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but what if the roles were reversed and Simon was turned first
  • <p> <b>Raphael:</b> *digs his way out of his grave frantic and thirsty*<p/><b>Simon:</b> *wearing a "welcome to the darkside we have blood bags" tshirt and sunglasses at night, makes 47 vampire puns and tries to casually toss Raphael a bloodbag but misses by a mile and hits a random headstone*<p/><b>Raphael:</b> *reverse digs himself back into his grave*<p/></p>

Am I the only one who is really concerned about Alec regarding the episode 10 synopsis and stills.Because not only is he nowhere to be seen but we also see  Magnus who looks extremely distressed. The synopsis stated that there wil be an attack on the institute by Valentine, I have a feeling he might single Alec out in particular. because:

Alec is Jace’s parabatai, and we know how Val feels about those.Alec is in love with a downworlder, one who Valentine is familiar with and probably really fucking hates.And Alec “killed” Jocelyn, Valentines’s ex-wife.

now im scared…..please leave my son alone


JalecMonth - Week Three: Love (Quote credit: x)

jadehassoune: There is a Force in All of us. . A Force of Wellbeing. Always present, Always flowing. THROUGH us, to us. We have the capacity to Tune to it, to Align with it. And then we get to watch what happens.
✨ .
This Creative Life/Love Force is Who We Really Are. That’s why we feel like crap when we deviate from it. The feelings are good because they guide us, they tell us we’re off target, it’s then time to realign to our Core Natural Frequency. Which means: Chill.
Everything we feel is about Our Alignment/Connection (or lack of) with our true Love essence.
Get out there and find every and all reasons to love anything and anyone, and see how you start feeling, check what happens with your life. That’s when life get’s fun. Cause you’re then connecting to the Source of all creation. And that’s epic, no?
Epic pic by @kristinemorgan
Epic jacket by @atelierwonder

Alec Lightwood / It's Over - Part 2

Hey! Part 2 is finally here. I am so sorry for updating this late. And also grammar mistakes. And sorry if it’s not so good.And i am going to write part 3.


You have not talking to Alec for almost three weeks. He was always avoiding from you. When you were around he wasn’t talking. He wasn’t looking at you when you were talking.

Seeing him like that , seeing him hating you was hurting you badly.

It was hurting when you realize you aren’t as important to as you thought you were. He didn’t even listen to you.

The most painful thing was that he thought you cheated on him. ‘How could he think that?’ You thought. When he was so important to you how could he believe that you can hurt him?


You came back to the institute from another mission. Bu you failed. You weren’t good at missions lately. Because you were always thinking about Alec. And you weren’t sleeping enough. Your eyes were puffy and red. You had purple circles under your eyes. You weren’t eating. You were a mess.

Everybody knew that . Everybody was seeing you hurting.

When you were in your room , tired of the mission , Isabelle came. She said that Mryse was waiting for you. It was strange because Mryse didn’t like you at all.

You went Mryse’s room. She told you that you are going to go to another institute because you failed last missions.

When she said that to you you didn’t feel upset , sad or fine. You didn’t feel anything. You just wanted to go to your room and sleep.

When you get out of her room you saw Alec and some other guys talking. But he saw you and started to walking towards you. But you turned your back and started to walking.

“Y/n! What happened?” He said. How could he ask that? You think. He wasn’t love you anymore and why he wondered what happened?

“Nothing.” You said shortly and keep walking.

He grabbed your wrist and turned you around .

“You look upset! What happened?!” He said.

You turned him and looked at Alec.

“Why are you wondering what happened , Alec? What changed? And i am going to the another institute. So you won’t see me here again. You can be relax.” You said.

“You what? No!. You can’t go. I won’t let you go! I am going to talk with my mum. You have to stay here!” He said.

You never saw him like this.

“Yes , Alec. I can go! And I will go. There is nothing connecting me here anymore.” You said and left Alec there.


You were in bed. You were thinking about Alec. He realised you were right. He realised you didn’t cheat on him. And he was trying to get you back now. But your trust and heart was broken.

You packed your stuffs and said goodbye to Isabelle. She didn’t want you to go. Because it was hurting her that seeing her parabatai and brother suffer.

But he chose that way. He chose ro loosing you. And you were going now.


When you arrived to your new institute everyone was nice to you. Especially a boy named Ronan was treating you so well .

And you guys became close friends in a short time . But he didn’t see you as just a friend.

But even another institute Alec was always in your thoughts. You couldn’t get out him from your head.

Sure you can delete his photos , his texts and his number. But how would you delete his face , his voice and million memories?


It was almost a month away from New York institute. Away from Alec.

You were missing him like crazy. But there was nothing to do. You were talking with Izzy all the time and she was always telling you about how upset Alec is without you. You were upset too. But he was the reason this breakup.

When you were talking with Izzy she said that Alec and she will visit your institute by Clave’s orders. You tried to refuse first but there were orders. You didn’t know what to do.