween party because they’re dorks like that.


Die Young by Sylvan Esso

“There are a lot of rumors floating around abut you, Obi… I knew you had to at least be alive. You’re hardly the type who’s likely to make fatal mistakes.”

“I wonder…”

So, something hit me today about the scene where Snow and Emma prepare for a ball. Not only is it bitter sweet that Snow finally gets to help dress her daughter for a ball, but notice the crown Emma’s wearing.

It’s not a tiara (unlike Snow’s), but a flower crown. It’s nicely put together, probably by one of the maids in the castle. However, it got me thinking about something some little girls and their mothers make.

Daisy chain crowns.

So, picture this moment. Emma wearing a crown of flowers, something she probably would’ve made a ton of (because even Princess Emma would’ve spent all her time outside in the dirt). Making them with Snow’s help. Insisting on wearing it to a ball rather than her actual tiara.

So in short…this scene is always going to make me 10x more emotional now.

modern disney princess study moods

snow white

apple and cinnamon tea, having the cleanest of clean studying spaces, instrumental covers of pop songs, needs to study on her own for important things but loves organising study groups, makes mind maps and diagrams for all her subjects, studies first thing in the morning as the sun rises, always gets a full night of sleep.


likes dressing up even for the most basic of social work study sessions, never without a full pencil case and oversized mug of darjeeling tea, lives on her own away from her step-relatives and loves being able to study in peace, doesn’t do study groups but organises collaborative Google docs and always helps others who don’t get the material (she gets the nickname ‘fairy godmother’ as a result), can’t wait to become a social worker.


sleeps in late but is ready to go almost immediately, never without a full mug of vanilla coffee, everything is coordinated pink and blue, loves studying out in nature with her notes, listens to lo-fi music and romantic songs from the 1950s to help her relax, has the prettiest studyblr out there for a english literature student, audits fashion classes in her spare time, sketches out dresses when listening to her lectures.


mulls over what she needs to revise and study in the shower every morning, dreams of life after college, even though she loves her marine biology course, spends time at the marina any chance she gets, sneaks on her father’s yacht to study with the smell and spray of the sea around her, breaks up chunks of studying with swimming in the college pool, has a part time job at the pool to help support her studies.


always overruns her study sessions with exploring new concepts and materials that aren’t on the syllabus but fascinate her anyway, studies with pastries from the local bakery and brings them to study groups, loves studying in coffee shops and cafes, practically lives in the library, never without her glasses, always about the extra credit, is planning on her masters and doctorate in mechanical engineering.


needs google calendar to keep on track on everything, has the fanciest stationery, immaculate handwriting, studies with her cat on her feet, drinks only sweet turkish coffee, uses pomodoro technique but with keeping up with the kardashians, takes extra semester courses alongside her business management course.


super motivated environmental sciences student, spends a lot of time studying with the geography and geology students too, uses her studies as a way to advocate for environmental change, herbal tea all the way, covers entire tables in the library with her maps and research, leads live study sessions on facebook live, uses recycled paper notebooks only.


listens to lectures on her phone while she works out, uses her morning run to work out difficult concepts in her head, drinks only green tea when she studies, but chugs red bull when it hits midnight, uses the library late at night with noise cancelling headphones, listens to power ballads and motivational jams.


the hardest working student you’ll ever meet, balances work and school really well, takes breaks on her waitressing and barista jobs, dark roast coffee and beignets as study rewards, can survive on three hours sleep, listens to ambient beats and nineties pop to focus, starts internship applications two months early, takes time off when exams are over to just sleep and watch netflix, dreams up ideas for restaurant dishes when she should be rewriting her notes, queen of time management.


notes tend to be speckled with paint, sketches as she listens to psychology lectures, motivating as all heck, listens to guitar music when she studies, likes lemonade to drink alongside her study, hoards books about subjects she’d like to study, her bullet journals feature prominently on her instagram, has highlighters for everything, documents her entire studying process on snapchat.


listens to heavy metal and rock music, never without her massive headphones, uses archery as an analogy for everything in her classes, studies for sports science on her rooftop when things get too loud at home, happier when she’s out in the woods studying, red bull and coffee as study aids, hates studying but does really well in exams.


has no formal organisation method for her notes, super colourful highlighters everywhere, always hits snooze, hot chocolate with cinnamon all year round, amazing at energising people in study groups, queen of the study whatsapp group for their theatre and performance class, has nothing but broadway musicals on her study playlist.


doesn’t do study groups, but will occasionally study with anna if she needs it, likes her cold press coffee and frozen lattes, uses pastel highlighters exclusively, reads the textbooks from cover to cover and not just the assigned readings, leads the curve for her history and environmental chemistry course, has debussy and saint-saens as her soundtrack for studying.


studies in the early morning, copies everything from her international history and politics classes, loves to revisit her notes in the sunshine or at the beach whenever possible, doesn’t do caffeine but drinks a lot of orange juice and water, volunteers for opportunities with the aged and children any chance she gets, has aims to be a community organisor.


henry mills’ complete (sort of) family tree

one year with the charmings  »  Day 287

Robb looking down at Jon

This is how the beginning of season 8 will start