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Alec accidentally drinking too much for the first time and he's talking to izzy like "dude Magnus's arms literally saved my life. I can't believe how hot he is" he pulls her close and gives the loudest stage whisper "I'm so gay izzy" the night ends with him calling Magnus. "Hey I wanted to tell you how hot you are. You're so strong and honestly you're the hottest guy ever. In the world. Your arms are amazing." And he just talks to Magnus about how hot he is and how gay he is for his boyfriend

this made my day thank u

i just think it’s funny how north indians think they’re better than south indians in every way bc they’re supposedly more educated more western etc and that south indians are all poor dark skinned slum dweller madrasi’s and north indians somehow also believe bollywood is more progressive and accepting than south indian film industries GOD….


when girls are checking him out