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ilu for posting so much KS so I can avoid the tags. But also someone else on my dash posted a pic of Simon and Garfunkle in between a spread of your KS posts and I was like "what a weird folk music AU this is?"


like ok i guess im not gonna pick up my perscription today… yet again… all bc i wanted to listen to simon and garfunkle on my walk there… is that so much to ask…

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The Doors, Simon & Garfunkel, The Who, The Kinks

The Doors: 2 places you’d like to visit
Italy and Ireland

Simon and Garfunkle: what song(s) help you get through the day
Arlandria- Foo Fighters, If- RHCP, and any song by Janis Joplin

The Who: 2 of your favorite foods and 2 of the foods you hate
Favorite: tangerines and grapes
Not-so-favorite: salmon and sour cream

The Kinks: 3 of your favorite blogs

Thanks for the ask!!! ❤☮❤☮❤☮❤☮

Saw Green Room yesterday at the Arclight. There’s a running joke throughout the picture regarding the hardcore punk band’s desert island musicians – who would they choose? They first answer with bands like The Misfits and Poison Idea, etc. But, when under the threat of certain death, they’re asked again and the truth comes out. One says Simon & Garfunkle, another sticks to Slayer. But another says… “Prince.” The entire audience gasped and a collective “awww” spread through the theater with some “yes’s!” and applause. It was wonderful. And sad.

Surprise! You're a Guardian. (Closed RP)

Lifa waited at the airport for this Frost guy to pick her up. Her two suitcases sat on either side of the small girl, both black and covered in pins and stickers. A few bands; Mumford and Sons, Sublime, Simon and Garfunkle, a few metal bands as well, and many Wonderwoman comic stickers and pins. Over her jeans and yellow hoody, she wore a large aviator jacket and a gray wool hat was pulled over her copper hair, which hung in two slightly longer than shoulder length fishtail braids. And she wore combat boots, not a surprise. They had been Astrid’s shoe of choice as well. 

Lifa checked her watch, tapping her foot impatiently. This guy was late and she was exhausted, needed dinner, and was extremely cranky.