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Yakov: Viktor please stop fantasizing about the boy for two minutes.

Viktor: 🤔🤔 we 💪🏼💪🏼 never 👌🏼👌🏼stop 👏🏼👏🏼 fantasizing 😩😩 you steady 🏃🏼🏃🏼chasing 🏃🏼🏃🏼🏃🏼that ex wife 😂😂while WE out here 💯💯💯 getting 🍜🍜🔥🔥 boys for days when does the next flight to Japan leav-

The Enterprise malfunctions

One day the sensors on all the doors glitch out and they start opening and shutting super fast. Communications are down and everyone’s stuck in rooms or hallways without being able to enter or leave.

Scotty can fix it if but he needs to get to the engine room. Kirk suggests that he try to run through, and Bones protests mightily. Spock is trying to time the door’s pattern to determine when you can run through, Uhura is working on getting communications back up, and Sulu is watching Bones hold Kirk back.

Suddenly they’re all silenced by


Chekov took a flying leap at the door and hurled himself through headfirst. He made it 99% of the way but his boot got stuck, holding the door open a crack, and preventing it from moving.

He pulls his foot free, stands up, dusts himself off, and grins through the opening.

“I can do zhat!”


R1.04 // R1.05

I wonder if someone from the board in Halcyon might be setting them up. Someone on the board might have access to the budget, depending on what they did otherwise within the company, and if it was someone they both trusted, they could have facilitated distrust between them by setting them against each other.

If Howard’s mental capacity is in question, Scottie does something to be pushed out, and their only heir disappeared as a child, someone on that board could stand to gain a lot of power and wealth.


Meet Osarali ‘Sara’ Ryder and her twin brother Elias ‘Scott’ Ryder!

I wanted to keep the base names so I can hear people actually call them by name instead of a family name, for a change. ‘Sara’ and ‘Scott’ are just what people usually call them. ‘Sara’ is pretty explanatory, but why ‘Scott’? Well because Elias is a fan of Star Trek and has a soft spot for Scotty.

They both like bright neon colours, can you tell?

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Scusa Simone, ma la mamma di Jerry Scotti quando lui è malato gli dice:"Jerry scotti!"?

Ragazzi, tutti voi, che seguite Elia, convinti che sia una persona seria, una persona ammirevole, da stimare.

Vi sbagliate

Elia è squallido

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18. “I shouldn’t be in love with you.”, 35. “Before I do this, I need you to know that I have always loved you.” or 52. “I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.” for sophomore Jack AU?

love love love huh? Okay before I do these I feel a need to overshare about where I stand on Samurai Jack shipping. Basically I’m always torn between shipping him as part of a threesome with The Scotsman his wife and Jack, and letting their friendship just be that. A pure platonic love that needs nothing else. Also Samurai Bravo….because…that shit…is cute… I dunno what kinda ships you were hoping to get from these but I decided why not do a mix of ships and some crack? Hope you enjoy!

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i don't understand this whole sleeper agent business.. how would they replace the real scottie without howard knowing? even identical twins don't look exactly the same, wouldn't people have noticed? and howard was married to her.. you'd think he'd have noticed earlier. how does that all work?

Really, anon, that’s the reason I don’t think that she’s a fake Scottie. The Russians that were impersonating people in R1.03 were not doing so for the long game, nor were they getting close to people that already knew their marks. They were taking them out, going to a place to make sure their faces were seen at a distance, and then committing an act of terror so that people would think that their mark was the person behind it. That makes sense, in the grand scheme of what they’re building.

The way that Howard has explained it is that, according to him, Scottie was in a bad car wreck shortly after Christopher’s disappearance and she spent four (I believe?) months in the hospital after that. That would mean extensive damage, possibly plastic surgery to help mitigate the visible damage, and even more trauma topped onto the fact that she just lost her only child. He believes that was meant to offset any questions about small differences in both appearance and personality.

Personally, I don’t think it could have enough. Maybe with a normal person. That’s a really big maybe though, and Howard isn’t normal. He’s the CEO of a massive intelligence agency. He’s part of the intelligence community. It would be incredibly difficult to slide something like that past him. I don’t buy it for Scottie.

So, that brings us around to Howard thinking that this is what’s going on. He could be be crazy, of course, and have created an entire paranoid delusion in his mind to give himself something to focus on when he couldn’t find his son. He could be a transplant, and that would explain why he’s acting nuts and the fact that he has spent so much time away from Scottie, minimizing the chance of her seeing something in him to tip her off. Or (and this is the theory I keep coming back to in various formats), it could be that Scottie is hiding something, but just not what Howard thinks she’s hiding, and that he’s widely miscalculated while trying to fill the missing pieces in.

My current theory (and these have been changing like crazy on me with each new small piece of information) is that someone is setting them up. Howard found the Whitehall line and started to question Scottie about it. Scottie found the Whitehall line and started to question Howard about it. Both seem to think the other is responsible for it and are not sure what it means. If someone is setting them up it would need to be someone with access to their company and possibly even Scottie’s office to plant evidence to heighten Howard’s paranoia. Also likely someone that is aware of the fact that he took medication and then went off of it.

So, all that to say, I’m with you, anon. I get what Howard thinks he knows, but I don’t think it’d work that way. I don’t think it’s a writing error though. I think it’s just another tangled thread that they’re weaving together for us, much like the fact that we have three different stories on how Christopher disappeared. Not a continuity issue, but a clue.

This show makes my head spin, but in a good way. I’m really excited to know what the truth is.

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a fic where Cosima and Sarah have arrived home around midnight and both are craving some eskimo pies. although, there's only one left. both bicker about who getting the last one. lastly, they settle in on sharing the last eskimo pie; a tender moment takes place. - 💙

They stumbled through the door to their apartment just after midnight. Exhausted from the day neither could make it further than the couch and they collapsed in a heap of tangled limbs. Cosima’s head came to rest heavily against Sarah’s shoulder and the Brit intertwined their fingers, running the pad of her thumb gently over the back of the Scientist’s hands. Their moment of tranquility was interrupted suddenly by a grumbling of Cosima’s stomach.

“You hungry, Cos?” Sarah chuckled. 

“Skipped lunch,” Cosima mumbled guiltily, “Scotty and I made this, like, major breakthrough so we didn’t have time to stop.”

“You gotta stop doin’ that,” Sarah sighed, “You just got well, yeah, you have to take care of yourself.”

“I know,” Cosima shifted so she could bury her face in the crook of Sarah’s neck, “I’m trying it’s just, the science is so addictive. I can’t help it.”

Sarah shook her head and smiled. Her girlfriend was such an adorable nerd sometimes. 

“Eskimo pies!” Cosima sat up so suddenly that she knocked the top of her head on Sarah’s chin.

“Jesus Christ, Cosima,” Sarah groaned, “I bit my bloody tongue.”

“Sorry,” Cosima winced, rubbing her head, “God, you have, like, an incredibly hard head and I think I have a concussion.”

“Bullshit,” Sarah muttered though the ire in her words was lost as her tongue had started to swell.

“I know the perfect cure,” Cosima said as she dragged herself off the couch and stumbled over to the fridge, “Shit,” her face fell as she pulled the box of frozen treats from the freezer.

“What is it?” Sarah frowned at the lisp she had developed.

“Only one left,” Cosima held up the lonely ice cream bar.

“It’s bloody mine, innit,” Sarah growled, “You practically had the rest of the box. Not to mention you nearly split my bloody tongue in half just now.”

“But Sarah,” Cosima whined as she bought the treat back over to where her girlfriend sat, “I’m so hungry.”

Usually the puppy dog eyes being thrown her way would melt Sarah into a puddle but she was tired and her tongue throbbed. She wasn’t going to give in that easily.

“No way,” Sarah shook her head, “Don’t pull that shite with me tonight. Hand it over Dreads.”

“What if,” Cosima started unwrapping the ice cream, “We, like, shared it?” 

Sarah watched accusingly as her girlfriend took a bite out of the corner, “Oi! Sharin’ means leavin’ some for me.”

Cosima dropped back down onto the couch and reluctantly handed the treat over. The sweet, cold ice cream soothed Sarah tongue and she groaned happily as she let it melt in her mouth. They passed it back and forth between the two of them until all that was left was the stick which Cosima placed on the side table next to the couch. It was rounding on one in the morning and neither of them had the energy to make it to their bedroom, content to rest in each other’s arms where they sat.

“Sorry about your tongue,” Cosima said as she ran her fingers through Sarah’s hair.

“Sorry about your head,” Sarah replied softly, her eyes drifting closed.

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could you imagine The Enterprise having like a yearly inspection and Kirk bugs out every time because the best running ship in the fleet certainly doesn’t become so because they follow the rules. He has to remind the crew a week in advance to actually call him Captain and use formal titles. Bones and Scotty’s shared bathroom which is one hundred percent a liquor cabinet/distillery cannot be a thing. Sulu has to collect all of his plants out of everywhere that’s not the Botany Labs and hide the illegal ones he picked up during their journey in his quarters. Scotty has to remove all of his Scotty-Approved-Modifications from Engineering. Spock can’t work four shifts in a row and break the ensigns that challenge him in the gym to sparring matches. Bones can’t medically offer alcohol to anybody. Uhura needs to not curse every ten minutes, in any language. Chekov needs to focus more on his console and less on every pair of legs walking by his station.