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happy 35th birthday ♥ Harry Shum Jr. (April 28th, 1982) 

It’s strange that I am full Chinese and born in a Latin country, but I love the fact that I was immersed in that culture at birth while maintaining my Chinese roots. I think the cultures share a lot of similarities as far as family values and the love for flavor in their foods. Even though I don’t have it in my blood, I do consider myself somewhat Latin.”


And heeeeree’s the whole batch. I’m thinking of doing a few manga pages of a scene from the show (I know I really shouldn’t start another project lmao but oh well) so these studies should hopefully be good practice.

Also it’s so hard to find a Panin ref that’s actually smiling holy shit this guy is like in mad resting face 24/7

Guess which one I had the most fun with :P

Because I love to go back and overanalyze every single Malec scene and find meaning in every subtlety, I just noticed in this scene after Magnus says “…different?” and Alec agrees that Magnus looks so heartbroken. The realization of their differences is daunting but he looks like he’s trying to gather any strength he has before he faces Alec again, thinking that he’s going to lose him for good. This makes me appreciate the moment when Alec turns around and chooses him even more, because they’re both saying “bitch I’m the one who will be deciding what I deserve.” Goddamn, Harry plays the hell out of this role. Bless his soul and bless Matt for being the most perfect Alec.

Also, we all know how this turned out 😏🙃 (definitely my favorite kiss of 2A).

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  • Clary: I am a victim of a hate crime!
  • Luke: That's not what a hate crime is.
  • Clary: Well I hated it a lot, okay?