by smosh

When I show Smosh to my friends (2)

My friend: “Anthony is so hot!”

Me: “I know right!”

Me and my friend: *watching an old Smosh video*

My friend: *sees Anthony’s emo hair* “What the fuck is this horrible haircut?”

Me: “Oh yeah he had this emo haircut then.”

My friend: “I don’t like it…”

Me: “Me neither. His hair is so much better now! I thought I was the only one who prefers the current Anthony’s haircut.”

My friend: “I don’t understand people.”


I stood next to Noah , absolutely giddy with excitement from finally being on the show that your best friend hosted. 

“What’s up everybody? And welcome to another episode of Put It In My Mouth. Today is a very special episode because I have one of my closest friends here with me. Say hello to Y/N.” Noah finished his little intro to the video, gesturing over to me for me to speak up.

“Hi guys!” I exclaimed excitedly, waving quickly to the camera. 

“So, I’ve heard that you’ve been dying to be on the show?” Noah teased me, and I blushed slightly from embarrassment. 

“I’ll be honest; I’m too fricking excited to be eating gross food.” I spoke, chuckling when Noah laughed boisterously. 

“I hope you have fun because we made it extra gross today!” Sunny said from behind the camera which made my smile drop a bit. 

“I don’t have any fact cards, so I guess we should bring out the first food. FOOD GIRL!” I jumped when Noah shouted, smiling at Courtney when she walked in the frame.

“What in the actual fuck is this?” I asked, looking down at the mysterious chunks of meat on a platter. 

“Oh god, I’m so not excited for this.” Noah whined, before handing me a plastic fork. 

“You ready?” I asked him, smiling slightly when he shook his head with a look of disgust on his face.

“3, 2, 1.” I shoved the meat in my mouth and chewed, gagging almost immediately.

“No, no, no, no, no whyyy?!” I heard Noah whine as I jumped around to help get the food down.

“What in the shit was that?!” I scream, still dry heaving from the rotten taste.

“That was cow heart. In honor of a certain someone’s feelings.” Joe spoke and Noah looked absolutely pissed. 

“Are you serious!? She’s never going to want to date me now!” Noah complained before turning bright red as he recognized what he said. 

“Date who? Me?” I asked, awestruck. 

“Yeah…” Noah smiled bashfully and I went up to kiss his cheek. 

“I’d love to date you.”

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Sorry for the shitty ending, I just wanted to get something out today! I hope you all had a good day! Remember that I love you all!