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i think what we’re not talking about enough is that aerial gymnast lance is canon? not only is he a farmer but also we found out why hes so fuckin flexible??? its because he does suspended stunts?? like thats not just something he would have picked up from being a paladin like the other gymnastics they do, that’s a specific artistic/athletic skill…

Review: Young Sheldon, episode 1, Pilot

Hello you tumblr peope from all over, I finally, finally managed to watch the Young Sheldon Pilot and I thought, why not do a review on it? So, here we go :

- I really liked the beginning scene with the train which we already had seen in the trailer. It’s like the start of the series, a start of a journey…so it was pretty clever and very fitting.

Even though I don’t want to compare this show so much with tbbt- and I always understand these two as two different things- I can’t help myself from remembering that the first thing we saw in tbbt ep.1, season 1, was Sheldon talking to Leonard about the bomb tester for interaction free measurements in quantum mechanics and now little starts with an explanation of the meaning of inertia, about mechanics…because that’s how you begin and it’s a truly amazing thing which was demonstrated in this little experiment.

It’s something typical for a child to question: why is the earth rotating? How does a ball still lands in my hand a few seconds later if I throw it in the air? If the globe is turning?

So Shelly now knows why.  That makes him happy and it makes me happy as well.

- The table scene which we also have already seen in the promo was cute, but I had the feeling Missy was a bit harsh in it. Sheldon -who is supposed to be a child genius- of course speaks different from most children his age, but Missy…I’m not sure a little girl would talk like this.

- “I don’t believe in god, but I believe in mom” AWWWW What a cute thing to say. A smart thing as well, because you sometimes should participate in activities to make your loved ones happy even if you not really into them. Good point.

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