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What people don’t talk about enough is what an empowering woman and amazing role model Kat McNamara truly is. She is the prime example of if you want something; work for it and go get it, nothing is impossible if you just try, whatever gender. Not only that but she is incredibly talented and just the most down to earth, insanely nice person to be seen, and everyone should learn something from her.


“Let’s just say that there are a few places within the Shadowhunters universe that are more symbolic than others, and we see these two characters reunite once more in the final act at a place where they may hold some special memories from earlier in the season.” 

The richness of the rain made me feel safe and protected; I have always considered the rain to be healing(…)  

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for the fic fest: malec + "that's not our cat"

When Alec comes home that day, it’s to a very unusual sight. Magnus is sitting on the couch, a book in his hands, which in itself isn’t uncommon. The cat in his lap, however, is what puzzles Alec. He knows that Magnus feeds strays sometimes, although he’s more vary of them since the Iris incident, but Alec had never seen any of the cats inside the loft.

“That’s not our cat,“ Alec says, making Magnus look up from his book. “We don’t have a cat, what’s with the cat?“

Magnus laughs, petting the fluffy creature in his lap.

“He’s Dot’s, I offered to watch him while she’s away with Catarina,“ Magnus explains, just as Alec makes his way over to the couch, leaning down to press a soft kiss to Magnus’ lips. When he pulls away, he tentatively places a hand to the cat’s back, petting it, and gets a soft purr in response.

“He’s cute,“ Alec says, and he settles on the couch next to Magnus, continuing to pet the small cat while Magnus goes back to his book. Soon enough, exhaustion catches up to Alec, and he doesn’t even realise he’s fallen asleep until Magnus is waking him up with a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“Dinner’s ready, Alexander,“ he says, voice barely above a whisper. “Be mindful of the cat when you’re getting up.“

Alec frowns at that, but soon enough a smile spreads across his face when he realises the cat had taken position on his stomach at some point, purring soundly. He gets up carefully, picking the cat up in his arms, and Alec pets his head a few more times before setting him down on the couch, where he continues purring all throughout Alec and Magnus’ dinner.