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Welcome to my FOURTH follow forever. You can probably tell, but I really like making follow forever’s. I like showing my appreciation for the people who give me the material that I post. I like telling them I love them. We are joined here today in holy matrimony, I mean what? to celebrate me reaching 3,000 followers! This is huge for me. I said to a really good friend earlier, the most people that ever liked me was 0. No joke. So three thousand people actually liking my blog and me, that’s huge. I cried. Now a lot of you probably followed me for my give-away(s) etc, and stayed for some reason or other. Others may have just liked my blog in the first place. And since I’ve unofficially become more of a photography blog, than a k-pop blog, people have followed me because of that too. Either way, there are literally no words to explain how grateful I am. If I could express my gratitude to every single one of my followers individually, and just told you all how amazing and beautiful and lovely you are, I so would. I would do it fifteen thousand times over.

I would also dearly like to express my gratitude, fifteen thousand times over, to all my mutuals and just the people I follow in general. You guys have been so amazing, putting up with me, being friends with me, talking to me, allowing me to reblog every single one of your posts non-stop 24/7. I could kiss all of your faces, I really could. I just cannot explain how blessed I feel when it comes to you guys. I’m pretty much a loner in real life, so coming on here and having you guys there is a huge comfort. But before I ramble on forever about how much I love everyone on tumblr, let’s get on with the follow forever.

A lot of you will know me as sovvons previously. I also run side blogs such as rookies-, jungsooyeons (not very active here sorry), joorene (activity to be picked up soon) and I’m an admin on snsdnetwork. Bolded are friends (hopefully the feeling is mutual). Italic are faves. * have a message.

092252, monoka, taeyeon, hyoyeon, yyys, 890309s*, m-iyoung, 050807, februarythirty, hersmionegrangers (taejumma)*, sujongz*, 0-fivethirty, astrospace, designed-to-die (ruby-sica)*, ibleedpastelpink, asoomatic, toeyeon, athaenas*, jiyeolie*, s1cas, narcissusroad, affxtionism, asshyun, teapanie*, suiteki, hermioniemalfoy, eunoos, naeums*, bae-joohyun, la-rosa-del-sur, baekyoons, lovegrrl, telepany*, bhcys, imyoonas*, heylululu, rookies- (lol)*, buttaerfly, soehyun, celo-mar, tiffiana, stopsojin, shinspirit, chaelins, teyons, femaleidols, giyeuk, choissul, hyosic, shingingqueens, qianin, craeyeons, sicats*, taengshi, taengisc, milkyfany, hangeuk, yghws, foreverfany, wu-fan*, faniehwang, toldyouseo, cleamour, kiyazhou, jesseseo, wvfn, pilsuks, dandyush, jaekyng, jumons, ohsojins, jessicarjung, soonomi, taesunamo*, favoun, florensic, taeyeonies, younas, bigbaeng, seunghyonq, ryeou*, sosified*, justmyperfectgoddess, malphoys, mydraco, inrogue, girlsd4y, wendygi, jxxhyxn, sextaeng, taengay, taenuts*, taecats, leadersoo, seulgibear, gor-jessicat, kai-fanys, vvelvets, myungin, taengsik, qirlsday, yultisic, kaidashian, kissoshi, ninepearls, yoonsics, teyons, icepearls, taeoff, ninthwish, krisical, joohyun-s. redvlvets,

I think that’s it for now, if I’ve forgot someone, you’re on my blogroll which means I still adore your blog; I’m just too tired to remember to add it in.


[ENG] Album Photoshoot

Other video links to COUP D'ETAT making collection:

Outtake music videos:

Crooked Version 1
Crooked Version 2

Dance Studio Spots:

Who You?
Let’s Talk About Love

MV makings:

Who You?


GD’s handshake event

GD’s Space Eight –> (cr. seunghyonq )

ok, so firstly, let me start of by apologizing for how long this post is. i have included everyone i follow (save for the few people who haven’t updated in ages like 8 months or so) because i wanted to thank everyone who’s filled my dash with posts for the last 2 years or so. i have a lot of things to celebrate: being on tumblr for over 2 years, passing follower counts that i didn’t even think i’d ever reach, having really amazing followers and getting notes on all my crappy gifs and edits. however this post is not just for celebrating, it’s also sort of like a goodbye gift? idk, i’m thinking of taking some time away from tumblr, to focus more on school (since exams are coming soon) and life. anyway, thank u to all of these blogs ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ i’m sorry if i missed anyone, spelt a url wrong or anything, it took me so long to get all of this sorted out and alphabatized so i’m sorry if i’ve put you under a category which you don’t appreciate but u can message me and i’ll move you~

ps- i hope all the people whom i have listed as friends think of me as a friend too (╥﹏╥) also if anyone who thought that you were my friend but i haven’t put you under the friends list, i’m sorry it’s probably because i was unsure and too scared whoops

pps - italicized blogs are senpais (tbh everyone’s basically a senpai to me) - also all of the blogs listed under friends are also senpais (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

ppps- also it’s not a follow forever bc i tend to unfollow people i’ve put in my follow forever…ha ha h a


(mostly) exo: ddeerluhan; jooncherry; joonmyunes; kimjongasm; luhhaan; sehduction; thekaisoo.

(mostly) 2pm: 1400hrs; jimseung-dols; minjunkay; taec-yeon.

(mostly) cnblue/ftisland: cntotheblue; jonghyunblue; jongjaeki; listencnb; segawangcoffee.

(mostly) shinee: askjongtae; hipthrust; idiotae; immortae; inscentra; jongtaeshinee; keyeomi; littleshinee; mintytaemin; seoulers; shawollet; taekey; taemkitten.

(mostly) super junior: blueprincez; bonamama; fyukjae; heechul-ssi; hyukwoon; rurouneko; siwonface; superandyy; whorechul.

(mostly) bigbang/yg family: areyouwantmore; bingu-choom-top; choi-shell-hyun; choi-top-hyung; cutebubblyvip; daesng; dumbseungri; gdragno; fakebigbangsubs; fakewinnersubs; haruharuvip; jilirious; jitori; ji-gasm; jjnwoo; kangseunghyun; kuro-shiroi; mr-kwon-jidiot; myheartbeats4daesung; nyongtorys; ringalinga; saraseoul; seunghyongri; seugnri; seungrichan; seungrishair; shinealight18; tabi-dreamer; tabloworld; taeyanq; this-is-ganji; twoneofakind; ughdaesung; unfbigbang; victorypan; vvips; winner-bang; yghigh; ygroyalty; yg-crew; yg-s.

multi: bigbaeng; darongs; daesungimnida; dae-licate; choiseunghyunn; eteru; ga-ho; greaseu; jaejoongs; jhunhong; jiyongsama; joonmyun; krisyeol; kwonwoo; mant0u; otp12exo; pohroro; prince-jonghyun; seunghyunss; seoulheart; seoulmisfits; seoul-vips; seunghyonq; sojuberry; southkoreans; ssunggyu; taekmeout; vitaminseokkie; w-oobin.

updates: fydaesung; fyeahakmu; fyeahseungri; fy-winner; fuckyeahjoonmyun; fuckyeah-suwhore; hyongitsme; koreanghetto; shouhu-tianshi; suhofics; thankyoukds; ygfamilyy; ygwinner.

friends: daesunki; doradae; fabkoreans; glitteryixing; hurt-locker09; jiyeolie; jelleu; key-hyunn; kimhimchanel; layham; mint-hint; orangexmelon; ondae; oppas-eyeliner; panda-smack; satan-hyong; sehuk; seunggrii; seungripls; seungry; shabbitable; suhosquad; vipeen; ygjunkie; youngbaebae.


azidraws; bastardfeels; benshaws; fluffalos; fuckyeahannibal; fuyeahlinkinpark; hanniballecters; hannibalslecter; moriarty; murderfriends; nbchannibal; weaponizedwit.

friends: jonginuge; kanocat.


(mostly) hockey: am8zing; camshaft22; copperbooom; defend-the-d; fro-licking; futuresaad; gauncer; greenersloafers; hlundqvist; hockeyandthepursuitofhappiness; hockeyplayerswithpets; hockeysyrup; hollymollypocket; holtbyfan4life; intotheearlyhours; jordanstaal; kasparsdaugavins; lethaltox1n; misharoux; mistle-toews; nikulins; oddwomanrush; ohvegeta; patricksharp; paulmara; pekka-rinne; prustytute; psharp; russianhockeyplayers; sealcat; spearingprivates; subtlelikeseabrook; twindekes; unibrouw.

hockey + other: aether-wings; asyoulaichit; azirae; bigbadrussian; brandon-proost; carlhagelins; coreycrawford; devilsfannyc; doyouwantmetogotrashyourlights; dropthatbastard; druncankeith; eeames; efrosts; ellervation; ewsethcohen; fireglaceon; fromtheblueline; greatsaveluongo; holdfor-holtby; jabberwockingly; jaketrouba; jrleto; kane; leyralia; lidstrom; natesmustache; nonconformistpesto; nottinghamcastle; oviwanknuble; peekaaboo; rawrzuhlind; redandnavy; robertjamesfischer; rypien; scottfartsmell; screims; sleza; soobiedoo; stopthatimp; thegreateight; themagicderp; theyslayedthedragon; turnovercity; under-where; vicfuen; welshhockeyfan; whyyouhefftobemad; xla-hainex; xsnapcrackledeath; yannsauve.

friends: doncherryswardrobe; holidayblues; holtbyism; immosjake; itsagentjareau; kowrowl; michaellatta; norwayscurlingpants.

It has been some time since my last follow forever and I will soon reach my 3k of cutie-patootie followers I have decided to create yet another post to express my feelings towards you guys. Despite the fact I am quite lousy at talking to you and even if I do I am the cheesiest person out there but I would like to say thank you to both all the people I have met here so far (you know who you are, ilu) and the people I have not yet talked to but their presence makes my dash (and usually mood a lot better).

Since I run an extremely multifandom blog, the list includes a variety of blogs. Feel free to follow and talk to any of them because they are all amazing!

A - D

acciomyungsoo  ahyoungies aigyu alwaysoshi amigonew antisulli anyja astrospace athaenas awesomaticrobotronic biteubi blondho bomminator borntobeast btobsmelody bumblekey celo-mar chodingdino choisullis cmblaq dewusional dohdoro dubuwaffle

E - J

eovoo eteru favoun florensic forkkkey fqzpocky ga-ho gieoks giyeuk greaseu gyubelle hakaiou hakyeone halcalism hunho ibleedpastelpink icepearls idiotae ilhoob ilhoon ilhoonftw illesthoon imgenieforyourwish imperyeol ireseul its4minute itsgirlsday jisaurus jiyeolie jjongbling jjpngsta jongbyung jongmint jooyeol,

K - N 

key-goon keyramel keysballs keyvictim kibump kimnamjoos kittenluna kkibum kwibom lastkim lazeramsey lee-qri leehqeri lordkey lovegrrl lovet-ara mewfarida mintokkies mintyramen monoka myungq naekibum naerong namjae ninepearls noctorn noteclue

O - S 

o-t-beast ohmy-goddess ohpeniel p-pominit parksojn pieniel pilsuks pinktaep pitdae pkthunders pohroro pokersoo qaerin rammyeon ruby-sica s1cas saranghaeyos seonyuhs seoulers seouleu seulense seunghyonq shinee-brothers shineebabo shineesque sicats sixelya sleepyheaded snugjae sodonewithexo soojunged soosicat sooyoungss soshimoshi steoulen sullis sunbyungs sungsubbie syaedou symptaem

T - Z 

taebody taejongie taejumma taekmeout taellyuns taemajesty taemeow taemisu taemperor teapanie telepany tellsmeyouriwsh thoulgyu tipanys tofumaggie tohososhi tokkeys toldyouseo twoneofakind woohyan xiacation yadoong yeahcl yeahpudda yeoli yeolshi yosics younas zibums

I am 100% sure I forgot about someone so here’s my blogroll for all the fantastic blogs I follow.



Just recently I hit 5,000 followers and all I can say is, Thank you. I honestly can’t believe that 5,000 beautiful, wonderful, amazing people have decided to follow me and I couldn’t be more grateful. You may not know but I cherish each and everyone of you and you all have been a constant support for me over the past year. You all are my family and I hope we stick together for years to come.

Below are some of my closest friends and people who I look up to, you all are a constant inspiration. You make my dash beautiful and hilarious, and every day you put a smile on my face. Thank you!


aiko-uzumakiarwenundomielchoiasweetdepravity atenaisbanqbiqbengalbonezb-igbangb-i-g-bang-bangbigbanggisvipbigbangmyheavenbigbbongbingubiigbangb-wtabichibielechoiseunghyunchoiseunghyunn choi-shell-hyunchoi-top-hyungcutebubblyvipdaesungiiedaesungimnidadaesungliciousdefinitely-g duckymino


fabkoreansfantastickellychoifckgdragonfreakalboutopfuckyeahitstopgdragonswaggeedeeholicgeeluxeglowglow93g-swagong-wh0regxtopharuharuviphell-ogoodbyei-feel-electrici-lessthan3-jiyongim-captain-gji-gasmjiliriousjiyeoliekanakoheartkoreandreammkoreanghettokwonzzkyeopta-jiral little-tiny-castle


mint-hintmr-kwon-jidiotmultifandomkpoppermybabytop ♦  myheartbeats4daesungmyhubbygdragonmyhusbandisabingumyprivatebeautifulhangovernamsongnitsa1980no-8of-all-the-daysontopofthebluehilloppas-eyelinerperksofbeing-ajasaraseoulsatan-hyongsehuk seunghyonqseungripls shabbitableshyseoulswaexy


tabiisprecioustabiscoffeetabis-dimplestabiyong tabiyonqtele-tabithankyoukdstheriotboxtinycrabtop-eyecandytopismyseoulmate topkuntop-oppatopsommeliertoptoptabitreeswithcwmstwoneofakindughdaesungunfbigbangutzumivanillapudi   versauc-yv-i-p-blackjackxbaeby  ♦ yar1yeahclygclosetyghighygjunkie youngbaebae youngbabuu 

Sorry if I left anyone out, but be sure to check my blogroll!

So I’ve reached another humongous milestone that I’d never thought I’d achieve in a million years - 1,500 followers! I actually reached it quite a few weeks ago, but life has been pretty hectic recently and I hadn’t got around to doing something about it. But with today being Christmas in July and all (it’s a thing we do here in Australia to partake in all those wintery Christmassy things you Northern Hemisphere folk take for granted), I thought I’d do something celebratory. So, it’s my 4th follow forever! Below in alphabetical order are 91 blogs that I reckon you all should check out. And if you’re mentioned here, congrats! Cause I think you’re fab and wonderful and brilliant. ^^

Strikethroughs are current Tumblr crushes, italics are my friends and Tumblr family. (and bold is my senpai <3)

# - B
2piim ~ 871104-choitop ~ acciopeachicedtea ~ bearbricksuit ~ bisforburberry ~ bigbanggifs ~ bigbanggisvip ~ bigbangscenario ~ bigbangswaq ~ bigbangtop-gifs

C - F
chakhansaram  ~ choidragoness ~ cl-gizibe ~ cutebubblyvip ~ dialott ~ dopoep ~ dumplingnooona ~ endlesstabi ~ fil-am-in-korea ~ fortheheart-eater ~ fyeahseungri

G - K
gdragonswag ~ globalcharmers ~ ihaveathingforbigbang ~ jikachukwon ~ jiyongs-g-thong ~ kikifortodae ~ koreanghetto ~ kpophqpictures ~ kpopidolsinsuits ~ kwonri ~ kyohakuteki

L - M
lannymaknae ~ leeseungriah ~ letsallsleepoverwork ~ lillytop ~ lozziecowell ~ marysbinguplanet ~ mercuriousities ~ mint-hint ~ mr-kwon-jidiot ~ myheartbeats4daesung ~ myprivatebeautifulhangover

N - P
nashmeea ~ no-8 ~ ohhardpop ~ omurizer-draws-things ~ ontopofthebluehill ~ oppas-eyeliner ~ oppatopstyle ~ pepperminttop ~ petitlovestory ~ pinktop-s ~ pzcent

R - S
ratherthanfacemeyourself ~ royalseunghyun ~ saraseoul ~ secrettoplover ~ seunghyonq ~ seungwhoresacademy ~ shabbitable ~ shineekitten ~ slaveoflunacy ~ songdanah ~ substantiallysizedbang ~ suitsequalssexy ~ swedishvip

tabichoomsalot ~ tabi-dreamer ~ tabiisprecious ~ thebunnyslipper ~ top-eyecandy ~ top-hat ~ topismyseoulmate ~ topistopineverything ~ topkun ~ top-oppa ~ topseyes ~ topsommelier ~ toptoptabi ~ ttabis

U - Z
ughdaesung ~ utzumi ~ whotookvimnvigor ~ xbbvipx ~ yar1 ~ ygbias ~ ygfamilyy ~ yghigh ~ youngbabuu ~ youngbaebae

And to all my followers, whether you’re here on this list or not, whether you’ve been following me from the start or just started following, wherever on this spinning little planet you may be, I appreciate your followage so so SO much. I’ve said it many times that you all make me what I am today, but I really mean it from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for giving me a chance. I love you all! <3

Hello, everyone! ^^

This is my 2nd follow forever. There is no special occasion on making this ff actually. I first wanted it as my birthday ff (it was January 27th), but yeah, I didn’t have much time and only can make it now. Since it’s February and Valentine’s is near, let’s say I made this in order to celebrate Valentine’s day lol.

These are some awesome blogs that always make my dash wonderful:




applea-day / biasedvip / blossom-spark / cutebubblyvip / cutestupid / daegasm / daesex / daesng / daesungimnida / daesunglicious / geedeeholic / hanaakarii / haruharuvip / hellyeahgdragon / hyundamla


isayni / ji-gasm / jibunnys / jiyong-feels / jiyongsama / kikifortodae / koreanghetto / kwonfeels / kwonri / oppas-eyeliner


seugnri / seunggrii / seunghyonq / shabbitable / shinealight18 / sick-of-love-songs / taehyungseyo / thankyoukds / thatbigbang / ughdaesung / unfbigbang / v-i-p-blackjack / wreckless-gd / yg-biatch / ygjunkie

Thank you for your existence, you are all precious and one of a kind <3

To see more awesome blogs, check my blogroll :)

Special thanks to my bestfriend, Runi (msgretagarbo), who brought me to this amazing site, and oh, her birthday is February 17th which is neaaar!

Happy February! Happy Valentine ^^ <3

140825 Vietnamese socialite Vu Khac Tiep takes a photo with Seungri at Las Vegas!

“Our most memorable night in Vegas. Everyone was so happy and living in the moment. Thank you to the "nice” Seungri from the group BIGBANG who took care of us on this very exciting night. We will remember this night forever and shout out, “Love Vegas”, we will come back soon.“

translation by: seunghyonq, @VMJ1010 on Twitter

Hello followers! All 1,514 of you! I never made a formal post about reaching 1000 so I’ve decided to mark the 1500 milestone with my first ever follow forever!


Shout out to my hoes who I’ve known before I even made this blog:

And my other forum friends kdragonkwon, daesng, caseykang, becausefyes, gdraq, lilayong, pandazblue, thebingutop, xxoneofthekindxx

Hugs to you all! <3

Now all the awesome blogs I follow that you should check out too!


ask-kwonjiyong, atovip, becausefyes bigbangarchive, bigbangcatalog, bigbanggisvip, bigbangmyheaven, bigbangscenario, bigbangswaq


canadabigbang, charmingxsmiles, caseykang cutebubblyvip, daesng daizette, dopoep


fckyeahgdragon, fyeahseungri, gdragonyeah, gdraq getyercrayong


hell-ogoodbyehellomygossipman, hellyeah-bigbang, hellyeahgdragon, hyongitsme, jigiyongchy, jiyong-gifs


kdragonkwon, kittaekat, koreanghetto, lilayong mydarlinglove95oneofadragon, onlygiyongchy, ooakmonsteroppa-just-let-me-be-your-lover, oppas-eyeliner, orangexmelon


paboyong, pandazblueroyalseunghyun, seunghyonq, seungri-noseungripls, shabbitable, spread-the-kpop-love


thebingutop, wildandold, xxoneofthekindxx, xxxloveee

I’ve already started to make some new amazing friends with some of you above, so thank you! Feel free to message me any time :3

And to my followers, thanks for liking, reblogging, and just generally supporting me and my blog!

Welcome to my first follow forever you potatoes

So we are in that time of the year where we all get cheesy and sentimental and stuff so i made my first follow forever to show my love for you beautiful people *.* i’ve been a kpoper for 2 years now but i’ve only entered to kpop world on tumblr this year and i’ve meet so many wonderful people i would like to thank them all for filling my dash with rainbows and unicorns :)

Down here in an alphabetic order are all that wonderful people! my unnies (( which i love to talk to , they’re the best)) in italic and my favorite blogs (( some of them are like senpais to me because i secretly love them for their excelent editing skills and posts )) in bold.


After-you-fall-asleep, all-kill-queens, anyja, bigbangscenario, bomliciousbomminator, catchingeverdeens, celo-mar, ciel-gzb, chaerawn, cl-g-i-z-ib-e, dgragon, dosface


Fanyeols, fuckyeahhq2ne1, gizibe, gizibee, hyundamla, jitori, kamiira, kokorocolors, k-popseoul, kwonzz, kyoungjaeseop


Irislikeswifi , mingkitty , nappungizibe ,panda-smack, pohroro, qaerin


Rinchae, ringalinga, ritabot , seunghyonq, shabbitable, tcs-bw, twoneofakind, victorypan, yeahcl, ygfamilyy, yghigh, ygjunkie , ygladies, youngbaebae, yuri-shi


2ne1ish, 2ne1inblacknwhite, -blackjack

So for all of you gorgeous bananas a joyful christmas or hanukah or watevs and a happy new year !! i wish you the best and i sarang you all <3

2hyunz first follow forever!

Kay, so its about time I did a follow forever. These lovely people make my tumblr life worth living

Bolded are my faves


00cm, -prettyhatemachine


adventuresofthelittleblackgirl, aegyo-shinee,b2nguk, beyonce(tehehehehehe), babytiga, bapangels, blue-joi, betitaintnikki, blacknoonajadebrownbootyextract, brownsugarjae, bouzen, blackfemalepresident collardgreenstokimchi, church-of-minhocluckcluckn4-thatpico, cherrymato, darkprinceleo, deenadolly, deepthoughtsbykanyewest, daddyong, daddywang, damnjongupexotic-brown-sugar, fckrudeboyjongup himtokki, herwhisperisthe-jyp, hingbin, hephapimp, histeamup, histeamzeloichinuke, ihopeleetaemin, jinkissweatyballs,keelllliikaicecream, keatsweatshirt,learning-hangeul, namjoons1llestbitch, notmyllama, oppas-eyeliner, oppasassmilk, pandaheartsandart, pupsbitch pohroro, prettyfeetgang,queenofblockb, rapmonsters, shingekinobeyonce, shinwhoa, shinjukugewalt,  sassychens, seunghyonq, seteao, sarang-dae, shrinking-ulzzang(i miss her), softmami, stellarxfresh,the-pizza-lich, the-artist-alliance,the-girl-who-dreams-big, unphazedcat, vyonce, vanillajae, violraptaer, vixx, whoobinwoohijo, xbean, xiumania, yunglecks, yung–maple, yuzuruhanyuofficial, yuboseyo, ziontitties, zarzarthebear

and I think thats it!


love you guys! <3

Well I know that I haven’t been on tumblr that much in 2013 but I just want to say a massive THANK YOU for following me, sticking around with me, and making my dash beautiful with beautiful posts, you’re all awesome. I wish you all happy holiday & new year! 

Here’s some my favourite blogs that you definitely should follow:

alderaans | alexachungs | agentbabecooper | agloriouspond | andrew-garfield | bdens | berdych billskarsgards | brendunurie burningbrights | callamezzocaricevanhouten cocainesmile dallons | darkglowings | embrownings | ffinickodair | gallaghar | gnny | harrysextyles | hellamys | hey-brendon | holmesque | jimmytfallons | jinria | jitori josswhedons karengilln | kazerss | kdelario | kingtobias laserspanner | lemonyssnickets liesandaffectations | lostwayhome | maxfuckingirons | microcuntohcallaghans prayervoices | pyrodynamo | rachelstberry | ritaroara | robbscrunchyface | sarahbartowsky | selgods | seunghyonq | spacecamps | spaghettipolicy | stumphwentz | tomlinourry tragicpirouettes triptoyoursin | venvyr | watsoniabees | willssolace | ziams