by scott turner

Rewatching Days of Future Past (or literally any other men movie) is sorta weird because you’ll feel so happy and hopeful for these characters but you’ll suddenly remember that in a few years time they’ll all die a horrible fucking death (most in the hands of their beloved professor) and then you just  


the watercolour youtubers series is coming along nicely

still have a looooot more peeps to draw

Today marks 20 years of the show South Park and kids are celebrating the anniversary of the show when premeired on August 13, 1997 :D

Happy 20th Anniversary South Park

10 Characters I Would Kiss

I was tagged by the wonderful @kenobi-and-barnes and I can’t believe I have to narrow this down to 10 lol. And I didn’t know if this was specifically cinema characters, so I just did all the characters I’ve ever met :)

1. Bucky Barnes (yall knew that was coming) 

2. Rhysand (from the ACOTAR series; he is literally perfect, if you haven’t read these books by Sarah J Maas YOU FUCKING SHOULD)

3. Jamie Fraser (he is my book boyfriend, he is the purest of them all; the books and tv show are amazing pls do yourself a favor and go consume them)

4. Will Turner (bc who wouldn’t want to kiss someone prettier than your own damn self?)

5. Cassian (also from the ACOTAR series; he’s my angry jerble, my sexy warrior hubby, and he must be protected at all costs) 

6. Percy Jackson (I love Logan Lerman who plays him in the films, but I love the Percy I imagined in my head better) 

7. Scott McCall (Tyler Posey OWNS this role, mostly because I think he and scott are very similar in general weirdness and goofy-ness but yeah, Scott is the biggest cinnamon roll puppy ever) 

8. Stiles Stilinski (I love this character, like he is my spastic sarcastic soulmate and I LOVE him; i will personally fight anyone who hurts him) 

9. Robb Stark (I’m a huge GoT fan and Robb was too pure, too precious, too pretty. He deserved better. I also am in love with Richard so)

10. Rowan Whitehorn (from the Throne of Glass series; seriously just read all of Sarah J Maas’ books, she writes these beautiful powerful tattooed fae men; i want them all)

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☾ songs to dream to ☽

  1. holocene - bon iver
  2. bloodflood - ∆lt-j
  3. sometimes - my bloody valentine
  4. the tides - slow no wake
  5. hillcrest park - nigel godrich
  6. cycle - beck
  7. ghosts, pt. 2 - slow no wake
  8. interlude 3 - ∆lt-j
  9. hiding tonight - alex turner
  10. flume - bon iver
  11. each coming night - iron & wine
  12. wave - beck
  13. the breaking of the fellowship - howard shore
  14. evenstar - howard shore
  15. hnscc - the 1975
  16. an encounter - the 1975
  17. requiem - slow no wake
  18. just like honey - the jesus & mary chain
  19. bye and stuff - nigel godrich

Men with pretty eyes 2

Kofi Siriboe


Aiden Turner

George Michael

AJ Styles

Scott Foley

Tony Goldwyn

Jimmy and Jey Uso

Shemar Moore

Algee Smith

Luke James

Keith Powers

Woody McClain

Elijah Kelley

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Andrew Lincoln

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