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Roommates (M)

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╳ Pairing: Jimin x Reader 

╳ Genre: (one shot) smut and kinda fluff & angst ??

╳ Summary: Being roommates with your best friend can be fun until one day you look at him differently. 

(this is something that I found that I had written months ago and just decided to post it!!)

The day you looked at your best friend as more than a friend, you knew you were screwed. It happened out of nowhere. You just woke up one morning and looked at him differently. You were never going to tell anyone, you weren’t stupid. That would just lead to Jimin being freaked out and nothing being the same. Risking your friendship with Jimin was not worth the little crush you had on him.

Deciding that you couldn’t fall back asleep, you got up to start the morning. Walking into the kitchen to get some breakfast, you didn’t notice your best friend standing there.

“Holy shit! Jimin, you scared me!” You yelled, clutching your chest.

“What’s gotten you so jumpy?” Jimin asks, laughing while opening the refrigerator

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It Ain’t Me: Part 8

Jungkook x Reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Words: 2.4K

Genre: Angst

Part 7 | Part 9

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The Secrets Trilogy: Secrets Tested

Description: Boundaries are discovered between work and play.

Genre: Smut (18+)

Word Count: 11.7k

Warnings: Heavy dom/sub themes, rough spanking (like woah), light breathplay, masturbation, degrading names, exhibitionism

Index: Our Little Secret, Secrets Tested, Secrets Revealed <– coming soon.

A/N: Here it is~ Part two of the Secrets Trilogy. A trilogy that wasn’t supposed to exist but here we are. :I As per the warnings - DO NOT READ if you are offended or triggered by rough sex. Everything in this is 100% consensual so if anyone sends an ask filled with accusations and name calling, your ass will be blocked immediately. 

Pleasant reading~ 

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Secrets of Slytherin no.76

There is a certain kind of tiredness we sometimes feel. Not a physical tiredness, but a mental one. One that is beckoned by talking to people for hours on end. Sometimes to rest we want absolute silence, every small thing draining or annoying us further. Sometimes we will continue to speak normally, or even crave it. Sometimes we simply need to rip an idiot to shreds. Depends on the people. 


or, lena tried to be a luthor but fell in love with supergirl instead

She learned of the plan sometime between Lex getting arrested and his trial. His eyes were crazed, the words spewing out of his mouth irrational and erratic. Of course Lillian agreed with him—of course they’d pull Lena aside and ask her to help. Of course Lena would fall into line as well. She was a Luthor, this was her family.

If her family asked for her help in ending the Supers…well, Lena would of course offer her assistance.

(It didn’t matter that she didn’t understand why Lex’s idea of revenge revolved around the Girl of Steel instead of her cousin—why he had decided to abandon his vendetta against Superman and focus on Supergirl. It certainly didn’t matter that Supergirl had done nothing to the Luthor family, that she had been miles upon miles away when Superman finally took Lex down, not even coming to her cousin’s aid. It didn’t matter that, by all accounts, Supergirl spent more time stopping other aliens than she did going after humans.

No, Lena didn’t understand Lex’s hatred of Supergirl, but she didn’t question it—didn’t ask for a clarification, didn’t ask for a reason. It just didn’t matter.

Lex was her brother, he’d asked her to do something, and so Lena had a job to do.)

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Bullshit Part II -Steve Harringtion

Summary: Part two of Bullshit (Read part one HERE) Joining Steve over at Dustin’s house to supervise the kids leads to Steve admitting some feelings.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Warning: Fuff!!

Word Count: 2075


The golden sunlight filtered through the curtains that hung over Steve’s window, his room now illuminated. Your eyes were still heavy, blinking a few times to really wake yourself up. Steve’s heavy arm was draped over your hip, his body only a few inches behind yours. You could feel the warmth that Steve’s body was radiating against you, and by the soft snores he was letting out, he was still sleeping. Carefully you moved under his arm, now laying on your back instead of your side. Your eyes flickered up at the drowsy boy, his hair had flopped down over his eyes slightly, peacefully sleeping beside you. It was nice to see him look so relaxed, after his night last night he sure could use some peace. Your mind thinks back to last night, the happenings at the party, how torn up Steve was, the way his voice sounded so pleading when he asked if you would stay, and the last thing he said before bed, a thank you that was meant for you but Nancy’s name slipped from his lips instead of yours.

A slight frown formed on your face, your once happy and sweet feelings of being cuddled next to Steve in bed now depleted; remembering that you were simply there just for support, nothing more. You sat up in bed, Steve’s arm slipping down from your hips while you sat, leaned up against the headboard your eyes wandered around the room. This wasn’t your first time in Steve’s room, but it was the first time in a long time. Not much had changed in the way of his messiness, clothes scattered on the floor, textbooks and papers messily spread across his desk, and a can of Farrah Fawcett hair spray on top of his dresser, making you half smile to yourself. The sleepy boy beside you began to stir awake, his body rolling over to lay on his back, eyes blinking open before his hand comes up to rub the sleep from his eyes. “Morning Y/N.” He spoke, his voice raspy and laced with slumber. “Morning Steve.” You replied back, moving in your spot on the bed, allowing him to have room to sit up beside you. It was evident in the dull look on Steve’s face that he was remembering some of the events of last night, the fight with Nancy, and him asking you to stay the night but it was still a bit fuzzy.

“Did you drive us home last night?” He asked with a raised brow, he didn’t have that much to drink but the emotional toll from last night had rendered him forgetful. Nodding your head you moved to sit on the edge of his bed, tugging on your shoes that sat on the floor. You didn’t want to overstay your welcome, especially since your formerly buried feelings for the boy beside you were advancing and that’s not what you were here for. “Yeah, you were pretty tied up in your emotions last night, didn’t want you to drive like that.” You told him, standing up to look down at him, his body now sitting up further in bed. Silence fell between you two, Steve taking in the information as he recalled his actions, “Y-you also called me Nancy…”  You said quietly, scratching the back of your neck awkwardly, your already bummed demeanor staying the same. Steve’s head snapped up quickly, his gaze catching yours, he could see the disappointment in your eyes and that itself was enough to break his heart all over again. “Shit, I didn’t mean to Y/N, I was just so out of it…” He paused shaking his head at himself, how stupid he must’ve sounded. “I’m sorry.” He muttered to you, his facial expression matching yours. He was already feeling like shit but knowing that he had said something so idiotic to the one person who was taking care of him only made him feel worse.

“It’s okay Steve, I know that you were exhausted both physically and emotionally.” You shook it off, trying to not let it show how far it had gotten to you. Steve stood up from the bed, coming around to stand in front of you, his hands taking a hold of yours tightly. “But that’s no excuse, you were the one who was here for me. Not Nancy, so thank you Y/N.” Squeezing his hands back you smiled softly in response to his genuine gratefulness. “You’re more than welcome Steve.”

-One month later-

It was a Saturday evening just past 7 o’clock, the sun was gone and the moon was glowing up in the sky. You walked the long winding path down to Dustin’s house, you had agreed to help Steve watch the kids during their weekly game night since Ms. Henderson was out of town. The fact that Steve had taken the kids under his wing, especially Dustin made you laugh, who would’ve thought that King Steve of Hawkins High would practically adopt a group of tweens. But nonetheless you were happy to see him spending his time with the kids rather than moping around and feeling down. Over the past month since his break-up with Nancy the both of you had spent a decent amount of time together, studying after school, going to the movies on the weekends, hanging out between classes, the two of you had become quite the pair. Your feelings for him had began to develop again, only continuing to grow since the night you stayed with him. As much as you tried to supress the way you felt for Steve it was easier said than done when it was just the two of you all the time as of lately.

As you approached the front door of Dustin’s house you could hear the loud voices of the tweens and a noticeably deeper one that must belong to Steve. You knocked at the door, the voices quieting down behind it before it swung open, Dustin standing there with his toothless grin. “Hey Y/N, just in time! We were about to all beat up Steve for trying to tell us we have a bedtime.” You couldn’t help but let out a laugh as you stepped inside the house. The rest of the gang sitting down on the floor around a table that held the classic D&D board, Steve sitting on the couch with a audacious look on his face. “Look you little shits, I’m just trying to take care of you like your parents expect me to, okay?” He said with a matter of fact tone in his voice, a smile on his face as he looked over to you. You sat down beside the fatherly boy, shaking your head with a grin, “You do know that you’re not actually their parent right, Steve?” Steve gazed at you with a look of offense, like you had just crushed his dream. “I’ll have you know that I am a great part-time dad.” He whispered back to you while the kids got started on their gaming. The two of you sat on the couch together, spectating the board game while chatting, go back and forth about movies, making each other laugh until your faces hurt.

Hours flashed by quickly, the gaming dying down and before you knew it, it was 1am. The kids were spread out across Dustin’s living room, all asleep while Jaws played silently in the background. You and Steve hadn’t moved from your spot on the couch, but the both of you got closer and more relaxed over time, a blanket shared over your laps and using Steve’s shoulder as a pillow. The suspenseful music and jump scares of the movie were bad enough to make you squeeze on to Steve’s arm, nestling closer to him without even noticing it. And while you may have not noticed or thought much of it, Steve certainly did. Steve wasn’t going to lie to himself, he really did enjoy all the time that you two had spent together since he and Nancy had broken up, the way his heart would beat just a tad bit faster whenever you walked into the room, or how you never failed to better his mood almost instantly when he was feeling down (Which was pretty often the first week of his break-up). While he was busy caring for the kids, you were always there caring for him and that was something that not only the both of you had noticed; but everyone else around you as well. The kids, your parents, friends at school, anyone who had eyes could see the mutual admiration. It was almost as if there was an agreed silence on the subject, not only between the both of you but amongst everyone as well. Though Steve didn’t know how much longer he could keep up with the said silence, the way he was practically holding you in his arms was really pushing the limits tonight.

Steve’s eyes flickered down to look at you, watching as your eyes followed along with the movie. His stare roamed across your face, taking in the beautiful sight that was right in front of him. The gentle arch of your brows, your smooth cheekbones, the hair that framed your face, your soft and perfectly pink lips. On multiple occasions over the past week he had admitted to himself and Dustin too that his feelings for you were growing exponentially. He often found himself thinking of you when you were apart, his thoughts somehow managing to always lead back to you, the excitement he felt when he knew he was going to be seeing you soon. All of his feelings were hitting Steve like a ton of bricks while he continued to stare at you. You could feel the hard stare you were being given, Steve’s eyes practically burning into you before you turned your head up to look at him. The beat of your heart was racing only slightly while you gazed back at the handsome boy, his eyes softening when yours met with his. “Didn’t your mother tell you that it’s not polite to stare Mr. Harrington.” You teasingly whispered to him with a smirk, a slight redness creeping upon his cheeks at your remark. Panic coursed through Steve’s veins, he had been caught red handed, his mind filled with nothing but you and his desire to confess. Your eyebrows slowly knitted together in confusion, Steve’s lack of response leading you to believe that something was up. Even though his mind was brimming with a million different things to say to you, Steve couldn’t manage to say a single sentence. “Steve, what’s wrong? You’re worrying me.” You sat up from your slouched position against him, a look of concern plastered on your face. Nervously Steve ran hand through his hair before the words spewed out like vomit. “I care about you Y/N.” Was the first thing to be said, a sigh of relief coming from you before you nodded in agreement. “And I care about you too Steve.” You reassured him with a small grin, still wondering why he was acting so strange.

“I know but I really care about you Y/N.” He spoke again, your confusion trickling back to you. “Yeah Steve, me too. That’s what friends do.” Steve sat up with you, turning so he was facing you, his hands grabbing ahold of yours while he looked you in the eyes. “But…It’s more than that.” He started again, you opening your mouth to say something but he was quick to beat you to it. “You’ve been my rock over the past few weeks and it’s made me realize just how…h-how great you are Y/N.” His words took you by surprise, a bright pink blush now present on your cheeks. “And I can’t thank you enough for that.” He paused, his eyes flickering down at your hands that were held by his and back up at your beautiful orbs. “I can think of something.” You spoke boldly, capturing his attention quickly. Still holding his hands you leaned in to press your lips against Steve’s. He returned the kiss back to you, a half smile pressing into your lips before he pulled you in closer by your waist. A gentle hand coming up to cup your cheek as you both pulled away, sweet smiles on your faces.

Thanks Y/N.”

Author’s Note: Hi guys!! I hope you enjoyed the second half of this imagine. Let me know what you think!! I burned the midnight oil to finish this for y’all! Send in requests if you like and hopefully I’ll have another imagine up in the near future! xx Lexie.


Title: Downsized

Summary: You always knew life with the Winchesters was crazy. But when Sam brings back home a three-year-old Dean, you begin to question your own sanity…

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester

Word count: 2163

Warnings: Some language. Fluff and crack. Crack and fluff. Mentions of sex because Dean’s a cheeky bastard. That’s all I think.

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @trexrambling and @wheresthekillswitch “Crack Challenge”. Ladies, thank you so much for letting me participate, this has been one very interesting ride. 

Special thank you to my amazing twin @ravengirl94 for coming up with a very important (and hilarious) detail about this. And for putting up with my whiny self. She’s a hero, really.

Now, my prompt for this was “I’ll give you three seconds to stop doing that” and is included in bold in the text below. Honestly, this is my first time doing something like this but I think I like what I’ve got. 

Without further ado. Enjoy <3 

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You hated the silence.

You’ve always hated it, ever since you were a kid, but now, after you’ve spent years of your life filled with noise and cries and laughter, filled with arguments and bickering about whose turn it was to go for a supply run, or short, angry snarls and whispered promises in a dark room when it was just you and Dean, that absence of sound, of speech, made everything worse.


You stared at the clock on the wall and bit on your bottom lip hard enough to draw blood.

Something was wrong. You could feel it. You didn’t know how, or why –the details weren’t important anyway. What really mattered was that Dean hadn’t called since that morning and that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach that just wouldn’t go away.

Maybe you should just-

The sound of the bunker’s door being opened then closed interrupted your thoughts and, before you knew it, you were practically running towards the library, eyes wide and senses alert, until your leg gave out and you stumbled into the doorframe, muttering expletives under your breath. 

“Hi there, Y/N.” Sam greeted you with an amused smile. “I’m glad you’re so happy to see me.”

“Oh, shut up. I was worried. How did the hunt go? Why didn’t you call? Are you injured? Where is-”

“Hey,” the youngest Winchester chuckled, all delight and waggishness, “one question at a time, champ.”

Rolling your eyes, you raised an eyebrow in suspicion; despite his playfulness and confident swagger, you could see the way his smile seemed a bit too forced and his forehead puckered just a tiny little bit.

“Where is Dean?”

“Um,” he started, rocking back and forth on his heels, “about that.”

“Sam.” you tried again, a bit more forceful. “Where is Dean?”

And then, right before he could actually reply, a little kid with blonde hair and green eyes gripped on Sam’s leg and swam into view, wearing what was supposed to be one of Dean’s shirts and, oh, God, this was not happening.

“Is that-

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Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 12/12

Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s): Sensitive themes, depression, ptsd, panic attack

A/N: Welcome to the last part!! : ) thankyou all for sticking around and reading.

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 |

A month had passed since the tragedy. 

A month without any news of Eddie’s awakening. 

A month without a single visit from someone other than Beverly.

A month without happiness

A month without love.

A month without Eddie.

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Imagine Daryl cheating on you not knowing that you're pregnant

(Wooo more angst I guess :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

You were both arguing again. About what? He couldn’t remember and neither could you but you were now just both screaming at each other.

Finally, it suddenly stop and you both got quiet. With nothing else to say, he just exhaled and dipped his head down. Staring at his feet, he wondered what had happen between you and him to get like this.

He turned his back to you slowly and walked towards the door to leave, it just seemed right to let you have your space.

Before walking out, he looked back at you only to hear the sound your voice.

“I love you Daryl…”

He turned back and closed the door. Those words he had heard them a thousand times and never once had he ever gotten tired of them but this time something was off.

He couldn’t figure out if you were sincere about it or not and just took some time to reflect on everything.


In the few weeks of your arrival to Alexandria, the two of you had seem to drift apart and argue a lot more. Your happiness and joyful attitude had seem to change.

Anything would seem to bother you and you would just seem to push him away whenever he would try to comfort you, making him frustrated.

When he’d leave you alone for some time, you’d get even more frustrated and as he’d come back to your side, the fight between you and him would only seem to get worse.

He hated that feeling of pushing you away and the feeling of you pushing him away. He thought to himself that he would do anything to make you happier again but with everything going on and everything that had happen, even he himself found it hard to be positive.


As he sat on the couch, he just didn’t felt like he could sleep on it again this night and decided to get up and walk out to see what the others were up to.

He thought of going to Aaron’s for a late snack, knowing that he and Eric would welcome him, and walked towards where his house was.

He walked the road with his head down, hands in his pocket to keep himself warm when suddenly he felt someone walk by.

He looked back and realized it was Rosita. Oddly, seeing here walk just as him, made him curious and he just had to ask.

“Hey…Where are you going at this hour?”

She turned in surprised, seeming to not have noticed him earlier and simply sighed.

“To Spencer’s house…”

She seemed embarrassed about saying it and could only seem to hope to be able to leave soon before further questioning.

She was about to turn around as it got quiet but somehow Daryl just had to keep talking to her.

“W-what are you doing there? Is it cause of Abraham?”

He knew the answer but he felt an urge of being indiscreet and wanted her to answer honestly.

She ended up being pissed and just nodded.

“Yeah…well now you know the answer…Can I go now?”

From her answer, he just seemed to understand what was going on with her. Looking for someone to comfort in a time when the person you love the most had just threw you away, just seemed to suddenly appeal to him.

Him and her were on the same page and it would just seem fine to be the one to help her out while her to do so for him.

He walked closer to her and casually just asked her honestly.

“How about you forget about him for tonight…Let’s go to your house…”

She raised her eyebrow and knowing how much him and you loved each other she just couldn’t understand as to what was happening.

She stepped back and bluntly asked him. Nervously, he told her everything and ended up walking to her house.

Just as he expected to happen, he spent the night with her and tried to forget about the fight you and him had.


While he left, you had cried to yourself, thinking about everything. You didn’t knew as to where this whole frustration came to you but you just felt suffocated with everything lately.

It was easy to be pissed off and it would always seem that you would let it out the instant Daryl would be around.

You hated yourself for it each time you would later reflect on it and remembering his sad expression, only made it worse.

You wanted it to change, to go back to the time where everything was sweet and nice with him. To the time, when it was easy to laugh and forgive each other after stupid little arguments.

You knew it had something to do with you and you just had to figure it out. You thought about it over the night and eventually fell to sleep.


The next morning you woke up and oddly Daryl wasn’t on the couch. You stopped to think for a while but believing that he might sleep at Aaron’s or Rick’s, you simply nodded and walked to over to make breakfast.

In the meanwhile, he was spending the morning in Rosita house’s still holding her. He felt bad to leave you like that but thinking that you might need some time he stayed with her and they later ate breakfast as well.

You sat there expecting him to come back anytime soon but as you realized the time of the day, you decided you needed to figure out what was happening with yourself.

You needed to talk to someone and decided to join Denise in the infirmary. As you helped her out with whatever she needed, you both talked and she made you realize something.

“Well maybe your mood swings…and your sensitivity to smell…it’s all linked to you being pregnant…When was your last period?”

As she said that, you stopped whatever you were doing and stared up at her. In thought, you counted the last time you had your period and realized it was quite some time ago.

She noticed your silence and questioned further, “Do you and Daryl…use condoms when you both…”

You shook your head remembering the last time you and him had been together intimately and just slumped down to sit on the nearby chair.

Nervously, you didn’t know how to react properly. Were you happy about the possibility or would it break you and him even more, you couldn’t know at that moment and it scared you.

As Denise noticed you, she got closer to you and went in to rub your back for comfort.

“Look I think you can take a test here just to be sure…maybe you’re not and it’s something else…Whatever it is we’ll figure it out ok!”

You wiped your little tears and nodded to her. A test wouldn’t hurt you and if you really were pregnant then you thought you that it might be better to learn it now.


As you were about to take the test, Daryl was just quietly leaving Rosita’s house for the day and was hoping to go check on you.

However, something in his hear and mind told him that you might push him away again, making him turn to look at Rosita as he stood by the door.

In a mumble, he simply eyed her and said, “I’ll be back for tonight…Wait for me ok…”

She sighed and asked him about you but he simply shrugged and explained his reasoning. She ended up agreeing and told him to quickly leave before anyone would see him walk out of her house.


You ended up finding the truth behind your frustration and sickness. You were pregnant, two lines on both of the tests that you took.

Your heart thumped and you thought of everything. Was he really going to be okay with this? You remembered you both talked about wanting a family together but that was back when everything was sunshine and flowers between you not like this.

You weren’t even sleeping in the same house at this point and the thought of bringing a child into an unhappy family saddened you.

As you sat in deep thought and discussion with Denise, she tried her best to make you realize that it wasn’t as bad.

She tried to convince you of Daryl’s kind heart and how he would certainly understand and probably make things right with you.

Although, you could see it, you expressed to her that you felt bad for the way you had been treating him.

“I-I don’t to think an apology will be enough…”

She didn’t knew what to say and you both got quiet for a while until an idea occurred to her.

“How about you make a nice diner for him…and maybe make a surprise about your pregnancy announcement while at it…I’m sure he’ll appreciate it…”

The idea made you smile and only sweet memories about him getting you dinner whenever you were hungry, came to you. You realized it was in times like that, that you would both just fall for one another.

You ended up nodding and with some confidence you agreed.

“Alright I like that idea…A new start for me and him…and our little one…”

She smiled to hear you and you both got to work on different ideas of how to present the whole thing to him.

Not wanting to rush anything, you decided to truly prepare it for him in the few days that followed.


While at it, he had been spending his night’s at Rosita for her company and had lied to you about just wanting to hang out with Aaron.

You didn’t question him any further thinking that it would be better to surprise him at the right moment and just let him his space.

He didn’t want to be apart from you but your distantness just seemed it was better to let you on your own for a while.

With Rosita, he was able to talk and just feel comforted enough to not want to leave it so soon. He knew it was wrong but something about it was just worth it to him as long as no one found out.

She wouldn’t ever replace what he feels for you but it was something new to him and a breath of fresh air that he needed for the time being.


One evening, after him and her had just had sex, he remembered you passing by him and telling him to come for dinner as he walked outside.

He knew it meant you were fine enough to talk again and finally felt like he needed to spend the rest of the night with you. He explained himself to her and she understood, letting him leave.

You sat waiting anxiously at home, hoping he’ll be back soon and really just couldn’t wait to tell him of the news.

In the days leading to this moment, you grew to love the idea of having your own child and could just imagine how lively your life would get.

You barely could sit still in your seat and as soon as your door was opened, you got up from the kitchen table to peer over.

It was Daryl and you cracked a smile at him. He lowered his gaze as he would whenever he would get nervous and made you chuckle.

To hear your laughter, made him feel better and realized how much he had missed you. However, at the same time that smile and sound, stung his heart and reminded him of what he had been doing behind your back, making his hesitate to smile so much.

He walked over to see you and greeted you in a low tone. You nodded and shyly welcomed him.

He sat across from you and smiled to see the food you had cooked. He smelled it and just felt back at home and slowly seemed to forget about everything that had happen.


You both ate quietly for a moment, not knowing the right words to say. Stealing glances at each other, you smiled and notice him going from smiling to a concerned expression in a matter of seconds

It worried you that he might not like it or something and took the lead in starting a conversation.

“I-I’m glad you came for tonight…I-I really missed you…”

You looked up from your plate to see his reaction and once again saw his lips curl. It wasn’t out of pure happiness it seemed but you took it as a compliment.

He nodded at you and just couldn’t find anything to tell you but that he felt the same about you.

It was the truth but part of it, he felt himself as a jerk to have done such things to you. It broke his heart to realize the whole thing and he just wanted to hit himself over it.

He then reached for your hand and simply repeated to you about how he loves you, making you feel a sense of relief.

The evening went quite well and you both started to chat in a more relaxed way that reminded you both of when you first met at the prison.


As you both sat on the couch, you then got up and revealed to him that you had another surprise for him and that he needed to close his eyes.

It slightly unnerved him but nonetheless he did as you asked of him.

You came back with a box in hand and kneeled close to his knee, enough to put your hand on it.

As you did, you then told him to open his eyes. He noticed the box in hand and just wondered as to what it was.

You could see the curiosity in his eyes and excitement came over to you. You smiled brightly and just couldn’t seem to sit still.

You handed it to him and looking into his eyes, you said, “I’m sorry about my attitude lately…I really am…You didn’t deserve to be treated the way I treated you…You deserve better…So here is my apology gift…”

He swallowed hard to hear you and couldn’t think as to what you would offer him. The box was intricate and he felt like he didn’t deserve whatever it was inside as he now felt at fault on his part.

Nonetheless, with your excitement, he had no choice but to do just as you asked and open the box.

As he did, he noticed the paper filling surrounding a piece of a folded paper and looked back at you.

You gave him a curt nod to signify him to take it and he did so. He took it slowly and opened it to read it.

“You’re going to be a dad”

His heart stopped. His eyes had tears and widened to see those words and he couldn’t figure out how to truly feel.

As you noticed him, you simply chuckled and told him to check the tests you had took to let him know of the truth.

He slowly searched for them and seeing the two sticks with each a positive sign on them, he realized how much in the wrong he was.

He knew he still loved you but just felt like he didn’t deserve you. He looked back into your eyes and you just playfully bit your lips and said, “So…what do you think?”

A thousands insults to himself came to him and in that instant, he could only think of pulling you in for a tight hug.

You ended up in his lap, hugging him back and could only laugh at his reaction. Your happiness to him was everything to him but truly he just felt like he did you wrong and knew nothing he could do could make him redeem himself.

The only thing he could say or feel about this was to tear up. He clung onto you and repeatedly apologize to you.

“I-I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…”

You stroked his hair to hear him and just told him it was fine, not understanding the true meaning behind his apology.

You thought he was simply referring to your pregnancy and just told him about your love for him.

“You don’t need to apologize for it…If anything it’s me for my attitude…Not you…Besides if you’re apologizing for making a baby with me…Don’t…I love you Daryl…That’s all that matters…I know we’ll make it through together…and that’s all because I love you…”

As he listened to you, he wanted to hit himself over and over for everything that he had done to you and realized nothing could be done to fix any of his acts.

The only thing he could think at that moment was to keep apologizing.

“I’m sorry….I’m sorry…I’m sorry Y/N…”

From his tone, you realized something was off and held him wondering if you should ask his meaning or simply brush it off for the night.


I tried to make them kinda different, but in the end they still wound up pretty similar, Please Forgive.

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ciuucalata-moved  asked:

“is that your hand on my leg?” and Shance for the writinf prompt

Aaaaaaaaaaalright. I took me like two days but I finally got the time!! 

In my defense for the Angst …..I have nothing, bye. 

Uh, mentions of missing a limb and of blood and tiny gore I guess???? 

Ps. Excuse the draftiness, I’m lazy and wanna take a nap. <3

Disclaimer: Voltorn doens’t belong to me.

“Is that your hand on my leg?”

Lance’s flirty smile drops as soon as he feels Shiro’s shoulders tense at his words.

Lance frowns in concern at the silence but doesn’t open his eyes yet. Instead, he nuzzles his face further down into his boyfriend’s chest.

“Why so quiet?” He asks sleepily, “And stop your hand, it’s giving me tickles.”


Shiro somber voice tone is enough for Lance to open his eyes in alarm.

He quickly raises his head to meet Shiro’s worried gray eyes and his confusion just increases when Shiro looks like he’s debating himself over something inside his head.

“Shiro?” He asks but Shiro just sighs.

“Just - Just stay calm, baby, okay? It will pass.” He reassurances softly, as if dealing with a wounded animal and it only makes Lance to deepen his frown.

“Shiro –” He starts but a sudden hollow feeling fills him up when he tries to sit up in the bed and he only feels the soft pressure of one of his legs against the mattress.

That’s weird.

“Lance.” Shiro warns, something on his tone being on edge as soon as he catches the brunet movement of reaching the blanket to pull it off, “Lance, baby, don’t –”

The blanket goes off and Lance sucks in a breath.

“Oh.” He whispers softly, bright blue eyes staring numbly at the empty space where his leg should be, “O-oh.”

What started as a tickling sensation has become an agonizing sharp pain and Lance’s can’t catch his breath.

The blocked memories of their last mission hits him full force; the smell of blood and burnt flesh hits him vividly as if he was still tied down in the Galra Laboratory, he can hear the echoes of his own scream in his head being tuned out by the wicked and cruel laughter of the Galra Druid.

There’s not enough air.

“Lance, you gotta breath.” A muffled voice says somewhere around him, distant and almost as if underwater, “Baby, breath, come back to me. Please, Lance.”

Shiro squeezes his eyes shut, his chest hurting with the feeling of helplessness as he keeps holding Lance’s small body against his, rocking him back and forth and ignoring the way his sleeping shirt gets soaked with Lance’s tears and snot.

“Please, come back to me.” He mumbles into Lance’s hair brokenly, “I’m here, kitten, I’m here.”

He repeats the same words over and over again like a mantra until Lance’s sobs decrease, his breathing slows down and his body goes limp.

Shiro just holds him tighter.

Are you mine?

Sweet Pea x Reader.


A/N: Awwwww


3rd Person

“YN NO WAIT!” Sweet Pea woke in cold sweat, shouting as he shot up from lying flat.

“SWEETS! shhh it’s okay! You’re okay! I’m here! Shhh” you clung to his back instantly, arms wrapped over his shoulders to rub his chest. You could feel Sweet Pea start to shake against you, he rubbed his eyes harshly with the palms of his hands, trying to dig away the tears before they could fall.

“I’m sorry ynn, go back to sleep honey” you just clung to him harder at his hoarse words. He rubbed your arms before pulling them over his head and turning to tug you into his chest instead, his chin resting on your head.

“What was it about this time?” You whispered against him, running a hand over his racing chest. Wrapping your fingers through the chain on which his dog tag and rings hung proudly, you placed a finger through a ring much too big for you. He watched you happily.

“Doesn’t matter”

“Well I mean you screamed my name and not in the way I usually like” the feeling of him laughing against you brought you some relief.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No ynn of course you didn’t, I did and…and you left” he spoke so quietly a mouse would find it hard to hear him. It was a usual fear of his and one you begged him not to feed into. You wrapped your legs through and around his and he quickly responded by pulling you as close as possible, to almost suffocating.

“Ynn, are you mine?”

“Well I’m my own firstly” he smiled at your first response.

“And then?”

“And then I’m yours” he buried his face in your hair and his heart rate slowed back down with your words.

“Are you mine Sweet Pea?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been anyone elses” you look towards each other before kissing softly

“Well except for maybe Fangs” you nudged him laughing before reburying yourself into his warm chest and drifting off to sleep.  

It wasn’t even an hour later before-

“NO!” Sweet Pea flew from your arms and out of the bed.

“Sweets?! What the hell what’s wrong?!” You rubbed your eyes, trying to blink the Serpent into focus, clutching the duvet to your chest. It had been 3 years since you and Sweet Pea had started dating and while the nightmares had become far less frequent since you moved in, every now and then they’d creep in and destroy the sanctuary you both had built here. Especially when he had something plaguing his mind. Sweet Pea stood at the foot of the bed before starting to pace, you collapsed back on the bed.

“Sweets please come back to bed” you patted the empty space next to you.

“Can we go for a walk?”

“It’s like -50° outside”

“Please, I promise it’ll be worth it” you sat up confused but when you saw his wild eyes you know a walk would be the only thing to settle him. You whined before swinging your legs over the side of bed and got dressed. Sweet Pea grabbing his jacket and something else from the dresser.

Interlocked hands and wearing muddy boots, you both set off on your walk through a practically barren Southside. Sweet Pea seemed to hold your hand a little tighter than usual and he seemed more shaken.

“Nightmares really bad?” You broke the comfortable silence upon reaching the Sweetwater River bridge. You two never walked further than this, being back on the Northside brought memories of an alcohol swirled Mother you didn’t want to remember.

“Yeah, I’m really sorry that I wake you all the time, you look so peaceful, you must hate me a little for it” his eyes watched the icy water ebb and flow carefully, your head on his shoulder.

“That is something I could never do, I wish I could make the nightmares go away for you Sweet Pea”

“Well, you could take a few of them” he let your hand slip to your side and his shoulder stopped supporting your head. He pulled his dog tags from his neck and unstrung one of the tarnished rings. This one missing one or two smaller stones, but pretty nevertheless. He took your hands in his, almost afraid to meet your bewildered eyes.

“Yn, i know we’re only 19 and I know this might be crazy but-”

“-yes” you mumbled and he didn’t quite hear you.

“-i just know you’re supposed to be mine forever and-”


“-i know I don’t have a lot but you’re all I really need and I promise I’ll be a better person and will work harder for the life you deserve-”


“-because you deserve the moon and stars and I want to be the one to give them to you. I’m doing this here because this is where North and South meet and it’s just easy, there’s no war to be fought on this bridge and it merges the two sides together. I like that and I just have to do this now because neither of us will be able to sleep until I do. So-So Yn Yln, will you marry me?” He could feel the icy air escape his lungs. He had been in many near death experiences and fights but none could equate to the feeling he felt now. Scared. Nervous. Worried. You didn’t reply when he had finished speaking and colour flushed from his face.

“Yn, please say something. Anything. Or I’ll throw myself off this bridge”

“Didn’t you hear me?” He looked panicked and worried and like he was definitely going to throw himself off this bridge. He could only manage a slight shake of the head.

“I said yes.” You smiled, eyes starting to tear immediately. Shock ran through him and then utter happiness. He lifted you off the spot on which you stood and held you in his arms, kissing you tenderly. Even when your feet touched the cement again it still felt as if you were still .floating. With shaky hands Sweet Pea slipped the ever so slightly too big ring on your finger. You smiled down at it’s antique charm.

“That was my mom’s and it kinda got ruined, I’ll buy you a better ring someday, I promise” he held your hand running a finger over the worn stones.

“No, I love it. I really really do, I don’t want any other ring”

“I love you so much yn, I don’t know how I got so lucky to find you ”

“I love you too Sweet Pea” you kissed again, shielding each other from the chill of the night.

“So now can we go get some sleep”

“I wasn’t thinking of doing much sleeping tonight yn” he smirked and you returned the same, rolling your eyes.

“I don’t know you didn’t get down on one knee, kinda ruins it” you tease and he grins biting his lip.

“Oh God I change my mind I can’t be stuck with a Smart Ass for a wife the rest of my life”

“Wife” you repeated and it caused both of your to smile greatly. You kissed again before walking hand in hand back to your home.


Xx Chrissy

Inspired from and based on this post by @incorrect-drarry-quotes (If you don’t want this to exist, just tell me and I’ll remove it..)

“Look at you, look at how you stand. People who had good childhoods don’t stand like that.“

Harry looked up confused to meet Draco’s gaze. The blond, pale boy looked sternly, yet caring back with stormy grey eyes, as he continued.

“You walk as if you don’t want to be seen, as if you think you’re supposed to not be seen. And that’s how neglected people walk. What I don’t understand though, is why someone would treat you like that. As far as I’m concerned you’ve never done anything to ever deserve to be neglected, abandoned.”

Harry could do nothing but stare at the other man for moments. When the look of concern on Draco’s face didn’t disappear, Harry decided that he actually cared about this. And maybe about Harry as well. Draco asked him once more to tell what exactly had happened and that’s how Harry found himself talking about his childhood with Draco Malfoy, of all people, in the kitchen of Draco’s flat where they previously had shared a cup of tea while working on a case. He told him things he hadn’t even dared to tell Ron or Hermione because he was afraid of how they would react, of the pity that would be shown in their eyes each time they looked at him. And Draco stood by the kitchen countertop, listening to everything Harry had to say. When Harry had finished he put his tea cup down and walked to kneel in front of him. He took Harry’s now shaking hands in his and looked deeply into his eyes. How did it come that those eyes calmed him so much?

“Harry James Potter,” Draco said with a low voice, indicating that what he was to say was extremely serious. “What they did to you is illegal, you know that right? It’s not acceptable to ever treat anybody like that. And I hate them for doing this to you.”

“What are you talking about, what does it matter that they did it to me? It would be an equally big deal if it had been someone else.”

“For everyone other than me maybe, but I’m not them, and to me you matter more than them.”

Draco lifted one of his hands from their grip on Harry’s, to trace a trail of Harry’s hair behind his ear. Everything came crashing down on Harry all at once. Draco was telling him that he liked him. He was saying that he liked him more than as a friend. That he liked him differently than how Ron and ‘Mione liked him. He was meaning that he liked Harry in the same way as Harry liked him! But that was completely absurd. He couldn’t like Harry. Harry had done so many horrible things towards him, he couldn’t forgive him just like that.

“I don’t.. understand.. you don’t… hate me?” he stuttered, not daring to meet Draco’s gaze anymore so he turned his head to the floor.

“Of course I don’t hate you, Harry.” The sweet way he said his name made something stir inside Harry. “How could I, when you saved my life? And surely, you must know I didn’t hate you before that either. You must’ve known that I’ve been in love with you for quite a while, right?”

“Uhm.. no.. I didn’t… I thought.. well, when I realized I liked you I thought it was hopeless cause you could never love me back for what I’d done to you so…”

He didn’t get to explain any further, since he was silenced by Draco’s lips pressing gently against his. They felt soft, and tasted fresh and sweet from the honey that had been added to their tea. Automatically, Harry’s hands found their way into the blond hair. It was just as soft and amazing as Harry had imagined and the sensation of it against his hands, while Draco’s tongue asked for entrance to his mouth by trailing his lips made his entire body tremble. For the first time in his life, he had exactly what he wanted.

Five Years

Requested: Yes (Jason Todd/ Reader Angsty Smut) 

Summary: Getting the call from Bruce that Jason died was the worst night of your life, and five years later, after you nearly killed joker, given your batgirl suit back to Bruce, and taken up a new life for yourself as a gotham crime lord -guess who comes back? That’s right, Jason Todd.  

(Warning this is a smut with lots of lemony angst) 

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confessions || tom hiddleston

Summary: After a night out, Tom ends up in your apartment, slightly intoxicated and ready to confess.
Warnings: Mild language, mentions of alcohol.
A/N: I just had this weird image stuck in my head of a childish, intoxicated Tom trying to show you how to juggle. Then I took it further and, this happened. Honestly, I just wanted to write the juggling scene, don’t look at me.

The silence in your room was deafening, counting out the sound from the dripping faucet from the bathroom across the hall. The sheets were too warm against your body and the moon was shining brighter than usual through the cracks of the drawn curtains.

You’d been trying to sleep for hours, but nothing seemed to be working and it didn’t get better when your lovely neighbors thought that it was a good idea to begin their usual humping session, the crude moans and the dull thuds of the headboard keeping you awake. And slightly disgusted.

So, you gave up and pulled the sheets back. The wooden floors felt cold against the soles of your feet as you swung them down from the bed, forcing your exhausted body to make the small trip to the kitchen. You pulled out a cup from the cupboard, ready to warm some milk when you heard the sounds of something scratching against your front door. You froze, hands in the air as you perked your ears up to listen for any more sounds, and then…


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❝ I want to spend my life with you ❞

Plot: Your boyfriend Yoongi has become over protective and possessive after what happened and you two fight.This is a second part of this scenario “No one can touch you

Pairing: YoongixReader

Words count: 2,5k+

Genre: Mafia!AU / Fluffy in the end. 

For anon, I hope you like it! M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

“Where are you going?” Yoongi’s gentle voice came from behind your back and lifting your eyes you saw his reflection in the mirror.  

He was wearing a black suit and a silver tie that you gave him a few months earlier, seemed one of those models just stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine.  

“I need to get some air Yoongi..”  

“Fine, but Jungkook will be with you.” His bossy tone won’t surprised but annoyed you; “is it clear?”  

“Yoongi, I don’t need Jungkook.”  

“He’s one of my best men. If I say he shall be with you, he will stay with you. ” His tone was more annoyed than normal and he closed the issue with a wave of his hand, leaving you alone again. Just you and your own reflection in the mirror.  

Watching yourself you noticed you have lost weight and dark circles under your eyes were the witness of your struggle to sleep.  

It had been only three weeks since your kidnapping but, as normal, you were bringing the consequences on you. Fear had become a second skin for you but the behavior of your boyfriend made thing even worse.  

You could understand his fear, but he was suffocating you and it was a worse feeling than being tied to a chair for countless hours  

The container of the cream for the body you had in your hands ended up on the sink shelf, you didn’t have time to be gentle and put it back in place.  

You came out of the bathroom at a brisk pace, managing to lock Yoongi before he left your room.  

You stood between him and the door, throwing your arms slightly open and preventing him from getting the handle and letting you really alone.  

He raised an eyebrow in a curious expression while remaining silent, waiting for you to say something.  

“I don’t need Jungkook.”  

“It wasn’t my request, it was an order.” He remarked, his voice low and raspy while approached his face to yours; “Isn’t it clear, baby?”  

“I don’t need him. You’re acting like a fool Yoongi… Kyunsoo had a score to settle with you, but I think everyone are so terrorized by you now and therefore it’s impossible that they would touch me.”  It Was what you were saying for days and seemed to play better than you kept repeating into your mind.   

“Fool? A Fool? My girlfriend was almost killed and I’m the one who is acting like a fool? ”  

“Yes.. ”  

“It was an order, Y/N. I don’t want to discuss this further. ” He silenced you in less than two seconds, clutching his hands under your armpits and lifted you effortlessly by moving the door.  

Your eyes crossed for a second when he opened the door. His eyes were looking for the challenge into yours, yours were looking for some glimmer of understanding for you into his.  

But both were disappointed with the result and he went out without saying goodbye or give you a slight kiss on your lips as he used to do.  

“Y/N, are you re-shit, sorry I didn’t know you were still in your underwear” Jungkook’s shocked gaze was the thing you saw moments later, leaving him, however, enter the room with an angry snort  "I.. I l-look out… “  

"You kill people and you’re ashamed of a woman in babydoll?”  

Your question bowled him more than your clothing and a slight motion of tenderness possessed you. Jungkook was younger than you, but he was a ruthless serial killer when necessary. Yoongi took him under his wing when he was just a kid, that world had been imposed on him. He had not chosen as you had done years before.  

“Ten minutes and I’m ready, wait out Kookie.” You dismissed him and the relief on his face made you smile when he literally ran out of the room.  

Now you were alone, you just think of a way to escape Yoongi’s protection. A challenge more than difficult to nearly impossible.  

~ ~

“He was looking at you.”  

“While two people are talking it’s normal to look each other. ”  

“No, he was looking at you into a way I know all too well.” He was angry and as his voice that his taut body could make you understand; “But he’s going to get what he deserves.” He added with a slightly satisfied sneer.  

The space was dimly in the limo but you got to look back at him, knowing that your expression was even angrier than he was him.  

“What did you do?”  

“He’ll remember that he shouldn’t look at my woman in certain ways.”  

“YOONGI.” You shouted at him but he didn’t seem to have heard; “Yoongi answer me.”  

“I didn’t kill him if that’s what you’re thinking. But then again, only I can look at you in certain ways. ”  

“You’re crossing the bounds, Yoongi.”  

“You’re mine and so you’ve to stay.” He whispered into your ear, but you pushed him away causing yet another smirk. You hated that expression onto hi face, but you couldn’t slap him despite the urge.  

“Stay in the car, I’ve something to do.”  

“More orders. Did I become one of your men? ”  

“Don’t discuss baby, I’ll be right there in a few minutes.”  

“Whatever you say, Sir.”  

Reproached him in the way his men did seemed to annoy him, but he said nothing and got out of the car. You were ready to get off when the black window that divided the driver’s seat from the rest of the limo was lowered.  

“Y/N.. You’re locked in. ”  


“Boss’ orders Y/N. ” He apologized with a little smile, making you sigh in despair. “He’s acting like this for your sake.”  

“It’s killing me so and he seems to not realize it.”  

~ ~

Taehyung and Namjoon were holding Yoongi while you were in your room.  


“Yoongi calm down.” The tone almost despaired of Namjoon managed to get even at your ears, while the tears continued to slip copious on your cheeks.  

You’ve never discussed that way, but you were coming to a limit that you couldn’t bear any more.  


“FUCK OFF YOONGI, OKAY? I’M FUCKING SICK OF YOU AND THIS WHOLE SITUATION. ”  You stand at the door, your eyes were red and swollen, while you hurl against him everything that he gave you in those weeks. Almost like they were justifications for his attitude. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?? LEAVE ME ALONE, I WANT TO GET OUT. YOU’VE BECOME OBSESSIVE AND OPPRESSIVE. THAT’S NOT THE RELATIONSHIP I WANT. ”  


“THERE ARE YOUR MEN FOR THAT!” You shouted hurling yet another expensive bracelet, striking though Taehyung that remained silent since your strength was poor in those days due to lack of sleep.  


His threat was another blow to your heart. You wanted it all but not that your relationship was over. In spite of that world, Yoongi was the man of your life. But he needed to reconsider his behavior and that was the only way to make him do that. Leave him.  

Without taking anything, everything was his despite you worked and you still had your apartment outside Seoul, you bypassed the three men and directed towards the door.  

Namjoon and Taehyung had left the grip on Yoongi, who was immobile at the center of the salon and was looking at you, shortness of breath and broken because of the screams.  

“You’re not protecting me Yoongi, you’re suffocating me.”  

Saying that you came out of your house, without looking back.  

~ ~

Your apartment was even smaller as than you remembered and was incredibly quiet.  

The only sounds that you could hear were your sobs and the television you had access both to keep you company.  

Despite the orders of Yoongi, Seokjin had followed you and now he was on the threshold of the door, while watched you in absolute silence.  

“You know that he’ll punish you, Seokjin?” Sobbing you said, lifting your eyes to him.  

“Never leave a girl in tears, you never know what could happen.” It was his answer, that brought you a little smile. You patted the spot next to you and he immediately refused nodded, remaining in his corner.  

“Seokjin I never understand your reasons.. Neither you nor Jimin. You’re so kind… ”   

“Because we’re gangsters?”  

You nodded and he was feeling almost at right to give you a long and detailed answer so he moved away from the wall but sat into the Chair next to the couch. You were pretty sure Yoongi had warned everyone to stay away from you, when you had started to date, and Seokjin’s behavior increasingly convinced you.  

“Our parents were gangster and so we ha–” He began to say when the doorbell made jump both and his hand immediately ran to the gun hidden under the leather jacket he was wearing. “Are you waiting for someone?” He asked, suspiciously.  

“Y/N; open… it’s me. ”  

On hearing the voice of his boss Seokjin relaxed slightly, although in his eyes you could read the fear of the sure punishment that he would have to undergo. He got up and went to the door, past the hallway that divided the living room from the entrance, but you stayed on the couch. Wrapped in blankets seeking warmth.  

“Wait in the car Seokjin.”  

“Yes, Sir.”  

“And.. thank you, for staying with her.”  

-At least he’s still able to show gratitude, what a miracle . - It was your thinking, while you lay your eyes on television without paying the slightest attention.  


“Go away.”  

“No.” You wanted to beat him but his tone forced you to watch him.  

He was broken, you could see it into his eyes. He was broken as much as you were, but you held by up to go to hug him.  

He came towards you but sat on the coffee table, trying to make you pay attention to him. Your red eyes rested on him and even though he had not wept, it was clear that he was in pain.  

“Yoongi, what do you want?”  

“You… and you know it. ”  

“You said that if I exit from our home, it was over.”  

“I was scared.”  

In two years you’ve never heard those words come out of his mouth and was that to upset you more. He had put his pride aside other times during your quarrels, but he had never admitted to being frightened by something.  

Yoongi leaned towards you, pushing aside the blanket and took your hands on his own. You didn’t withdraw them but you were still unwilling to listen to him.  

“The day I met you, I also discovered something new.” He muttered holding his gaze onto your hands; “There was someone capable of making me feel fear. You intimidated me Y/N and I don’t think you have ever realized. ”  

“Bullshit. When we first met, you were an asshole. ”  

“Yes, I was, but inside I kept wondering how the hell you couldn’t be afraid of me or… from what I was. ”  

You were about to argue again, you’d never been the girl to remain silent or to comply with every rule, when he knelt down in front of you.  

“What are you doing?” You asked, finally succeeding in blocking the sobs.  

“Can you be quiet for a moment, Y/N?”  

His question was veiled of desperation so you froze completely from saying something, just nodded continuing to watch him without understanding what was going on.  

“I know that my world isn’t the best;” He began to say, most clutching your hands into his. “and a few weeks ago you had a very clear demonstration. When Jimin told me you were missing my world is literally collapsed. It took Seokjin and Jungkook to stop me because just knew what had happened I just wanted to kill him without thinking of the consequences. I had to get rid of this idea because you are the person most precious to me. ”  

“Yoo–sorry, go on.” You apologized immediately and bit the tip of your tongue to silence.  

“When you were in my arms, safe and sound, the fear hasn’t gone away. It was there to make me aware that I might lose you at any moment. I just couldn’t figure out how to protect yourself without becoming a despot and believe me, I’m sorry for that. ” He continued to talk while you were looking at him and the desire to hug him grew more and more; “I wanted to do a few weeks ago but.. In short, everything happened and I couldn’t find the right opportunity. ”  

He left your hands just to grab something from the gray jacket he was wearing and you saw a small box in his hands so you finally understood.  

Even his hands, firm as usual, trembled when he opened the small box showing you an engagement ring. It was white gold, your favorite and it was as simple as perfect. Above all, it was the ring that you two had seen together several months before and you’d want to buy because you were in love with at first sight.  

“Y/N… I know I’m asking a lot because you’re aware of the risks. But I’d be the happiest man in the world if you’ll say yes. ”  

“Y-Yoongi” Your voice trembled, while other tears itchy your eyes and began to slide on your face.  

“I want to spend my life with you, in all circumstances and at all times. Would you do me the honor of marrying me, Y/N? ” He asked, and his eyes were shining with excitement, while his hands began to tremble even more violently.

“Yes, Yes and Yes again, Min Yoongi.”

deal | pt. 3.5 (m)

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

summary: the years spent working hard had really paid off and was it so wrong to want to rub that in a few faces? The cliché mean girls that often teased you for not doing anything with your hair or clothing, wouldn’t it be great to show off someone like Jungkook? High school reunion au + ceo!jeon

word count: 2,405 (a short confused side chapter/continuation) 

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Excuse Me?

Originally posted by loptrlaufey

Anonymous Requested: Could you write a Loki x reader imagine where the reader is helping fight on the bridge and Loki is bickering with her about putting herself in danger but she ends up saving him from an attack?
What about a Loki x Reader where Loki is very protective of the Reader, as he sees her a weakness of his. Thank you ♥️♥️

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: none.


“Stand behind me.”

You visibly flinched from Loki’s words, your head cocking to the side in disbelief and the green-wearing-cape-man moved in front of you. You loved Loki, you truly did- but this act of heroism was too much for you to handle. “Excuse me?”

Despite the battle quite literally happening before your eyes, Loki glanced behind him and raised an eyebrow at you as if to question why you seemed to affronted. Ignoring the fact that you could literally be aimed at in any moment, you took it upon yourself to step up, beside Loki, and ready your weapons. “I don’t need you to protect me.” You explained when you felt his eyes never leave your side.

“I’m not protecting you-” Loki defended, furrowing his brows.

Turning to him, you decided to play his game of obliviousness and nodded. “Oh, really? Okay, then what were you doing? Because taking the heroic past me and saying “stand behind me” sure seems like protecting me.” You drawled, crossing your arms in annoyance. Loki paused for a moment, and you knew you’d caught him in his own lie.

Recovering, Loki shook his head; “it’s too dangerous. Hela cou-”

“What?” You interrupted, “hurt me?”

“Yes.” Loki nodded, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Scoffing, you turned so you were now facing your -annoying- boyfriend, still with your arms crossed, and rolled your eyes. “Well as I said, I don’t need you to protect me.”


You held your hand up at Thor, telling him to shut up and of course, because he was smarter then his brother, he listened.

Loki smirked - that cocky smirk that you hated - and raised an eyebrow. “I’m just doing it to help you, Y/N. There’s no shame in it.”

You took a deep breath, smirking in annoyance but a slight bit of amusement. Shaking your head, you pressed your tongue against the side of your mouth, unsure if you were really hearing what Loki was saying. Was he that dumb? Though, Loki took your silence as an invitation to continue speaking and he leaned in further to your face, as if to intimidate you. You knew you two were mindlessly teasing, in one of the most ill-appropriate places, but none the less teasing.

Still, Loki got on your nerves far too often.

You didn’t listen to what Loki said, though your sure it would’ve been amusing. But instead your eye caught onto the object of one of Hela’s many weapons flying directly towards Loki. Now he could be a good fighter when focused, but that was exactly it, focused and right now Loki was more focused on annoying you then keeping himself save. So in on quick movement, you brought up your hand by his face, deflecting the sharp weapon with your own and pushing it away.

Taking in the moment of your pride, you smirked back at Loki; “you were saying?”

He seemed shocked and biting your lip, you moved in front of him. You were going to use this to your full advantage. “Stand behind me,” you mocked; “i’ll keep you safe.”

Whipped...Boyfriend...or not anymore??(PT.6)

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How do you go from being around someone 24/7 to having to get used to their abrupt absence from one day to another? 

Harry can admit he’s felt the cold hands of loneliness clinging to him for far too long. 

He’ll refuse to complain about the sudden rise to fame he’s gone through these past 7 years-he likes to think most of everyone knows that-and give into the idea that it might have stolen what might have been a normal life. It’s given him everything he ever only wished for. 

But he’s not immune to the want…the need to have someone beside him he can love. And it’s not the same as family love, or strong bonds of friendship for that matter-not that he’d ever complain about that either, he’s been lucky enough to be surrounded with a genuine group of friends that will put him in his place if need be. But it’s not the same as having someone he can give his heart to in a different way. Someone who he can wake up to, go to sleep next to, celebrate accomplishments with, and just love in a way every human longs to be loved like. 

He’s had relationships in the past, sure, but those didn’t live to see…hear the words I love you. There was just always too much public interest in who he was dating. Harry knew though, so he couldn’t ever reproach fame for that either. The few, and by that maybe two at the most, relationships that he was able to keep out of public eye never made it past the three month mark. What with having been on the road for the better part of his teenage years, he could never offer any of the girls stability. 

But when he met Y/N, it was different. And he sometimes thinks it’s because they were able to form a strong bond as friends before they became an item. The cliché friends to lovers if you will. 

So the questions stands. How does one manage to lose all of it? He had the girl of his dreams at his side? She knew every kink and flaw there was to him. She made him laugh and did things for him without expecting anything in return, which he’s come to the conclusion it’s hard to come by when it seems all he’s encountered is people wanting to be his friend to benefit themselves. Harry, at one point and he’s not sure when, realized Y/N was someone he absolutely could not live without. It’d taken him so long-too long-to come into terms that it hadn’t once crossed his mind that he didn’t see Y/N as more than a friend not because he didn’t have feelings for her, but because he knew how these things go and what steps follow the previous. 

It goes, strangers to friends. Friends turn to best friends which turn into two people realizing they’ve had feelings for each other. If you’re lucky and someone has the balls to say something, that turns into a relationship. And then after that, there’s only two ways it could go. There’ll be bumps in the road, yeah, but through communication and will, the relationship will see the day of marriage and kids and so on. But…if it doesn’t. You lose a lover, and you lose a friend. So yeah, Harry had been oblivious to Y/N’s love because he didn’t wanna lose her.

So, again. How do you cope with losing your best friend…from one day to another?

It’s the moment he opens the door of their previously shared room to nothing but a made bed and his bags where she’d left them after packing for him yesterday, that Harry realizes, nothing he can ever do or say, will ever make this better.

The wrenching feeling in his gut hits him like a train. Harry doesn’t recall the last time he’s felt this alone, not since Y/N. He could be thousands of miles apart from her, but just knowing that she was somewhere, maybe waiting for him, was always enough to remind him that he wasn’t alone. 

But that was then. That was yesterday, before he confessed. 

Harry didn’t have a hard time finding someone he could bunk with last night. There was really only one person who wouldn’t have asked questions if Harry showed up at their door, emotions a mess and looking like shit. He’d apologized for waking his friend up, and didn’t say much other than ‘can I crash 'ere t'nite mate?’ Grimmy couldn’t say the state Harry was in didn’t concern him, he wanted to ask what’d happened, but he didn’t. He’s known Harry long enough to know that he’ll talk about his feelings when he’s ready. No amount of coaxing will get him to spill anything no matter how much he would press. So he’d patted Harry on the back, making a joke about how he’d have to sleep on the sofa and hope it wouldn’t fuck up his back more than it already was. And Harry was grateful that he hadn’t asked about it, because in all honesty, maybe he deserved to sulk in loneliness. 

What Harry did have a hard time with though, was falling asleep when all he could picture was Y/N’s face. He knows her too well, enough that he can tell when she’s trying to keep her emotions at bay. And it hurt that she wouldn’t even look at him.

But he knows. Harry knows he couldn’t ask her to not be mad.

He knuckles at his eyes, tired not from lack of sleep, but from too much crying. And the noise that erupts from his chest and breaks the silence in the room makes Harry want to break down all over again. 

But he doesn’t. As much as he wants to crawl into bed and wrap himself into the covers until he’s a cocoon-like ball of fabric, he can’t go another second without knowing Y/N’s safe. 

So for the next hour or so, he paces the room, his phone firm to his ear, calling everyone from Gemma to some of Y/N’s coworkers, anyone that could possibly know where she’s gone to. But it seems she hasn’t reached out to anyone. And the thought of Y/N having to go through this alone makes him feel even shittier. 

He’s despondent after what feels like the hundredth call. Until his phone rings, Niall’s name flashing across the screen. 


”'Arry? Ye’ a'right?“ 

Harry doesn’t think he can really answer that, but he exhales audibly none the less, the heel of his palm rubbing at his newly glossy eyes. 

"Yeh, Ni." 

Any other day he would gladly made conversation, but he’s got too much on his mind to even pretend to pay attention to whatever Niall’s calling him for. 

"Ye’ sure, buddy?” Niall pauses for a moment, before continuing, “Picked up Y/N from the airport." 

Harry’s tired eyes open wide at that, "ye’ did? How is she? Is she okay?" 

"She seemed fine, H. Was pretty quiet, though. Everything okay with ye’ two?” Niall’s tone is cautious, knowingly, but cautious. 

“Jus’, stay with her, please?" 

"Yeh, o'course, H." 

"Thanks, Ni.” He ends the call on that. A sigh falls from his lips. His body seems to ache, but he throws his head back in exasperation, both arms and heart defeatedly numb. 


The plane ride back home was anything but settling. 

Three hours. Approximately three long hours spent looking out of a plane window, mind wandering to the what if’s

What if Y/N forgives him? What if she gives him a chance to explain? 

But what if she doesn’t? What if she doesn’t pick up his calls? What if she ignores his texts too? What if she does, only to tell him she doesn’t ever wanna hear from him again? 

What. If. 

Harry feels utterly weak, his feet barely helping his body move. Every step feels heavy, every move forced. 

He thanks the cabbie and hands him some money before exiting the car, bags in hands. 

He sets them atop his doorstep to dig out his home keys from one of the pockets, thankful for the easy find, feebly unlocking the door.

He’d expected deafening silence. But when he leans further in, surprised at the faint noise he managed to hear coming from upstairs, he’s all but tripping over his feet, two stepping up the stairs to find the source. 

His heavy steps halt the ruckus, and when he opens the door, he feels his heart drop to the floor. 

“Y/N.” The name falls delicately from his lips. 

If she was caught off guard any, she doesn’t show. She looks him over once before wiping at her nose and continuing her search through his closet. 

Harry’s stands still at the doorway, eyes fixated on her as she patiently unhangs her shirts from where they hang on rods. Her movements are oddly unflustered.

He watches her walk to and from the bathroom, utilities in hand before shoving them into the same bag she’s packed her clothes in. 

He looks at how she goes to kneel in front of the dresser, opening and closing drawers, retrieving anything that belongs to her. 

Harry’s rendered powerless, not knowing what to do, what to say- where to start.

It’s when he hears her sniffle that he’s brought back, the sight of his raggedy Rolling Stones shirt in her hands bringing back memories of her walking about the flat, doing chores in nothing but his shirt and a pair of panties. 

She folds the shirt calmly, placing it back atop the rest of his shirt and closing the drawer. 

“Y/N.” Harry doesn’t remember at what point the tears started to flow, his eyes sting and he’s sure they’re red, but he couldn’t care less. 

He takes a step forward, his hand instinctively reaching out. 

She doesn’t look at him, though. Instead, she kneels over the storage bench located at the foot of the bed. 

“Y/N,” he tries again, “please. Talk t'me pet." 

Still nothing. 

"I hope you don’t mind me taking these,” she mumbles, holding up a select handful of vinyls.

“Can take 'em all f'ye’ wan’. But jus’ look at me!” He’s desperate, he thinks she can sense that by the way she nearly slams the top down. 

“Just these." 

The seconds pass by with Harry now standing over her, and Y/N motionless, her elbows on the bench and head in her hands. 

He runs a hand through his disheveled hair and over his tired face. 

"S'not what ye’ think.” His voice is soft as he kneels down next to her, eyes trying to search her hidden face for any sign that he can keep going. 

“Didn’t mean for it t'happen,” he continues, testing the waters, “was so out of it, pet. I’d been drinking and I wasn’t thinking and then next-" 

"Harry.” His name gets caught in her throat.


"No Harry." 

Her head whips up, tilting to look at him. 

Harry lets out a slight whimper at the sight of a glossy eyed Y/N, features dejected.

She sucks in a breath, but it does nothing to mask her trembling voice. "You can’t do what you did and expect me to willingly sit around and wait for you to justify it. I don’t want to hear how much of a mistake it was. I don’t want you to tell me that you didn’t mean for it to happen." 

She allows the tears to fall freely, wiping at her cheeks only once before tucking the strands that stick to them behind her ear. 

"I know. I know there’s nothin’ I can say t'justify wha’ I did. But, please, ye’ have to let me make this up t'ye. I promise it won’t 'appen again." 

He looks at her with doleful eyes, the corners of his lips pulled down. 

"No, Harry.” It’s almost a whine, a defeated whine that tugs at his heart and has her looking away from him. 

“Y/N,” he calls out, eyes begging to have her attention back in him, “I love you.”

She looks at him almost painstakingly, chest heaving as she keeps the sobs at bay. 

“I loved you, too Harry. I loved you to the point I let you go once if it meant you’d be happy. I loved you so much that sometimes I thought no one could ever understand it. I loved you too much to ever do anything that would jeopardize what we had. And I trusted you,” she nods her head disapprovingly, “I trusted you with everything and honestly, you were the last person I could ever imagine would hurt me purposely." 

"But I didn’t-” he’s shaking his head furiously, knowing every second that passes is closer to having her walk out of his life if he doesn’t do anything about it.

“But you did. You did, and you hid it and it hurts." By this point, Y/N thinks it useless to try and regain control of her emotions. 

He reaches out to touch her face only to have her abruptly stand up, palm landing at the side of her hip. 

He could feel she would have walked away, if not for the touch. 

He looks up at her pleadingly. 

"I don’t want to lose you.” He admits, broken-heartedly. 

And oh how Y/N wishes she hand never stepped foot in this place. She should have just sent someone to retrieve her stuff, hell she might have just left everything here all for the sake of forgetting. 

But she knew it wasn’t gonna be easy. She knew she would need some sort of closure. 

“You lost me the moment you slept with her.”

If you’ve stuck around this long, I owe you a massive thank you for putting up with having to wait so long between updates. I appreciate every single one of you! I cannot express how grateful I am that there’s people out there that like reading what I put out. I love you all too much!!(:

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Hold Back The River (Roman Reigns x Reader)

Context: Reader is best friends with Roman, traveling with him and valeting him to the ring. The two were inseparable. What happens when everything changes?

**A/N: ** Shout-out to @lclb13 because this fic is written based on a request from her imagination. I made this as true to the request as possible. Protective Roman is pretty cute. The song choice for this one: “Hold Back the River” by James Bay.

**S/B: ** Check out @thiickreigns for version two!


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“Tried to keep you close to me

But life got in between

Tried to square not being there        

But think that I should have been…”

           It was a long day, a really long and tiring day. The flights, the interviews, the training: long, tedious and tiring and all I wanted to do was go back to the hotel and sleep. Instead, I was here in Orlando, Florida, sitting quietly in the stands of the arena an hour and a half before Monday night Raw began.

           “Hey, baby girl. Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

          Roman’s deep, soothing voice from behind my row of seats caused me to jump up in shear surprise. I turned around with a scowl planted firmly on my face, trying my best not to smile at his apologizing pout. We’ve been best friends since we started out in NXT five years earlier. Now, we worked together for the same company and traveled together all the time. When I say I loved this adorable Samoan to death, I truly meant it.

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