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So sharing this playlist again: hidden track list 1. To see other tracks in this list read this post.

Added two tracks from the talk between Shay and Liam where they boarded Morrigan for the first time.

(this one is already in the game) Liam: The Morrigan was an old Goddess. She’s a queen of war and darkness. She harves the souls of fallen warriors. Perfect indeed.

(this one is newly uploaded, hidden in the game) Liam: Athens, name out of Athena. The ancient Greeks called her Goddess, which could’ve been a precursor. Many of the old Gods might’ve been.

(this one was added before, hidden in the game) Shay: So are you telling me that Queen Morrigan was a precursor?

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dragon!riza au

“Thank you again for helping me, sir,” Riza shivered as she hugged the down comforter closer to herself.

Roy looked up from his work unlatching Hayate’s collar from his leash and lifted a brow in disapproval upon seeing her up and about. He rose to his feet as a now-freed Hayate ran into the kitchen for a treat, and pressed his hand against her forehead. It was difficult the suppress the frown that tugged at his lip when he likened the action to sticking his hand in an icebox. 

Unlike an ordinary human whose core temperature rising was cause for concern, the worry that surrounded Riza in times of sickness was a temperature that was too low. And with a chill hovering around 33°C, there was more than just minor worry. He pulled his hand away and raked his fingers through his hair as he began to troubleshoot their efforts. It seemed that piling on every blanket she owned and sitting in the sun wasn’t enough. Maybe building a fire for her to stick her feet in would be the next step? Maybe accompanied with piping hot soup? What was complicating matters was that even Riza wasn’t sure how to remedy herself; she had never been that sick before. He knew that her father’s memory was sitting in the back of her mind, though. It was in both of their minds. After all, his core temperature had dipped to 31°C right before he died…

His face softened and he gestured to the love seat they had pulled into the sunlight. “Why don’t you go sit down again and I’ll build us a fire? I’ll make up some of the soup stored in your ice box too.”

His suggestion took a few moments to churn through the frigid chill that had settled in her mind but once it had, she nodded and sighed, and the ghost of a smile settled on her lips. 

A reassuring smile crossed his face and he nodded toward the love seat again. Understanding his cue, she turned on her heels and padded back toward it. He watched after her for a few moments and dug his hand into his pocket, confirming that he still had his ignition gloves on him, before he turned back to her kitchen. He’d at least get the stew running and then get the wood together to start the fire…

A yip startled him from his mental agenda and he looked as Hayate began to eagerly circle his feet. He stepped over the pup and called, “Are Hayate’s treats still in the cupboard above the stove?” as he reached toward the cupboard in question. When she called out a confirmation, he opened it and began to reach inside when something fell out. He jumped back and watched as an innumerable number of Hayate’s toys tumbled out onto the counter and floor.

For the first time since she had fallen ill, the heaviness on his heart momentarily lifted, and a genuine chuckle bubbled past his lips. Who would have thought that, of all the things she could hoard, it would be Hayate’s toys?

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yo can Arakawa just come out and be like “oh riza and roy? yeah they be fuckin” cause like we all know they are but to have Arakawa conform it would just be so satisfying

I know right??? Like??? Just say it already??? We know they are, you know they are let’s just get it over with so we can stop dodging the question like seriously!

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I mean look at them those are the eyes of a husband and wife. 

just saw this post saying how they hate that people call snape bad and sirius good and...

no, snape isn’t good.

sirius isn’t good either.

neither is james, or even remus.

shocker - neither is our hero, harry!

the reason these characters are so good and so great is because they’re not good. they’re flawed, like every human being is. they’re good characters because we can see how they’re bad and see how they were good.

sirius black and james potter were asses

severus snape saved people’s lives

peter pettigrew was a supportive friends

harry potter got angry way too easily

you don’t need to say that one character is good by saying another character is bad

on the other hand, you don’t need to shoot down another person because they said that one chracter is bad

everyone is bad. everyone is good


the only truely bad character is umbridge. the only truely good character is neville.

that’s it.