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So what is Grandma’s game?

So, what do you think, what game is Grandma playing? Does she want Tarvek on the throne? Or Martellus? Or is she just playing them against each other?
Let’s wind back a bit. When Agatha and Martellus make it back through that portal, quite a bit has happened.

Over two years have passed. The Storm King conspiracy has suffered bitter losses. Gil has been hunting them down, and they’re no longer on friendly terms with the Other. There’s been a bit of a turnover at the top of the clan, until Grandma was in charge and put her foot down:
- “No pretenders”. She’s had it with the whole succession war nonsense. She probably knows that her idiot grandchildren are entirely capable of killing each other until there’s nothing left of the clan.
- No bloody Lucrezia. She hates the woman. Lucrezia hijacked the entire Valois clan and their conspiracy for her own purposes. Also she was Aaronev’s lover, and who would like the lover of their son-in-law?
- Alliance with the Wulfenbach House. Gil’s empire may be in poor shape compared to the Pax Transylvania, but he’s still a major player. The family has learned the hard way that going against him ain’t that easy. And he’s a powerful ally against Lucrezia.

So Grandma has plans, and they’re good plans. She can restore some peace with Europa, restore power to her house, and hopefully tread on Lucrezia’s remains. The cornerstone of these plans is Seffie, a smart young woman who knows a thing or two about the subtelty of politics. Gil seems to like her and even trust her to some degree.

She’s also a friend of Colette Voltaire, who seems to be the most capable of the Master’s children. That’s all good for Grandma and the web of alliances she’s weaving. But suddenly Martellus comes out of nowhere, along with Agatha. Of course he wants to be king. He kills everyone in his way. He’s the boss now.

Both Grandma and Seffie have some degree of influence on Martellus, but there’s a limit to what they can do. They’re still women, and he’s a male heir, so the rules of aristocracy say he gets to be in charge no matter how dumb and stubborn he is. With him in the middle, Grandma’s plans are going to be shattered. Martellus hates Gil and he’s entirely capable of going to war to prove it. And would he be opposed to an alliance with Lucrezia?

He won’t need his grandmother’s approval forever.

I think Grandma and Seffie are working hand in hand on this. I believe the minute Seffie walks home and finds her brother, she starts worrying about how to keep Martellus under control. She pretty much throws him to Gil while helping Agatha escape in the mountains, and she keeps getting in his way afterwards. But she can only stall him, and the same is true of Grandma.

Then there’s Tarvek. 

While the old council was furious with him for ruining their fake Heterodyne plot, Grandma is probably reasoning that he’s in an ideal position right now. He fought alongside both Agatha and Gil in Mechanicsburg. He has the best chance of winning Agatha’s hand, and the best chance of making an alliance with Gil work. If Grandma could get Tarvek crowned and married to Agatha, allied with a Gil married to Seffie, she’d have Europa covered. The Valois clan would be at the top once again. Also Tarvek’s the one who knows most about Lucrezia’s wasps. He could be the key to destroy the Other, which would make him the savior of Europa and greatly help him to establish a powerful rule. (As a bonus, Grandma could finally wipe her feet on that blasted Lucrezia).

So yeah. I don’t know what she’s planned to do at this party, but I think Grandma has pretty much picked her heir. And I think Martellus knows that he wouldn’t have her preference if she had a choice, and is kinda worried about it. Which is why he’s obsessively trying to get Tarvek killed.

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Prompt: Tarvek was the only one that wanted to be a legend, but they were all three becoming legends anyway.

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It had remained a bright spot throughout his miserable childhood—if he was going to be the Storm King, then he, too, could be strong and could fight back incredible odds. Not a Heterodyne army, but his family.

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Sunday Olicity Fic Rec

Hello, friends! I’m pretty excited about this week’s recs because they are almost all fluffy. I don’t know about you, but I was in the mood for some fluff this week. You can find last week’s post here: (X)

Before we get to the truly fluffy (and one smutty) recs, I have two works that I want to bring to your attention:

I’ve Got Pictures to Prove I Was There by @theshipsfirstmate
I think it’s technically an episode tag to 4.16, so warning if you haven’t watched yet. This had me feeling very emotional. I think one of the most difficult things about any kind of breakup is those small spaces where that person’s absence seems so intensely great. This fic addresses that exact feeling in a very realistic, I’ve kind of been wondering about that too kind of way. I rec it hard. 

In Time (You Will Always Be Mine) by @octoberwren (WIP)
I LOVE THIS FIC. I might actually be a little obsessed with it. It’s an AU that centers around canon setting (and some events), but it’s wholly unique. Oh, and you know how much I love Soulmate AUs so there’s that. Seriously though, please go read this. I promise you too will be begging for more. 

On to the fluff!

Lazy Days by @felicityollies
This is a short, sweet little ficlet I really enjoyed. I’m still imagining Felicity sitting in a laundry basket hiding from doing chores, and Oliver just picking up the entire basket - Felicity and all. For some reason that strikes me as so amusing. 

you said you’d lend me anything, i think i’ll have your company by @emmajadex1989
College AU that’s fluffy and sexy. What’s the word for that? Seffy? Fluxy? Either way, read the cute thing.

Fine Italian Wear by @darlinginmyway
First of all, I would read 20,000 words of this easily. Second of all, I love alternative first meetings. Third, I love basically everything by @darlinginmyway. All in all, I’m totally winning right now. Fluffy, flirty, and yes please

First, Last, and Everything in Between by @arrowheadproductions
I will never tire of olicity roadtrip fics. Never. I love the little banter happening in this one, and Oliver’s complete sappiness gives me life.

The First Time (Summer of Love Ficlet) by @freyjaschariot
I am still waiting for Oliver to tell Felicity about the first time he saw her - about her babbling to that horrendous picture of him in his mother’s office. I’m banking on those crafty (I’m playing nice today, obvs) arrow writers to slip it in where we least expect but will have the most emotional impact. It’s coming. I believe it. Until then, there’s plenty of lovely people who write ficlets like this one. I just want all the sappy Oliver, forever. Please and thank you. 

Give It To Me Like a Gift by @machawicket
Remember how I just said I love olicity roadtrip fics? You know what else I love? Smutty olicity roadtrip fics. And boy, does Macha deliver (like there was any doubt). I might still be fanning myself. I’d also like to know how Snoop Dogg played into the inspiration for this fic as I feel like that’s a story in itself. Regardless, it’s a Macha fic. You know what to do.

Happy reading! 

Seffie giggles as she played with a new stuffed animal shed found on their trip here. “MASON ITS SO SOFT! ITS NOT LIKE THE DOLLIES I HAD GROWING UP!” She puts it down on the bed and goes to grab another small box.

Fake ah speakeasy

Where people are greeted at the door by a large red headed woman in a pressed pantsuit and screened for passwords and weapons. Jack doesn’t take the weapons away but she makes a note of each so no one can surprise them.
A pretty British lad that likes wearing makeup and dealing cards in a back corner. Sweet talking his way into more money and secrets. The thing is everyone knows he’s using them but they fall for him anyway. Jeremy by his side to keep people from being handsy.
Michael’s always cleaning weapons behind the bar, waiting for someone to get loud and angry so he can have a good fight.
Ryan making the actual deliveries because he’s the only one who can still be under cover and he hates being around all the drunk people anyway.
Lindsay and Mica and Seffie always dressed in the newest and sparkliest dresses they can find, hair bobbed or slicked back. Cigarettes dangling from their lips. They look like they’re just pretty faces to admire but the place would fall to pieces if they left. They’re the way information is spread, why people come back, why the cops never seem to be able to pin point where they are. Jeremy tries to protect them too but they don’t need it.
Geoff likes to just sit at the bar, laughing and making friends with people he knows this crew could overpower. Because enemies are fun. But friends never see it coming.