by silencing it further?

It Ain’t Me: Part 8

Jungkook x Reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Words: 2.4K

Genre: Angst

Part 7 | Part 9

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Sweetheart [Best Friend!Calum] One Shot

Summary: When his best friend goes through a painful heartbreak, Calum’s there to pick up the pieces in any way he can.

A/N: this is nearly 9k words of i don’t know what. it took me, like, two weeks to write this??? it seemed never ending. but i’m kinda proud of it–mostly because this is reader insert and not ONCE did i use “Y/N” in it. NOT. ONCE. phew. throughout writing a majority of this i felt like i lost sense of the plot but once i reread it i realized it’s all still mostly there. i hope. oh well. happy reading!

When he walked into her apartment, he hadn’t expected to walk into a destruction zone. His breath stilled in his throat, nearly choking him, as his frightened dark eyes took in the sight in front of him. The anxiety that had picked up in his heart only quickened when he looked around; picture frames shattered on the floor, items and tokens meant to be decorating tables either broken or fractured haphazardly on the floor, and the air thick with tension that didn’t seem to want to leave.

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brazen touch.

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

  • pairing: jungkook x reader
  • genre: smut, pwp
  • warnings: dom jungkook, oral, ass play, spanking, dirty talk, degrading names, creampie, cum play, masturbation
  • words: 4,659
  • summary: After a night out at the club, while enticing your boyfriend with wicked games, you soon learn what it means to be well and truly his.

“Bend over.”

The air held a draft of tension that rolled in thick waves between your bodies, leaving a heavy pressure in your chest that turned your veins ice cold upon meeting his gaze.

You had never felt so small, so beneath him as you did then, his eyes underlying a certain darkness that left him feeling like a stranger in the obscenely small and cluttered bedroom, the one you both had shared for only two short years. Both love and loss filtered into every crack and crevice of bland walls.

“Did I stutter sweetheart?” He questioned roughly. “Have I not made myself clear as to what I want from you?”

His stance was tall, defined, biceps stretching the thin shirt as arms crossed against his chest defensively, weakening your stances and confidence in one mere blow. You twisted your fingers together in front of you, as if a small child expecting a scolding. It certainly felt the part, and your breath was left shaky and uneven because of it.

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Dear Mom…

A Kuroken collaboration (thank you Ch. 318)

Story by @nimbus-cloud
Art by @mookie000

Our previous collaborations: 
Something Old, Something New (x)
Longing (x

More fic and more art under the Read More!


“Oh yeah, mom told me to tell you that you’re ‘welcome over’ for New Year’s,” Kenma mumbled through his scarf as he and Kuroo made the short trek back home from the grocery store.

During winter, he hated leaving the warmth of his room (mostly his bed) for anything, but running a quick shopping errand for his mom wasn’t so bad when his dad made sure to give them a little extra for snacks.  Kuroo or no, his father understood that he needed more than your average incentive to go outside.  

Kuroo’s mouth twitched with a smile at the invitation before he could quite think to keep it in, but he quickly straightened his expression and dropped his eyes to his shoes.  

“Ah… thanks but… dad and I will be going out of town that weekend.”  

“Oh…” Kenma couldn’t help sounding a little surprised, but he didn’t question why.

Kuroo bit his lip, chapped from the cold—he didn’t have a nice thick scarf on like Kenma—and debated telling his friend the reason.  He wanted to go over to the Kozume household, and he wanted Kenma to know that.  He’d argue with his dad for permission if only…

“We’re gonna go visit mom,” he said finally.

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Mad Passion

Pairing: namjoon x reader

Genre: smut, fluff, husband!au, arranged marriage!au

Word count: 5.7k

Warning: jealousy, possessiveness, mild teasing, unprotected sex

One of his men said he’s been working in his office at home all day, when you squeezed an information about his location. In some days, he was barely home. Some weeks even spent outside the country for business purposes. So it came a surprise for you to know he’s at home.

Pushing his office door open, you were instantly met by an intense atmosphere, seconded by the booming voice of Namjoon barking instructions to the caller you are unable to identify of. By the sound of his voice and the manner he talks, it could be one of his men. His one hand resting on his hip and his back is facing you, keeping your presence yet unknown to him. Your intention when you came to his office hanging in the air, while calculating your next move. Should you leave and come back later?

Your feet stepping back discretely to create no sound that would make him aware of your presence, or else, he would realize your entrance to his office unannounced. Half scared that he will divert his anger to you.

You were not anticipating his next move. In fact you thought he was too preoccupied from the conversation to even care of moving. Your calculated steps were cut short when he abruptly turns around. He stops mid-sentence at the sight of your presence. His tensed shoulders visibly relaxing. His eyes softening as they lock with your widened ones. His silence didn’t last long, but it was not to speak further with the person on the other end of the line. It was to cut the conversation which seemed to have been going on for longer than you estimated. This time, it was in a much calmer tone, of which his voice still laced with ire with the cause you have no knowledge of.

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A Courtesy

Anonymous said:Can you do a snippet in which the villain protects the hero’s child from the hero/ helps them or the young hero from their employers? I would appreciate it if you could, thanks! (But don’t feel pressured)//  Anonymous said:I love the snippets so much! Could you do one of a villain being protective of a teen hero? ❤

“Careful.” The villain’s voice was light, dangerously so. “The only reason you’re alive right now is as a courtesy. If you take one step closer, my feelings towards being courteous are going to drop. Rapidly.”

The villain settled a steadying hand on the teenager’s shoulder. It trembled a little, barely noticeably, beneath a hoodie. But oh the villain noticed. 

They almost wanted the fucker to dare step closer, just for the excuse. 

The man froze opposite them. Eyes cold. Making no pretense at smiling now. “[Teenager’s Name] come here. Think of who you’re standing next to - is that really where you want to place your bets? Be clever.” 

The teenaged hero-to-be glanced up at the villain, wide-eyed, nauseous looking. 
The villain gave their shoulder a squeeze, more softly than they would have thought themselves capable of. 

“Really,” the man said, sharper now. “Think about what they’ll say about you. Villain. Criminal. Monster. Is that what you want? I won’t be able to protect you if you do this.”

The villain laughed at that - had to. A harsh sound that made the other’s spine stiffen. “You’re going to protect the kid, is that right?” The smile spread across the villain’s face. “You know, I may not be the best judge of these things, but normally protection doesn’t come with a kick in the ribs. I could be wrong. The kid just doesn’t look very protected to me.”

“How dare you.”

“I mean,” the villain continued, relentless. “So long as it’s not the face right? Too valuable. Too much of a mascot prize.” 

The man shot the teenager another look, and the villain felt them shrink back. Enough. Bloody enough. 

“Let’s go,” the villain said. The kid shouldn’t have to listen to this - however much they wanted to spend all day slowly picking the skin and bits off the fucker in front of them. “Come on.” They pushed the teenager behind them.

“I swear to god,” the man’s voice lashed out to the teenager. “If you take one more step away from me, it will make your life so far seem a dream. You think I won’t remember this disrespect when I catch up with you?”

Oh. Oh now that was line. 

To an outsider’s perspective, the villain moved impossibly fast. At the teenager’s side one moment, and the next - a howl of pain, a gasp, of crumple of limbs. 

“NO!” The teenager yelled. “No, don’t - please.”

The villain breathed hard, fists clenched, rage burning enough that they felt they could devour the whole world with it. It made the world haze. They stopped, foot pressed on the wheezing man’s throat. The villain swallowed, teeth gritted. “He has it coming.” 

“Please,” the to-be-hero said, as disgustingly heroic as ever that it felt less like heroism now and more like breaking. “I just want to leave.” 

Fucker can’t follow if he’s dead though. 

The villain glanced over at the kid - at the look on the teenager’s face. 

A courtesy. 

Damn it. 

The villain looked down at the man and his bulging frightened eyes. “I would flay you like the cockroach you are,” the villain said softly. “Say thank you to the kid for saving your life.”


The villain pressed down further, ignoring the frantic scrabble of the man’s broken hands against their ankle. They raised a brow. 

“Thank you,” the man gasped. 

“You should be on your knees begging for forgiveness.”

The villain slammed the man’s head against the pavement hard enough to knock him out and turned back to the would be hero, sweeping past the kid. The villain didn’t say ‘let’s go home’. They looked at the teenager, flatly.

“The next time he touches you,” the villain said, instead, “is the last breath he takes. Do you understand me?” 

Perhaps, it ought to have been frightening. Perhaps, to someone who wasn’t so terribly frightened, it would have been. 

A small smile crossed the kid’s lips, just briefly, as they nodded. 

They went home. 

The White Wolf: Part 13 (Finale)

Summary: James “Bucky” Barnes is the most feared man in New York. What happens when a flower shop owner gets tangled up in his empire?

Warnings: good ol’ fluffiness, language

Pairing: mobster!Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: about 1700

A/N: I can’t believe it’s over. Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support of this series!

Check out THIS awesome artwork by @meowmersdev that was inspired by this story and THIS awesome artwork inspired by Chapter 9!

Catch up on “The White Wolf” here : MASTERLIST

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Stake Out

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You and Bucky try to work out your differences whilst on a stakeout. 

Warnings: Fluff (Look, maybe angst if you look hard enough)

Words: 1800

A/n: This is kind of a cliche but it’s a fun cliche so deal with it pls. Also, this is for @wehaveabucky ‘s writing challenge!! Congrats on 2.5k!! You deserve that and so much more tbh, you’re one of my favourite writers on here 💛Hope I did this prompt justice - it went a little off track 😂

Prompt: “If we’re not supposed to have midnight snacks, why is there a light in the fridge?”

Originally posted by gliceria

It had been a long day. Bucky was sitting by the window, his eyes still trained on the apartment across the road. The two of you had been sent on a stakeout - an attempt to get information on Marcus O'Connor; possible human trafficker. Nine hours in a stuffy apartment, sitting on plastic-covered, floral couches and staring at horrible, faded wallpaper with framed photos of cats scattered from wall-to-wall. It was getting pretty boring, to say the least.

You glanced over at Bucky - his clenched jaw and tense eyes remained stoic. Of course, Steve sends you on a mission together right after you had a fight. God, you can’t even remember what the fight was about. Something dumb - it usually was with the two of you.

You and Bucky teased each other ruthlessly, constantly looking for a reaction out of the other person and more often than not, getting one. Steve was on a constant mission to get the two of you to be friends, and you wouldn’t be against that, but you had fallen into a rhythm with Bucky - a rhythm in which the two of you pretended to hate each other.

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Secrets of Slytherin no.76

There is a certain kind of tiredness we sometimes feel. Not a physical tiredness, but a mental one. One that is beckoned by talking to people for hours on end. Sometimes to rest we want absolute silence, every small thing draining or annoying us further. Sometimes we will continue to speak normally, or even crave it. Sometimes we simply need to rip an idiot to shreds. Depends on the people. 

Dead Roses || knj

Group: BTS


CELEBRATION:  “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.” // “Fine, don’t say anything and make me worry.”

Summary: Namjoon thought his day couldn’t get worse but you’ve been hiding a deadly secret from him.

Genre: angst, eventual fluff, hanahaki au

Length: 1.6k

A/N: i’m slowly making my way through all the members but you are gonna have to be patient cus inspiration hits me at weird times

ALSO in case you forgot RAPMON is the name of NAMJOONS DOG

Originally posted by doona-baes

The morning had been problem after problem for Namjoon; he had woken up late because his phone charger was broken, he had to shower in cold water. Finally when the boys asked him to collect the mail from downstairs and just when he thought climbing down the three flights of stairs because the lift was broken was the worst that could happen, he was greeted by a bouquet of dead roses, addressed to him.

The receptionist was laughing as he handed them over with a smirk, “relationship problems?” And that had been the final straw as Namjoon’s hands turned to fists, the plastic creating a crunching sound, with a sigh he glanced down in interest to see some petals had fallen on the floor; relationship problems indeed.

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yes-its-banana-jip-banana  asked:

Thank you for your short stories/snippets. They're really good. If it’s not too much trouble, could you write one again? Where the villain has the hero tied up and is about to punish him (regular thing between these two), but the hero doesn't want the villain to find out he's already hurt from the encounter with another villain? Cause he knows there will be hell to pay... But the villain finds out anyway... I know, it's probably a weird request. Thank you soo much in advance (should you do it)!

The hero bit down hard on his lip to muffle any sound he might make. A wave of hot-cold dizziness washed over him. He breathed out a shallow breath through his mouth and blinked the black spots away. 

He was good at hiding pain. Nobody else had ever noticed. He hadn’t even flinched or winced was at the ropes were bound tight around his raw and aching limbs. 

The villain’s head tilted to one side, movements coming to an abrupt halt.
“Mm. Now that’s interesting,” they said. Their expression didn’t say interesting, their expression said danger. “What was that?” 

“Nothing. It was nothing.”

Theirs was a somewhat unusual arrangement in the first instance, and more so in the second instance as people like them weren’t really supposed to have anything that could be remotely classified as an arrangement. 

The villain conjured a blade easily and the hero jolted. Blades had never once been a thing before. 

“You have one more attempt to tell me the truth,” the villain said silkily. “I suggest you take it.” They slid the blade beneath the hero’s chin, tipping his head up so that his gaze couldn’t escape anywhere. “What was that?” 

The hero’s jaw clenched, heart jacknifing something crazy. The lie - I’m fine - weighed on their tongue. Anything else and this would stop. But the villain had made the rules of this agreement clear too - it might stop anyway. God, the hero didn’t want it to stop. Sometimes it felt like this was the only time they had to get their head back on straight. 

Their silence must have lasted too long because the villain’s expression darkened further. 

“I’m fine,” the hero blurted. “Really.”

“Do you really think I can’t tell when you’re in pain?” 

The hero resisted the snide comment that they clearly hadn’t noticed before this started, because bound and on his knees didn’t seem a great time to get snarky. 

The villain lowered the blade, but only to cut through clothing with a deft hand. Their stare narrowed on the rainbow of bruises. Their head tilted slowly the other way. 

God, it was times like these that the hero wished the villain had a less inscrutable demeanor. He scoured the villain’s face. 

“Interesting,” the villain said, again, entirely too lightly. Entirely too much like a placeholder word because the hero knew them well enough, at least, to know their thoughts were racing and it wasn’t because they found this interesting. 

The hero’s mouth dried. “I mean, I’ve had worse. Relatively speaking-”


The hero bit down harder on their lip. 

The villain poked the hero’s ribs with the tip of their shoe. 

The world swam nauseatingly. He was very proud that he managed not to make more of a sound than a sharp inhalation of breath. 

“Very interesting,” the villain said. 

Or perhaps not so proud. The hero shifted and breathed out, a little shakily. 

“Are you going to tell me what happened, or are you going to lie to me again?” the villain asked. 

“Oh,” the hero said, before he could stop himself. “I’m allowed to talk now? Sorry, I thought I was supposed to shh.” 

The villain caught a fistful of his hair, lightning fast. The inscrutability had vanished between one heartbeat and the next. “You’re not playing the hero now,” they growled. “If you want to do that, I can untie you and this can never happen again. You’ve broken several of my rules already.” 

Don’t lie. 
Tell me if you’re injured. 

The hero swallowed hard. He sagged in the hold, shoulders slumping. “I needed this. Especially after -”

This was blissful when everything else had gone wrong. It made him feel clean and good and in control, precisely because nothing was his responsibility when he was bound like this. 

The villain let go of his hair. They cut the ropes and the blade vanished into nothing in their hand. 

The hero reeled. He felt a sharp burst of panic. 

The villain caught his shoulder, pressing down. “Don’t get up suddenly,” they warned. “Stay there a moment. Take some breaths.” They sounded emotionless again. 

The hero closed his eyes, digging his fingers into the cool stone floor.
“You’re angry.”

“I’ve gone past angry.” 

“It’s not my fault if I lost a fight.”

“It’s your fault for not telling me.” 

“I knew you’d just be pissed off anyway.” 

“Not at you.” 

The hero opened his eyes again, glancing up at the villain towering over them. “And now?”

“Now I’m pissed off at you.” The villain flashed them a smile that was somehow worse than anything before. “Do you imagine this agreement works if you break my rules? I believe I made them very clear.”

“You did - I just -”

“You thought you knew better.” 

“I mean, I know what I can handle.” 

“Clearly not.” 

“Why do you even care?” the hero snapped. “What difference does it make?” 

“If you die,” the villain snapped right back, “it will be on my terms. It will not be because you’re a cocky, masochistic little shit who doesn’t tell me when he’s injured. You realise I could have killed you? Is that what you want? Have you reached that stage?”

The hero’s cheeks flushed. “No.”

“No? Are you sure?”

“I don’t want to die. I just wanted - I just needed -” Well, the villain knew what they needed. It was how this whole thing had got started in the first place. “Do you know how many people died in that building last night?” 

“I know I don’t really care.”

The hero’s jaw clenched, eyes flashing. He lurched to his feet, only to instantly regret it as he staggered woozily and the villain had to catch his arm to steady him. That was just embarrassing. “72. It’s 72.”

“72 lashes won’t bring them back.” 

“I know!” But it would make them feel better about it, lift the unbearable guilt, even if only for a little while. “I know - just - please. I need this.”

The villain studied them. 

“Go home,” they said coldly, with a cruelty the hero had almost forgotten. “If you ever do this again, this is over.”  

Somehow, that was the worst punishment of all. 

not a pr0mpt


Inspired from and based on this post by @incorrect-drarry-quotes (If you don’t want this to exist, just tell me and I’ll remove it..)

“Look at you, look at how you stand. People who had good childhoods don’t stand like that.“

Harry looked up confused to meet Draco’s gaze. The blond, pale boy looked sternly, yet caring back with stormy grey eyes, as he continued.

“You walk as if you don’t want to be seen, as if you think you’re supposed to not be seen. And that’s how neglected people walk. What I don’t understand though, is why someone would treat you like that. As far as I’m concerned you’ve never done anything to ever deserve to be neglected, abandoned.”

Harry could do nothing but stare at the other man for moments. When the look of concern on Draco’s face didn’t disappear, Harry decided that he actually cared about this. And maybe about Harry as well. Draco asked him once more to tell what exactly had happened and that’s how Harry found himself talking about his childhood with Draco Malfoy, of all people, in the kitchen of Draco’s flat where they previously had shared a cup of tea while working on a case. He told him things he hadn’t even dared to tell Ron or Hermione because he was afraid of how they would react, of the pity that would be shown in their eyes each time they looked at him. And Draco stood by the kitchen countertop, listening to everything Harry had to say. When Harry had finished he put his tea cup down and walked to kneel in front of him. He took Harry’s now shaking hands in his and looked deeply into his eyes. How did it come that those eyes calmed him so much?

“Harry James Potter,” Draco said with a low voice, indicating that what he was to say was extremely serious. “What they did to you is illegal, you know that right? It’s not acceptable to ever treat anybody like that. And I hate them for doing this to you.”

“What are you talking about, what does it matter that they did it to me? It would be an equally big deal if it had been someone else.”

“For everyone other than me maybe, but I’m not them, and to me you matter more than them.”

Draco lifted one of his hands from their grip on Harry’s, to trace a trail of Harry’s hair behind his ear. Everything came crashing down on Harry all at once. Draco was telling him that he liked him. He was saying that he liked him more than as a friend. That he liked him differently than how Ron and ‘Mione liked him. He was meaning that he liked Harry in the same way as Harry liked him! But that was completely absurd. He couldn’t like Harry. Harry had done so many horrible things towards him, he couldn’t forgive him just like that.

“I don’t.. understand.. you don’t… hate me?” he stuttered, not daring to meet Draco’s gaze anymore so he turned his head to the floor.

“Of course I don’t hate you, Harry.” The sweet way he said his name made something stir inside Harry. “How could I, when you saved my life? And surely, you must know I didn’t hate you before that either. You must’ve known that I’ve been in love with you for quite a while, right?”

“Uhm.. no.. I didn’t… I thought.. well, when I realized I liked you I thought it was hopeless cause you could never love me back for what I’d done to you so…”

He didn’t get to explain any further, since he was silenced by Draco’s lips pressing gently against his. They felt soft, and tasted fresh and sweet from the honey that had been added to their tea. Automatically, Harry’s hands found their way into the blond hair. It was just as soft and amazing as Harry had imagined and the sensation of it against his hands, while Draco’s tongue asked for entrance to his mouth by trailing his lips made his entire body tremble. For the first time in his life, he had exactly what he wanted.

ciuucalata-moved  asked:

“is that your hand on my leg?” and Shance for the writinf prompt

Aaaaaaaaaaalright. I took me like two days but I finally got the time!! 

In my defense for the Angst …..I have nothing, bye. 

Uh, mentions of missing a limb and of blood and tiny gore I guess???? 

Ps. Excuse the draftiness, I’m lazy and wanna take a nap. <3

Disclaimer: Voltorn doens’t belong to me.

“Is that your hand on my leg?”

Lance’s flirty smile drops as soon as he feels Shiro’s shoulders tense at his words.

Lance frowns in concern at the silence but doesn’t open his eyes yet. Instead, he nuzzles his face further down into his boyfriend’s chest.

“Why so quiet?” He asks sleepily, “And stop your hand, it’s giving me tickles.”


Shiro somber voice tone is enough for Lance to open his eyes in alarm.

He quickly raises his head to meet Shiro’s worried gray eyes and his confusion just increases when Shiro looks like he’s debating himself over something inside his head.

“Shiro?” He asks but Shiro just sighs.

“Just - Just stay calm, baby, okay? It will pass.” He reassurances softly, as if dealing with a wounded animal and it only makes Lance to deepen his frown.

“Shiro –” He starts but a sudden hollow feeling fills him up when he tries to sit up in the bed and he only feels the soft pressure of one of his legs against the mattress.

That’s weird.

“Lance.” Shiro warns, something on his tone being on edge as soon as he catches the brunet movement of reaching the blanket to pull it off, “Lance, baby, don’t –”

The blanket goes off and Lance sucks in a breath.

“Oh.” He whispers softly, bright blue eyes staring numbly at the empty space where his leg should be, “O-oh.”

What started as a tickling sensation has become an agonizing sharp pain and Lance’s can’t catch his breath.

The blocked memories of their last mission hits him full force; the smell of blood and burnt flesh hits him vividly as if he was still tied down in the Galra Laboratory, he can hear the echoes of his own scream in his head being tuned out by the wicked and cruel laughter of the Galra Druid.

There’s not enough air.

“Lance, you gotta breath.” A muffled voice says somewhere around him, distant and almost as if underwater, “Baby, breath, come back to me. Please, Lance.”

Shiro squeezes his eyes shut, his chest hurting with the feeling of helplessness as he keeps holding Lance’s small body against his, rocking him back and forth and ignoring the way his sleeping shirt gets soaked with Lance’s tears and snot.

“Please, come back to me.” He mumbles into Lance’s hair brokenly, “I’m here, kitten, I’m here.”

He repeats the same words over and over again like a mantra until Lance’s sobs decrease, his breathing slows down and his body goes limp.

Shiro just holds him tighter.

Are you mine?

Sweet Pea x Reader.


A/N: Awwwww


3rd Person

“YN NO WAIT!” Sweet Pea woke in cold sweat, shouting as he shot up from lying flat.

“SWEETS! shhh it’s okay! You’re okay! I’m here! Shhh” you clung to his back instantly, arms wrapped over his shoulders to rub his chest. You could feel Sweet Pea start to shake against you, he rubbed his eyes harshly with the palms of his hands, trying to dig away the tears before they could fall.

“I’m sorry ynn, go back to sleep honey” you just clung to him harder at his hoarse words. He rubbed your arms before pulling them over his head and turning to tug you into his chest instead, his chin resting on your head.

“What was it about this time?” You whispered against him, running a hand over his racing chest. Wrapping your fingers through the chain on which his dog tag and rings hung proudly, you placed a finger through a ring much too big for you. He watched you happily.

“Doesn’t matter”

“Well I mean you screamed my name and not in the way I usually like” the feeling of him laughing against you brought you some relief.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No ynn of course you didn’t, I did and…and you left” he spoke so quietly a mouse would find it hard to hear him. It was a usual fear of his and one you begged him not to feed into. You wrapped your legs through and around his and he quickly responded by pulling you as close as possible, to almost suffocating.

“Ynn, are you mine?”

“Well I’m my own firstly” he smiled at your first response.

“And then?”

“And then I’m yours” he buried his face in your hair and his heart rate slowed back down with your words.

“Are you mine Sweet Pea?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been anyone elses” you look towards each other before kissing softly

“Well except for maybe Fangs” you nudged him laughing before reburying yourself into his warm chest and drifting off to sleep.  

It wasn’t even an hour later before-

“NO!” Sweet Pea flew from your arms and out of the bed.

“Sweets?! What the hell what’s wrong?!” You rubbed your eyes, trying to blink the Serpent into focus, clutching the duvet to your chest. It had been 3 years since you and Sweet Pea had started dating and while the nightmares had become far less frequent since you moved in, every now and then they’d creep in and destroy the sanctuary you both had built here. Especially when he had something plaguing his mind. Sweet Pea stood at the foot of the bed before starting to pace, you collapsed back on the bed.

“Sweets please come back to bed” you patted the empty space next to you.

“Can we go for a walk?”

“It’s like -50° outside”

“Please, I promise it’ll be worth it” you sat up confused but when you saw his wild eyes you know a walk would be the only thing to settle him. You whined before swinging your legs over the side of bed and got dressed. Sweet Pea grabbing his jacket and something else from the dresser.

Interlocked hands and wearing muddy boots, you both set off on your walk through a practically barren Southside. Sweet Pea seemed to hold your hand a little tighter than usual and he seemed more shaken.

“Nightmares really bad?” You broke the comfortable silence upon reaching the Sweetwater River bridge. You two never walked further than this, being back on the Northside brought memories of an alcohol swirled Mother you didn’t want to remember.

“Yeah, I’m really sorry that I wake you all the time, you look so peaceful, you must hate me a little for it” his eyes watched the icy water ebb and flow carefully, your head on his shoulder.

“That is something I could never do, I wish I could make the nightmares go away for you Sweet Pea”

“Well, you could take a few of them” he let your hand slip to your side and his shoulder stopped supporting your head. He pulled his dog tags from his neck and unstrung one of the tarnished rings. This one missing one or two smaller stones, but pretty nevertheless. He took your hands in his, almost afraid to meet your bewildered eyes.

“Yn, i know we’re only 19 and I know this might be crazy but-”

“-yes” you mumbled and he didn’t quite hear you.

“-i just know you’re supposed to be mine forever and-”


“-i know I don’t have a lot but you’re all I really need and I promise I’ll be a better person and will work harder for the life you deserve-”


“-because you deserve the moon and stars and I want to be the one to give them to you. I’m doing this here because this is where North and South meet and it’s just easy, there’s no war to be fought on this bridge and it merges the two sides together. I like that and I just have to do this now because neither of us will be able to sleep until I do. So-So Yn Yln, will you marry me?” He could feel the icy air escape his lungs. He had been in many near death experiences and fights but none could equate to the feeling he felt now. Scared. Nervous. Worried. You didn’t reply when he had finished speaking and colour flushed from his face.

“Yn, please say something. Anything. Or I’ll throw myself off this bridge”

“Didn’t you hear me?” He looked panicked and worried and like he was definitely going to throw himself off this bridge. He could only manage a slight shake of the head.

“I said yes.” You smiled, eyes starting to tear immediately. Shock ran through him and then utter happiness. He lifted you off the spot on which you stood and held you in his arms, kissing you tenderly. Even when your feet touched the cement again it still felt as if you were still .floating. With shaky hands Sweet Pea slipped the ever so slightly too big ring on your finger. You smiled down at it’s antique charm.

“That was my mom’s and it kinda got ruined, I’ll buy you a better ring someday, I promise” he held your hand running a finger over the worn stones.

“No, I love it. I really really do, I don’t want any other ring”

“I love you so much yn, I don’t know how I got so lucky to find you ”

“I love you too Sweet Pea” you kissed again, shielding each other from the chill of the night.

“So now can we go get some sleep”

“I wasn’t thinking of doing much sleeping tonight yn” he smirked and you returned the same, rolling your eyes.

“I don’t know you didn’t get down on one knee, kinda ruins it” you tease and he grins biting his lip.

“Oh God I change my mind I can’t be stuck with a Smart Ass for a wife the rest of my life”

“Wife” you repeated and it caused both of your to smile greatly. You kissed again before walking hand in hand back to your home.


Xx Chrissy

The soft sound of sobbing made the villain freeze in place, their thoughts coming to a screeching halt. When they had seen them sitting all alone and unguarded on the edge of the building, they had felt a devious glee, fully intent on fucking with them a little bit before they called it a day. Now however, they weren’t so sure.

Never before had they heard the hero sound so utterly broken, and it was only now, as they paused, that they finally noticed how fragile they looked in this moment. In the heat of a fight, they never really had the time to take in such things, not when they had a purpose to fulfil, and the hero was making things difficult.

Whilst they were a pain in the neck with their constant meddling, the villain had never truly hated the naive hero, not when their goals were often so similar, even if they did take separate routes to get to the end result. Unable to stand by any longer, they slowly approached them, doing nothing to muffle their steps anymore. It wouldn’t do to startle them when they were already in range.

Instantly they stiffened up, choking back their sobs as they tried to silence themselves. A hasty glance at the villain made them stiffen even further, before pointedly looking away from them.

“What do you want?” They snapped out, voice hoarse from crying.

The villain simply let out a thoughtful hum and sauntered over, silently watching as the hero stiffened even further, the closer they came. Plopping down beside them, the villain leaned back on their hands, peering out over the city as the hero sat stiffly beside them, trying to disguise their sniffles.

“Nothing.” They finally answered, ignoring the scoff they got in return.

“You wanna talk about it?” They asked after a few moments.

It stayed silent for a while, and the villain simply let them take their time, having a feeling they were going to break again anyway. Sure enough, after a good ten minutes, the hero broke down into choked sobs again, body curling in on themselves as they finally gave up trying to look strong. 

Taking the chance, the villain turned to look at them fully, stomach lurching as they absorbed everything they saw. ‘Had they always looked so young?’. Letting out a deep sigh, they reached out and slowly gathered the hero into their arms, swallowing thickly at how small and broken they seemed in that moment. They remained silent as the hero finally let everything spill out, offering them silent comfort as they gave them a listening ear. 

It wasn’t like they were keeping anyone waiting. They had time.

Five Years

Requested: Yes (Jason Todd/ Reader Angsty Smut) 

Summary: Getting the call from Bruce that Jason died was the worst night of your life, and five years later, after you nearly killed joker, given your batgirl suit back to Bruce, and taken up a new life for yourself as a gotham crime lord -guess who comes back? That’s right, Jason Todd.  

(Warning this is a smut with lots of lemony angst) 

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Excuse Me?

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Anonymous Requested: Could you write a Loki x reader imagine where the reader is helping fight on the bridge and Loki is bickering with her about putting herself in danger but she ends up saving him from an attack?
What about a Loki x Reader where Loki is very protective of the Reader, as he sees her a weakness of his. Thank you ♥️♥️

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: none.


“Stand behind me.”

You visibly flinched from Loki’s words, your head cocking to the side in disbelief and the green-wearing-cape-man moved in front of you. You loved Loki, you truly did- but this act of heroism was too much for you to handle. “Excuse me?”

Despite the battle quite literally happening before your eyes, Loki glanced behind him and raised an eyebrow at you as if to question why you seemed to affronted. Ignoring the fact that you could literally be aimed at in any moment, you took it upon yourself to step up, beside Loki, and ready your weapons. “I don’t need you to protect me.” You explained when you felt his eyes never leave your side.

“I’m not protecting you-” Loki defended, furrowing his brows.

Turning to him, you decided to play his game of obliviousness and nodded. “Oh, really? Okay, then what were you doing? Because taking the heroic past me and saying “stand behind me” sure seems like protecting me.” You drawled, crossing your arms in annoyance. Loki paused for a moment, and you knew you’d caught him in his own lie.

Recovering, Loki shook his head; “it’s too dangerous. Hela cou-”

“What?” You interrupted, “hurt me?”

“Yes.” Loki nodded, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Scoffing, you turned so you were now facing your -annoying- boyfriend, still with your arms crossed, and rolled your eyes. “Well as I said, I don’t need you to protect me.”


You held your hand up at Thor, telling him to shut up and of course, because he was smarter then his brother, he listened.

Loki smirked - that cocky smirk that you hated - and raised an eyebrow. “I’m just doing it to help you, Y/N. There’s no shame in it.”

You took a deep breath, smirking in annoyance but a slight bit of amusement. Shaking your head, you pressed your tongue against the side of your mouth, unsure if you were really hearing what Loki was saying. Was he that dumb? Though, Loki took your silence as an invitation to continue speaking and he leaned in further to your face, as if to intimidate you. You knew you two were mindlessly teasing, in one of the most ill-appropriate places, but none the less teasing.

Still, Loki got on your nerves far too often.

You didn’t listen to what Loki said, though your sure it would’ve been amusing. But instead your eye caught onto the object of one of Hela’s many weapons flying directly towards Loki. Now he could be a good fighter when focused, but that was exactly it, focused and right now Loki was more focused on annoying you then keeping himself save. So in on quick movement, you brought up your hand by his face, deflecting the sharp weapon with your own and pushing it away.

Taking in the moment of your pride, you smirked back at Loki; “you were saying?”

He seemed shocked and biting your lip, you moved in front of him. You were going to use this to your full advantage. “Stand behind me,” you mocked; “i’ll keep you safe.”

can you leave? (ceo!harry)

request: Ooo can u do a mini angsty continuation of CEO Harry where he makes YN cry bc he’s stressed and snaps at her? With a cute fluffy ending bc I love how much he loves her 💕💕

It’s been too long since I’ve posted anything due to school work. This request has been sitting in my inbox for months now and I feel so fucking bad because I’m posting it after all of this time. To the anon who requested this a while back, I really hope you like it!

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bubba looks so fucking handsome!

warning: not edited

You were tired and stressed. The semester was coming to an end and you were almost done with Grad school. Your professors piled you with work and at this point, you have no idea what you have to turn in. 

You needed a nice long bath, food, and your boyfriend, Harry. But even he was stressed with his job considering he’s a CEO. He must have it worse than you since you guys haven’t properly seen each other in a couple of days. 

Some nights he would come home to his penthouse and find you passed out on the couch with papers surrounding you. He’d carry you to his bedroom and then fall asleep with you. But then the next morning, you’d have to wake up for class and he’d still be asleep so you just kiss his cheek before leaving. 

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A smile to remember :

This is a multiple chapter story about You and Tom. (36/?)

One manic monday at work you meet a handsome, tall man named Tom Hiddleston who happens to be the uncle of Dylan, a child in your care. The actor who is known worldwide soon pops up every now and then to pick up his nephew. Coincidence?

Special guests apear further along

Dreadful Silence : Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5  /  Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8/ Part 9 / Part10 /Part11 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14 / Part 15 / Part 16/  (finished)

After an illness your brain experienced a trauma which caused it to lose the ability to speak out loud what you want to say. To get back on your feet after months in the hospital and secluding yourself from the world takes a big amount of courage and strength. Gladly there are helping hands… those of your friends…and handsome strangers (Epilouge may follow)

Please me if you tease me: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 /Part 8 / Part 9  (finished)

There is something exhilarating about teasing your secret lover Loki. But are you ready to tangle with the God of Mischief? You are about to find out as the preperations for a grand festivity in Asgard kick in. 

(Sequel in work)

Moonlight Masquerade: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

A mysterious masquerade ball calls for a enthralling encounter with a masked handsome stranger. 

Solid Chaos : Part 1 / Part 2  / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part5 : (finished)

A requested fic with the Idea of @drakesfiance   5 parts are planned Oneshots belonging to this AU possible

Living in a world were The Avengers exist and save the world repeatedly you find yourself one morning with inhuman abilities of your own. How will your boyfriend Tom react when he get´s back from his audition?


Wake up Calls :  

Loki x Female reader Smut / Fluff

A simple statement leading to things you could not have imagined! 

You: *grumpy* I hate people who can go to sleep as soon as they close their eyes. It takes me 3 hours 700 position changes and a sacrifice to the gods!!!

Loki: *looking up from his tea with a smirk*

Loki: Darling…you have sacrificed yourself to the wrong gods then… *winking* Try me…

Drunken Murmurs:

Drinking and talking to Loki is nothing that goes well together…or s it?


A Oneshot that originated out of this CHAT I wrote. Loki gets a book with bad Pick-up-lines from Tony and Clint who want to trick him. One night out in a club with them and Thor he wants to impress you with those lines.

Drunken Truth…Or..What Did I do?!

A Oneshot in which Tom had a little too much to drink and needs your help and maybe talks too much about stuff he held back for a while! 

Silver Lines:

Co-staring next to Tom Hiddleston in your first big role makes you nervous. But you are not the only one having trouble on set. 

Look Left:

A oneshot for a raffle winner. Reader gets hurt and Tom is her emergency contact. Fluff and sweetness ensues.

Mischief Managed:

Loki is the new resident in the Stark Tower. He is hesitant at first, but mischief follows after you introduce him to the tradition of April Fools!  


Ben & Tom are having a fun night out. There is only one question Ben can´t get Tom to answer without drinks. WHY hasn´t he asked you out yet?

Bloody Valentine:

A Oneshot about You having the worst speed-dating expierence on Valentine´s day…until Tom comes along.

Dance with me tonight:

Fate has a thing for dancing in Londons tube… (Tom x You) 


Your first novel became a bestseller and will be adapted to the big screen. Slightly out of your comfort zone you try to do your best as a 27 year old writer who is not accustomed to being the centre of attention.  (Tom x You)


A Oneshot requestet from the lovely @theoneanna about You and Tom. There is an age-gap between you and …well…insecurities  

Getiing Loki :

A Oneshot of Smut about Tom and you getting into character in the make-up trailer.

Beautiful Menace :

A Oneshot about a Valkyrie (You) and Loki who need to work out their differences in order to stand to be in each other´s pressence without rilling each other up.

High Pitched :

A Oneshot full of fun.  Bored, you and Loki come up with another use for the helium gas tanks when Tony is throwing a party for the Avengers.#

The morning after:

The morning after a wild party you wake up in the wrong bedroom…

Pairing: Tom & You

Drunken Murmurs:

You should not drink and talk to Loki if you want to keep your secret!

Living The Dream &

Is this the real life is this just fantasy…

2 Oneshots based on the CENTRUM Commercial Tom filmed! I think I don´t need to say more than Living the Dream includes Smut and the other one is pure fluff!

Cry me a river

Your day got from bad to worse. Emotionaly drained you can´t keep it together any longer when you finally get home. How will the day end that has you crying in the shower?! Pairing: Tom & You

Coffee and Cake  & Kiss or Choke & Sparkly bets

3 Oneshots for a Prompt Challenge. Coffee and Cake is about Tom and Youwith Benedict as special guest. Kiss or Choke´s pairing is Loki and You with some other members of the avengers!  Sparkly bets is about Tom and You wanting something more than JUST friendship.

I hope you have fun reading !!  Taglist and requests are open!

Reblogs are very appreciated!!

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anonymous asked:

Can I have a head canon of the vampire!au about what happens if reader gets hurt really badly by other vampire. You can choose how she gets hurt and what they do.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have done that,” one of the vampires muttered warily. “We weren’t given a permission to drink from this one.”

“And what? Pass up on the chance to say I tasted the mate of two most powerful vampires in the world?” the dark-haired vampire snorted sarcastically, his lips bleeding red with your blood. He kicked you to the side, chuckling at your pained whimper while you pressed a shaky hand against your bleeding neck. “I guess I get what all the fuss is about now. Tasty little worm.”

“And we were ordered to deliver her alive and unharmed,” the other one spoke, disapproval seeping into his voice when the dark-haired vampire and his companions laughed. “What if we don’t get our payment because she’s damaged goods?”

The silence stretched after that statement, and you curled further into yourself, suddenly sensing the shifting danger level. Blood was seeping hot and thick from your neck and silent agony ripped through your muscles.

Connor loved your neck, practically worshipped the fragile skin with his lips and soft, loving bites. Now it was stained and ruined by someone else. Sickness welled in your stomach at the feeling of wrongness that filled you at the thought of someone else drinking your blood.

Your blood is precious, (Name),” Nines voice whispered in your memory. The memory of his fingers unearthing the most sensitive, soft spots in your body, making you whimper quietly in longing. “Your blood is ours, and ours is yours. No one will ever taste you and know you like we do.”  


The dark haired vampire snorted suddenly, stepping on your leg harshly, “What? Begging for your vampires? Ain’t going to help you now sweetheart. Ya’ hear me? They aren’t coming for their—”  


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